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Tuning Fork (or Fork for short, original name unknown) was a high programmer of Alpha Complex member of the platoon of Warforged led by Liam that encountered the descendants on Kiston. Despite being caught in a battle, Tuning Fork was captured after the battle, and Lornagar used Modify Memory to trick Fork into thinking they were best friends, creating an accidental ally. Fork explained how the Crystal City was located at the center of the island, and that the wheel (later known as the Kalachakra) was located in an incredibly deep hole in that city. Fork also revealed he had to "deal" with the adventuring kinds before on the island, and had killed in the past to protect his own life.

Fork offered to take the team through a secret tunnel system that ran under the island directly into the Crystal City, letting the team avoid all dragons. But the players decided to ally themselves with Presidith the dragon, and instead fly over land to the mountain. Fork was kept alive and turned over to The Network. As a parting gift, Eldrina gave fork an Existence Crystals that she had stolen earlier. Fork took the stone as a gift of forgiveness, and the players abandoned him on the back of Presidith, leaving Fork to escape and live on...until he would be seen again

Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

Fork claimed to have helped program Friend Computer in the early days of the Complex alongside other Warforged high programmers. According to meeting minutes rediscovered by the Icons of Alpha Complex, Fork was tossed off the island of Cof and left for dead after suggesting that the high programmers go public with disturbing developments involving the IslandImpeller. He apparently survived, and was discovered living with Nouvelle Vague. Fork and NV confessed that it was them who busted the Impeller in the first place, as part of a mission to destroy the Alpha Complex, which they deemed as the ultimate evil (especially when viewed through the lens of the drugs they had been taking).

However, they would later be convinced the drugs had altered their sense of right and wrong, and would later help fix the IslandImpeller among other island secret societies.

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