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Languages Common, Goblin, Dwarvish, Giants
Date of Birth 794 PR
Date of Death 825 PR (too soon :(
Species Bugbear
Gender Female
Height 6'7
Weight 373
Eye Color Yellow

Ulka is a crass Bugbear Fighter mercenary from the defunct Skull Crusher clan.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ulka is a tall, fat bugbear. She has scruffy ukempt brown hair, yellow skin and brown fur a majority of her body. Ulka has a scar on her right eye and wears an eyepatch over her left eye. Her outfit is a tight brown tank top, with a maroon jacket and a pair of jeans. She is also adorned with a belt around her waist, fingerless gloves, small spiked shoulderpads, and boots.

In battle Ulka will don ill-fitting chain mail.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Saying Ulka is blunt is an understatement. With that bluntness comes a respectable level on earnestness and honesty however. Ulka will speak her mind and knows the value of teamwork in which she doesn't mind being cast as the muscle. Ulka believes in survival of the fittest and thinks the best way to do things is often the direct. She has a dark sense of humor. Ulka has eaten a chicken known to play chess.

Ulka can be intimidating towards commoner strangers but she won't act aggressively towards them for no reason.

Ulka has a disdain for pixies and guns.

History[edit | edit source]

Ulka was born in a clan of bugbears known as the Skull Crushers and was one of the strongest. The Skull Crushers had an alliance with a clan of Goblins known as the Lootin Tootins. The Skull Crushers would protect the measly Goblins and the Lootin Tootins would provide treasure that would be useful towards the Skull Crushers. However among being brutal she was also cunning. This allowed her to raise through ranks of the skull crushers. However one day an Oni mercenary, Gozen Devakilla, who was hunting bugbears for their furs and weapons found the Skull Crushers and laid them to waste, Ulka was the sole survivor of the clash and was left with one eye ripped out and the other scared. (read the full battle here) The fate of the Lootin Tootins is unkown aside from two. To avenge her clan and her pride Ulka would take up work as a bounty hunter and in her spare time would also read about Giants because to slay one's enemy they must know them, she would eventually learn about the power Runes posessed and how these Runes could be used to enhance one's fighting prowess.

Three Dragons on Synàra[edit | edit source]

At the Asar Ogalas festival Ulka fell on her butt during a climbing competetion, lost 5 gold to a lottery drawing and got conned out of her hunting trap by some pixies. Suffice to say the festival didn't put her in the best of spirits.

During the confrontation against Sro, Ulka ran up the stairs and firstly rescued a woman who was cleaning. The woman thought Ulka was going to eat her, however Ulka reassured her that she wouldn't. Ulka would eventually reach the master bedroom and was greeted by two arrows into her large stomach by the mayor's gaurds. After frustratingly telling them that she isn't the dragon or going to kidnap the mayor she was able to take them out on the balcony and lower them down by using her Giant's Might to make herself about as tall as the building itself. Afterwards she rescued a young man who boarded himself into a bathroom and thought she was going to eat/kill him.

Sro's Lair[edit | edit source]

Ulka was later hired by Mrs. Ludvater of Musso to rescue her husband from Sro, whom Ulka had previously crossed paths with. The treck up the mountain was. Not fun. Ulka is in part to blame because she ate everyone else's rations. To Ulka, this isn't a problem because in her clan the biggest gets the largest share of food and Ulka is larger than everyone she was traveling with. After the ardious journey, the group found a stronghold with a woman, Belle, inside who was acting quite suspicous. Ulka knew that she was obviously in cahoots with Sro so she engaged in a fight. Ulka only went for non-lethal blows because she hoped that Belle could be used as a bargaining element with Sro in exchange for the Mayor. Unfortunately Ulka was put to bed with Sro's sleep breath.

After waking up Ulka listened to what Sro had to say. She was unsure whether Sro could be trusted or not initially so she lied about not knowing who Tiamat is. How would this help her out? Well try thinking with a Bugbear brain and it will become obvious. However after Sro said he wanted to test them in a combat against Belle, Ulka instantly trusted him. To Ulka, Sro didn't kill her AND he wants to watch her fight and improve her technique so he's obviously a good guy. During the Fight Ulka, Stan and Dancer made quite a powerful combination. Ulka also threw a gun off a cliff. After passing the test Ulka learned what her next goals should be.

  1. Get magic weapons
  2. Get stronger

Sro also gave the group a handful of silver to give to the family of the senator that Sro killed. While many of them didn't Ulka did because she has respect for Sro.

Ulka was later hired to clear out a Kobold cave. Kobolds are just like Goblins. Small sneaky snotlings who rely more on trickery than actual and proper fighting. Luckily for Ulka and unluckily for the Kobolds their tricky 15 foot tall towers are no match for Ulka's incredible 15 foot reach. During the raid Ulka killed one Kobold with another Kobold, jumped on one which caused the puny, scaled, runt to end up looking like a toothpaste tube of gore. Some Kobolds may have escaped which is quite unfortunate.

The Green Stag[edit | edit source]

In one final test to prove her worth, Ulka joined a fateful group of heroes recruited by Sro to demonstrate their dragon slaying abilities on a true dragon: The Green Stag.

Unfortunately, while the battle was won, it was not without cost. Ulka sacrificed herself courageously as she jumped on the dragon's back, attempting to pin it to the ground, but taking the brunt of its panicking breath weapons.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Ulka speaks Goblin and Common fluently. Goblin was the primary language of her clan.

Ulka is vaguely learned on Dwarvish, she picked up a few phrases and sayings throughout her travels as Dwarven taverns were more to her liking due to their shared Bluntness

Of course Ulka is also rather fluent in Giant from her studies. She could defenitely hold a conversation with a Hill Giant or Frost Giant but a conversation with the learned Storm Giants or the tricky cloud giants could give her trouble.

What Does Ulka Think of You?[edit | edit source]

Spinel - From one hairy strong lady to another, Ulka feels a sense of solidarity towards her and defenitely wants to test her strength against Spinel.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley- Ulka felt a certain level of rivalry towards Dancer of the Boreal Valley after Dancer kicked her ass in the climbing competetion but after the battle with Belle, Ulka has an insane level of respect for her. Ulka likes to fight with Dancer as an ally because she makes things easier to smash.

Tordek - "Oi why's this guy always talkin' to a rock?"

Aman - Ulka thinks of Aman as just a funky little creature. Doesn't talk much but that ain't bad!

Stan - Ulka didn't think much of Stan until he "complimented" her chest. Now she thinks humans have a real weird way of flirting.

Einari - Ulka thinks of Einari's inquisitive nature as overbearing and thinks he stresses out about easy questions which only delay fighting.

Ferris - Ulka thinks Ferris is quite small and tricksy. Like a Goblin. A helpful Goblin! Goblin isn't as much an insult when it's coming from a Goblinoid.

Sro - Ulka has mad respect for Sro. Anyone who encourages her to fight and improve at it is actively a good guy.

Belle- Ulka loved fighting Belle. It was badass. She wants a 1v1 sometime.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ulka is a Rune Knight Fighter. Currently her Glaive is engraved with Fire and Stone runes. The Fire Rune is on the left side of the weapon's head and the Stone Rune is on the right side.

Ulka also has Giant's Might which allows her to grow in size.

Ulka is also very cunning. She will play dumber than she actually is, causing her enemies to underestimate her.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Ulka is armed with two hand axes that appear to be looted, a great axe that certainly shows it's age, and a comparitively nice Glaive engraved with Stone and Fire runes.

Ulka likes to fight with more recklessly than most warriors, however this recklessness is matched by her strategy. Ulka has a very opressive fighting style, when fighting another weapon user she'll keep them at a distance with her stone runes, long limbs, and glaive making it hard for them to get in close and hurt her. When fighting ranged foes she'll get in close and lock them down with her fire runes making their escape harder.

Ulka hates fighting arcane mages and she views them as weak willed charlatans who can only win through smoke and mirrors. However she is quite found of mages on her team who will cast spells such as invisibility and faerie fire to aid her in better laying down the damage.

Ulka's strategical ploys are usually "run in and let me smash em like a bug" or "put a goblin out front to distract enemies and then sneak up from behind and hit em from the side"

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