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Lucinda Grimfold
Relatives Harrow Grimfold (Grandfather), Lyowyn Mossbringer (Life Partner)
Languages Common, Elvish, Gnoll
Affiliations The Lyreguard, Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company
Aliases alias
Marital Status Married to Lyowyn Mossbringer
Place of Birth The City of Galik
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 6.4
Eye Color Gray

Lucinda Grimfold (Lu-sin-da) is an NPC from the Within the Wicked Wilds Community Campaign. She served as a former commander of the Galik Lyreguard and now serves as a field specialist and adventurer handler for the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. She is also the life partner of Lyowyn Mossbringer, who as also joined her in working with the Tempest Brothers.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lucinda is a tall imposing human fighter in her late thirties with brown hair and gray eyes. A notable feature of her face is a scar that runs along the outer edge of her right eye. Wielding a halberd, she wears heavy plate armor and a heavy fur and feather cape. Her helmet is designed in the guise of a snarling dragon.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lucinda does her best to present herself as tough and rigid, but much of the time this exterior falls away to reveal a deep fear she keeps in her heart, a fear that she wont be able to protect those she cares about. It is because of this that she makes sure she is the first one in the battle so she would be the one to have to take the hits. She has a deep passion for her craft and is a master tactician, but especially since she married she has had the issue of freezing in dire situations out of fear. But when it comes down to the wire, she is willing to sacrifice anything to make sure that those she loves and that those under her command survive.

History[edit | edit source]

Lucinda was born in the City of Galik and was raised on the heroic stories of her grandfather, the great ranger, Harrow Grimfold, slayer of the Twin Doom, Kavanmort. She heard stories about how he and his adventuring party tracked down and slew the dragon who had re-emerged after the release of Tiamat and had begun to ravage the eastern half of Amusa. As the stories go it was her grandfather who made the shot that pierced the two-headed dragons heart, ripping the heart from its body. The heart today is on display in the Moonsea Muesam in Galik. The two prizes her grandfather took from the dragon's body was the bow Cloudpiercer which he carved from its bones and a sheet of scales, showing both blue an black scales. Lucinda has both of these prizes on her wall today.

Her grandfather would go on to serve as the commander for the Lyreguard, an elite squadron of Griffon riders who protect the City of Galik, and when she was of age, Lucinda would join as well. She would spend many years serving the guard and cut her teeth apprehending criminals, slaying Gnolls, and beating back Dragons away from the city. Her natural skill with Griffon riding and her unending determination meant she quickly rose the ranks and gained renown as one of the most experienced Griffon riders in the Lyreguard. Her mount of choice was a black feathered Griffon known as Star Streak. It was also during this time that she would meet and become life partners with the druid Lyowyn Mossbringer.

Over the years though Lucinda grew concerned about her grandfather as he began to lose it in his old age and she believed he was no longer fit to command the Lyreguard, both for his and the city's protection. In a soft coup she would force him into retirement as she took over command of the Lyreguard, serving in the position for many years. Eventually she would later step down from her position to explore new ventures, leading her to the Tempest Brothers. Though many suspect she stepped down due to public pressure after she forced out her grandfather who was well respected by a number of higher up bureaucrats in the Galik government.

In her position at the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company she would serve as a field specialist and adventurer handler. Her life partner Lyowyn would also come to join her in the company along with Lyowyn's former animal companion, Cookie.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lucinda is a strong and experienced Griffon rider and is an expert combatant with her halberd and longbow. When things get tough she has been known to utilize magical weapons in her arsenal.

Attacks and Weapons[edit | edit source]

Lucinda wields a Griffon rider's halberd and a recurved longbow.

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