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Marion Ette
"For the last time, That's not my name- Oh, Whatever."
Relatives Biological Parents: Ravenna and Calliope
Adoptive Parents: Martin and Wick Atoll
Languages Common, Infernal, Celestial
Affiliations A Very big and cool school for magic
Aliases Marianne Atoll
Species Devil's Tongue Tiefling
Gender Nonbinary
Height 6'7
Weight 175 lbs
Eye Color Black, with the smallest hint of Purple

Marion Ette is a Celestial Warlock, who willingly chose to worship Beshaba, Also known as Lady Doom. She comes to Amusa from her home city, Rwendia.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Marion is a tall, rather quiet Tiefling. They often paint their horns with different bands or patterns of color, typically resorting to vibrant reds and purples. Their eyes are a glassy black. They dress well, the only pop of color being their short hair and the paint they had chosen for the day. She has a split tongue, being a Devil's Tongue Tiefling.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Marion heavily relies on simple magic as a warlock, focusing on different cantrips in order to aide them. Marion has been seen sparing with Reedy, where they had vanished in thin air. Marion had also claimed victory in a spar consisting of themself, Wiggler, Jim Stacy, and Idi, despite becoming the target of all members fairly quickly after casting the Hunger of Hadar.

Marion is the proud owner of a Quarterstaff, a Sickle, one Dagger, a shell fossil pendant and part of the Behil scale from Kompi, 15 cigarettes from Jim Stacy, 4oz of Netra'gal and a Sentimental box from Nassir, a deactivated Frost Rune from Groth, a two Tokens of Beshaba, with one being made by Paris Hilton, 10 Wild Magic fruit, and a winter blanket, apparently.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Marion is a quiet and introspective person who has learned to keep her emotions and thoughts to herself. She has always felt like an outsider due to her Tiefling heritage and the constant bullying she has faced. As a result, she has developed a reserved exterior around strangers, and tries to keep her guard up, only revealing her true self to those she trusts deeply.

Marion has a deep well of compassion and empathy. She feels keenly the pain and suffering of others, which is what drew her to the goddess Beshaba and her offer of warding against bad luck. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Marion is fiercely independent and values her personal freedom above all else. She has a strong sense of self and is not easily swayed by the opinions of others. At the same time, she craves deep connections with those she trusts and is fiercely loyal to those she considers to be part of her inner circle.

At heart, Marion is an optimist, doing their best despite all the ways god is testing them; However, They tend to have a rather explosive personality. When interrupted from certain tasks, have been known to snap suddenly or emotionally shut down all together. She is aware of this tendency in herself and has been working on developing better coping mechanisms to manage her emotions. When growing stressed, she can often be seen tapping her fingers together in a frantic counting fashion. She finds the idea of being underestimated appealing, and is ever worried about giving away too much, or disappointing those around her. Despite the challenges she has faced, Marion is determined to make the most of her life and find her place in the world. She is tenacious and resourceful, always looking for a way to overcome obstacles and make things better. At the same time, she struggles with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, constantly questioning whether she is truly worthy of the blessings and protections she has received from Beshaba.

Upon arriving to help on this Expedition, Marion has opened up significantly. Greeted with open arms, it became apparent that She has little to no knowledge on Tiefling culture, the stigma against the fae, or much other history of the world around her.

History[edit | edit source]

As a young child, Marion had never been granted the chance to grow close to her parents. They struggled financially, and had suffered homelessness after a house fire. Her family had chosen it would be best to put up for adoption while she was still young enough that she wouldn't remember them, let alone remember her original given name.

Marion's Tiefling parents were a couple who had fallen in love despite the difficulties they faced due to their race. They had struggled financially and had to move from place to place to find work, often facing discrimination and mistrust from those around them. They had a daughter, whom they named Narali, but when their home caught fire and they lost everything, they made the difficult decision to put her up for adoption to give her a chance at a better life. They knew that as a Tiefling, she would always face challenges, and they hoped that a family who could provide for her would be able to protect her from the dangers of the world. They never forgot about their daughter, but they knew they could not provide for her as she deserved.

Marion's adopted parents were a kind and loving couple who had always wanted to have children of their own, but were unable to conceive. When they decided to adopt, they chose Marianne because they were drawn to her sweet and innocent demeanor. They wanted to give her a new start in life and shield her from the hardships she had faced before. Her new family had done everything to erase the hardships of her past, going as far as changing her name. They also cut her hair short, wanting to make her look more like their own daughter, who had passed away as a child. They were very protective of Marion and did everything they could to make her feel safe and loved. However, they were not prepared for the challenges of raising a Tiefling child. They did not fully understand the discrimination and stigma that Tieflings often faced. They encouraged her to focus on her studies, hoping that if she excelled in magic, she would find acceptance and validation from her peers.

Her parents had come to terms with the fact that, as a Tiefling, they would always stand out, and sent her to schooling for magic to protect herself from the world around her. Throughout school Marion had tried to focus on learning magic, however, they had often been teased constantly for seeming as lifeless as a doll due to their skin, eyes, and mannerisms. Their name, because of this constant teasing, shifted from its adopted 'Marianne Atoll' into the cruel nickname of Marionette. Their studies suffered as even teachers began to misname her, and soon the taunting became commonplace. Marion only managed to focus on simple spellcasting, unable to properly study the spells expected of her. Because of the constant taunting that slowly began to creep its way into her home, Marianne felt that the only option was to take it in stride and ask the very being whom had cursed her what she had done to deserve it.

They wandered deep into the library, speaking lowly to themselves. They had been more than surprised when books had begun to fall from their shelves, and Marion received an answer from the goddess Beshaba, offering to ward bad luck in exchange for worship. Now, Misfortune follows Marion, often claiming the young tieflings dreams, but the young warlock does all they can muster to keep their head held high despite this.

As Marion's interest in Beshaba and the darker aspects of magic grew, her adopted parents became increasingly concerned. They did not understand why she would seek out a goddess of misfortune, and they worried that her choices would lead her down a dangerous path. Despite their concerns, they loved Marion deeply and wanted only the best for her-- They did their best to support her and hope that one day she would find a way to reconcile her ties to her past with her current identity as their daughter. After many of the bullies from their school had sudden and inexplicable accidents, they decided the best course of action would be to send her with a capable group into the center of Amusa, so that she may find a sense of self and perhaps grow as an individual. Having been raised by humans, her knowledge on Tiefling history is limited, however a terrible curiosity had led her to read everything she could with the limited information the school had on the Underdark.

Living in Rwendia, a terrible plague had befell the city once again, as it had returned continuously, and inevitably led to more Quarantines to be put in place. This had become another factor into her failing to learn more controlled magic, and Marion had been left to only focus on what they had already been taught. After two years, as the quarantines have just begin to lift, and Her parents had jumped at the first chance to send Marion somewhere safe away from the city, unsure how the Dragonscale Virus would possibly affect the young Tiefling, and unsure if her worship of Beshaba had somehow led to the sudden outbreak within their home city.

Notes on Others, In Character:[edit | edit source]

The following can be found in her journal, written in Celestial. This includes notes of her journeys, Notes of other characters she's met, as well as notes of her dreams and nightmares from Beshaba.

Reedy:[edit | edit source]

A red Tiefling, believes Asmodius is all tieflings' fathers, however my dad’s name is Martin. Friends with Helli. Has a severe distaste for anyone who isn't Daq, her pet, or another tiefling. 21 years old. An exceptional Bow user, who almost never misses their shots after forming a Hunters’ Mark on her prey. Their arrows will be covered in acid or poison by Daq in a typical fight. Close range combat has been unseen, however most likely still hurts. She's been nice enough, buying me a drink after the fight, and accepting a small claw necklace from Kompi. A strong ally, but A stronger foe. Seems to be nervous about fighting Lambda.

As noted from Lambda: "Reedy is a great threat when kept at range. Her melee capabilities are unknown as of now. Truthful about skilled fighting up close."  

Reedy seems to be attached to an unknown Tiefling named Helli, and during our spa trip, had mentioned her birthplace to simply be 'Hell', followed with the clarification of 9th level, Nessus. Despite their life in hell, their father, an elf, taught them to praise a god(?) named Corellon, who helps them Mark prey, move quickly, and deflect elements. They seem to have a severe detachment from their mother, wanting nothing to do with her. Seems to believe that Eedryll is looking for more lovers to add to their heartsworn, and seems to dislike the idea of having a lover during the course of the expedition, stating their previous relationship to be an 'entanglement' of sorts. Was kind enough to offer to help me learn more about my heritage, and possibly which level of Hell I may be from, with the help of Sabbatical.

Apparently a good cook, having been tutored by the best their father could afford, before being homeless for an unknown amount of time. Has the ability to disguise themself magically, and apparently had a fling with the Tanners wife. This isn’t the first time Reedy has mentioned messing around for fun. They’ve displayed being worried for Sneeze, and will occasionally take bounties for coin.

Reedy has openly shown an interest in Sabbatical, and I gave the best advice I possibly could that they take their relationship gradually.

Wiggler:[edit | edit source]

A suit of armor that is filled with worms. Unknown origin, but likely fae. Enjoys offering the candied corpses of themselves as a way to act friendly. I haven't spoken to them, but they've been seen to throw gummy worms at people in retaliation. I was advised not to eat fae food, but even if I hadn't been, I have no intention of eating a gummy worm from this thing. I feel like eating one would open a whole new Can of Worms. ;)

Apparently fought with Sneeze, and lost terribly. All of their Magic seems to be entirely based off worms.

Has the ability to shape change, seen taking the shape of a cat in order to comfort me while Mr. Stacy had been out of commission for a short time. In fighting, He summoned a worm, and mostly screamed in fear.

Doesn’t really know too much from their past. His earliest memory is being in the home of a kenku druid. Their name was Talyth, and according to him, Wiggler says he was almost eaten by fey birds before he saved them. He lived there for most of his life, under Talyth’s watch and care. Eventually, he made Wiggler his suit that “protected him from the birds” so Wiggler wouldn't have to rely on him everyday. Mentioned that now they can weave tapestries, and showed off an unfinished piece. Wiggler can use nature magic, which lets him Wild Shape into a cat or shark. Most other spells involve worms or wiggling, however Wiggler seems to hold back to the off putting nature of his magic. It's been almost three years since he was awakened. A few months after, Talyth disappeared. Claims that the Feywilds are fun, but eventually lost favor with most of the other druids due to his naivety. He left over half a year ago on his own behalf. Stated that “Talyth seemed to be the only person who understood and truly cared for me." Wiggler has gotten tokens of Talyths after being attacked by feywilds birds. An individual from the First Expedition named Wren seems to know Wiggler, and had quit and left upon hearing about them, and rushed off to presumably find them.

Paris Hilton:[edit | edit source]

Honestly, I had no idea that we would have the incredibly famous Paris Hilton here, on this trip! She seemed to like me, and called me pretty at some point. Unfortunately it seems like others are somewhat put off by her. Just meeting her is an honor at this point. She's almost always wearing pink, and she can somehow speak emoji fluently. She is a bow user, and has limited healing abilities, but is very good at playing Magic the Gathering. She tried to bring me on an impromptu shopping trip because I was apparently the best dressed person in the room, which I appreciate, however it had been a bit overwhelming.

They have introduced me to their dog, Princess Platinum Paw, and explained the history they have with their pet, and how the current version is unfortunately a separate entity than the original. They claim to know six languages, and learned penmanship from Wyndham Academy for Galvanized Girls. (Including Infernal and Draconic, I think.)

We've managed quite the friendship, and genuinely I see Paris as a close friend of mine. She understands a lot of my struggles, and relates how she managed to move past her own bullying. She stated that shes spoken to Beshaba, which is never a good sign.

Lambda:[edit | edit source]

An informative droid, giving mostly correct assessments from what I can tell. He doesn't seem to account for when an individual is thinking of another, (ie, Me wanting to paint him what he would most enjoy, rather than what my preference would be) However this may be because of his unit many years ago. He has a blaster, which he is willing to give to a kobold for some reason. He seems to have had siblings, and despite statistics being everything he stands for, he believes in the Luck sisters. He's a decent at range fighter, although he had lost to Mr Stacy. He seems to have become sentient, and occasionally does do things that would be considered bids of attention. He seems to want to be friends, and currently is the only one guaranteed to call me by the correct name. Currently my drawing is stashed inside his chest cavity. He had the following inputs about my own combat, which will be useful for improving, however dangerous if told to the wrong people for any reason.

Stated, "Powerful magic abilities, including invisibility. With your electrical grasp, this can be a very powerful combination if the enemy is not expecting it or is preoccupied. You can also take far more damage than my original calculations suggested. Correct idea to close into melee against a ranged opponent [Reedy], however she was prepared when you came out of invisibility. It is very difficult to improve your magical accuracy, especially when your opponents will vary so wildly, and perhaps should an attack miss, seek cover against the ranged attacks."

I will continue to utilize Lambda in order to improve myself, as well as assist in combative assessments on others. Unfortunately, Mr. Stacy has already blocked information on himself. Lambda is completely waterproof, and paint sticks to him exceptionally well. He isn’t very good with lying, as is expected from a robot, however he doesn’t seem to realize when to stop speaking, even when doing so only makes things worse. This is very prominent with the Eladrin. Lambda doesn’t wish to fight the Kobold Sneeze, but was willing to attempt to throw a fight in order to make the Kobold Sneeze believe he’s won. A fight was entirely avoided and a friendship was forged.

Describes an adventurer named Lorrie Haslo, who seems to be a close friend; He was buried for over 100 years in an inactive state,During the Dragon wars. She managed to find where he was and reactivated me. After being ambushed by a group of Dragonborn, he bought time for his brothers until one hit him over the head and deactivated him. Lambda was built to kill Dragon born, when crusades were at their most volatile. Many of his directives have been reset.

I saw a letter that Lambda had been writing to Lorrie on details about the expedition. He refers to me as a close friend, as well as discloses some of the other members that he’s met thus far.

I will begin Writing letters back home, as Lambda does. It’s only fair to my parents. Lambda has been seen after running for 24 hours straight, being at less than 25% battery. Using Shocking Grasp seems to give him a boost, however he does need to rest. Has offered to help me paint my horns, like I had painted him.

He seems to be alright with allowing others to use him as though he were a training dummy, even despite the severe damage dealt to his outer plating. He is, overall, a very good friend. I worry about him, and he seems to have been fairly busy with training and the like for the last few days. I should check on him… Lambda Seems to have been incredibly stressed the last few days, after receiving news of Miss Lorrie Haslo’s latest findings- He has been wandering into a nearby field, which reminds him of where his brother had been buried, as well as had what one can only describe as a melt down as he literally overheated due to so many variables coming into play all at once. He’s terrified of being seen as a monster, but I find it hard to believe anyone could hold his actions against him.

Lambda was diagnosed with Depression, just like me! He had also helped me come up with a plan to give Nassir a gift, however I fear I may simply have to resort to a non-alcoholic version of Netra'gal (which may be good for Nassir at this point, if he keeps drinking as heavily as he has been.) Nassir, Lambda and I all had worked together in order to build a little 'home away from home' so to say- And Lambda had a big hand in actually getting me and Nassir to talk to eachother.

The War of the Forged:[edit | edit source]

When Asked, Lambda recounted the War of the Forged, year 744. This war had led to an uprising of war forged against their makers, wherein the war forged goal was to attain self-consciousness and act for themselves. Amusa had been less affected, however some parts of Troverth’s Warforged Program had desired their own agency. Lambda had believed these war forged to be traitors, however his brother Theta had managed to convince them otherwise. Theta had begun to show signs of being autonomous, and a group of adventurers had decided in that moment to put Theta down, for lack of better words. They had then turned to Lambda, who had no choice but to run.

Mr. Jim Stacy:[edit | edit source]

Jim Stacy is a human that wishes to be seen as mysterious as well as threatening. He can often be found in the corner painting, or napping. He has beautifully crafted prosthetic limbs that seem to be made for those who are warforged, his original limbs lost to a shark in some kind of accident. Lost to a fireball when he was four years old (Or six years old?). He had been orphaned in the accident, although it is unknown why someone sent a fireball at a child. Whether this story is true or not, it seems that the Monastery that had taken Mr. Stacy is indeed real, and raised him. He mentions something called Mechanicus.

He frequently smokes cigarettes and cigars alike, and offered one to me as a gift of friendship. In fighting, Mr. Stacy has dozens of knives that he'll throw, Typically launching three at a time. He isn't incredibly likely to hit, however when he does, it hits hard. He also has a crossbow attachment, equally as deadly. He's a little bit awkward, dislikes physical touch. He is incredibly sneaky, able to pass into and out of rooms undetected. For some reason, when seeing me hug Lambda, immediately challenged him to a spar. Grew incredibly awkward when I had offered him a token of friendship myself, so it's questionable whether he has any friends at all that he wasn't actively attempting to befriend. He has gotten both a bracelet, and a shell necklace from me. He promptly left both times after receiving the gifts, even stating ‘[he] hates them, that's why he’s keeping them.’ He has however returned the gesture, offering a cigarette as well as his knife collection to me. Jim Stacy seems to be a chronic liar, however little glimpses of truth can often be seen in his art. I’ve seen two paintings of his, one being of a woman, through a crack in the wall, and the other being him sitting on a bench watching a group of children on a playground. He stole some poor woman’s scarf today. Jim Stacy seems to have had a bad run in with the fae at some point, heavily disliking the Eladrin.

Mr. Stacy Lost a fight to Lucinda, Some commander lady that I have neglected to meet so far, and Asked for a carrier pigeon because spells can be 'hacked', and he doesn't trust them. Ironic, Now has the ability to speak telepathically. In losing, he divulged that he is here under the orders of a "Dr. Moss," The Director of Operations from site 27. Dr. Moss is 'like 90', and Mr. Stacy is a failed recreation of this doctor, however an Anti-Foundation member had thrown a fireball at him when he was 6 (or four). His adoptive family died in the accident, and he had been brought back to the foundation and bounced between multiple homes, due to the fact that he had been severely scarred and still has issues using the mechanical limbs. Incredibly talented in acrobatics. Mr. Stacy does not take good care of themselves, and seem to have spent days straight training.

He came and spoke to me after Sabbatical had requested a private meeting, and attempted to comfort me to the best of his abilities. He’s a better friend than he realizes, I think. He came to my room, and even when I said he didn’t need to stay, he insisted, even going as far as sleeping on the floor. I understand that by being his friend, I’m risking myself, however he’s made a point of defending me when others speak poorly of me, and it’s only fair that I do the same should I have to do the same. He even taught me how to properly smoke one of his cigarettes, as silly as it had been.

Used to work for a drow, claiming them to be artists at their crafts. Maybe I can ask Mr. Stacy to make a small drawing for my notebook? Has confirmed that they doesn't know how to speak the Drow language, and simply worked with a group of professionals. He didn’t even make up a story, and simply asked me if I truly hadn’t figured it out. He then admitted to killing people for a living, Being a clown, and that it had been his job for a long time. I told him that I would simply call him a professional clown in my notes. It’s not like he’ll read them and know any better- Besides, It feels wrong not being honest to him. according to him, I’m one of his first friends, by choice. All of his siblings had been wizards, and he doesn’t seem to feel any remorse for his past actions (Clownery). I almost feel bad that I can’t divulge anything interesting of my past to him. Mr. Stacy, when working for the drow, had been set up on a six week covert mission to kill a female Eladrin. He failed, and fell in love instead. She had stabbed him in the back, after discussing how they would run away together. Eedryll’s eyes apparently look just like hers. Mr. Stacy had perished, however was brought back by Dr. Moss. When he awoke, he was first greeted by Dr. Moss, and the corpse of the woman he loved. Jim Stacy seems to have considered Groth'Vellian to be like a brother, the minotaur having some of his prosthetics.

He's gone. It doesn't Matter what I write about him. No one wanted to give him a chance.

Groth'Vellian[edit | edit source]

A Minotaur who claims to be Mr. Stacy's older adoptive brother. He seems kind, and doesn't seem to understand his own strength. Him and Mr. Stacy seemed to have rough housed, and Groth had kept Mr. Stacy's prosthetics from childhood. Although Groth seems aware of Dr Moss and their relationship with Mr. Stacy, he seems to believe Mr. Stacy is actually dead... Which means my hopes may be in vain. Despite this, Groth had been kind enough to give me a Rune of Protection before my first expedition, and had offered to travel to the caverns in order to read anything written in Giant. Groth occasionally begins talking about Mazes, and seems almost transfixed on this as a topic.

Dr. Moss[edit | edit source]

An older Individual, Apparently had Cloned himself and in the process, had created Mr. Stacy. Has knowledge of all of our names, and likely anyone who’s sparred with Mr. Stacy’s abilities. Wishes for Mr. Stacy to be sent deep into the  Jungle, because they “don’t have the heart to fix their mistake.” Constantly observing Mr. Stacy by using the Scrying Spell, So be cautious of what is said in front of him. After taking Mr. Stacy, Sent a letter via Dimension Door, And seems to be able to cast this ability without any effort.

“To Whom it may concern,

Mr. Stacy is recovering, and should be fit for duty within the next day or so. I will return him post haste as I do not want him in my care for any longer than is necessary. The anomalous nature of his prosthetic is however my business, and that has now been rendered neutralized. Please send him far into that jungle for me.

Dr. Moss”

The letter burned away after being read, So I was unable to keep it. Perhaps it’s better that Mr. Stacy doesn’t see the original, though. Hopefully Dr. Moss saw what I’m capable of, should they attempt to act as a threat. It may have been silly to show any real power, however Always being Underestimated doesn't seem like the correct move against someone like Dr. Moss. A different scientist is often seen talking to Groth, likely connected to Dr. Moss.

Sabbatical:[edit | edit source]

Another tiefling, analytical. Invited me and some other girls to a sauna. Is offering to supply wine, which I've never had before. Seems to deeply dislike things that do not go according to plan. Also has a notebook-- I wonder what she's written about me? Seems to have an incredibly intensive training routine, and enjoys reading books of high quality, however poorly written books can be excused. They seem to be strong, however have stated that they would prefer to avoid fighting, and would happily fight in less reputable and fair fashion. Sabbatical recommends using magic in order to sleep better at night, without dreaming, however with my luck, I’d be trapped in a never ending nightmare.

Sabbatical offered to assist me with finding my place from Hell alongside Reedy. They seem to be wealthy enough to rent out an entire section of a sauna, and during our talk, revealed that they work with Legal issues to some degree, mentioning that they lead prosecutions. They come from somewhere with many Tavern, Theatres and opera houses. Sabbatical comes from Hell, Plegethos specifically. Sabbatical learned by studying on their own, and underwent rigorous tutoring under their mothers supervision. They state that they typically use magic for simple mending of pages. Sabbatical also, almost religiously, checks their food for poison, due to the fact that food in Abriymoch is typically laced with addictive substances.

Sabbatical also is very protective of their 'Real' name, as apparently True names are a serious weakness among fiends. By knowing their true name, you can bind it to your will. She claims that a true name being revealed is more private than actually being in the nude. It's apparently a heritage thing that I should have known about. Offered to write a contract about sharing secrets with me, as well. They are incredibly skeptical of Dr. Moss, finding them to be far too powerful to trust.

Despite going on about how they view many others to merely be companions due to work, and even discrediting me due to my age, Sabbatical does seem to care about others to some degree. After essentially telling me that I hadn’t been a friend, and was merely a child, They had pulled me away to both tell me that I had been correct in my assessment of the Eladrin, followed quickly by dismissing my friendship with Mr. Stacy, warning of how he could disappear at a moments notice, and that by simply being his friend, I would risk possible death because of how his past may catch up to him.

Sabbatical writes in an encoded runic book, consisting of Celestial, Infernal, and at least one other language I don’t recognize. It seems to be nonsense. Sabbatical seems to know how to Silence an area for ten minute long intervals. Sabbatical also has noted a possible 'infatuation' towards me, coming from Idi, Nassir, and Lambda (Reedy voted for Lambda,) However as far as I'm concerned, all of these are easily explained as making new friends. Sabbatical has seemed to pursue a romantic relationship with Reedy (Yay!).

Arcane ‘Arc’:[edit | edit source]

I don’t know much about Arc- Another tiefling of Glasya, who was invited to ladies night at the sauna. Seems similar to Sabbatical. Punctual, and well spoken. Enjoys People watching, and going to taverns, however they are in charge of setting up field stations and organizing recruits. Went to a magic school for a number of years, focusing on illusionary magic. They've lived in Galik since they were young, and their mother is an elf. Has not been able to go back to hell since they originally left.

Finnegan Warbler:[edit | edit source]

An odd little bird who greatly dislikes the fae. They often play music, and at night, their lullabies help me sleep. Wards away the nightmares. Has two younger siblings, twins.  An almost 6 foot tall puffin with arms. Keeps a charm weaved into his plumage in the shape of an 8-pointed star. States:

“It is well known that a bird who cannot fly is considered a thing of numbered days,”  Before going into a story about one of two younger sisters, Taurlin. Taurlin is a bird with what appear to be ‘ever frosted white wings’, who had been born without the ability to fly. Having a flightless offspring is apparently of great shame in his culture, due to past migratory patterns. During a flight test, she was unable to get herself into the air, and that failure had Finnegan’s clan tell them to clip their wings, to simply mark her as a commoner. Teeneah, the other sister, had been the youngest flyer, and had refused to fly if this clipping were to go through. Unable to fly, his sister turned to books, and now crafts prosthetics for those who may need them.

Sir Yewvane Eedryll and his Court of Seasons:[edit | edit source]

Alright, So they're a bit pompous of a group, but they're not terrible! They're all very pretty, and Eedryll himself seems well intentioned, seeming to represent Fall. Eedryll gave me probably the sweetest apple I’ve ever eaten. Apparently, the group has no problem treating Eedryll like a king of sorts, and I've seen almost no affection other than pet names towards an angry sounding woman named Taya. Most of them seemed annoyed more than anything, but they're all apparently in some sort of Harem. Whether or not it's healthy relationship wise, is unknown, and honestly I would be able to provide little insight on. He provided human foods to share, and seems to enjoy watching fights as entertainment. Eedryll himself kept complimenting me, although Taya was rather insulting, I think, about how 'we as mortals would wither.' I'd love to talk to them more, just out of curiosity. Maybe I could make some of them bracelets?

Eedryll has proven to care for the others fiercely, refusing to let anything happen to the group of them. It had been somewhat touching to see such genuine worry for his lovers. He’s a bit scary when he’s upset, however doesn’t seem to let anger override his abilities. He is incredibly kind, and would never put his lovers through suffering on purpose. He ensures that all of the others enjoy my company, which is reassuring. The group of them often dance, sing, and enjoy life's pleasures. He smells of freshly fallen leaves, and has some sort of illumination spell.

I’ve snapped at him twice now, and both times he’s forgiven me.

The Heartsworn, Expanded:[edit | edit source]

Ojai, The Feast of Summer[edit | edit source]

Seems to be standoffish, wanting simply to go home. Had been offered the chance to be a knight, however turned this down in favor of being Eedrylls lover. Often is only wearing a flower crown, and seems closest with Olla. Very honest about his feelings, and won’t hesitate on making very direct eye contact. Probably not a hugger, but if Olla likes him, I assume there’s some kind of soft spot that he doesn’t let on to. I saw them holding hands when we had fed the orphans, and he smiled when Olla kissed his cheek. It was sweet. He took the blame for their outing, according to Eedryll, he did this because he had been embarrassed. Ojai was kind enough to give me a flower crown. According to Eedryll, he’s an incredibly competent fighter, however would much prefer to enjoy life and avoid resorting to violence. Seems to have the ability to Charm individuals. I think he had been the one to start dancing with me, but it may have been Olla, or both of them combined. Either way, after dancing for hours, even with exhaustion taking over, I can admit that I haven’t felt that relaxed in ages. We all had eaten honeyed apples and rejoiced, dancing until I had fallen asleep.

Olla, The Folly of Spring[edit | edit source]

Incredibly kind, and almost more sweet than Eedryll. I don’t know how anyone could wish harm on this woman, and when offered snacks, she and Ojai brought me to feed orphans. I don’t know what better people could physically exist than this. Kind, Gorgeous, and sweeter than honey. Definitely the type to hug, and maybe kiss both your cheeks when excited. Apparently somewhat naive, considering how much Eedryll worries about them.  I intended on taking full blame for the fact that they had been in town, even if it is just to lighten whatever punishment is in store for them from both Taya and Eedryll, However Ojai took the blame first.  Seems to have the ability to Charm individuals. Seems to have the ability to Charm individuals. She smells of honey and flowers. Olla would happily give all her belongings to those she deems worthy, even at her own downfall.

Taya, Shieldmaiden of Winter[edit | edit source]

An incredibly scary woman who is cold as ice. Would probably break me in half for looking at her wrong. Doesn’t even soften when called ‘Love’ by Eedryll, and a nickname like that would melt my heart. I don’t believe I would survive being in a room alone with Taya, as I think the amount of cold shoulder would literally freeze me to my core. Still, She is very pretty, and apparently incredibly talented as a Bloodhunter, whatever that may mean. She managed to track the other two down with relative ease, at least. Taya is kind, however we’ve had minimal one on one interactions. Eedryll states that she likes me.

Therrin Flare:[edit | edit source]

Another Celestial Warlock, seeming to worship Paylor. They're very protective of their job as a healer, even healing me after I had said that it had been fine. Unfortunately met me after a fight, where Besheba was watching over my shoulder the entire time. I had underperformed, and even my own healing abilities had suffered.  Seems fairly young, and is far too bright in the morning. Is incredibly devout to Paylor, and wakes up too early. I would join them at the temples, however I fear Beshaba’s wrath if I were to walk into a different holy place.

Sneeze:[edit | edit source]

Sneeze is a loud little kobold, however he seems a bit sad. Sometimes, he’s a bit difficult to understand, however it seems that his siblings had bullied him quite a bit, and he had lived underground the majority of his life. Despite being taken advantage of dozens of times, he attempts to hold his head high, and looks to be respected. He’s terrified of being seen as weak, and will do anything to protect himself that he is able to. He feels that he must be strong, or else he will never be able to prove that he is strong. He is not a child, nor is he stupid. It’s best to ask if he wants to initiate things like being carried or hugged, as he likely struggles with maintaining a sense of control of the world around him, due to his upbringing as the ‘runt’ so to say. Sneeze sees surrendering as a sign of weakness, and weakness may be considered a dishonor to his ancestors, which he cares deeply about maintaining the status of. When upset, he can grow about a foot taller, for some reason.

Despite all of this, Sneeze seems to be incredibly kind hearted, and will make both a strong ally and friend. He enjoys Reedy’s pet, Daq, as a friend and playmate.  Enjoys being read to. He does not understand silverware and I do not believe he is able to swim. He owns a house that is somehow connected to the Fae. Sneeze overall is incredibly friendly, and dare I say compassionate. When he drinks Caffeine, he becomes weirdly Well-spoken. Lately, He's been much more refined, seeming to have grown anxious when it comes to bothering people.

Kompi:[edit | edit source]

A pale little kobold with striking red eyes. Has a fascination with magic, and is incredibly skilled at finding fossils. They Enjoy being Tall. Surprisingly skittish, for a kobold. Enjoys being read to. Apparently challenged Nassir to a duel. It can be surmised that they lost. Falls asleep on my lap with ease, so I think that means they trust me. Kompi has recently disclosed a fear of not being strong enough to protect those that they love. I feel guilty that I had caused them distress after the second expedition. They apparently are learning infernal, and consider me and Nassir to be family, at minimum.

Obsidian:[edit | edit source]

Odd Individual who goes by Ida. They were kind enough to lie me out of an impromptu shopping trip, and showed me their notes on some kind of unnamed Lost city. They have an axe that they’ve claimed after an unfortunate deal with a god, able to make it disappear and reappear in thin air. They’re a Warlock who has a pact with the Raven Queen, A goddess of Death. They made their bond after their adoptive parents had perished (I should really write a letter…)

Seems to have a connection to Lorrie Haslo, as the expedition they had been on when their parents passed had been theirs. Neither Ida or the Raven Queen has fulfilled either end of their deal, however both seem to be lively enough, I assume. They don’t seem to enjoy talking about the Raven Queen, and refutes their pact as ‘worship’. He seems to speak Primordial, however in combat, Jim Stacy downed him with ease. They’ve seemed to improve in fighting since then, Taking on Nassir and hitting them fairly hard, nearly defeating the other.

Changeling (Name Unknown):[edit | edit source]

A problematic individual who charmed Sneeze. Seems to have little to no control on their own magic, often creating terrible outcomes for themselves. Seems to have four forms established thus far, being a guy, a girl, a frog, and a child. They have been speaking to Kender Tassa, tricking them into believing themselves to appear like a dragon. Made note of me being uncomfortable by being related to being ‘lifeless, like a marionette.’ Mr. Stacy was kind enough to warn them off of such actions. I believe that subtle protection spells on those likely to be affected may help.

Nassir:[edit | edit source]

A dragonborn who is taller than me- They have massive horns, and are INCREDIBLY COOL LOOKING. I tried to shake his hand, but he was too cool. He had later come up to us while I had been tending to repainting Lambda, and we discussed his home Clan and how they create Blood Marks to signify past battles. He let me paint his horns, and we talked a bit about Lambda's abilities. He seems like a friendly individual. It’s nice to be able to look someone in the eye,  without having to look down at them to some degree. Nassir seems to have little knowledge on certain customs and groups, like the fey, however I’m no different in that aspect.

Either way, I hope that we can be considered friends. He seems to care, checking on me after some odd behavior that I could have done better with hiding.

After some orange peel flinging had gotten out of hand, the group inn-members had decided to go to a nearby bathhouse. Nassir had taken to throwing me into the water, but otherwise we had a good time splashing one another and failing to relax.

After our day at the bath house, he had described a memory of when he had been nine (year 875, Making him 27, I think?), and allowed to use proper weapons for fighting. Arven, his brother, had often been a sparring partner. After the second trial, there had been some unresolved anger, and Arven ended up putting rocks in his gloves before a fight. Their Mentor, Kurta, had stopped them, and the group of them had gone to a nearby spring that had fed their village with fresh water. They had played, despite the prior brawl, and claimed it to be one of his happiest memories, of him and his brother being able to act like children.

He also shared that painting on one another with bright colors had been a celebratory custom, and often parents or partners would paint the other. He said that being an orphan, this had never happened, but also said that “It had been a long time since he’s done this” after he had painted himself varying shades of blue. I hope I hadn’t invaded any personal boundaries when I had painted his horns before, but…he never said anything, so neither will I. His second favorite color is green. Believes in the ‘Gods’  Ba’jur, Ara’nov, Aliit, Tycho’a, and Tych’alor, however these are closer to beliefs and ways of life than gods. His clan has trials, the second of which being to bring back large prey. Nassir had also gone into detail of he and his Brothers 'Blooding.'

Recently we managed to talk, and discussed moving forward with a proper relationship of sorts- Being around him helps with my nightmares, and Kompi looks at the two of us as parental figures. It's been nice. He paints my horns, and trusted me to give his brother an heirloom of sorts.

Nassir often uses words from his own dialect, many of which go over my head, but I Think I’m getting the hang of.

Tycho-Translations:[edit | edit source]

Thus far, I’ve Surmised the following words and Meanings; Please see Expanded.

Vor entye; Thank you

Ki'parjai; You’re welcome

Vod; a brother or sister in arms.

Ner’Vod; which could be an adjective, or lesser form of vod? (However that depends on using Ner under the guise of common, relating it to ‘not’ or ‘non’)

Cyare; Says this to people he cares about, more than a typical friendship.

Cyar'ika; Essentially likened to calling someone darling, or sweetheart.

Ad'ika; Essentially likened to little one.

Oya'tsad;  Hunting Party;  inner circle, or close friends.

Vor’e ner’vods; Thank you, my friends

Agyk;  Pet

Ret'urcye mhi; (ret-ursh-ee me); as some kind of goodnight or goodbye.

Gehat’ik; (When talking to finny about how stories are best when based off reality; “Such is the way of the gehat’ik” (Such is the way of the world? Of the story?)

Jate’kart’a; Good heart

Vaar’tur; Good morning

Ca; Evening,

Su'cuy gar; Estimated “For fucks sake,”(Being interrupted by Paris Hilton)

Taung; …war? Fight? Battle?

Ni aalar kaysh aaray; “That poor soul?”

Kyramud; Type of person (Insult to Mr. Stacy.)

hu’tuun:Type of person, (derogatory) (Insult to Mr. Stacy.)

Mir’sheb;  (after I was teasing him, so its probably rude) Asshole.

Dar’manda; which could be translated to ‘outsider’(Respectfully)  Nassir stated it to be “an acknowledgement that you are not blooded in the traditions of his Clan.” He followed this up with insinuating that one day, I may be. Lambda has taken to painting my horns, which feels like a less extreme version of his clans bloodmarks.

Ni su’cuyi, gar kyradyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum; "Oh my god, I’m so sorry, are you alright?”

Akay haar kyr: until the end

Aliit; Clan. Also one of the ‘gods’

Alor; Hierarchy role in Clan- voted in by a council of elders

Epar jahaala: Eat Well/Feel better

Lek; Yeah/Yes

Mesh'la; beautiful

Netra’gal; Incredibly potent Booze drank during gatherings. Spicy and warm. Nassir almost chokes on it, but it wasn’t that bad.

Tiingilar: Food or Beverage; Spicy. Offered to make it for me sometime, since I enjoy spicier food.

Vii'dar; Some kind of spice his brother used to put in his food in excess

Haashun; sweet food from his home; Mooncakes reminded him of it.

Bo’tenn leaves; Used to relax before battles, or during hardships.

Tassa Brightfox:[edit | edit source]

A naive little being called a Kender- which is not fey. Mr. Stacy claims them to be thieves, however they adamantly state against them. She is playful, and had been pretending to be a dragon when I met her, stomping about and swinging her tail. Quite childlike, but very sweet over all. Very trusting. They would love Olla, I’m sure.

Amaris:[edit | edit source]

A Satyr that appeared after Lusters disappearance. Seems to be a doctor, or therapist of sorts. I likely will not go back to their tent. They have magic paint that stays permanently, and has been helping Lambda extensively.

Marion's view of Beshaba and her Nightmares:[edit | edit source]

Marion has stated the following:

“Beshaba is the goddess of Misfortune. The opposite of luck. I turned to her a few years ago for answers of why I had such a terrible stroke of luck, and...I never really got any. I was just wandering through an old library when I met her. She said that if I worshiped her, my own life wouldn't be as pathetic, and...those who were cruel to me would occasionally find themselves meeting Karmatic Justice a bit quicker than normal. After a few months of worshipping her, and- well, being taunted, more than anything, A few of my school bullies got into accidents. One of them died. One went missing and was never found...I stopped looking into them, once they stopped bothering me. I don't know what happened to any of them after that- Another quarantine had started in my city. When I asked her how to worship her properly, she just laughed at me- And... That's when the nightmares got really bad. She claims my dreams, showing me whatever she'd like, putting me through anything she could imagine...But I like to think of them as lessons, more than anything. Teaching me what I need to learn...How to fight without being strong, I suppose. Sometimes I'll hear her laugh...She's always around, causing something to go wrong.

Besha is my friend. She... She's the only one who listened to me, for years. I tried talking to other gods- They...They don't want someone who barely knows magic. They want someone strong. Capable. I was never that, Until Besha...I couldn't betray that. I... tried to make friends for years, Sabbatical. I was called a demon, I... I had people carve nooses into my desk, and I was called lifeless daily. Even my parents called me Marion, because the teachers wrote it on official papers to them. Beshaba... She's the only person I could talk to, while being fully honest. She told me secrets, so I had a choice to help people, and...She let me pick my own path, Sabbatical. And now I'm here, and... this is the happiest I've been in a very long time. Yeah- It...She's A little scary. Um... I mean, Shes very pretty. She has white hair, and... A tiara of black pearls. She...has yellow eyes, and pinprick pupils. Shes almost as pale as I am- She... She's pretty angry usually. Everyone likes her sister more, and she hates it- People say that they're lucky even when Tymora has nothing to do with it. As for her voice...? It's... nice. When she laughs, it's a terrible taunting kind of laugh, though. She knows that something bad is going to happen, and...Sometimes all you can do is laugh. As for being tired after meeting her? Um... Well, I'm Usually tired in the mornings, considering the nightmares...She isn't super chatty, but, honestly, I would be concerned if she spent all her time hovering around me. 

She has followers all over the world- If she just followed me around all the time, I'd... be concerned that something terrible were going to happen. Symbols or images? Oh- Um... Dice, I suppose. She's tied to fate... and Antlers. I Don’t know much about altars or clergies. There weren't any in Rwendia, But she told me that I would find one when the time was right. Of course, I'm sure when I find one that nightmare's won't be how she has me worship her."


In another conversation with Reedy and Sabbatical:

“Beshaba knows what my choices are, before I even make them. I mean... she's watched  my reactions to whatever she's wanted to- she probably knows my motivations better than I do...I'm... I'm almost sure that I'm just entertainment for her. It's not that my agency doesn't matter...I don't have any. if I wasn't content with that...what would I do? Everyone has a streak of bad luck- it's inevitable.  It's part of day to day life...I would be insane to scorn Besha. If I did that, she'd make my nightmares a reality. She'd ensure that anyone I ever called my friend came to hate me- she'd ensure my horns were sawed off and put on someone's wall as a mantelpiece, and I.... would be alone again. No magic. No power. Just...me. It would be just me, and a very spiteful god.

Fate. That's all I know. That's all I've come to believe. Without luck, good or bad, everyone is content. I don't want to live my life simply being content, but... I have no control over it. Have you never had a close call, Reedy? That's the hand of Luck. They don't care about worship- they're here to make sure things change, for better or for worse. Fate is everywhere, else... there's a standstill. I... I'm happy being Beshabas infatuation for my lifetime, if that means my friends are safe for theirs.”


Beshaba gives me the same dreams, over and over again. They're good dreams, at the beginning. I learn houses, and figure out tricks that no one else in the dream knows about...I try to save everyone, and all is well- but at some point... it's not a good dream. Something has been let free, and... it's hunting me. And... I have to remember everything I learned in order to escape it, and keep everyone safe. It's like a puzzle. It's not quite a nightmare, but... Beshaba has been playing tricks lately, and didn't let me prepare this time.

Hushbringer’s lake:[edit | edit source]

Its a place I dream of often. You start off following a guide, leading you down a path and into jungle. The guide will always hush you, as the lakes are at the bottom of a mountain. If you speak too loudly, the rocks will fall, and splash you with water. There’s a massive tree, and dozens of ponds with the smallest of paths between each one. Under the surface of the water, you see things crystal clear. Mushrooms, that would be as tall as this tavern, and jellyfish, floating along... You have to stay quiet though, because the water will burn through your skin like acid. Well... the tour guide always leads us up to the tree in the middle. It has a sign, naming the place, and wooden rungs nailed into it. She always tells us to climb the tree, but I was always afraid of falling into the water. Something massive had begun climbing down the tree, making this horrible noise that caused rocks and people to fall- and... then I woke up.

The Depth:[edit | edit source]

This dream often begins with me walking with someone I refers to as a friend. We're outside, and we walk out towards this sandstone desert. While walking, we come across these small, narrow caves that seemingly wind and twist deep into the world. Eventually, we find a small, metal built research station with two individuals inside. They seem nervous about telling us what they're studying, however my friend is incredibly excited to explore. Against my better judgement, in order to keep them happy, I accept the researchers offer to give us a tour. They guide us through a decontamination, and down endlessly long, uneven stone stairs that lack any sort of railing. As we descend, we are brought into this massive, perfectly carved square of a room. There are lab tables, and seemingly tests actively running, however I notice the distinct lack of anyone else. The only person here seems surprised to see us, and simply stares at us as the two researchers guide us down more naturally formed caves. These caves continue to narrow, and all at once, we find ourselves squeezing between stone just to continue, only to slide into the darkness with no way to return to the surface.

The Watcher:[edit | edit source]

This dream always has a common enemy. I find myself leading a group through multiple hallways and rooms of what appears to be houses that have been pressed together unnaturally. The entity chasing us is entirely invisible, with no way to tell how close it is unless one's' eyes are closed. This is not the only entity, however; In one of the rooms, there is an easy to dodge humanoid creature crawling in circles on the floor. It is slow, and typically makes no move to attack any individual that doesn’t directly impede its movement. In this dream today however, this entity was jittering, clicking and twisting. As I attempted to move past it, it grabbed and bit me. Upon being bitten, suddenly I could see hundreds of images on the walls– all of which images had depicted a closed eye, and all of them had gradually began to open the longer we as a group had stayed in place. As the invisible entity grew closer, the images of eyes surrounding us would open, as though to view it.  I suspect this to be Beshaba attempting to teach me a lesson that what may be interpreted as an enemy may have un unforeseen use, or that what may be interpreted as an enemy may be more necessary of an ally.

First Expedition:[edit | edit source]


Dear Besha,

Being sent on our first expedition, more things had gone poorly than we had anticipated.

Those traveling with me on this expedition had consisted of Dothand Raki, Kompi, Dragonett, Juno, Nester Spitemore, and Black Jack.

Upon being hired by The Collector- A man in an owl mask that had occasionally hooted at us- then talking to Cookie and boarding our skiff, we had been given a fairly straightforward mission.

Our group had been given a key as well as a map, told that we would be traveling past the Great Scar, towards a plateau where a cavern had been formed, within which is where our prize had lain. The Collector wished for us to find the first edition of the Cosmos Compendium, an incredibly common textbook in most universities catering to magic and it's uses. (A notably odd request, but it makes sense for the first edition to be sought after.) Upon landing on the other side of the Great Scar of Amusa and beginning our trek through the forests, I had lit my staff to act as a guiding light for party members who hadn’t had excelled vision in low light conditions.

After a few hours of travel going into the night, We had spotted a fire a distance away, and I had extinguished my light. Some of our members snuck off in order to investigate, and observed the other group without alerting them. Kompi reported that Theta-- Rather, 'Looks like Lambda, not Lambda,-- had been among the members; Ultimately, hearing of Theta's presence is the main factor that had led me to the decision to speak with them. Many of my party members had been hesitant. The strangers had extinguished their fire and approached us, and many of my party members had resorted to hiding. Me and one other waited to be greeted, waiting to see what had been in store. Their apparent leader- Jack of Hearts- had claimed that their group consisted of Nine; Himself, Two Pendelton Brothers, Malakar, Wren, Titan, Tini, CRU Theta, and Yellana Eedryll, 4th Knight of the Court of Seasons.

They had managed to steal a map and key from us, despite the members carrying such items still being hidden. This implies that they knew exactly where hidden members had been, despite them being entirely hidden. We had managed to catch up with them before they had gotten to the Cavern, which had a multitude of already triggered traps, as well as both Primordial (Which Kompi stated had said ‘Sky, the Fallen’ and ‘Earth’s Cave, Tar-are-us.’)  as well as Giant runes, that had reacted and glowed a blue tint as I held Groths’ rune of protection up to them. Kompi had found a Behil scale at the mouth of the Cavern. We entered a main room with a two hundred foot drop, the Compendium in the center, embedded in a stone pedestal, and the other group. We had fought briefly, before the Behil had made itself known as a threat by killing off one of the two brothers. We continued to fight, despite the danger, and thankfully, no one had perished. We found common enemy, and both groups had chosen to slay the Behil. We made a deal with the other group that they may keep whatever gold they found, so long as we kept the book. Jack of Hearts wished us the best with the Collector, and told us to tell him they wished him well. The other group simply left, Titan, Theta, Wren, and Yellana all aware of their connections to the Tempest Brothers Expedition, but unsure of the total amount of members.

The Collector paid us 300 gold each for returning the book. Kompi, who had looked at the pictures within the book, has had continuous nightmares of falling since the mission, as well as continuing to speak of the ‘Creature behind the Stars’.

I have made all group members as aware as I possibly can about the possibility of a threat.

Jack of Hearts[edit | edit source]

is a gentleman(?) who seems fairly charismatic, with two rapiers and winged shoes. They wear a full face mask.

Malakar[edit | edit source]

A spellcaster, and seems to be second in command. They wear a full face mask.

Wren[edit | edit source]

had almost instantly quit and left upon hearing of Wiggler’s name.

Titan[edit | edit source]

An eight foot tall brass dragonborn, with heavy scarring around his neck. We had gotten along, and even wished to remain friendly with one another outside of necessary battles. Likely Nassir’s deceased brother, Arven, seeing how he had recognized Netra’gal. Immune to ingesting some kind of drug that makes others incredibly tired.

Tini[edit | edit source]

A friendly green kobold who is capable of healing magic. They ride on Titan’s shoulders while he causes destruction. Saved Kompi’s life.

CRU Theta[edit | edit source]

Lambda’s brother. He is heavily damaged, has a rifle, and is practically falling apart. He stated that he had missed Lambda, however was unable to answer if he had been autonomous.  The Sixth day of the Fifth month, in the year 710 is his creation date.

Yellana Eedryll[edit | edit source]

Nearly died. She is tenacious, however stated that she couldn’t face Yewvane after what he had done. Fights with a Greatsword.

The Pendelton Brothers[edit | edit source]

Two had died, after one was eaten by a Bahir and the other was shot in the back of the head by Theta while they attempted to flee. Spoke of having other brothers.

Second Expedition:[edit | edit source]


Dear Besha,

Being sent on our second expedition, even more things had gone poorly than the first.

Those traveling with me on this expedition had consisted of Helli Aliosh, Hermes Purrnes, p'Rahp, Sabbatical, Neru, and myself.

The expedition began with us speaking to 'Arc,' And them explaining how they've sent multiple groups westward in order to study plants in the area that have been imbued with magic. They revealed that we are currently sitting atop a Leyline, which has been imbuing plants with unknown magical energy. Animals in the area have been eating these plants, then likely being eaten by larger animals and also being imbued with powers. We took a path that began to veer northwest, and half of the group had separated to keep watch. Hermes and Myself had busied ourselves with picking pieces off of a massive, glowing plant. I had managed to hook my sickle over a branch and simply sheer it off, to which, the plant began pulsating in its bioluminescent glowing. Despite feeling fairly confident, I...have no idea what kind of magic was present. I was unable to study it for long, as a gust of wind from behind me had caught my attention, and I turned around to be face to face with a massive, spikey dinosaur. It seemed to have quills coming out of it. It attacked me, and in order to protect the specimen, I encapsulated myself in Ice. Thankfully it lost interest in me, and moved towards some rocks, however after a frightful roar, a second beast made itself known, coming from the trees, undetected. It didn't take long for it to also come for me, although Neru had managed to deal a fair bit of damage to it while it was distracted with me. I was... unfortunately preoccupied during the entirety of the battle. I had fallen, and each time I was healed, The beast would snap at me again. At some point, I thought I had managed a moment of respite after Sabbatical had healed me, and I had finally been able to move- I managed to turn invisible, and I scrambled to get away from the beast, however...it saw through it. I had clawed at the dirt in order to get away, but claws had dug into the back of my leg, and simply pulled me back. My body had given out again, and...I had accepted my own death.

I had felt the weight of the creature simply disappear- The ground had even changed. I stood, and found myself in a wide, open field, blanketed in thick fog. As I looked around myself, I found that despite everyone being missing, I was not alone. A woman with horns and wings had stepped out from the mist- She was almost entirely skeletal, and had stark, white eyes. I didn't recognize her, but something about her had seemed surprised. When she spoke, her lips didn't move- The words simply came from the air around her.

She asked me if I wanted to be remembered.

I Hesitated.

She simply smiled, and told me to think about it, That I had time, because she 'didn't want to cut her vacation short.'

I wanted to ask her about Mr. Stacy, but...When I woke up, the beast was dead, and was being harvested. I simply stood and began to help. Sabbatical suggested we rest in the woods, as it were more dangerous for us to continue in our state. We rested, and delivered the specimens to Arcane. I kept some plants and fruit to myself.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Wick didn’t want her painting on herself, and instead taught her how to weave bracelets as decoration.
  • Martin often took her on boating trips during her birthday.
  • Marion is 19, but is about to turn 20 probably. She doesn’t know when her birthday is, really, considering the adoption, or if human age and tiefling age are different.
  • Marion was accused of being a scaleless dragonborn by the boys at school. This rumor spread like wildfire, and students began using illusionary spells to leave messages of how she should be exiled like the rest of them the dragonborn in Rwendia.
  • Marion simply assumes that their birth parents are alive. They’re both tieflings- It would be incredibly bad luck if they died in a fire.
  • Marions birth father smoked– this is how her original home burned down.
  • Marions Adoptive Parents may or may not believe that her worshipping of Beshaba had brought the Dragonscale Virus, and had sent her away as soon as Quarantine had opened up.
  • After deciding to change her stats from point buy to roll, Her body was found with tendrils of black smoke surrounding her….This had caused more concern than I had foreseen, however, it managed to work out. Now she's actually journaling her dreams, rather than simply remembering them.
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