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SotS Inc/Player Characters

Members of the SotS Inc Campaign

​​​​The Shadow Queens[edit | edit source]

Hillevi (Quarter Hella-Milliones)[edit | edit source]

Krik-Et (Entire Killer)[edit | edit source]

Iris (Slite Surely)[edit | edit source]

Captain Duskella (Dangle Literally-Jaundice)[edit | edit source]

Ilakrin (Slite Frazzle)[edit | edit source]

Julian (Janky Willis)[edit | edit source]

Retired or Pardoned SotS Members[edit | edit source]

Aedas (Actual Fitzpatrick)[edit | edit source]

Elza (Entire Eww)[edit | edit source]

Charne (Nipble Cooter)[edit | edit source]

Fired SotS Members[edit | edit source]

11 (Entire Sninky)[edit | edit source]

Quarter Dwarf (Quarter Dorf)[edit | edit source]

Memetrides (Mister Detoor)[edit | edit source]

Founding Member[edit | edit source]

Anema E. Core[edit | edit source]

The Jewelspar Boyz (Not Members)[edit | edit source]

The boys are a group of shady individuals in their own rights who appeared in the final season of the campaign, they met with the Shadow Queens (see above) in Jewelspar and joined them to investigate mysterious out west towards Nymphsview.

Vimes[edit | edit source]

Juris[edit | edit source]

Braeden[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Patches[edit | edit source]

Patches was a criminal Mousefolk who ran a brothel in Ostrom. A ranger of sorts, Patches was able to speak with all animals and plants, as well as pass without any trace. Patches had an animal companion, who was more mouse than folk, and her favorite type of enemy was humanoids. Covertly running her operation, she was able to strike deals with potential "johns" using a helm of telepathy. She was marginally useful to the team during their brief stint in the city, helping them navigate the streets safely.

Zugratta McLairius[edit | edit source]

Zugratta McLarius was the name of a member of AID who was blessed with astral abilities due to his Berbalang heritage. Zugratta was able to astrally project himself or another up to 8 times a day. He appeared in the Astral Plane during The Hunt for Zugs to help the players escape from the Far Future, which they had trapped themselves during an unfortunate encounter with an Astral Dreadnought.

Zugratta should not be confused for the similarly named Zugs McFlair. They are completely unrelated and the names are a sheer coincidence.

Heath Lapthwaight[edit | edit source]

Olga and Vladimir Petrov[edit | edit source]

Jon Mayor[edit | edit source]

Appearing in the final session, Jon Mayor was a folk hero and member of Cliffedge, which was a rival guild to SotS Inc, who had been enlisted to escort a cleric of Olidammara out to Nymphsview, where Solomon had requested a resurrection be done as a favor to his sister Iris. However, both Iris and Solomon died before the cleric arrived, and latching on to the opportunity, Vimes, Juris, and Anema joined forces with Jon in order to protect the Cleric, ultimately resurrecting Hillevi. After the resurrection, Jon Mayor seemingly walked off into the sunset, disappearing into the haze to never be seen again.

  • Jon was 26 years old, 5'7", and 159 lbs as of 745 PR.
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