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GM: Realmtrotter's Guide

Here are loose ends from The Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck, which took place in 1250PR and skipped to 1293PR for its finale.

  • The party released a black pudding from the Center of Monstrous Sciences into the sewers in 1250. In 1293, the Levinkan Altix sent his Lightning-Kin party into the sewers to address rumors, and they were not seen for 3 days.
  • Terry Byte, a werewolf-Warforged, was lost to the curse in the middle 40 years. Though he and 2 others were cured of lycanthropy in 1293, there could be more of his pack out there. We never heard what happened to the Wereforged Orgo (werebear) and Forger (weretiger), who possessed potions of curse removal at the end of the session but did not immediately use them. The party at the end of the 1293 finale were commissioned by the Levinkan to find more lycanthropes.
  • Belial kept gaining power and souls, and even gained Scar as a lieutenant. Dorothea and Dort Doubtice were not seen again after leaving their house where they slaughtered Simba the Undefeated in 1250.
  • There was a mysterious pillar with lightning magic found in Levinkan and shipped to the La Croix Institute. Dr. Myra Campbell theorized it might have been connected to the Levinkan Warp hypothesis.
  • Baenrae led Shadar-Kai refugees that left the Shadowfell amid the Fracturing of the Weave (and had a fling with Paelias Amenruta). What will happen to these planar refugees?
  • It was never established how Reese Lackmann got ahold of the mysterious pillar that took people's souls and turned them into magic statues. While the pillar ended up in Belial's possession, its origins are uncertain.
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