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List of Alcoholic Beverages

Below is a list of currently documented alcoholic drinks in Quelmar, often times paired with a good Tavern Game.

Name Type Taste(10) Strength(15) Description
Absinthe Spirits 10 13 Made from the drug of the same name, Absinthe wine can send imbibers spiraling down into madness.
Abyssal Rainfire Mead 8 6
Ale Beer 3 2
Aleeian Wine 6 6
Aliant Wine 7 6
Almond Brandy Spirits 2 12
Alwyr Red Wine 5 2 A sweet elven desert wine, brewed by a reclusive clan of elves. It tastes strongly of cherries.
Apple Jack Spirits 6 12
Armagnac Spirits 6 12
Auerhaven's Spirit Mead 8 11
Bellowforge Bock Beer 4 2
Bitter Ale Beer 3 2
Bitter Black Beer 3 2
Blackaxe Stout Beer 4 3
Blood Mead Mead 2 4
Bock Beer 3 3
Brandy Spirits 5 9
Brandy, Candy Spirits 5 12
Brandy, Sharp Spirits 5 10
Brindleberry Wine 6 4
Brown Mold Beer Beer 2 1 Weakest of the dwarven brews, this is generally only made by soldiers stationed deep in mines, but some goblins have taken to the drink
Champagne Wine 6 4
Chieftan's Choice Beer 4 3
Clansman Rich Rauchbier Beer 5 3
Colinth Amber Mead 9 6 Colinth Amber is a joint project of dwarves and elves, and considered one of the finest drinks in the land
Cordial Spirits 6 12
Cracked Claw Beer 1 2
Cragg's Flaming Twister Beer 3 3 Named for it's inventor, a hobgoblin named Cragg, this is one of the few goblin brews other races find acceptable.
Dark Beer Beer 3 2
Darkdale Bogwheat Beer 4 2
Darkdale Burgundy Spirits 5 10
Delilah Hill Gold Wine 5 4
Delilah Hill Platinum Wine 6 6
Devil Spit Beer 2 2 Though made by humans, Devil Spit is said to make some of the goblin brews seem good
Dornakh Beer 2 2 Goblin brew, almost palatable
Double-Axe Ginger Mead 2 4
Dragonbite Bitter Beer 3 2
Dragonblood Spirits 5 10 Spicy liquor with a hint of sweetness
Dragon's Breath Beer 2 1
Dwarf Spirits Spirits 12 A drink famous on hundreds of worlds for its strength, Dwarf Spirits are, perhaps, the strongest drink around. One drink has been known to knock a man out, and dwarves pride themselves on their superior constitution and ability to drink these spirits.
Dwarfhead Stout Beer 4 3 Most common of the dwarven brews
Dwartharian Brandy Spirits 9 12
Dwarven Moonshine Spirits 2 12
Dwarven Peat Beer Beer 5 So named for its thick consistency and dark taste, is one of the most potent beers known to man. While not as strong as the famed Dwarf spirits, Peat Beer has a small contingent of devotees who have come to appreciate its earthy taste.
Dwarven Spiced Wine Wine 5 8
Elverquisst Spirits 7 8
Elysium Red Wine 4 3
Erinyes Ambrosia Wine 9 14
Evermead Mead 7 3
Faerie Dark Spirits 5 It is rumoured that this sweet liquor is brewed by dark elves. While this is probably not true, any who drink more than their Alcohol Threshold of this drink find themselves illuminated by faeirie fire until the sober up.
Feywine Mead 9 12 A mead made by the wild elves, said to induce madness and hysteria.
Fire Beer Beer 4 2 Fire beer is made in part from peppers, giving it a very hot flavor. Though no stronger than many other beers, it has set many a warrior to tears
Firewine Wine 8 12 Brewed in the northlands, this wine is said to be able to stave off the effects of the cold.
Flaming Forge Beer 4 3 Served boiling. A Staple at Stuckey's
Fletcher's Wheat Beer 2 1 Herbal Beer
Forecaslte Pilsner Beer 2 2
Forecastle Stout Beer 2 2
Frenzywater Spirits 2 13 An extremely potent clear alcohol, known for sending barbarians into rage and making everyone else irritable and surly
Frostwine Wine 10 6 Delicate white whine created from an exotic blend of grapes growing only in the colder areas
Fyana Flight Beer 1 An elven beer, light and easy to drink in large quantities. ?ose unused to drinking it find its taste very dry.
Garnet Wine 7 6 Bold red wine that has ground garnet as an ingredient
Gelifein Pale Wine 3 A wine fermented by merfolk using a unique type of sea-weed. The wine’s texture is murky and green, and its taste is quite heavy. Many surface folk liken it to drinking grass.
Ghast Sweat Beer 1 3 Bitter local brew
Gin Spirits 4 12
Ginger Ale Beer 3 1
Ginger Beer Beer 2 2
Ginglebarney Walnut Stout Beer 4 A thick, dark beer flavoured by walnuts. It is produced by the Ginglebarney Brewery, headed by a clan of gnomes known for their ability to drink copious amongst of alcoholic beverages.
Goblin Ichor wine Wine 4 Made by tribes of goblins who live in the Howling Caves to the north. ?e wine’s unique taste is created by fermenting a breed of underground grape with the poisonous ichor of a giant centipede.
Goblin Mead Beer 3 2
Golden Light Beer 5 2 Lightweight beer with flowery accents
Gorgon's Eyebite Wine 5 4 Rose Wine
Great Divide Ale Beer 6 2
High Note Red Ale Ale 3 4 A popular drink in Galik
Highland Mist Beer 7 1 A human version of Silverforge Rare that seems to have earned the grudging respect of the dwarven master-brewers
Honey Mead Mead 4 3
Hospitaler’s Mead Mead 2 A strange drink of average taste and a herbal taste, this light mead has the effect of healing 1 hp of damage for every 2 AU drunk.
Hunter's Brew Beer 3 5 A strange drink mix of the local beer and different animal bloods. Common bloods used are veil, venison, bear, swine, and dragon. This drink goes bad 36-48 hours after the creature was killed. Hugely popular with vampires.
Kippya Nectar Wine 4 3 White Wine
Kirsh Spirits 6 12
Knuckle Bones Beer 2 2
Kragg Beer 1 1 Extremely powerful brew that seems to only be tasty to goblinkind
Kraken's Black Charger Beer 6 2
Lager Beer 3 2
Lavender Metheglyn Mead 8 4 This meade is slow fermented honey with an infusion of lavender flowers.
Light Beer 2 2
Lightning Hoof Ale Beer 5 2
Lord Fern's Bitter Beer 4 2
Lusty Mermaid Ale Beer 3 2
Lute Stout Beer 2 6 A popular drink in Galik
Malt Liquor Beer 3 2
Mead Mead 6 4
Mild Rose Mead 7 3 Brewed with honey and a delicate infusion of select roses
Miner's Mulekick Beer 1 3
Mirabelle Spirits 6 12
Moondrop Wine 9 6 This brew is rumored to be made from fresh dew and moonlight, crafted by skilled elven artisans
Mountain Stream Ale Beer 5 2
Mushroom Wine Beer 2 1
Ny's Wild Honey Beer 6 1 A brew made from hops and honey, somewhere in between a meade and a beer.
Oaken Red Wine 5 4
Obliviax Wine 8 2 This wine is famed for causing memory problems, and in coastal areas is often called Shanghai wine
Orcish Ale Stout Beer 3 A thick, murky drink, bitter in the extreme.
Pazeel Wanderer Beer 4 2
Peaks Special Blend Beer 5 1 The liquid comes from freshly melted ice from the highest peaks in the Great Divide. There is a special blending of the highest quality grains to produce this exceptional ale.
Pegleg's Ale Beer 2 2
Porter Beer 4 2
Praetorian Cellar Wine 8 12 White Wine
Pulgue Spirits 2 12 One of the few halfling brews, this drink is made from cacti growing only in the Basiran desert. It is an aquired taste
Pulsh Ale Beer 2 2 Made from nuts
Purple Dragon Ale Beer 3 2
Raspberry Fizz Wine 2 4
Raspberry Summit Wheat Beer 7 1 Though a weak brew, many find the flavor of this drink appealing. It is often used as a ceremonial summer brew
Roo Brew Beer 1 2 Brew made from mushrooms
Rotgut Spirits 1 10
Rum Cider Spirits 5 10
Rum, Dark Spirits 3 12
Rum, Light Spirits 3 8
Rumblekin Mead Mead 2 The product of the Rumblekin Halfling clan. The honey for their mead is gathered from the hives of specially trained giant bees, and is known to have a strong and heady taste.
Rune Brew Mead 9 4
Sake Spirits 7 11 Elvish brew made from rice and honey
Saki Spirits 3 12
Saldean Rum Spirits 6 11
Satyr's Delight Wine 4 3 Rose Wine
Satyr's Rose Wine 6 6 Rose Wine
Serpent’s Tongue Spirits 5 A nasty tasting spririt, this drink is poisonous to all except goblinoids (which accounts for its popularity in human bars). Each AU drunk does 1 hp of damage to the drinker.
Shadowdark Ale Beer 3 3
Sherry Spirits 2 9
Silver Cloud Beer 4 2
Silver Wolf Spirits 10 12 Silver Wolf is one of the few brews known to be of wild elf manufacture. Those who prize good brews have been known to smuggle it.
Silverforge Dark Beer 7 3 Brewed with a very dark, painstakingly slow roasted malted barley, with an ample amount of hops, a slight licorice-like aroma and a flavor reminiscent of dark chocolate.
Silverforge Rare Stout Beer 9 3 One of the highest quality dwarven brews, rarely exported, and then only to those the dwarves prize as friends.
Slivovitz Spirits 6 12
Small Ale Beer 1 A common drink found in most inns and taverns, small ale is cheap and plentiful
Smuggler's Gold Beer 4 2
Somaberry Wine Wine 6 14 Technically a poison that induces unconsiousness
Spiderblood Spirits 9 13 A mushroom wine that contains the venom from poisonous spiders. It is crafted by the drow. Though it's taste is remarkable, it can also be deadly.
Spruce Ale Beer 2 2
Starberry Wine Wine 10 7 Made by the Dubois family, this expensive drink is the finest make in practically all the realm.
Tantul's Dark Beer 4 2
Thudrud Beer 2 2 The palate of Thudrud is best described as 'a rotting cow that caught fire'
Tiefling Tea Spirits 2 12 Often called 'the dregs', Tiefling tea is generally a mix of other spirits
Ursahk’s Dark Wine Wine 10 The first foray attempt of the famed half-Orc brewer Ursahk into the creation of wines. While his ale is known to be among the world’s best, the taste of this wine is not considered a success by any race except, strangely, the elves.
Utter Moron Spirits 0 13 Utter Moron is called such because only an utter moron would drink it. It is generally the cheapest and worst brew in the area.
Vulcan Fire Wine 4 3 Red Wine
Vulcan Fury Wine 5 4 Red Wine
Vulcan Rage Wine 6 6 Red Wine
Wheat Grass Wine Wine 2 12
Whimsy Wine Wine 3 2 Whimsy Wine is a very weak wine made by the elves. It has a fruity flavor that many find appealing in spite of it's lack of alcohol content.
Whiskey Spirits 3 10
Wine, Apple Wine 4 4
Wine, Apricot Wine 6 4
Wine, Ashberry Wine 6 4
Wine, Banana Wine 5 4
Wine, Blackberry Wine 6 4
Wine, Blue Wine 4 4
Wine, Blueberry Wine 5 4
Wine, Cantaloupe Wine 6 4
Wine, Cherry Wine 5 4
Wine, Dandelion Wine 6 4
Wine, Date Wine 5 4
Wine, Elderberry Wine 6 4
Wine, Elven Wine 7 4
Wine, Fig Wine 4 4
Wine, Gammonberry Wine 5 3
Wine, Green Wine 6 4
Wine, Peach Wine 6 4
Wine, Pear Wine 5 4
Wine, Plum Wine 6 4
Wine, Potato Wine 4 4
Wine, Prune Wine 5 4
Wine, Purple Wine 5 4
Wine, Raspberry Wine 6 4
Wine, Red Wine 5 4
Wine, Sour Wine 2 6
Wine, Spiced Wine 4 6
Wine, Strawberry Wine 4 4
Wine, Sweet Wine 3 4
Wine, Watermelon Wine 4 4
Wine, White Wine 6 4
Wine, Wildberry Wine 6 4
Wingfeather Mead Mead 9 4
Wraith Pass Beer 5 3 This excellent ale is brewed in some very deep and icy caves. The brewing temperature must be kept very cold to insure the fine flavor.
Wyvern Blood Spirits 4 8 A weaker version of dragonsblood
Zombie Killer Beer 1 2
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