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Paris Hilton
That's Hot
Relatives Daddy
Aliases The Iconic Heiress
Place of Birth birthplace
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weight Not something you should ask a lady!
Eye Color Hazel

Paris Hilton is Human Beastmaster Ranger. She's also like- SUPER famous.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Paris is an attractive young woman. She is slightly noticeably chubby and has blonde hair. She wears lots of super cute outfits that are all pink and sparkly.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Paris is a very confident woman. She puts on a persona of being a Valley Girl, but that's more so of a persona for her audience because she's super famous.

History[edit | edit source]

During The Era of Dragons, as dragons were known to do, many of them would horde gold. However these dragons would need a financial advisor. Coming out of hell with fire and brimstone came a very powerful, clever, and divorced devil. His name was Pete Ness. In capitalism there’s winners and there’s losers and then there’s Pete Ness. Pete Ness is an Amnizu, a very powerful devil, that exists to make deals. Pete Ness isn’t intrinsically evil per se only wants to make money and business deals he lives for that stuff. Pete Ness would business and deal through the ages.

In 839 PR, Daddy Hilton was born to a noble family that had nothing to their name. Daddy wanted to make a name for his family and he was met by everyone’s favorite capitalist Pete Ness. Together they began the most profitable inn legacy known to all of quelmar. Daddy thought of Pete Ness like a big brother.

In 867 Paris Hilton was born to this world like beacon in the cold dark night. A bright pink star that would shine ever brightly in our dreary lives. Pete Ness knew that Paris was destined for great influence so bestowed upon her an aura that makes people’s emotions grow more fervent whenever they saw her. It doesn’t matter what you think of Paris, you’ll never forget her.

Paris Hilton was also like SUPER famous and she’ll let you know she is if you don’t already know. Her father, Daddy, would often spoil her with many gifts, the most influential of these being a small dog that Paris would name Princess Platinum Paws. Princess Platinum Paws was Paris’ best friend and she truly loved her dog. On lonely night Paris would hug Princess Platinum Paws and feel as if everything is ok. As a young lady of a noble family Paris Hilton went to the Wyndham Academy for Galvanized Girls to prepare her for her future as an heiress. She brought with her, her favorite dog, Princess Platinum Paws. Loved by some, abhorred by others, truly known by none, Paris learned many languages and social graces from the academy. Being as she was abhorred by some girls they sought to ruin her. 3 girls would find what would hurt Paris most of all. When Paris awoke the very next day she found Princess Platinum Paws… unable to be saved through magic or money.

The pink clad heiress looked down at the mess in her dorm room. She couldn’t believe that this would happen. Not to her. Not to her best friend. She had never thought something like this would happen. She always felt emotions more fervently than most people could ever feel, and likewise people around her would feel heightened emotions as well. However nothing before she had felt compared to swelling pain in her heart looking upon the gory scene.


That was all she could mutter. She fell to her knees and began to sob. And sob. Her wails were so loud that the entirety of Wyndham’s Academy for Galvanized Girls could hear her shrill tears.

The Heiress cried for days on end. The days became weeks. The week turned to a month and she was slunk into an inescapable depression.

Meanwhile in a well furnished office, a man sits at a desk. He’s well dressed and in his mid late fourties.

“You know Pete, I do worry about my daughter. She hasn’t spoken to me in a month. I’m worried about her well being.”

“Ah Mr. Hilton- I’m afraid you’ve caught me mid stock acquisition. Worry not about this whole situation. It’s bad business. Whenever there’s bad business I’ll be there to be in the red.”

An older looking gentleman responds. He has a scuzzy comb over and is wearing a tie and suspenders. Under his button down shirt are a pair of stubby wings. He has a hefty figure and his aged skin, no matter how infernal, is quite loose. He has two rather phallic horns perturbing from his comb over.

Three students of Wyndham’s are having lunch together.

“Can you believe that bratty harlot is still crying? What a joke!”

“If I had that much money I’d actually do something with myself and my life instead of just insisting how famous and pretty I am, she’s nothing but a waste!”

“Yeah hah! She’s dumb as a bag of rocks!”

The three are approached by a husky figure posing as a tiefling.

“Ah hello girls- I’m afraid you’ve caught me mid puff,” the flabby fiend says as he takes a puff from a fine eloquent pipe, “I couldn’t help but overhear your gossip, sounds like the three of you are quite cutthroat to an associate.”

“What’s it to you, fatass?”

“Well in capitalism there’s winners and there’s losers. I’ve cut many a throat in my time as business man. I’d like to hear your methods.”

“Yeah? Well there’s this dumb, rich, brat at our school. She’s so annoying so we decided to take her dog and-“

“Aha!” The tiefling cut her off, “just what I was expecting!”

The tiefling waved his arms at the closest bully.

“Kneel and Grovel.”

The dog murderer could not help but fall. The other two looked at each other before they both charged the fiend grabbing a knife as they did. The devil looked to the one armed with the knife and with a flash in his eyes the knife wielding student lost control and drove it into her friend. After redirecting the knife the tiefling approached, menacingly.

“As I said before- in capitalism there’s winners and losers, and well, you don’t make it far without creating a trail of losers within your wake.”

The infernal monster grabbed his victim and uttered an infernal language while shaking his wrist in peculiar motions, casting feeblemindedness on his victim. Falling to the ground, dumber than a rabbit, the monster had finished his business here and the bullies will reap what they had sewn.

Three figures awake. They don’t remember anything. They don’t know anything. The three are melted piles of flesh with only arms and eyes. They have mouths but those have been sewn shut. The three look to each other in panic. Before being promptly whipped by a chain. A large muscular feminine devil looks at them. She has chains wrapped around her fists.

“Lemures! I’m Abaddon and from now on you’ll be doing nothing in your sad begotten lives other than making money for the Boss; the great Amnizu; Pete Ness!”

Tears upon tears. Through a maze of tissues, and a river of sorrow still laid the heiress. She felt something she hadn’t all month. Magic began to course through her fingers and she soon found herself something she never thought she’d see again. Princess Platinum Paws. It seems due to her excessive emotions a beinf of pure magic and love came to her in this dark hour.

“You- you’re back!! I- I- I”

She couldn’t muster the words. Princess Platinum Paws pattered her way over to the girl and went up gave her a lick right on the cheek. The girl began to laugh. She had almost forgot what it was like to smile.  Her heart was swelling again but not with sorrow, with the heights and joys no one person could ever dream of feeling. She began to cry again. These were not tears of sorrow, they were tears of joy. She had finally felt love once more and as she hugged her friend she knew that she was safe. The warmth spread throughout the entire academy and the world seemed right.

The 3 girls who did that were never seen or heard from again. Paris never thought she would recover from losing her best friend but as she was so well versed in an urban society and her bond with this environment was so strong something manifested. It was Princess Platinum Paws! Although it wasn’t actually Princess Platinum Paws, Paris was overwhelmed with happiness able to see her best friend again.

Paris would eventually graduate from Wyndham’s Academy for Galvanized Girls and learn how to use a crossbow in order to adventure out in the world upon request of Daddy.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Paris can summon her Miniature Satchel Hound, Princess Platinum Paws to help her attack.

What does Paris Hilton call you and what does she think of you?[edit | edit source]

Marion- marimari was the first person who said how famous i am so like were besties we also went shopping and that was so hot she has had issues with bullies but i gave her like the best advice anyone could ever have i hope she feels happy confident and sexy with the clothes i bought her

ok so updaaaate marimari is so good were so besties we do like so much together we go to the spa together and we got massages together it was so sweet we also played cards together a few times mr smokesaton and stuffy joined us and out of everyone marimari is so the best at the game she was even able to counter play against my cat mobster deck also we can like talk girl to girl about things that upset us and she really seems to actually take my advice so not only was she the first person who was nice to me here she is also the first person to listen to me when im trying to give advice recently she seems to be more stressed and upset and i really hope im not the cause of that she also worships a god known as beshaba which my uncle pete ness has described as a hot babe of a god who has several lovely clerics who may or may not be some of his ex wives so after learning about that i bought her this token thats a symbol of beshaba and there was like a ton of infighting so i being the amazing friend that i am went to my tent and made a carving of the symbol of beshaba it was my first time so i think it turned out pretty good for my first time and i gave it to her but she hasnt said anything to me about it yet so i really hope she likes it

Reedy- reedy is like a lot like me because we both shoot arrows and have cute lil friends no offense to her but princess platinum paws is cuter than her cute thing (he is still cute) and im like the archest archer everrrrr

ok so updaaaate reedy is sussy as heck i dont think i trust someone who associates themselves that closely with a bully like sabby she is also rude most of the time she was one of the people who i went adventuring with to the temple of lolth and she seemed very annoyed by me shes giving negative vibes and idk if im about that appearently she also did something with mr smokesaton which is why hes gone and im not sure how i feel about that

Wiggler- oh my god the worm he like really needs to learn personal space like the worm doesnt seem like a bad guy but hes kind of a freak he also got beaten up by the rat but i was kind of rooting for him with that one

ok so updaaaate the worm is a lot better whenever hes a cat because cats are cute :) i still dont think he understands personal space according to nassy he was upsetting marimari and also gets on sabbys nerves sometimes so i hope he learns to respect peoples boundries also we had a duel and i won

Lambda- oh my god the robot i heard that the robot actually has a sense of fashion so i need to talk to to the robot about that fashion some time but even though the robot literally has microchips for brains the robot needs to figure out the calculations better they seem inaccurate sometimes

ok so updaaaate the robot is like way more emotional than i was expecting and like thats super cool and interesting to me i think he should live his best life :) but he isnt because he fights a lot with mr smokesaton and that really upset marimari so i told her my honest opinion that she should tell the robot that shes upset but she doesnt want to but i dont think bottling your emotions is a good idea but oh my gooood whenever he slid the drawing under her door before we left that was so cuuuuuute i hope they can eventually fix things kind of but the robot needs to learn his lesson

Jim Stacy- oh no not mr smokesaton smoking is so not hot lung cancer is not hot i learned that lesson at wyndham academy for galvanized girls also he was mad he lost the archery contest even though i missed more

ok so updaaaate i hate this guy he is needing a haircut when he i would not buy him at a candy store because thats how bad he looks also he killed a kitty so i want him as far away from me as possible he keeps causing drama and making people upset i hate the drama so much when it hurts ppl i care about like marimari also i kicked his butt in cards

ok erm so updaaaate hes dead now i think

Sneeze- the rat needs to like calm down hes a little much also i dont feel bad about sicking paul bestman on him

ok so updaaaate hes no longer the rat hes actually been behaving very nicely he went to the spa without causing a ruckus which i super appreciate hes kind of like a little brother who needs a bath more often then not but he can behave which is so camp

Sabbatical- ok so like sabby is like kind of cut throat to me at first and it reminded me of some of the girls at wyndham academy for galvanized girls but i think she likes me more now since i made her sign ok i didnt really make it i had my artist make it by the way did i mention im like suuuuuupppeeeeerrr rich

ok so updaaaate i dont think sabby likes me anymore in fact shes been really catty to me a few times and its reminding me of well never mind that but basically sabby and i are not friends

kompi- ok im gonna be honest i thought they were a stuffed animal at first i don’t know their name but nassy kicked stuffys butt it was a slaughter but just like in capitalism theres winners and losers

ok so updaaaate stuffy is like so totally cuuuuuuuute i wanna put them in my purse sometimes :D i wanna hug them i bet he squeaks and makes cute noises also they play cards with marimari and i although they can never get the mana poor little guy

Sir Yewvane Eedryll- ok yewvy rules hes very handsome and he lives the way he wishes and i think a lot of people should literally be like that and live their lives like that

ok so updaaaate yewey is still so great always great to be around :) he kind of had a breakdown so i hope he gets better soon <3

Nassir- nassy is like really strong and he needs a makeover like yesterday and he doubts that i can do that even though ive literally given a hill giant a makeover and guess what she looks so hot now and slays with her looks not just her club also like his whole talk about dying in battle is like literally insane like why

ok so updaaaate nassy really didnt like me for a bit but personally i think he and marimari have like crushes on each other because they both get very defensive about it its so cute i bet this is their first time i only brought it up once and i dont intend to push any buttons anyways i think nassy likes me a lot more now that he knows that im good in combat and appearently i wasnt bragging or something idk but maybe hes growing on me too

Tassa- tassy has such good energy more people should be like her shes also super cute

ok so updaaaate i found out that tassy and i both give people nicknames :D love her sm love her energy shes great

Therrin- therry is so nice its so validating to meet a fan im always happy to sign autographs as well :)

Rina- rinny is so sweet giving me flowers it turned my awful lolthful dungeon experience around just by such a sweet action

Chrysaor- chyry is pretty cool appearently famous as well which is very neat i dont know much about them rn but maybe our paths will cross sometime

Amaris- ammy is very sweet she came to the spa which was very nice of her to join in on the fun :)

Finny- finny seems pretty swell i think he was also a little sour to me at first but we had a duel and i think he likes me a bit more also he mentioned rhunn who my uncle pete ness actually knows which is very interested he was also pretty apprehensive about the spa at first but really loved the end result :D

Groth- grothy hes new he came with mr smokesaton and after mr smokes-jim stacy died he got really sad i hope hes doing better now :( i invited him to learn cards with marimari and i so hopefully that will cheer him up

my favorite deck :)[edit | edit source]

hiiiiiii paris here i wanna talk about my favorite deck of cards ever so the whole theme is about throwing a party so crazy that it runs over everyone ive never lost a game whenever im piloting this deck it has been very fun to win because it goes really fast and fun

so some of the other cards are like this ant that makes people attack others who arent me so it gives me good protection theres also a spider lady who makes baby spiders whenever people cast spells then theres this cute chubby lady who is making soup she really helps out with all the small creatures in this deck then theres the kitsune who doubles the counters then theres the champion she is crazy because the more creatures that come in she gets bigger and she makes everyone not get chump blocked even then i have 3 different versions of the scary meat lady theyre all really expensive cards but im super rich so i can afford them theres also a hydra in there he makes a lot of counters then theres my ogre guy who makes more ogres if people try to attack me so if anyone tries to hurt me they will end up helping me then theres the funny goblin who makes more goblins everytime he attacks then theres the forrest elemental that gives me more mana then theres the rhino who like does stuff idr what but like hes seven dollars theres also the priest who can help my other cute party goers then there is the weird monster that i pulled the shiny alternate art for its my most expensive card by far but luck tends to favor the prettiest of girls dont you agree but what she does is she makes all my tokens doubled then theres the bureaucracy lady who works like the ant and she kind of reminds me of my uncle pete ness then theres the kitty cat therapist who makes me more troopers and makes those troopers very strong then theres the elven queen who gets really big each creature i control  and she makes more troopers then theres the ogre who is working in a treasure vault he honestly reminds me of home because of how rich i am he helps me get treasure then theres the rumor gatherer i feel like her whenever i make my podcast with marimari but she lets me draw cards then theres my angel who makes more troopers when she attacks then theres my bug who keeps cloning himself then theres the mana lady and the burn damage for counters then there’s the scary meat ladys brother who is really hungry but im thinking about replacing him hmmm he does add a layer of protection though the elves also exist to give me more mana and last but not least my evil little rider makes tiny devils the rest of the deck is like to protect my troopers or make more of my cute little troopers or even more mana its super strong and i hope everyone gets to play against it

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Paris uses two hand crossbows in battle. They’re pink and bedazzled.

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