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Brakville (formally Thwackville) was the first lasting colony to be established on the island of Cof.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

When archbishop Thwack arrived on the island of Cof in 691 PR with a ship full of devoted followers, he was expecting to see a colony already in full force. Instead, he discovered the completely abandonded remnants of a colony, and several large shipwrecks.

Believing the others to have been killed, Thwack set out to reinforce his followers and led them in daily prayer to their god Kragnux. They believed through the power of their dragon slaying god, they could withstand whatever it was that killed their friends. Unknown to them, however, the hostile Yuan-Ti of the island had been slain by their companions before they mysteriously disappeared, leaving the missionaries to found a small but effective chapter of worship, which would become the first unofficial church of Kragnux. They named this colony Thwackville after the archbishop.

After 2 years on the island, a voyage back to Osugbo was launched, leaving a small faction to defend the first church while Thwack and the others departed.

From Thwack to Brak[edit | edit source]

In 781, when accessing Cof became an easy task, the original colony was once again populated and rebuilt. When the The Brak Foundation finally landed and built a memorial in remembrance of Brak, they also formally renamed the colony from its original name of Thwackville to the new name Brakville.

A small hostel and medical center were built in the new colony to allow Kiston adventurers and explorers to find safe haven on the beaches of Cof. Nate Treesgood of the foundation was the mayor of choice.

In this time, the original place of worship became preserved as a holy site of pilgrimage, and the largest Kragnux church at the time, the Friends of Kragnux, arrived to restore the city to a glorious monument.

Return of the King[edit | edit source]

In 691 PR, a celebration to mark the 100 years since the original colony's creation was held, and to celebrate the ocurrance, the town briefly went by its original name Thwackville while a statue of Thwack was shipped in from Zobeck to sit on the site of the original church.

Complicating matters, however, the same day the statue was set to come in, Brak himself also reappeared after 100 years of absence.

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