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Wynter Amealia Fatuin

About:[edit | edit source]

Wynne (pronounced Winne) Amealia Fatiun is the second, half-elf daughter to Kyana and Owen Fatuin. She currently runs a tiny little fix it/toy repair business "Toys Я Us" right next to her father’s bakery: Knead Bread? Wynne is exceptionally bright for her age and loves to tinker and craft with her hands. However, she does struggle with talking to people and can be very shy when you first meet her. Instead of words, Wynne uses her inventions to do most of the talking. One particularly fond occasion was upon her older sisters 21st birthday, when Wynne gifted her sister with a mechanical butterfly that doubled as tuning device for her lute.

History[edit | edit source]

Wynne was born in the year 306 PR to a small family of Kyana, Owen, and young Willa. Unlike her older sister, Wynne did not get her mother’s silver toned hair. Instead, she had long locks of chestnut brown hair just like her father. Around the age of 2, Kyana left their small family to pursue other venues leaving Wynne solely dependent upon Own and Willa. However, Wynne did not mind the long absences of her mother. She dreamed she was off slaying a dragon, or fighting an ogre, or slaying an ogre while riding a dragon! Wynne always looked forward to the “yearly” pop in when mother would return with a few trinkets and tales of her latest adventures.

Wynne was always the curious type. At the age of 4 she began collecting various household objects and hoarded them under her bed. Late at night, Wynne would be under her bed pulling this apart and trying to put them back together; or even make new uses for them. Her father has one of the fondest memories of a small Wynne trying to improve upon the rolling pin. Even though Wynne’s first inventions were not a huge success, Owen recognized his daughters delight for crafting and began to show her the ways of crafting baked goods in their family bakery.

By the age of 10, Wynne had made a bit of a name for herself as the village inventor. She and a few other children (including her rival Serlinia Silvermen) would hold contests to see who could come up with the most ingenious invention of the season. One season in particular, Serlinia Silvermen sabotaged Wynne’s leaf raking contraption and thus birthed the rivalry.

Upon her 14th birthday, Wynne’s father gifted her a small workshop right next to the bakery. Owen recognized his daughter’s insatiable curiosity could not be sated merely through cakes and breads alone. Although he loved everything she ever invented (good or horribly bad) he knew the baker life was not going to suit his youngest daughter. Wynne would work most days, and into the night in her “nook” repairing or tinkering with all sorts of things. The workshop had just enough space for a large oak workbench, a bookcase to house some of her various texts over the years (Topological Insulators and Their Uses, How to Implement Quantum Information in Your Next Invention, Got Magic? Shove it into your Shoe!).

One of her favorite things to do was to repair soiled toys for the younger kids in the village. She loved not just but repairing toys but upgrading them sometimes with gears to move or sounds when you hug the toy. Wynne became the favorite “Toy Maker” of the village, even though she’d prefer to be called an inventor.

Personality and Relationships[edit | edit source]

Wynne is incredibly intelligent for her age and is quick to assess a problem. She like puzzles and logic exercises of the mind. She tends to be a bit more reserved, allowing her older sister, Willa, do majority of the talking when they are together. Wynne is incredibly loyal to her older sister, father, and her voracious appetite for knowledge. Her cousin Hektor is also among those she considers a close friends. Although she always has tended to stick closer to Willa, Wynne considers Hektor like a brother.

Wynne has one rival at present, Serlinia Silvermen, the second smartest girl in town.

Wynne's Log[edit | edit source]

  • Wynne's first day of school was wild but she has a strong feeling like this is exactly where she belongs. Jumped through FIRE!
  • 2 months into school and the teachers have been "lost" including Master Greyfeet. Wynne takes (ling-term borrows) the master craft book Master Greyfeet and herself were compiling together along with his great hammer. She and everyone else decide to investigate the missing professors only to find themselves in the heat of a battle they all unprepared for. Darwin teleports them to an unknown plane/location/place?
  • Wynne and the gang lose Darwin and the other professor. They get deceived by two ghost kids (Rose and Thorn) to go into this haunted house. Many discoveries were made inside the house, including a new canine companion the team named Chair (Lancelot). Many discoveries were made inside the house and we almost died. Xuut was knocked unconscious and Wynne looted a lot of useful things. She managed to make a few small improvements to Lady Isadora's parasol while she was resting.
  • After much toil, Wynne and the others were able to finally make it out of the house, only to have it collapse in on itself moments after leaving. A basket was left for what appeared to be the group. The basket contained two letters, one addressed to us and the other to an Ismat Koleynovsky. It also had 4 vials of greater healing. We soon discovered the gifter was none other than "The Count/ Count Sthrad of Ravenloft/ The Devil."
  • We walked into the first tavern after we were gifted some weird "free" dream pies from an old lady on the street. it only took 2 seconds for Lady Isadora to jump from murdering a child to man-hunting. The first man in there and she just swooned all over them. Poor guy. I told them not to eat the pie, but no one listened. It was poorly made too. The man Lady Isadora was swooning over suggested we follow him to his house. Apparently he had a quest for us that could lead us to a new town where we might find out teachers. I have to find Darwin.
  • The pretty boy has a sister, Irena, who he is trying to protect. He wants us to take her to Villaki and is willing to pay. While in his town, we also came across a crackpot priest who had been feeding his vampiric son who he kept tied up in a tower in the town church. The definition a deranged man if you ask me. We decided to leave Chair behind at the rich guy's house. He promised me he would do something about the fake priest and his vampire pet son. Lady Isadora was clearly distraught over leaving the complete stranger she just meet a day ago behind as we set off. On our way into Vallaki we stopped at a Vistani encampment. The others were dazzled by a "tarot card" reading and really believed the woman could predict the future. HOGWASH!
  • After leaving the encampment we fought our way through wolves and met 2 hunters on the road to Vallaki. We also came across an old woman with a sack over her shoulder by a windmill. After watching what appeared to be a child-size body moving around in the bag, I may have accused the hag of making "people pie" where the main ingredient was people. Lady Isadora and I were not about to watch that child get murdered, but Sis and Xuut didn't want to get involved. So Lady Isadora and I went alone to confront the old woman. We were deceived. 3 hags lived inside the windmill and were indeed making pies out of people. They overpowered me and Lady Isadora. When we woke up, she and I were locked in cells. Willa and Xuut decided to come help us, but only to get us out. Xuut, for a moment, believed Wynne and Isadora to already be dead and cooked into pies. So he ordered what he thought would be the correct amount of pies that would add up to our collective weights in hopes of reanimating the dead. In the end, Lady Isadora was left to fight for the two children. She still has not told us how she got out.
  • We entered the city with our tails between our legs. Lady Isadora seems off since the Hag fight. She was able to take the two kids with her. We were told to seek out the church, how holy ground would protect Irena. I didn't believe in it too much, but no one really listens to me. At the gates of the city we were informed "happiness is mandatory." Once inside, we found the church of the morninglord but were told the holy bones/relic was missing. Before having a chance to look into this mystery, I stuck my hand in some mist while Xuut and Lady Isadora got arrested. Lady Isadora straight up killed a guard in the town square. We went to see the Burger-Master (Master of the Burger's --not to be confused with the King of Burger's) to plead for the release of Xuut and Izzy. There was the huge bodyguard with a crazy arm too. The local tavern is real nice though.
  • Somehow Xuut and Lady Isadora escaped from the "reformation center"/town prison, making themselves and us fugitives of the town. They claimed they escaped with the help of the Lady "Watcher". Xuut of course insisted we side with them, being from the Watcher's himself. After some sneaking about, we finally have dinner with this lady "Watcher" and much to Xuut's disappointment, her name is not Watcher but Vachter.
  • Over dinner, I get overruled and the party decides to help Lady Vachter overthrow the Burger-Master. It takes a great deal of planning and taking out that guard with the crazy cool arm (who's possibly Irena's biological brother). I also learned about the cool Faynes and am keeping that knowledge only to myself. We manage it in the end without anyone dying. However, Lady Vachter aligned herself with Sthrad and brought him into the city that he never once before was able to get in. We may have messed up.... real bad.... now there are vampries in the city and we met the devil for the first time.... imo he seems kinda pretentious.
  • As we are trying to leave the city, the Tavern keepers asked us to check out the Wizards of Wine winery because late shipments never came. We figure now is as good as any time (since we destroyed the Valaki) to leave. We headed out and didn't make it far until Lady Vachter caught up with us and gave us handwritten invitations from Strahd for a night of dining at his castle. The paper was made of skin. Again, I got out voted but I want it documented somewhere that I said we should not go. Willa had some family matters to figure out. She discoverd who her real family was... who her REAL father was. It's like me and dad don't mean anything to her. She's so obsessed with finding this guy, but why? We are her family. Or at least I thought we were. We also met Jeny. Lovely woman. When I'm old like Jeny, I want to be just like her. She gave us a lot of useful stuff. "Flip a penny and ring for Jeny" (for emergencies ONLY). Jenny also gave me some juciy journal pages written by what I assume was a mortal Strahd.
  • The winery was over-run by plant monsters. It took us a while, but we gutted the evil magic that had over taken the winery. Willa and Lady Isadora died. I had a bit of a mental breakdown and an epiphany at the same time.
  • Before I knew it, they were revived but Willa's mouth was missing and Isadora's eyes were gone. They were all scared in black. I guess that was the price they paid for resurrection? This is some dark magic.

Wynne's Designs[edit | edit source]

The Improved(ed) Rolling Pin[edit | edit source]

(Wynter's first blueprint/design)

In an attempt alleviate some arm pain her father had from rolling dough all day, The "Improveded" Rolling pin was created so that Owen could use less force when rolling dough for bread. The new design includes 3 new enhancements to the pin. The pin is now made of 3 parts in which only the body (wood) is free to roll. The body is carver so that there is a hollow cylinder inside for the insertion of the axel. The axel (made from a smooth greased material) is inserted through the body allowing for it to extend beyond the rolling body on either end. Hand carved handles can be attached at either end to improved ease of grip. The user may now notice a difference in rolling dough as it takes less downward force to roll, as well as a more natural motion in the process.

Disclaimer: Many rolling pins died in the making of this design. We honor those lost and the extra cost to Owen Fatuin in buying several replacements.

The Whirling Dervish[edit | edit source]

(Submitted to University of Xyrneiros, College of Artifice and Innovation)

An original design that took a whole year to make, the Whirling Dervish is perhaps Wynne's biggest project ever attempted. The ride replaced a no longer working fountain at the center of the merchant distract and was commissioned by the surrounding shops (including Knead Bread?) to boost business in the area. The ride is designed for children and young adults (although Owen Fatuin has been caught on it several times). The mounts are carved from a wood base and enchanted to adjust to the size of the rider. The rider sits upon an enchanted mount that may change to be whatever the rider desires (e.g dragon, unicorn, elephant, Griffin, etc.) However, there is a size restriction where the mount cannot exceed its designated 10ft by 10ft cube. The mounts have a single pole going through the body to enable them to move up and down as the ride is moving.the up and down motion is enabled by using a set of interconnected axels and rotors to essentially force the mount into a small circular like motion, giving the illusion of actually riding the mount. First time riders are encouraged to hold on to the pole for safety as the ride is in play. The ride as a whole unit will rotate slowly in a circle not to exceed a maximum speed of 5 rotations per minute (in order to keep centrifugal forces at bay). To power the ride, a humanoid must step into the power wheel and physically turn it via running. The power wheel is completely detached from the ride, however, enchanted to activate the ride. The more power generated by the humanoid the faster the ride will go (again not to exceed the maximum speed).

Disclaimer: All riders accept full responsibility for any injuries that may occur due to the rider (including incidents that might occur before, during, and after the duration of the ride). Wynter Fatuin and those who commissioned her work will not be held accountable for any injuries acquired in an association to the ride. If you feel you must be compensated for an injury that has occurred, please visit Knead Bread? and claim you one-time complementary cookie for your troubles.

The Tuning Bug[edit | edit source]

(Birthday Gift for Willa)

A handmade design that was gifted to Willa for her 21st birthday. It has the ability to always tune any instrument, so long as a note or song is being played; otherwise the bug is essentially a plain and simple token. While music is being played, the bug will fly within the vicinity of musician, however, it is attuned for Willa and therefore will not fly further than 20ft away from her. The wings are made out of wood and metal mechanically crafted using small gears and motors allowing for flapping like motion. Wings are set to slowly unfold down when the played note comes closer to being in tune -when vertically folded up, that means the note is out of tune. The antennae are made of thin metal wires and act as a frequency detector for designated pitches. They are calibrated to tune at 440Hz (standard tuning frequency). The body is completely detachable, however hollow for 3/4 of its construction. Hidden inside the tiny body is a blade that may be pulled out the size of a small dagger or shiv (for emergencies). When the butt of the bug is pulled out, it grows slightly in size and a blade forms instantly on the other end.

The Everything Knife[edit | edit source]

(Gift to Hektor Fatuin)

A handmade knife that may take on various blade heads when pulled out from the handle. The knife is attuned to Hektor (and Wynne) and only he (and she) has (have) the ability to pull the blade from the handle and actually use it. Once the blade is pulled out and clicked into place after a 180-degree rotation, the blade may assume a one from a total of 8 different blade heads all shown below (except for blade type 8 which is that of an elvish butter knife). The blade head is determined by Hektor at the moment he opens the knife and can now be used as a weapon (5e stats of a dagger regardless of the blade head used). The handle at which the blade maybe folded back into is made from dark ebony wood and has the initials W.H.W carved on one side.

Xuut Syth Ment Omelette Necklace[edit | edit source]

(Gifted to Xuut Syth Ment)

**Disclaimer** This item was left behind in the horror house (in the Village of Barovia). Purposefully left there by Xuut due to his annoyance and distrust of magic.

This amulet was crafted from various arcane magics. The heart of the necklace lies within the enchanted amethyst that is held in its place with the silver/aluminum setting. The gold rings were used to enhance the conjuration of the desired item, which amplifies the amulet's ability. A small ornamental feature crest the outside of the metal frame, it was purposefully intended to mirror Xuut's teeth. A gold/silver clasp is smelted to the edge which holds the reinforced leather ties so that the amulet may be worn by Xuuts giant neck.

Lady Isadora's Rapier/Parasol[edit | edit source]

(Gifted to Lady Isadora)

**Disclaimer** This item was forcibly taken from Lady Isadora during their first encounter with the Windmill Hags. It's current whereabouts are unknown, although it has been noted that Rictavio is a buyer of many rare things.

This unique invention was enhanced by Wynne from the work of Sebastian de Carlyle. The rapier now locks into the stem of the parasol allowing for a more firm sheathing. This prevents the blade from dulling and moving while locked into the parasol. It can be unlocked/unsheathed through use of a button installed at the end of the pommel. Enhancements to guard and knuckle guard was installed to protect a larger area of the grip. Cross bars were slightly extended to better distribute weight and improve swings. Additionally, the parasol can now be matched to any color by simply touching the parasol to the desired color. The lace pattern can also change for the desired style of ones outfit.

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