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Omen (pronouns she/her) is a Tiefling sorceress born some time late in 795 PR. She does not have any particular allegiances or follows any faith, but she is aware of the influence of the divines. Most of her actions would be considered chaotic neutral.

A tiefling woman looks at the camera with a slightly amused expression. She has purple skin, pure gold eyes, and black hair tied up in a bun.
Omen, the Tiefling sorceress, looks on with an amused expression.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Omen is a Tiefling woman that stands 5'4" and weighs about 120 lbs. She has purple skin, black hair, and pure gold eyes. Her tail measures roughly three feet in length and ends in an arrow point. Parts of her body are covered in a thin layer of golden scales (See: Draconic Bloodline) and her black horns stand tall like a gazelle's. Her sharp ears are pierced and her teeth are slightly pointed. She smells of charred wood and something metallic... perhaps blood?

Personality[edit | edit source]

Omen can find a sick sense of amusement in most things, owing to her cynical worldview that most things will go wrong. Despite that, she's put in a lot of effort in making her own luck, and has little patience with people that can't take care of themselves. She will hardly ever turn down a free meal, but is slow to trust. Omen also feels a sense of duty in helping those who help her, so that no debt is left unpaid. She will go out of her way to help those that she feels society has left behind.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Omen's heritage. As a newborn, she was found outside of a local brothel where the proprietors were known for having a soft spot for abandoned things. There she grew up with a band of misfits born or adopted by the ladies of the house. As generous as they were to offer her a place to sleep, Omen had to start pulling her own weight when she became old enough to pick pockets. This was the path to her urchin childhood, with most days spent dodging street corners after slashing coin purses.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a sorceress, she was born with magic in her blood. Omen primarily uses fire evocation magic, but will also use illusion magic to help with more stealth-oriented tasks. Her magic is specialized for subtlety and group endeavors, hinting at a past of heists and other seedy activities.

Draconic Bloodline[edit | edit source]

Omen is no wizard, but she's determined that her fiery powers must have come from some type of dragon. She's always been much more tolerant of the heat, and around puberty she noticed the appearance of thin scales along her arms, chest, and legs. A trail of smoke can be seen trailing from her mouth and nose when she gets particularly frustrated.

Companions[edit | edit source]

Hope[edit | edit source]

Omen always carries around a smell pet mouse named "Hope". With their short lifespans, these friends invariably die within a year or two. This doesn't stop Omen from quickly befriending another critter and passing on the name. Her current little friend is particularly fond of sharp, pungent cheeses with odors reminiscent of dwarf feet.

Promise[edit | edit source]

A gold/brass wyrmling, child of Brenna and Gideon, had climbed aboard a clockwork dragon built by MSDOS. This was the same clockwork dragon/airship that Omen and a party of adventurers had ridden to the Nameless City. The wyrmling took a liking to Omen, possibly due to her familiar scent, and she gladly took on the responsibility of keeping the young dragon safe. They currently travel with Omen in a makeshift sling crafted from a Jakallan blanket.

Escapades[edit | edit source]

Seglock University[edit | edit source]

She was spotted recently at the celebration at Seglock University, soon after the erection of the Sunwell. Omen knew there would be tons of free food at such an event and couldn't resist stopping by. Sure, she hadn't actually played any part in this draconic nonsense, but with her luck chances are this feast would be considered an "advance payment". As fortune would have it, the festivities were cut short by some ruckus within the university, where she aided in torching a few goblins and orcs (after pocketing some leftovers, of course). She aided a few other adventurers in rescuing a couple students and professors, but not before she got into a minor altercation (slap fight) with one Professor Hargraves in a very cramped hallway.

Shortly after the attack, she worked with a team of adventurers to uncover what had happened on the day of the attack. They learned that Professor Hargraves was a former star pupil of Horatio Cheshire, and the former had turned down work with the latter. Hargraves had done extensive research on mutations, which were a likely target of the attack considering the presence of Cheshire goblins. During this investigation, she was able to get a wax mold of Ltn. Steve Torso's signet coin for unknown and likely nefarious purposes.

Encounters with Bleucorundum[edit | edit source]

Archie Stewart recruited Omen and several others to find a sapphire dragon, based on a prophecy given by the Crying Scryer. Before leaving for the mission, Omen spoke with Brenna and they bonded over their shared golden dragon heritage. They had to "find balance" to make their way through the lair, which involved balancing the alignments of the group members. The sapphire dragon gave several cryptic clues regarding its goals, including:

"Only if we find each other is there hope." "Tell them that the sapphire one is looking for the amethyst (further below)" "One works high above, and another very far away, beyond the material."

Bleucorundum had a (quartz?) crystal dragon egg in the lair, which did not yet have a fully developed mind capable of being communed with. Upon trying to communicate, though, it did not seem inherently evil. The sapphire dragon gifted the party with magical items with the condition being that they could not hurt or heal dragons, lest the items lose their power. This magical gift also came with the boon of additional charismatic sway when speaking with dragons.

Several months later, Omen found Bleucorundum's lair again after having forgot where it was. This marked the end of a journey escorting the silver dragon Sro to the safe haven being provided there. The adventuring party had carefully navigated the shadowy lands over two weeks and narrowly avoided notice by The One Who Waits. She was almost tempted to abandon the mission to join a group of bandits in Biannal who had tried to recruit her, but she was swayed by the payoff of her current mission and the appeal of working for something larger than herself.

Adventures Across Isonhound & Beyond[edit | edit source]

The thieving business had been slow since shadow overtook Isonhound. The "safe" cities were locked up tight with patrols, and "shadowed" cities weren't worth raiding without a good team. Omen was looking for an easy job and decided to take a gig at Tristram's Theater in Seglock. She made a decent haul with a performance at the Children's Puppet Hour, recounting the tales of the day that shadow overtook the land. A member of MSDOS approached the adventurers present at the theater (Tristram, Omen, Bosco, Reylendor, Vessel, Felicia, and Cynthia), asking for help in a quest to recover an amethyst dragon. Due to some "Fey Bullshit", the doors of the theater led directly to the MSDOS workshop, which otherwise takes a long series of grueling trials to enter. This displeased the disciple of Sardior, but they did not relent much when the party saved a bunch of time and just let themselves in.

The party had about a day to prepare before travelling to the Nameless City, during which they crafted potions from Moonflowers. They then boarded a clockwork dragon that MSDOS had been perfecting over the past few months, which was gargantuan in size and a marvel to behold. The adventurers had planned to sneak into the city with the aid of Greater Invisibility, free the amethyst dragon, and perhaps plant a few moonflowers to defend the current citizens from shadow in case the amethyst dragon was no longer able to provide such assistance. Instead, Reylendor and Omen literally fell into a battle between warring factions of the Cult of Att-Annalo, and the rest of the team in the dragon followed soon after.

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