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Jo the Changeling
Relatives Rosie - Mother. William - Father
Languages Common, Draconic, Elvish, Orc
Aliases Jo'Krum, Johan, Joldrah, Jonas, Jolly, and Joline
Marital Status Unmarried
Place of Birth (I could use some help here)
Date of Death 4/20/2022
Place of Death The Green Stag's Temporary Lair
Species Changeling
Gender N/A
Height 5'10"
Weight 190lbs
Eye Color Varies

Jo was 2nd level Wild Magic Sorcerer and 2nd Level Warlock. Jo was played for one game session where they got to cast spells on the first round, but then was breathed upon by an Adult Green Dragon and died in the next round before their turn in initiative order. Having been excited to return to playing an actual physical game of Dungeons and Dragons for the first time in over 30 years, Jo's creator had done a significant amount of preparation on them that will now serve as an epitaph to this character that lived for too short a time.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

As a Changeling, Jo's true physical appearance was a much guarded secret. This true form was far too intimate to ever be shared or seen, even to themselves. Instead, Jo manifested six primary "Aspects" that they would present. Each one with it's own Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation. In this way Jo was truly "Fluid" in every aspect of their life. The six primary aspects of Jo were:

  • Jo'krum - An angry Half-Orc Man presenting as a Fighter and representing the aspect of Strength. Their thematic color is red.
  • Johan - A Flamboyant Half-Elf Man presenting as a Bard and representing the aspect of Dexterity. Their thematic color is orange.
  • Joldrah - A gruff Bronze Dragonborn Woman presenting as a Paladin and representing the aspect of Constitution. Their thematic color is yellow.
  • Jonas -An aristocratic Elf Man presenting as a Wizard and representing the aspect of Intelligence. Their thematic color is green.
  • Jolly - A shy Tabaxi Woman presenting as a Warlock and representing the aspect of Wisdom. Their thematic color is blue.
  • Joline - A Southern Human Woman presenting as a Sorcerer and representing the aspect of Charisma. Their thematic color is purple.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Each aspect behaved uniquely and fully committed to their fictional race, class, and background. Much like a regular person behaves differently in front of their friends, parents, bosses or romantic interests, Jo behaved differently with every member of the party and sought to have a unique relationship with each one.

Jo’krum[edit | edit source]

Jo'krum and Valdath would sometimes get into trouble when the party was visiting the towns and villages during their travels. Jo'krum would often goad Valdath into situations with phrases like "I bet you can't...". They would get into contests of strength, play minor pranks on each other, and swap bawdy stories. Jo'krum would also attempt to act as a Wingman for Valdath with the locals. All of this culminated in an incident involving a stuffed basilisk, a unicorn horn, a few barrels of ale, and three female mages. What is most notable from this incident is that all the participants have sworn to never speak of it again and totally deny it ever happened.

Johan (pronounced Yo-Han)[edit | edit source]

As soon as Johan presented himself to the party there was an immediate connection with Ulka, The two of them were quite flirtatious with one another, yet nothing ever came from their "Will they, Won't they" playful banter. Johan would sometimes play a lustful song on his lyre and joke about "Ulka's impressive...reach." She in turn with all of her typical bluntness would talk about the things she could do to Johan both intentionally and unintentionally. If Johan had been presenting when Jo died he would have reached out with his quivering hand toward Ulka and said "I'm sorry that I finished first."

Joldrah[edit | edit source]

Joldrah sought the friendship of Delphi, the other Dragonborn in the party. While Joldrah was bold with he rousing speeches of justice and righteous purpose as a paladin, she was struggling with her own identity. The gruff exterior was very much a part of her, but she sometimes sought the chance to let her guard down and feel vulnerable. She sometimes would try to talk to Delphi with sensitive questions out of a sense of sisterhood, but would often refrain from doing so at the last second. In her mind she hope to someday have Delphi help prepare her for her first date with the young woman behind the counter at the local butcher shop once she mustered the courage to ask the young woman out.

Jonas[edit | edit source]

Jonas was a bit of a snob and felt that his fellow party members were sometimes "Monosyllabic buffons." He often used mathematical terms as curse words (an idea derived from the book "Will Save the Galaxy for Food" by real life author Yahtzee Croshaw). For example, "Subtraction" is excrement, to "Multiply" is to fornicate, and a "Division" is a person's rear.

Jonas was quite skeptical of Stan and the power that he possesses. He would often try to pin Stan down on elements of his background and where his powers came from in hopes of uncovering "The Truth" about him. Whatever answered that Stan provided never seemed to satisfy Jonas, and he would often return to the same line of questioning again and again. Jonas was determined to find the REAL source of Stan's power and eventually either take it for himself or replicate it and yet be stronger that Stan with it.

Jolly[edit | edit source]

Jolly was smitten with Miles from the onset, yet Miles was never aware of it. Like a giddy schoolgirl admiring posters of their favorite musical performer, Jolly was scribbling pictures of Miles surrounded by hearts and flowers in her journal that she kept hidden and close to her with an iron grip. As Miles spoke of his fellow band mate Tirianna, Jolly imagined herself as Tirianna and confessing her love of Miles and running away with him. She would often try to catch a glimpse of Miles when he was getting dressed in the mornings at camp, but was far to shy to do anything more. Sometimes when people would catch her looking at Miles from across the way she would quickly dart her head back into her journal and sit frozen for hours unable to speak or move and embarrassed with the thought that someone saw her looking at him.

Joline[edit | edit source]

While he was skeptical of some of Jo's aspects, Ferris and Joline were fast friends. Ferris worried Jo having multiple aspects demonstrated a form of deception, but the aspect of Joline presented itself to Ferris and worked with him to help him feel more comfortable. Knowing that Ferris cared deeply for others Joline talked openly and honestly with Ferris about the nature of Jo and how none of the aspects would ever harm anyone but those that are acting with harm. Even though Ferris was feeling better about Jo in general, Joline would present herself to Ferris from time to time and ask him "What can we do today to help somebody?" It was these small activities that truly cemented an endearing relationship between the two of them.

History[edit | edit source]

Jo began life as a human child, but it is unknown if they started out as a human and became a changeling or if they were always a changeling and just started out life presenting as a human. Around the time that Jo was reaching puberty, the Wild Magic that was inside them began to show. One day Jo woke up and their eyes had changed color overnight. Another night the hair all over their body had disappeared. Whenever these changes occurred Jo, their supportive family, and members of the community were clueless of what was happening. One evening at dinner Jo was sitting at the table with their family when their ability to cast Prestidigitation went off accidentally causing their family to become violently ill. That evening Jo ran away from home concerned that they were a danger to everyone around them.

Jo started to wander from town to town, staying in a location only for a short time. They began to resort to petty crimes to survive, often using their ability to change appearance to avoid detection and apprehension. Even though opportunities arose to take more than they needed, Jo made it a point to only take what was necessary to survive.

As Jo became more and more frustrated with the inability to control the magic inside of them, they sought ways to gain more control of it. Upon learning of a device that could possible help them, Jo conducted an elaborate heist to attain it. It was the first time in their life that they had committed a crime that was above the level of petty theft. The device was in fact a powerful sentient dagger named "Skertren" who had manipulated Jo into stealing it to gain it's freedom. Skertren was an Ancient Blue Dragon that became trapped in the dagger during a failed attempt to become a Dracolich, and in exchange for it's freedom Skertren entered into a pact with Jo to help control their powers. While Skertren could not provide a significant level of power to Jo, it was just enough for Jo to maintain control under normal circumstances. Unknown to Jo, Skertren was hoping to use Jo as an asset later to finally be transformed into a Dracolich at the expense of Jo's magical abilities and possibly their life.

Finally able to maintain control of their powers Jo began a life of adventure, still traveling from town to town and only staying for a short time. They began to try and put right all the things that they had done wrong so far in their life, using their powers subtly to help people out. An example of this was when Jo went back to a bakery that they had stolen a loaf of bread from before, pretended to be the owner, gave the worker behind the counter the week off with pay, and then proceeded to pretend to be that worker and did their job for them during the time they were gone.

Jo eventually fell in with the party out of curiosity and a sense of adventure more than anything else. To Jo the party presented an opportunity to be out and about again, no longer needing to stay secluded and hidden for fear of more magical accidents. When the opportunity arose to stop a malevolent dragon, Jo jumped at the chance for the adventure even though there was an immense amount of danger associated with it. Jo's personal philosophy that "Anything can happen," born from the wild magic coursing through their body, was both a verbal sword and shield they brought to the encounter.

Upon finally cornering the dragon in a cave, the party quickly rushed in and surprised it. When the dragon was suddenly visible after losing it's invisibility, Jo quickly Hexed it and launched a bolt of energy at it's massive form. As the bolt of wild magic flew through the air constantly changing along it's path, it eventually made contact with the dragon in the form of a jolt of kinetic energy striking the beast and drawing first blood. Jo then attempted to spread out away from the rest of the party, wary of the dragon's powerful breath attack and preparing to cast another spell. Unfortunately the dragon flew to a spot to get closer to the party's fighters to launch that powerful breach attack, and Jo found themself caught in the tail end of that very blast they were trying so hard to avoid. Knowing that their demise was close at hand, Jo attempted to use the wild magic inside of them to manipulate the situation and avoid the full intensity of the oncoming blast. Unfortunately the magic was not enough to avoid such a powerful tool in the dragon's arsenal, and Jo absorb the full intensity of the poisonous breath attack. The intense blast ripped flesh from bone, and the wild magic inside of Jo was released. As the poison gas dissipated in the cave, so did Jo's body as simple dust into the wind.

During their short time together Jo developed good relations with each member of the party and their story will be continued to be shared by the campfires or over tankards of ale for some time.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Jo tried to learn languages in order to support each of their Aspects that should be familiar with that language. Jo spoke Common, Elvish, Draconic, and Orc.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Changeling, Jo had the ability to Shapeshift. This shapeshifting was limited to Jo's physical outward appearance and could not change their size or clothing.

Being a Wild Magic Sorcerer, Jo sought spells and powers that embodied that nature. Their primary spells were Chaos Bolt and Chromatic Orb. If Jo had gotten to higher levels as a Sorcerer they would have also used their ability to Transmute spells to change standard ones like Fireball and Lightning Bolt into forms like "Thunderball" and "Poison Bolt."

Finally, as a Hexblade Warlock, Jo selected invocations that enhanced their ability to cast the Eldritch Blast cantrip. If Jo had gotten to higher levels in Warlock they would have joined into a Pact of the Tome and selected cantrips that supported their Aspect's fictional abilities by taking ones like Vicious Mockery and Guidance.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Jo was primarily a spellcaster and would have preferred to stay at mid-range in a combat situation and cast offensive spells at targets. Since being a Hexblade Warlock gave Jo proficiencies in Medium Armor and Martial weapons not only could Jo survive in a mid-range position and provide protection to the party members in the back of the formation, but it also helped Jo to support the fictional narratives of their more combat heavy Aspects.

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