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Willa Fatiun
Player Name Lianna
Languages Common, elvish, draconic, undercommon, celestial,vistani
Affiliations The Academy
Marital Status Single
Date of Birth 300 PR
Place of Birth Nemoreous, Isonhound
Species Dusk Elf
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Weight 133
Eye Color Amber

About[edit | edit source]

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Willa Fatiun is the half-elf daughter of Owen and Kyana Fatiun. She currently works as a performer at The Bards and the Bees.

History[edit | edit source]

Willa was born in the year 300 PR to Kyana and Owen Fatiun. Unbeknownst to Owen, Kyana was already pregnant by the time the two had wed. After the birth of their second daughter, Wynter, Kyana felt compelled to return to her old life as a Bounty Hunter and soon disappeared, leaving Owen to care for the girls and eventually, his nephew. She is known to pop in yearly to check up on the family but her stays are often brief.

As a child, Willa was known for her epic temper tantrums. Unlike most children in her village, whenever Willa screamed or yelled, a wave of thunderous force would sweep out from her. Her ability to manifest thunderwave was uncontrollable at first, for the young girl had a lot of built up resentment and anger within her. As the years went on, her father taught her the importance of control. He'd sing an old Elvish lullaby to aid in grounding her in potentially dangerous situations and encouraged the rest of the family to learn the song, as it seemed to be the only thing that could calm her down:

My heart shall see light

Our hearts shall be forever

Go forth, rest in dreamland

I’ll soon be there

Wait for me my love

You know I’m here

To join you in dreams

You have nothing to fear

Fiery sun, begon

Moonlight, protect us

Heaven’s star, shin through

Flame of hell, vanish

Lonely voice, cold and bare

Wandering alone

Asleep, yet awake

Safe in dreams

Shelter from the storm


The rest of her family learned additional techniques over the years and can recognize when the situation turns volatile. If their tactics fail, they know to clear the area and to keep their distance until Willa is more stable. In the past, Willa has knocked people over with her wave of sonic projection and even has destroyed the bakery...twice. The last instance of her doing physical damage was when she was 16. After finding out Serlinia Silvermen sabotaged her sister's invention, Willa marched to her home to have some words with her. Those words resulted in Serlinia sustaining a broken arm... and losing a few teeth.

As the years went on, Willa found peace in writing and performing music. A lot of her internal struggles were translated to song, and soon, writing became a viable coping strategy for the young half-elf. She would often perform outside of public businesses, and would work on the side giving vocal lessons. One day, when she was 18, Willa found herself performing outside a brothel known as The Bards and the Bees. The madam, a half-elf named Vex, discovered her playing, and invited her inside to perform for her "guests." Her employment with the brothel started with bi-weekly performances but due to her popularity among the workers and patrons, her schedule shifted to daily performances. It was during her time at the brothel that she became skilled in the art of pickpocketing and deception. Often, men would attempt to short some of the workers. Willa took it upon herself to positively enchant the men before swindling them. The pay would promptly be returned to Vex.

When Willa was 20, she tracked down someone she perceived to be a client running out on their bill. When she cornered the man, she went to work using her skills of persuasion and deception to get what she acquired. It wasn't until after she received the funds that she figured out the man was completely innocent, and actually just looked similar to the man that left The Bards and the Bees. Embarrassed and ashamed, Willa fled, taking the funds with her. She still regrets not apologizing or returning the money to this day.

Owen is unaware of Willa's current employment whereas Wynter has always known. After an awkward run-in with Hektor at The Bards and the Bees, the two came to an agreement. Willa wouldn't tell Owen that Hektor was there and Hektor wouldn't tell Owen that Willa worked there. Hektor eventually taught Willa how to wield a rapier in case she needed protection beyond her thunderous rage.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While she may look a lot like her mother (something her father reminds her of quite frequently) their personalities are the opposite. She is kind and good-hearted, those traits most certainly coming from Owen. Willa prides herself on being the first one to introduce herself. She loves meeting new people and is often described by her friends as being "the life of the party."

There are moments though when Willa becomes consumed by negative thoughts. Sometimes, she will wander away, usually disappearing to her favorite spot outside of town, a wooded clearing, where she constructed a tiny makeshift shack with her sister when they were younger. Beneath the old planks of the fort are some of her most prized possessions: an old amulet, an early rendering of one of Wynne's first inventions (an automated rolling pin), a necklace from Hektor, an old gown of her mother's, one of her father's favorite spoons, and an assorted collection of teeth.

Willa is fiercely loyal to her family, most notably to Wynter and Hektor. She would do anything to protect them, even if it meant laying down her life. Willa is also prone to fits of rage. When she gets angry, it's best to steer clear of her.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Willa has alabastor skin and amber colored eyes. She is tall and svelte. Whereas her sister takes mostly after her father when it comes to physical features, Willa looks more like her mother, inheriting her moon-colored hair and vibrant eye color.

She never leaves home without her red cloak.

Present[edit | edit source]

Willa recently received correspondence from her estranged mother. Kyana finally decided to tell Willa that she was not Owen's daughter. How she's handling this new information remains to be seen.

Willa is currently in Barovia after being sent there along with the rest of her class by one of her professors from University. The land is foggy and ominous. Willa has a sneaking suspicion there is more to Barovia than meets the eye. Since her arrival, she has made a connection to a spirit named Rose and even adopted her former pet, Lancelot. The encounter with the young ghost left her feeling... different and oddly attached to the spiritual realm.

Willa died and was brought back. To gain back her life, she lost something more precious... her voice. Now cursed and unable to speak, Willa communicates with the rest of the party telepathically.

Willa finally fell during a battle Argynvostholt. When the party went to retrieve her to revive her, her body was missing. All that was found was her butterfly dagger from her sister.

Items[edit | edit source]

Willa is in possession of a few special items including a dagger created by her sister, a doss lute, and a cloak of elvenkind.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Wynter: Willa is extremely protective of her sister. The two have always had a great relationship and it's always been very stereotypical big sis/lil sis. She believes Wynter is brilliant and that she is going to change the realm one day. Willa will never stop loving her sister but recently realized there would be no protecting someone as headstrong as Wynter from the horrors of Barovia.

Xuut: Willa thinks very highly of the warrior. She values his opinion, especially when it comes to combat, and appreciates what he does to keep the group safe. They share a lot of the same opinions when it comes to her sister which she also likes.

Isadora: Willa thinks Isadora is a good soul. She looks to Isadora for tips in regards to style and secretly wishes she could be a part of her lavish world.


Lancelot (Chair): Lancelot is the former pet of the ghost child Rose. Willa adores him and always keeps him close by. He is now staying with Ismark at his manor.

Moodboard[edit | edit source]

Willa's Journal[edit | edit source]

Willa writes a lot, even while traveling. Her journal is structured in chapters based off her experiences. Below, you'll find a list of chapters in her current journal full of songs. Please click the title to listen to the bard's playlist.

Fear Me

Every Rose Has its Thorn

Strahd Sends His Regards

Last Rites

Play The Hand You're Dealt

Line In The Sand

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