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Player Name Geoffrey
Relatives Talyth ("Adoptive Father")
Languages Common, Druidic, Primordial, Sylvan
Affiliations The Wiggles (aka themself)
Marital Status Still single
Place of Birth Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Place of Death N/A
Species "Awakened Worm in a Warforged suit" (Mechanically a Warforged)
Gender Nonbinary (responds to any pronouns)
Height 4' 4"
Weight 277 lbs
Eye Color Bright Green (Glow)

Wiggler is a worm. A magical worm. They travel around in a Warforged suit to spread the Wiggles. (*wiggles*)

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Without their suit, Wiggler looks like a normal worm. With their suit, Wiggler looks like a generic robot, but with a Tangela (Pokemon) for a head. (I literally took a Tangela online and slapped it onto the body of Fender from Robots- you're welcome)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wiggler is extremely chaotic. They love the wiggles, and always want to spread them. This usually gets them into interesting scenarios. However, they don't usually want to actually harm people. Wiggler's Feylost nature makes them more of a naïve playful trickster who is blissfully unaware of consequences. Recently, some of Wiggler's experiences have made them more cautious and afraid of things, making them less cheerful than usual.

History[edit | edit source]

Wiggler was once a person by the name of William Wigland. One day, he asked Wren, his childhood crush, if she would still love him if he was a worm. Wren said yes, then immediately turned William into a worm. (She lied.) She then opened a portal to the Feywilds and threw him in.

William wandered the Feywilds for days, not remembering who he was. One day, William was almost eaten by a Fey bird but was saved by a Kenku Druid by the name of Talyth. Talyth realized something was wrong, and used his own essence to awaken William, turning him into Wiggler the awakened worm.

To protect Wiggler and make sure they survived, Talyth (with the help of some of his friends) constructed a Warforged suit that would protect Wiggler from any other birds that would want to eat them. Talyth also taught Wiggler how to use Druidic magics, which ended up involving a lot of worms. And wiggling. (Apparently Wiggler only knew those two things. They had no memories of being William.)

Several months after being awakened, Talyth disappeared. Wiggler had no clue what happened, only that Talyth went on a trip to a place called "Amusa" for something important. Eventually, Wiggler's personality was too much for the other Druids, so they left the Feywilds. Using one of the many Feywild portals, Wiggler found their way to Galik, and joined the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company in search for Talyth.

On a recent expedition to investigate a leyline, Wiggler found Talyth, who was acting as an advisor for the Hydrail, a large hydra-like snail creature that fed off the natural magics of the leyline. Talyth told Wiggler that he left to investigate the leyline exposures, and gave them a charcoal drawing of a man by the name of William Wigland...

Languages[edit | edit source]

Wiggler knows Common, Druidic, Primordial, and Sylvan.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Wiggler’s Warforged suit grants them resistance against poison, immunity to disease and magical sleep, and provides Wiggler with sustenance and air (Constructed Resilience). The suit is also able to detect motion and sound when Wiggler rests (Sentry's Rest). Due to the unique construction of the suit, armor is stronger and takes longer to don/doff, but cannot be forcefully removed (Integrated Armor). Additionally, dragons have a harder time seeing Wiggler (Crystal Core).

Wiggler has chosen to follow in Talyth’s footsteps and became a Druid. As a Circle of Spores Worms Druid, Wiggler is able to use nature magic to transform into animals (Wild Shape), usually preferring to take the form of a cat. Additionally, they emit an aura of necrotic wiggles that can damage enemies (Halo of Spores). Wiggler is able to awaken the aura by channeling nature magic to grant temporary health and deal extra damage to enemies (Symbiotic Entity).

One day, Wiggler felt the presence of Talyth in the forest. Upon searching the area and failing to find him, Wiggler was granted telepathy (Telepathic) by an unknown individual. This allowed them to speak telepathically to anyone nearby, as well as hearing the thoughts of others.

When Wiggler helped release the Efreti Scournia that was powering a Gnoll warcamp forge, Wiggler was granted the Boon of the Efreti, which allows them to cast Scorching Ray, but only twice before the boon fades.

As Wiggler's magic grew, they found that they were able to temporarily control corpses by imbuing them with wiggles (Fungal Infestation), although they have yet found a time to use this ability.

Wild Shape Forms[edit | edit source]

Wiggler's Wild Shape forms have included:

Cat: A tabby cat form commonly taken by Wiggler to comfort others or as a casual form when wandering around camp.

Reef Shark: This form was first used during a bathhouse water fight with Finnegan, Nassir, Sneeze, and Marion.

Rat: This form was taken after Wiggler attacked Millar unprovoked, as a representation of their shame and guilt.

Axe Beak: This form was first used when Wiggler encountered the Green Knight, and primarily used to escape.

Fox: A Fey Fox form Wiggler has started to take on. They look like a normal fox, but with emerald tinges on their twin tails and ears, and faint silver patches of fur.

Wolf: A silver Fey Wolf form taken to respect the dead, similar to the Fey Wolves summoned by Conjure Animals.

Crocodile: A large crocodile form occasionally used by Wiggler. They bit Ferdinand Core's ankle in this form when they were still shrunken by feydust.

Ape: An ape form first used in an attempt to force Finny to rest when he had strange magical symptoms.

Poisonous Snake: A small snake form taken by Wiggler out of boredom. First used to slither around in the pumpkin patch.

Lizard: A small lizard form taken by Wiggler out of boredom. Originally used to deceive Ferdinand Core of Wiggler's actual size/form.

Attacks and Weapons[edit | edit source]

Wiggler usually takes a supportive role in combat. They primarily focus on healing allies to prevent them from falling in battle (Healing Word), while also controlling the battlefield through area control spells (Entangle, Blindness/Deafness, Spike Growth) or summons to disrupt enemies (Summon Beast, Conjure Animals, Summon Fey). If engaged in melee, Wiggler is able to hold aggro and contain an enemy with a mixture of melee abilities (Symbiotic Entity, Halo of Spores), spells (Shillelagh, Primal Savagery) and magic item effects (Broach of the Warden, Staff of the Waxing Moon). For ranged combat, they have several offensive spells at their disposal, with most of them having some sort of debuffing effect (Chill Touch, Thorn Whip, Flaming Sphere, Call Lightning).

Notable/Magic Items/Treasure[edit | edit source]

Major/Minor Magic Items[edit | edit source]

Major Items:

  • Broach of the Warden

Wiggler received this from the Warden of the Wilds and their patron as a thanks for their assistance in dealing with an Oblex. The stone and wood broach is carved in the shape of a bird, and allows Wiggler to cast Primal Savagery, holds two 1st level spell slots charges, and can be used as a target for Animal Messenger once a month to contact the Warden.

  • Moon Sickle (+1)

Wiggler received this item after participating in the festival trials of the Thistlebrook Conclave. This silver sickle amplifies druidic and healing magic. Spell attacks and spell save DCs are increased by +1 and healing spells heal an additional 1d4 health.

  • Staff of the Rooted Hills

Wiggler received this item from the Warden of the Wilds as a thanks for infiltrating Fairyflower Mountain to acquire a thousand year flower for the Grung cure. This twisted wooden staff counts as a +1 quarterstaff. The first creature hit during a turn with the staff must make a DC 12 Strength save or be restrained by the spectral vines of the staff until the start of the next turn, and the staff can cast Hold Person (DC 12) or Speak with Plants once per day by invoking the Hill Rune.

  • Feyweaver's Loom

Wiggler received this item from the Warden of the Wilds as a thanks for infiltrating Fairyflower Mountain to acquire a thousand year flower for the Grung cure. The loom is able to weave Minor Illusions, and can create a Major Image once per day.

  • Staff of the Waxing Moon

Wiggler combined the Moon Sickle and the Staff of the Rooted Hills at the Arcane Forge, creating the Staff of the Waxing Moon. This long twisted wooden staff has a glowing crescent blade attached to the top, and counts as a +1 quarterstaff. With the command word, the staff can glow to give off bright light for 10 feet and dim light for another 10 feet. Spell attacks and spell save DCs are increased by +1 and healing spells heal an additional 1d6 health. Additionally, the first creature hit during a turn by the staff must make a DC 14 Strength save or be restrained by the spectral vines of the staff until the start of the next turn, and the staff can cast Hold Person, Speak with Plants, or Moonbeam once per day (DC 14) by channeling the lunar energy stored in the blade.

Minor Items:

  • Wand of Scowls (DC 10 Charisma save or scowl for 1 minute, 3 charges)
  • Wand of Smiles (DC 10 Charisma save or smile for 1 minute, 3 charges)
  • Wand of Prestidigitation (Prestidigitation at will)
  • Wind Fan (DC 13 Gust of Wind, cumulative chance of item destruction)
  • Rope of Climbing (Magical climbing rope)
  • Wand of Web (DC 15 Web, 7 charges)

Notable Items[edit | edit source]

Talyth's Trinkets

Wiggler found some of Talyth's personal trinkets in the woods outside of Galik the day they received their telepathic power. The three trinkets include:

  • A stone amulet that is carved in the shape of a crow's feather, strung with a thin strand of silk.
  • A lucky coin, with a crow's head on one side and a feather on the other side.
  • A wooden ring carved from ash wood, inlaid with willow bark in a simple decorative pattern.

Charcoal Drawing of William Wigland

Wiggler received a charcoal drawing from Talyth when they first reunited depicting a human man labeled with the name "William Wigland". Wiggler is still trying to understand what this means, as they have slowly felt another presence in their mind start to grow stronger.

White Dragon Scale Necklace

Wiggler encountered a white dragon who made themselves a lair in the jungle, and fashioned a necklace from one of the dragon scales after it was slain.

Eisen Bark Breastplate (Non-metal breastplate)

Wiggler commissioned this breastplate from Captain Pennysworth, after they felt the need to upgrade their armor. The breastplate is made from bark from the Eisen tree, which is equally as strong and effective as metal armor and does not affect Wiggler's Druidic magic.

Companions (Extremely outdated)[edit | edit source]

Sabbatical[edit | edit source]

Description: Tiefling Knowledge Cleric (6)

Relations: Not very friendly Alright if you don't act stupid with her

Other notes: From returned to the Hells

Sneeze[edit | edit source]

Description: Kobold Beast Barbarian (5)

Relations: Friendly (formerly annoying, now more tolerable)

Other notes: Extremely chaotic and dangerous, can't read, died on a mission to save Lambda alongside Reedy

Reedy[edit | edit source]

Description: Tiefling Drakewarden Ranger (6)

Relations: Neutral (not frequently interacted with)

Other notes: Has a drake called Daq, has a relationship with Sabbatical, "adopted" Sneeze, wanted for unknown reasons, died on a mission to save Lambda alongside Sneeze

Kompi[edit | edit source]

Description: Kobold Clonomancer Sorcerer (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Timid and shy, summons dinosaurs, has a ghostly arm after losing their original arm during a mission

Marion[edit | edit source]

Description: Tiefling Celestial Warlock (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Worships Beshaba (the goddess of bad luck), currently dating Nassir

Lambda[edit | edit source]

Description: Warforged Sun Soul Monk (6)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Fought in some sort of Draconic Crusade, was deactivated for hundreds of years, has a "brother" named Theta, was abducted during an attack on the camp but recently rescued

Jim Stacy[edit | edit source]

Description: Human Kensei Monk/Soulknife Rogue (3-4?)

Relations: "He is was a jerk"

Other notes: Eaten Currently in demonic possession

Finnegan[edit | edit source]

Description: Aarokocra (Puffin) Whisper Bard/Warlock? (4/1?)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Has a deal with the Bogge

Paris Hilton[edit | edit source]

Description: Human Beast Master Ranger (5)

Relations: Neutral (used to be weird/annoying)

Other notes: Loves pink and glitter

Therrin[edit | edit source]

Description: Aasimar Celestial Warlock (5)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Worships Pelor, has a pseudodragon familiar named Pexx

Idi (Obsidian)[edit | edit source]

Description: Earth Genasi Hexblade Warlock (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Has a pact with the Raven Queen

Lowkey (Guy/Girl/Thing???)[edit | edit source]

Description: Changling Wild Magic Sorcerer (4)

Relations: I don't know who they are, but they're annoying

Other notes: Constantly changes forms and tries to start things, died on a mission protecting their allies

Nassir[edit | edit source]

Description: Brass Dragonborn Zealot Barbarian (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Currently dating Marion, has (had?) a deceased brother named Arven (Titan), has some sort of strange vined gauntlet

Sir Yewvane Eedryll[edit | edit source]

Description: Eladrin (Autumn) Valor Bard/Paladin (4/1)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: 7th Knight of the Court of Seasons, infatuated with Amaris, has some sort of relation with Yelena Eedryll

Zimper[edit | edit source]

Description: Nilbog Wild Magic Sorcerer (4)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Has a magic(?) rock

Tassa[edit | edit source]

Description: Swashbuckler Rogue (4)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Supposedly willingly joined a demonic entity (Mother), has been redeemed (?)

Luster[edit | edit source]

Description: Fairy Conquest Paladin (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Disappeared before initial expedition

Amaris[edit | edit source]

Description: Satyr Trickery Cleric (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Provided me with help with telepathy, Heiress to the Moon Court

Chrysaor[edit | edit source]

Description: Yuan-Ti Fighter/Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer/Rogue (2/1/1)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Famous pit fighter

Groth[edit | edit source]

Description: Minotaur Rune Knight Fighter (3)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Tried to pull a prank on him, disappeared shortly after camp was established

Cinder[edit | edit source]

Description: Owlin Artillerist Artificer (3)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Has arsonist tendencies

Jo[edit | edit source]

Description: Human Twilight Cleric (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Constantly gets pulled to random places to fulfill contractual work

Kamacuras[edit | edit source]

Description: Thri-Kreen Beast Barbarian (3)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Has telepathy like me :D

Rina[edit | edit source]

Description: Wood Elf Land Druid (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Tried to defuse a situation, helped heal me after Jim Stacy downed me

Felix[edit | edit source]

Description: Warforged Eloquence Bard (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Tells a lot of stories, provided me with therapy, probably a living paradox

Mr. Millar[edit | edit source]

Description: Variant Human Bladesinger Wizard (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: I feel bad for this guy

Frankie[edit | edit source]

Description: Warforged Scout Rogue (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Green Knight knows them?

Dragonett[edit | edit source]

Description: Half Elf Scout Rogue/Gloomstalker Ranger (3/3)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Prof. Mann (and Chester)[edit | edit source]

Description: "Warforged" Gravaturgy Wizard (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Seems to be a travelling professor of sorts, has an intriguing house cat named Chester

Dothand Raki[edit | edit source]

Description: Air Genasi Tempest Cleric (3)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Balder the Bald Boulder[edit | edit source]

Description: Human Monk (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Helli[edit | edit source]

Description: Tiefling Light Cleric (5)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Twilsby[edit | edit source]

Description: Variant Human Scribe Wizard (5)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

"Mike"[edit | edit source]

Description: unknown

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

p'Rahp[edit | edit source]

Description: Grung Crown Paladin (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Neru[edit | edit source]

Description: Rock Gnome Glory Paladin (4)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

22[edit | edit source]

Description: Autom Moon Druid (6)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: [insert text]

Radion[edit | edit source]

Description: Warforged Wild Magic Barbarian (6)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: [insert text]

Cealion[edit | edit source]

Description: Dhampir Wild Magic Sorcerer (5)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: Probably constantly drunk

Dickweedus[edit | edit source]

Description: Half-Orc Barbarian (6)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Heli[edit | edit source]

Description: Fire Genasi Battlesmith Artificer (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: has a mechanical companion named Brokkr

Otto von Gerwig[edit | edit source]

Description: Variant Human Echo Knight Fighter (5)

Relations: Friendly

Other notes: Extremely old, kommandant of Lambda's squad

Timmy[edit | edit source]

Description: Variant Human Scribe Wizard (3)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

Thordon[edit | edit source]

Description: Mountain Dwarf Beast Barbarian (5)

Relations: Neutral

Other notes: [insert text]

The Adventures of Wiggler (In Progress/Extremely Outdated/Abandoned?)[edit | edit source]

Grovender (April)[edit | edit source]

The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company (Meeting everyone and failing to make friends with gummy worms)[edit | edit source]

It's almost been three years since I last left the Feywilds. I still haven't found Talyth, but there seemed to be some fun things to do. The Wiggles are fun, and great to spread! Unfortunately, not a lot of people seem to like the Wiggles. Recently, though, I found a group called the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company that seem to be exploring Amusa. I think that's where Talyth was going, so hooray!

I met some people so far today. There were three tieflings, three humans, a puffin, a robot, and two kobolds. One of the tieflings was called "Sabbatical", and tried to talk to me in some strange language I couldn't understand. They did know how to speak Primordial though, so that was fun! They also mentioned a "Colin" who was supposedly made of leeches. Those are gross, and I don't even know who "Colin" is. However, they didn't seem to like it when I tried to spread the Wiggles, and left.

Afterwards, a small kobold by the name of Sneeze started collecting the Wiggles and tried to eat them. There was also a four-legged creature that tried to eat some, but another tiefling who I assume to be their owner told them to stop. I tried to offer some gummy worms to them instead, but they all refused. Eventually, a human decided to be rude and insult me, so I began wiggling aggressively for a while before I got bored. It was weird.

I wandered around for a while before finding the other kobold. They seemed to be called "Kompi", and were very small. They also don't seem to like big crowds. There was also a pale tiefling and a robot nearby. I offered them gummy worms, but all of them refused. No one wants to be my friend. I just decided to the corner and sit there when a human decided to give me a strange object. I ate it. It tasted weird.

I sat there for a couple hours before checking to see if there were any newcomers. There seems to be a lot of people that want to explore with the Company. Afterwards, Sneeze came over to me and asked me to wrestle. I thought it would be fun, so I agreed. It was not fun at all. Sneeze took out weapons, which was weird. I tackled him to the ground and tried to pin him, but then he became bigger and scarier. I tried to trip him up, but he just kept coming at me and started swinging his weapons at me. I just started running but he chased me down and almost killed me! Sneeze grabbed my leg as I tried to escape, but luckily he didn't dismember me. Then I remembered Willy needed his playtime, so I summoned him and we all had fun together!

Over the next three days, I learned the names of most of the other people here. There's Reedy and Daq (Reedy is the tiefling owner of Daq, who tried to eat my Wiggles on my first day), Mr. Stacy (who gave me the smoke), Marion (the pale tiefling), Paris Hilton (aka the rude human), Finnegan (the puffin), Lambda (the robot), Idi (an earth genasi), Sir Eedryll (who is with Taya, Ojai, and Olla), and Therrin (an aasimar).

What Happened with Jim Stacy (Jim Stacy went to get smokes and disappeared, then we sparred and I lost)[edit | edit source]

One day, Marion seemed to be really upset, so I tried to cheer them up with a wiggle dance. She got confused for a bit, but then a strange person told me I can never make anyone happy. They also said something about turning me into a worm. What is that supposed to mean?, Sneeze asked them if they knew how to turn people into worms, then suddenly fell off his chair. A large dragonborn suddenly drew his weapon, and Idi did the same. Marion tried to charm the strange person, but failed. Lambda also came in, when the person suddenly turned into a bright ball of light. I tried summoning worms to stop them from leaving, and accidentally entangled Lambda as well. All of a sudden, there was a shining potted plant. The dragonborn put the plant in a headlock, and then Sir Eedryll suddenly showed up. Apparently guards were also on the way, so I tried to hide. I don't know what else happened, but Idi was nice enough to let me hide in their room while everything got sorted out.

I stayed in Idi's room the entire night. In the morning, I left some gummy worms and just left when I noticed Sabbatical and Sneeze standing outside Mr. Stacy's room. Apparently Mr. Stacy disappeared, which made Marion sad. I spaced out for a while , but when I peeked into the room, Mr. Stacy was in his bed with Sabbatical, Sneeze, Marion, and a strange man who Sabbatical said was a "Dr. Moss". Mr. Stacy (in his sleep) told us to be quiet, but Sneeze kept making noise. Marion looked really tired and started to get aggravated, so I Wild Shaped into a cat to try to comfort and calm her down. Lambda came in and took Sneeze outside for a wrestling match, and we waited in Mr. Stacy's room until he woke up. I had to leave for a bit so I could stay in Wild Shape, but Marion was able to get some sleep. Sabbatical told me to get Lucinda (the leader of the expedition), which I did after my quick rest. Suddenly, something near Mr. Stacy clicked, and he woke up abruptly. He touched me and said some weird things about being able to feel before I heard a weird voice in my head. All I remember after that was that Mr. Stacy started throwing some knives at me while I tried to escape, and I ran promptly into a wall after Idi let me out. I poked my head back in to check what was happening, and everything seemed to be fine. I offered some gummy worms to Mr. Stacy after making sure I wasn't going to get attacked again, and he finally ate one! I then left so Mr. Stacy could "have some privacy". Afterwards, Mr. Stacy wanted to see try his new abilities out, so I decided to join and watch on the side.

Or at least that's what I thought. Mr. Stacy, Idi, and Marion were sparring, and somehow I got included. Idi fired a magical blast at Mr. Stacy, when suddenly Marion cast a spell and engulfed the entire arena with dark nothingness. That was scary, cause I wasn't expecting that. Mr. Stacy then threw a knife at Marion, who encased herself in ice. Luckily, the dark nothingness disappeared after that. I remembered that Willy needed to have his playtime, so I let him out and he booped Marion. Suddenly, Mr. Stacy threw a knife at me, and I immediately blacked out.

When I regained consciousness, only Idi and Marion were left standing. I healed Idi and Mr. Stacy, since they were the most injured. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Stacy did the weird telepathic thing again, so I just ran away. Mr. Stacy and Marion are scary. I Wild Shaped into a cat and ran away, although I did poke around the arena and the tavern to find "smokes". (That was the weird thing I ate a couple days ago.) Those things apparently relieved stress, and I tried to unsuccessfully take some of Mr. Stacy's smokes. I want to try another one.

Finnegan's Tea Table (An enchanted tea table brought by Finnegan that offered food, drink, and entertainment)[edit | edit source]

I found an interesting table this afternoon. Finnegan was sitting around a table with Sabbatical and another explorer, enjoying themselves. I approached as a cat to take a look and had some food (which was delicious). The table, according to Finnegan, is enchanted to provide food and drink to all who sit down. The stranger was nice, and Finnegan played some music. Sir Eedryll did show up for a while, which put Finnegan on edge. There seems to be some history between the two, or at least between Finnegan and the Feywilds. Mr. Stacy did show up suddenly, and listened to a song before leaving. The stranger does speak with a rock that has googly eyes, which is weird, but I've seen weirder. I returned back to my normal form and weaved until sunset, which seems to be when the table's magic wears off. Afterwards, I returned to the tavern to see if anything else was happening.

There seemed to be a group gathered around the fireplace tonight. Finnegan, Nassir, Marion, Sir Eedryll, Lambda, and Kompi all were around, relaxing as Finnegan played music. There were several songs played, with one song shaping the flames in the fireplace into pretty and hypnotizing patterns. Afterwards, Nassir passed around a flask of liquid. Finnegan tried some, then immediately hurled outside. Against my better judgement, I took a lick of the flask and immediately passed out. I don't remember much about the rest of the night.

I woke up with a terrible headache. I left the tavern as a cat and found the stranger from yesterday afternoon outside. He was still talking with his rock, but still was nice. [insert text when I feel like completing :p]

Fireplace Stories (Talking about our pasts ft. Finnegan, Nassir, Marion, and alcohol)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

A Fairy and a Dead Body Walk Into a Tavern (Luster kills Sneeze's silverware launderer and gets hired by the Tempest Brothers???)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Lowkey and Midnight Soup (Lowkey starts things and then we had midnight soup because Marion's bad at lying)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Food Fight and Water Fight (Marion and Nassir start a food fight, then Finnegan starts a water fight in the bathhouse when we clean up)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Politics of the Fey Courts (Luster, Sir Eedryll, and Finnegan's involvements with the Fey Courts)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Sneeze Gets a House (Sneeze breaks into someone's house with Jim Stacy, claims the house, then gets Lunacy from Fey Soup)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Telepathy from the Forest (Sabbatical tells me it's hard to communicate when I'm a cat, then I get telepathy from trauma in the forest)[edit | edit source]

One day, Sabbatical told me that proper communication was difficult when I was Wild Shaped as a cat. A few minutes later, I felt a familiar presence in the nearby forest. Talyth. I ran into the woods to find him, when I found his stone amulet. I looked around the woods to try and find him, but I couldn't find any other signs. When I returned, I found his lucky coin in the same exact spot I found the amulet. All of a sudden, Fey Birds attacked me. For some strange reason, I was unable to revert from Wild Shape, and I was torn apart by the Fey Birds as I tried to run away. I can still feel their claws tearing into my body, and their beaks ripping out my eyes and ears...

But somehow, I am alive. Someone or something brought me back to life. When I regained consciousness, I also found Talyth's wooden ring. A Fey Bird also suddenly appeared, and I tried to run away. I seem to have communicated with the bird mentally, and it hovered in front of me before it started to circle around me. Several other Fey Birds joined it, and I couldn't see anything. Then, there was a voice. The voice told me that I would be found, and they blessed me with a gift. I think that the gift is this newfound telepathy.

I returned to the tavern, shaken, but alright. When I entered, I began to hear new voices. [insert text]

Establishing Camp (Smacking an oblex over the head and meeting the Warden of the Wilds)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Mentally Challenging Sabbatical (Trying to prove myself to Sabbatical, failing horribly, then getting downed by Jim Stacy)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Late Night Defense Talks (Sir Eedryll's meeting on how to protect the camp)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Jim Stacy's Disappearance (Jim Stacy tries to start things and gets thrown into a nest by Bjorn)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Orbraze (May)[edit | edit source]

Broach of the Warden (Receiving a gift from the Warden of the Wilds for helping deal with the oblex)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

Who is Wren? (An elven lady Marion met on a mission, who has a connection to me)[edit | edit source]

Marion returned from a mission involving a rival adventuring party and told me that there was someone who knew who I was. Marion described Wren as an elven woman with short white hair and dark eyes who quit immediately when Marion mentioned my name. There are also supposedly others that are linked to some of the people in the Company, such as Lambda's brother Theta, someone from Sir Eedryll's court, and potentially Nassir's brother Arven. These people supposedly died years ago, so it's unknown why they appeared and what motives they have.

I don't know what this means. Recently, an elven woman has been appearing in my dreams. It's the same woman Lowkey appeared as when they first arrived at the tavern. And that woman is Wren. Who is Wren? Why is she showing up in my dreams? And why did they have that reaction when they learned who I was?

Who am I then?

Hya'tla (I have a Fey Bird Guardian...?)[edit | edit source]

There was a week I wasn't in camp. I was reached out by some sort of entity that claims to be my "Fey Bird Guardian". I met Hya'tla in a forest clearing near the outskirts of camp. Hya'tla is a two foot tall Fey Bird with three ribbonlike tails that twirled up in a spiraling pattern, and short stubby legs. Their wings are short and wide, and shimmer with a glint of silver. Their beak is short and rounded, and their silver-grey eyes shine with a faint tint of pink. They claimed that we had a connection that would grow stronger as time passed. Their presence is calming and familiar, as if they've always been at my side, but I don't know exactly where I've felt their presence before.

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Causing Trouble ft. Mr. Millar (My list of traumatic fears gets longer because I attacked Mr. Millar unprovoked and got fed to the fishies)[edit | edit source]

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The Passing of Ratchet (The first death in the company on a field mission, and the aftermath)[edit | edit source]

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More About Mr. Millar (Understanding Mr. Millar's background, then accidentally smacking him on the head too hard)[edit | edit source]

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Dalsk (June)[edit | edit source]

Investigation Gone Wrong (Getting attacked by a roc, almost dying in a tomb, and fighting the Green Knight)[edit | edit source]

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Trials of the Conclave (Learning about the f-word, thinking thonking too hard, and getting a gift)[edit | edit source]

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Disaster on the Rails (Fending off a surprise attack by Jack of Hearts and almost went off an exploded bridge with a runaway train)[edit | edit source]

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Kentgannon (July)[edit | edit source]

Warcamp Go Boom (Discovering a Gnoll warcamp, then blowing it up)[edit | edit source]

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tbd (arcane wards for camp)[edit | edit source]

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tbd (meeting otto)[edit | edit source]

[insert text]

tbd (Finding Talyth, a hydra-snail, and fighting mimics)[edit | edit source]

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Arduary (August)[edit | edit source]

tbd (Mother's Fog, Tassa/Stacy's "returns", abduction of Matilda and Lambda)[edit | edit source]

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tbd (The rescue of Matilda and Lambda, and the losses of Sneeze and Reedy)[edit | edit source]

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List of Missions[edit | edit source]

Spell List (aka How Everything is Flavored with WORM)[edit | edit source]

Cantrips[edit | edit source]

Name Reflavored Name Casting (Flavor) Other Notes
Chill Touch Ghostly Worm Bite An ethereal worm that bites the target's heart as it flies through them Circle of Spores Circle Spell
Shillelagh "The Wiggly Stick for Bad People" Envelops a stick in Druidic magic for BONK
Thorn Whip Worm Yoink Tendrils shoot out from Wiggler's head to pull a target towards them
Mold Earth tbd Summons worms that affect the ground
Primal Savagery tbd Acid drips from Wiggler's tentacle head and lashes out at a target Broach of the Warden
Prestidigitation tbd tbd Wand of Prestidigitation
Minor Illusion tbd tbd Feyweaver's Loom

1st Level[edit | edit source]

Name Reflavored Name Casting (Flavor) Other Notes
Absorb Elements Protective Wiggle Dance Redirects elemental damage with evasive wiggling
Animal Friendship Interpretive Worm Dance for Animals *wiggles in animal language*
Beast Bond Wiggly Brainwaves A psychic worm attaches to the target beast to create a telepathic connection
Charm Person Interpretive Wiggle Dance for People *wiggles in people language*
Create or Destroy Water Water Wiggle Wiggles in a way that water condenses or evaporates
Cure Wounds tbd A Healing Worm burrows into the target and heals them
Detect Magic tbd tbd
Detect Poison and Disease tbd tbd
Earth Tremor Wiggle Time Shakes the earth and causes the wiggles
Faerie Fire Glowworms Summons glowing worms that cover the target area
Fog Cloud tbd tbd
Goodberry "Gummy Worms" Goodberry + Gummy Worm - "Berry" = "Gummy Worms"
Healing Word Healing "Worm" Projectile-vomited worm that heals you when it smacks into your face
Ice Knife Explody Ice Worm Projectile-vomited worm made of ice that shatters on impact
Jump Augmented Worm Leap Worms wrap around the target's legs and makes them jump faster/farther
Longstrider Augmented Worm Speed Worms wrap around the target's legs and makes them go faster
Purify Food and Drink tbd tbd
Snare tbd An invisible worm wraps around anything that walks into it
Speak with Animals tbd tbd
Thunderwave Super Sonic Wiggle Wiggles so fast that a sonic boom is created

2nd Level[edit | edit source]

Name Reflavored Name Casting (Flavor) Other Notes
Blindness/Deafness tbd tbd Circle of Spores Circle Spell
Gentle Repose Worm's Embrace Summons ethereal worms that protects a corpse from decay Circle of Spores Circle Spell
Air Bubble tbd tbd
Animal Messenger tbd tbd
Barkskin Worm Armor Summons a bunch of worms that wrap around the target to provide protection
Beast Sense tbd tbd
Darkvision tbd tbd
Dust Devil "Jim aka My Personal Lawn Care" Summons Jim the Dust Devil
Earthbind tbd Summons giant worms that slap down a flying creature
Enhance Ability tbd tbd
Find Traps Steve's Punishment Throws Steve at an area to see if there are any traps
Flame Blade Flaming Worm Smack Summons a giant flaming worm wielded as a weapon
Flaming Sphere tbd Summons a flaming mass of burning worms
Gust of Wind tbd tbd
Healing Spirit tbd Summons an ethereal form of Hya'tla that heals nearby allies
Heat Metal tbd Flaming worms appear and burn on the target object
Hold Person tbd tbd Staff of the Waxing Moon (Charge)
Lesser Restoration "The Wiggles compel you" Smacks someone so hard they get better
Locate Animals or Plants tbd tbd
Locate Object tbd tbd
Moonbeam tbd tbd Staff of the Waxing Moon (Charge)
Pass Without Trace Dampening Wiggle Wiggles in a way that dampens other movements
Protection from Poison tbd tbd
Skywrite Cloudy Skyworms Summons cloud worms that make words in the sky
Spike Growth Worm Swarm but Pointy THESE WORMS BITE YOU. THERE IS NO ESCAPE
Summon Beast tbd Summons Willy the Worm (Land) or Hya'tla (Air)
Warding Wind tbd tbd
Wither and Bloom tbd tbd
Detect Thoughts tbd tbd Telepathic Feat Spell
Web tbd tbd Wand of Web (Charges)

3rd Level[edit | edit source]

Name Reflavored Name Casting (Flavor) Other Notes
Animate Dead tbd tbd Circle of Spores Circle Spell
Gaseous Form tbd tbd Circle of Spores Circle Spell
Aura of Vitality tbd tbd
Call Lightning tbd tbd
Conjure Animals tbd Summons Fey Creatures to assist
Daylight tbd tbd
Dispel Magic tbd tbd
Elemental Weapon tbd Enhances a weapon with elemental magic
Erupting Earth tbd tbd
Feign Death tbd tbd
Flame Arrows tbd tbd
Meld into Stone tbd tbd
Plant Growth tbd tbd
Protection from Energy tbd tbd
Revivify tbd tbd May depend (Tasha Optional Spell)
Sleet Storm tbd tbd
Speak with Plants tbd tbd Staff of the Waxing Moon (Charge)
Summon Fey tbd tbd
Tidal Wave tbd tbd
Wall of Water tbd tbd
Water Breathing tbd tbd
Water Walk tbd tbd
Wind Wall tbd tbd
Major Image tbd tbd Feyweaver's Loom (1/day)

Wiggler’s NPC Relations[edit | edit source]

Wiggler has several NPCs linked to them, whether by spell flavoring or by backstory.

Spell Flavor NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Jim: A Dust Devil that Wiggler usually summons to help with lawn care. Good at his job, but infrequently called upon.
  • Steve: A worm that Wiggler just straight up hates for no reason. Usually used in a sacrificial way in spells, but always comes back.
  • Willy: Wiggler's giant worm friend. Gets restless without constant social interaction.
  • Hya'tla: A Fey Bird who claims to be Wiggler's Fey Bird Guardian. Met in the forest during a period of absence, and can be summoned via spells.

Backstory NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Talyth: Wiggler's mentor who found and saved them from Fey Birds. Currently an advisor for the Hydrail of Escargotia.
  • Wren: William's childhood crush, who turned him into a worm and threw him into the Feywilds.

Random Information Section[edit | edit source]

-The worm/wiggle theme was inspired by Gail (@zippybluedwarf) when the community was guessing the name of Wicked Wilds. I have chosen to go insane and completely just go with it.


-Wiggler’s worm stats without the Warforged Suit are: 1 Strength, 4 Dexterity, 2 Constitution, 10 Intelligence, 3 Wisdom, 6 Charisma. This was rolled.

Wiggler's Fears[edit | edit source]

Wiggler has begun accumulating several fears, which include:

  • Being attacked by Fey Birds
  • Sneeze
  • Psychic Blades (Soulknife)
  • The v o i d (Hunger of Hadar)
  • Being eaten by Fey Birds
  • Sabbatical
  • Daq (Reedy by proxy)
  • Bjorn
  • Fish
  • Fishing
  • Drowning
  • Being eaten alive
  • Being eaten by fish
  • Giant birds (Rocs)
  • Stone statues
  • Snake People (Medusas)
  • Turning to stone
  • The Green Knight
  • The F-Word (festivals)
  • Riddles
  • Puzzles
  • Thinking too hard
  • Trains
  • Runaway Trains
  • Wyverns
  • Guns
  • Surprise attacks
  • Big scary explosions
  • Demonic fog
  • Mother
  • Tassa???
  • (Demonic) Jim Stacy
  • Plagues
  • Demonic mushrooms
  • And many more...
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