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The Quelmar Wiki
2021 WikiFest JAMathon
Jam: Tropical Kiwi
Start Date: 12th of July
End Date: 18th of July
Games: Five
Pages: 32

The first Quelmar WikiFest JAMathon was a community led worldbuilding event that took place from the 12th to the 18th of July 2021, designed to celebrate the Quelmar Wiki and the creativity of the community. Participants spent the week writing and uploading their wiki pages, with any topic open for creation. These ideas were then distributed amongst the GMs, who used them to form a one-shot game for Sunday’s event. GMs were welcome to run any system they're comfortable using, however only two days were given to plan their game.

Games[edit | edit source]

Wizards and Waitlists[edit | edit source]

A new school year has begun at The Barmora School of the Arcane Arts, and the magical hijinks are just beginning! Four fresh faced students find themselves navigating the library, solving puzzles, and having general goofs in their attempt to get a lingering spirit through to the afterlife.

In and Out Again: An Eroticadventure[edit | edit source]

EL Manes, a secretive, elusive, erotic novelist is holding her first ever book signing - her long awaited introduction to the public. However, when avid fans show up to the bookstore, Manes is nowhere to be found. With only the title of Manes’ next book as their guide, four horny adventurers must discover the secret of EL Manes' absence and get their books signed!

The Sphinx Beneath The Stairs[edit | edit source]

Four adventurers are sucked into the Infinite Staircase between worlds, where they aid monster hunters Demi and Stella in tracking down and defeating a possessed Sandy the Sphinx (after trading wares and playing cards with the locals, of course)

A Bagel with (Cream) Cheese[edit | edit source]

Everyone knows you don’t eat a bagel plain, however our 4 beefy bruisers had to learn this lesson the hard way; a contractual wrestling match soon becomes one heck of a gooey mystery. While our wrestlers finished their match and defeated the top cheese of a black-market bagel operation, they were left with a single bagel floating to the surface of a warm fondue puddle with a note that read “This is not the end.” and on the other side “2624999178”

Drop the Bleat      [edit | edit source]

The Ravens are ready for their long awaited return to Ravendean, but instead of flexing their acting prowess, an administrative mix up sees them instead become… goats? Boresham’s treasures and the Tune of Horrors threaten to steal the limelight, but the Raven’s show must go on!

See Also:[edit | edit source]

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