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This page is Quelmar-Specific, it is meant to record new, unique, and specific ideas from your stories and adventures, rather than catalogue existing information from other sourcebooks.
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This is a list of weapons in Quelmar known to contain magical enchantments, runes, or other properties considered unnatural. For staffs, wands, or other items not traditionally considered a weapon, see List of Magic Items.

A[edit | edit source]

  • The 7 Arms of Sin
    • BrightFlame, Dagger
    • DarkFrost, Shortsword
    • EtherLife, Scythe
    • LightnIngot, Handaxe
    • NarroWind, Longbow
    • RumbleWood, Shortbow
    • WideMire, Staff

G[edit | edit source]

  • The Gift of Gruumsh, Greataxe
    • When used by a devout Orc, the Gift of Gruumsh gave its wielder divine strength and defenses.

O[edit | edit source]

  • Orb of Doom
    • A 1 foot wide glass sphere, the Orb of doom carries multicolored arcane energies inside of it which appear to it's holder as a very powerful hurricane of elements.
    • An incredibly powerful but dangerous to create magical weapon that pulls energy from all adjacent elemental planes at once and unleashes a blast in a 30 foot radius capable of leveling villages.
    • One was used at the temple of Toi'Viral in an attempt to brute-force past her magical elemental guardians. The guardians were slain, but entrance was still magically restricted to females only.
    • In the mid 700s PR, Solomon and his arcane "factories" in Nymphsview were the realm's biggest producers and exporters of Orbs of Doom.
    • Damage: 6d6 each of the following: Fire, Cold, Poison, Acid, Necrotic, Lightning, Thunder, Force

S[edit | edit source]

  • The Sorcyst Blade
    • A magical longsword that appears to obliterate a target on a single stab, but instead teleports them to a designated teleportation circle drawn with a dagger that sits in the sword's pommel.
  • The Staff of Segedwyn
    • Grants +5 to attack and damage, 5 temporary HP, 5 temporary spell points, and can cast Feeblemind. The staff can be used for 10 minutes per day.
    • Was used at least twice to eliminate a tyrant king of Segedwyn, it's not known if it was named for its actions, or if it was crafted with some purpose for disposing of Segedwyn kings.
  • Sword of the Serpentine
    • A blade of slow torment that causes nonstop bleeding and magical corruption

W[edit | edit source]

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