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Snobbite Regality
The Speared Fish
Years Active 0 PR - 174 PR
Government Council-Manager (Sultanship)
Enemies Trudger, Dolina
Primary Race Human, Hobgoblin

The Snobbite Regality (or just Snobbite, pronounced sn'beach-ay) is one of the many kingdoms to formally pop up at the end of The Holy War. Snobbite was located on the southeast coast of Pteris, surrounding Dragon Turtle Bay.

About[edit | edit source]

The colors of the Snobbite culture are White and Teal Green. The capital of Snobbite was Nawfar.

Though the overwhelming majority of the kingdom were comprised of Pterish humans, Snobbite had an unexpected population of Hobgoblins who lived and worked all over the kingdom. Hobgoblins were accepted into Snobbite society because of their strengths and bonds forged in the The Holy War, and Snobbite sailors admired their brutality and military skill.

Culture[edit | edit source]

See also: List of Snobbite Sayings

The Snobbite Regality, where the streets are quite literally paved with gold. A kingdom of wealthy merchants, the Snobbish people were particularly known during the Holy War for their uncanny ability to navigate the realm quickly and under the night’s sky, when draconic forces were most dormant. Operating under family names, Snobbite is home to countless mercantile bloodlines, most of whom specialize in a variety of exotic goods and luxuries, or who specialize in sailing merchandise. Most merchants enjoy an early retirement now in the new era of prosperity following the war, leaving the market to flower with smaller bloodlines and startup organizations hoping to get a chunk of the post-war boom.

Besides their extraordinary upper class, the Snobbish people are also home to hard workers of the middle class. In the war times, these men and women made up the majority of the Snobbish armed forces, and as a holdover from the Holy War, all Snobbish households are required to keep armed weaponry easily available in case of emergency. Snobbish children learn how to handle a sword at a young age, at which point many also decide whether to go into business or into war. Both sides of the blade (as the saying goes) require a heavy proficiency in sea faring vehicles and young children gain their sea legs through lessons on the Dragon Turtle Bay as early as 6 years of age. From there, young minds learn either the important business skills such as calligraphy, textiles, boatwrighting, or smithing (for either jewelry or wartime goods).

Snobbite Totems were carved items that typically hung from the necks of Snobbite citizens. Many learned to carve their own totems as part of their coming of age.

Snobbite share a sense of longevity of life, the long term. Their war on the AmuPter front was fueled by their long term prospects, and even though the Holy War was over, they were determined to keep the dragonborns from reforming in the shadows.

History[edit | edit source]

During Realm War I[edit | edit source]

Many young minds were assigned wartime professions during the war, and were shipped out across the ocean towards Dolina, Snobbite's most active front, where the people of Snobbite believe the last remnants of the Holy War still simmer. While most of the realm is happy to let the dragonborn survivors keep their last bit of territory, the challenge of an oceanic war brings a smile to Snobbite, knowing they will be fighting in the terrain that they were born to dominate.

To the west, Snobbite dabbles with attempts to seize the Olyphemus river, which is the biggest source of fresh water in Pteris, and their preferred method of transport inland. However, Trudger has shut its borders and poses intimidating obstacles as the Snobbish try to smooth talk the brutish giants into allowing them free passage. 

Snobbite Ships[edit | edit source]

Snobbite Ships are some of the finest in the realms. Here is a list of vessel names from The AmuPter Front.

  • The Bleak Horizon
  • Dokoncit (Finalize)
  • Neptune's Hammer
  • Morsky Kreten (Sea serpent)
  • Ten Posledni (The Last One)
  • Uznikdy (Never again)
  • Splintered Memory
  • The Savage Love

Notable Snobbite Citizens[edit | edit source]

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • The Snobbite Culture is heavily inspired by the Persian, Iranian, and Italian maritime culture, mostly those involved in the Punic Wars.
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