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"Hearken to the word of the great dragons! The gods have failed us, refusing to recognize our true might. They prefer the weak. They prefer the inferior. They cower in their temples, while we, the true servants, are denied the comforts they themselves enjoy. This is not the way things should be. This is not the way things will be. For the world has made its choice, and the consequences shall soon follow. With the Cult of the Dragon, I proclaim this truth. I dedicate myself to the children of Io, Queen of Darkness, Dragon-God of Justice, Empress of the Evil, King of the Good, Lord of All and Mother of All Dragonkind. I shall honor their memories and follow their paths, and if it is to my death, so be it. Death is nothing compared to the glory we will receive." - Traditional Prayer of the Cult of the Dragon

Xuut Syth Ment
Player Name James
Languages Common, Draconic
Marital Status Single
Species Wyvernborn
Gender Male
Height 7'0"
Weight 250+ lbs
Eye Color Blind-White

Xuut Syth Ment (Or just Xuut, Wide Xuut, or if you're tight with him, "Scythe") was a Wyvernborn warrior who was active in a number of small wars in Pteris as a mercenary for hire alongside a group of other Wyvern and Draconic descendant folks. His life took a turn for the worst after he lost everything that made him feral in battle, and he began anew studying the ways of the planes.

History[edit | edit source]

Xuut as a barbarian mercenary of the Pteris plains

Xuut was born in 288 PR in the south wilds of Pteris in a conclave of draconic disciples of the Cult of the Dragon. Living in the fringes of civilized society and only ever going into towns on the rarest occasions, Xuut became innert to seeing people as living souls, a strength that empowered him on numerous battlefields in the Pteris outlands. To support the cult's secret operations, Xuut's family (among other draconic factions) would offer their magic and might to the service of militias continent-wide.

Xuut grew to love the feeling of blood on his claws, and the sight of vast battlefields of Kreen, Hobgoblins, (and sometimes humans) under him. Xuut grew comfortably into his mercenary-for-hire lifestyle, becoming a revered athlete and soldier not just among the cult he grew up with, but among the towns and cities that hired his enforcing prowess.

Soldier of Fortune[edit | edit source]

Towns that Xuut was hired by included Nymphsview, Brightwater, Cansthum, Ugarat, and Vernvine, all locations that operated out of the Swikedom or Trudger kingdoms. Xuut most commonly fought against other outland societies such as the vast troves of Thri-Kreen of the Clowre and remnant Shend Hobgoblins in the wilds, but Xuut also hired frequently by lords and ladies to enforce WITHIN the kingdoms against peasants and uprising forces, the revolutions that foreshadowed The Cavalry Rush in the following decades.

The Incident[edit | edit source]

After a particularly heated fight with fellow draconic mercenaries, Xuut decided to enjoy a small vacation alone in the Oasis of Vanawhaulth, a waterhole that his cult had frequented in the desert wilds, complete with waterfall, large shady rock formations, and small vegetative groves. Escaping reality was possible at the Oasis, but it's luxuries were known to many. On the worst day of his life, in 320 PR, Xuut fell victim to the geas of a supernatural creature known as a Lamia. Not to be confused with the similarly shaped Sphinx, Lamias thrive on torturing their victims. Without having his mercenary companions to assist him in the encounter that followed, Xuut was outmatched. Visions and hallucinations filled his mind, giving him the fearful thoughts of dying alone and without legacy. While at his lowest mentally, the Lamia went for the killing blow... trampling Xuut while he kneeled in anguish, the razor sharp hooves of the monster tore through tendons and sliced open the fragile span of his wings. After the lethal ambush, Xuut awoke near death, grasping for life in the back of a passing caravan that had found his body at the watering hole. In town, Xuut had too little strength to deny the medical assistance he was being given. The pressure of the life debt fell heavy on his shoulders as he felt the life coming back to him at the hands of the town's one and only healer---a Paladin of the Watchers, Malaekat.

Xuut casts "Disguise Self" to blend in

Oath of the Watchers[edit | edit source]

(To-Do: Fill this out more) Xuut, in fulfilling his life debt to his savior, was asked to help the Paladin by joining the ranks of the Watchers. He denied and returned to his fellow mercenary companions. But was denied, told he was a shell of the warrior he once was. With his ego shattered and his body broken, Xuut finally returned to the town, and to Malaekat, who began to work with Xuut to start him on his new life.

Xuut's Card Reading[edit | edit source]

The Horseman. You my friend desire knowledge in order to repay a debt. You seek to guard the realm from threats but can not see the path forward without dwelling on the past and the monstrosity who took what I lost.

The Marrionette. Abandon the search for those who guide you. Instead forge your own future. Seek those among the mists who follow the draconic path. They hold the knowledge to what you desire.

Willa's Last Testament to Xuut

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