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Bhurgrum Burnale
Player Name Gail
Languages Common, Dwarvish, Orc, Primordial
Affiliations The Burnale Clan
Date of Birth 457 PR
Date of Death 795 PR aged 338 (date of imprisonment)
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Height 4'4"
Weight 179
Eye Color Brown

Bhurgrum Burnale is an elderly cleric dwarf who would prefer not to be disturbed, thank you very much.

History[edit | edit source]

This old dwarf thought he was done with the adventuring life, now acting mostly in an advisory role to the Burnale clan. But with the impending duergar threat, he volunteered to be an emissary to a neighboring dwarven clan so the young folks could protect home.

Long ago, Bhurgrum served as both soldier and healer, making a name for himself during a decades-long conflict with the duergar. While a tenuous truce has persisted for the last hundred years, he knows it is tenuous at best, and the duergar are on the move once again. He lost many friends and family to the duergar, and isn't proud of his mistakes. But at least he took care of that horrid duergar warlord that wreaked havoc for far too long.

Although he questions the gods' influence, he has seen their power and has no qualms calling upon Moradin for assistance.

Burghrum lost many friends to duergar, including his long-time friend Ragdeck, they went way back. They were both low-key war heroes.

Burghrum's brashness n a critical battle cost him Ragdeck's life. After this, he pulled away from the public eye.

He knows the powers of the gods, but questions why they influence Quelmar...so many have died.

The Back Halls[edit | edit source]

He was traveling to a neighboring dwarven clan with a few guards as an emissary. They were resting and about to pack up when suddenly everything went dark and Bhurgrum woke up in the Halls.

Although Bhurgrum thought he was in the year 795PR, the Back Halls bring back memories of other times and visions of the future. He doesn't care for the details. He just wants to go home and help his people.

In one iteration of Bhurgrum in the Halls, he traveled far with a group of shifting companions that included Prince Yasai, Corra (RIP), Mephisto (trapped), Earn'st (RIP), Quinn (RIP), Vadim, and Seraphina. In this life, he kept a map on a strange rectangular device, met far too many glassbreakers, and landed the final blow on the Eviscerator, gaining its powers. He felt partly responsible for Quinn's death, which is perhaps why he and his team felt so protective of the budding child wizard they called Timmy. He formed a bond with a Galeb Duhr and then made some critical mistakes in the City's library. When fleeing the library and after exhausting the master powers of the Eviscerator, he gave his life to save Timmy, first from the City's attacks and then from the Allip.

A later iteration of Bhurgrum traversed much of the halls, sometimes alone, sometimes with allies. Near the southernmost wall with the highest numbers, he found a gateway into the walls. He carefully made his way through the magical darkness to what should have been the edge of the Halls. He walked carefully perpendicular to the wall, walking for what seemed like days in the dark void. Eventually, he heard voices. The voices of eldritch Earn'st, Quinn, and others, who lead him to a new gate (home to a Kreaker, they later learned). He again became fond of Quinn. With this team, including Brynala, Thetsu, and Tierial, they made their way to Room 1, defeating the crab master along the way. In room 1, the effects of the halls seemed to cease, and Quinn found his father, who was none to pleased to see him. After some tense words, they parted for the City. Quinn as a child (though strangely aged a few years), was admitted into the City's walls. Bhurgrum was allowed to enter as a guardian. Although their party later attacked, their tenuous connection to the City remained. Soon, Bhurgrum's party from a previous life attacked the City from another entrance. In the chaos, Bhurgrum encountered many of the previous party, including Timmy and the Galeb Duhr, who warmly welcomed him. He even shared tea with a guidance counselor and a demon. And he learned the song sung by all the children, a call and response required to open the glowing gates at the center of the city. He tried desperately to find Quinn in the chaos, but settled on teaching the song to a rabbit he just met named Shiel.... Hopefully his efforts were not in vain.

In yet another lifetime—or perhaps the much later in the same one (City connections go a long way)—Bhurgrum become very strong, with at least the power of the Eviscerator. After what felt like eons, he came to find himself resting in the Kingdom, when the weave began to break. The BackHalls collapsed around him, and his party—this time with Yasai, Seraphina, Vadim, and Mephisto—found themselves in a strange futuristic world, also swirling with broken magic. Several of the Halls' masters emerged, resulting in a battle of legend. Once the eviscerator, frog, wyvern, ogre, and allip were slain—for the final time?—the heroes went out to explore this strange world.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Clerical powers (healing, knowledgE)

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