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"Protectors of Corellon"
Years Active ???
Government Dictatorship
Allies Vilavon
Enemies Woldlin
Primary Race Elf (Wood), Fairy, Half-Elf, Centaur

History[edit | edit source]

The Elven race was all born at once many millennia ago during, at that time, the elves were nomads travelling from Arborea, the home of their creator Corellon Larethian. Arborea is a magical woodland that rivals the Feywild in splendor and natural beauty. The High Elves split off from the Wood Elves thousands of years ago as a paradigm shift occurred among the population. While the High Elves took to Quelmar’s forests as home, the Wood Elves believed their home still laid out there among the stars.

Wood Elves are proud of their Arboreal heritage, and see themselves as holy representatives of Corellon and his homeland. Through the use of heavy magic, the Glendoveer Elves make themselves feel more at home, creating unorthodox plants and magical protections that mimic life in Arborea.

However, this heavy manipulation of the forests was challenged by the High Elves, who considered themselves wholly native to Quel’mar, and respected and cherished the natural woodlands as the fey protectors of Isonhound. The High Elves would band together in what is now known as The Woldlin Principality while the Wood Elves would flee east and look for magical sympathizers that shared in their admiration of the arcane. As Woldlin went on pursuits against those magically tampering with their forests, they also drove out the fairies of Isonhound, and thus a powerful alliance was formed.

The Fairies, who natively come from the Feywild, are the epitome of beauty and magic, and the Wood Elves respect that as they do their own kin. Powerful manipulators, the Fairies were key in establishing and securing the boundaries of the new colony, and for that reason, several fairies sit on the strategic board of Glendoveer, helping plan conniving tricks and traps for the High Elves to fall into. However, as Woldlin is massive and outnumbers Glendoveer’s armies by 10, Glendoveer’s queen, Grand Mistress Xyrneiros, is now seeking ways to travel overseas to Osugbo, where forests are plentiful and untouched by High Elf hands. They fight a defensive front to the west against their High Elf kin: The Fey Front, where elves have literally slaughtered their own brothers and sisters. Only through alliance with their neighboring kingdom Vilavon have they been able to split Woldlin’s resources and dissolve their strategic capability, buying them valuable time to save their citizens.

Despite their small size, their heavy reliance on magic makes Glendoveer one of the most powerful and dangerous factions in Quel’mar. Knowing this, Woldlin has kept several key Wood Elf settlements hostage, and these “Propagations” now stand under constant siege on the far west coast, separated from the main kingdom by the mighty wall that is Woldlin. Glendoveer thus has two goals, one to escape their citizens overseas to Champerty (where they can plan their takeback of Isonhound), and the other to rescue their trapped and endangered brethren in the western Propagations from the clutches of Woldlin.

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