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"If they call Tiamat the Queen, then Jatil is...well...okay not her king...but like her Nephew" - Presidith

According to Plutarch, Jatil Jivelg was a blowing a bunch of Hot Air. (You can see the 'A' carved in his neck by Plutarch's ancestor)

Jatil Jivelg (whose name means Cruel Tormentor in Draconic) was a Black Dragon native to Kiston who had massive ambitions. He was encountered by both parties of the It Came From Kiston campaign. The ancestors of the campaign encountered him as a young black dragon, while the descendants met him nearly two thousand years later, as a massive black wyrm.


In the early BR era, a young Jatil was already rising to power, having earned the respect and assistance of a tribe of Draco-Orcs who helped him with his early machinations. One notable early mission he had them undertake was to steal a red wyrmling from the Crystal City, hoping to use it as leverage against the Red Dragon families. Unfortunately the kidnapping was sabotaged by The Venship, who would save Presidith the baby red dragon and reunite him with his mother in the city.

In a desperate attempt to keep Presidith from Jatil, the barbarian Alexias threw herself at the dragon, momentarily overcoming him and pinning him down. She took the opportunity to carve an initial in the dragon's neck, a life-long wound on the still developing acidic pharynx of the dragon.

In the late 1290s PR, Jatil was now one of the strongest and most terrifying of the dragons still on Kiston, the adult red dragon Presidith admitted that most dragons still on the island worked or served Jatil in some capacity. When Presidith tried to lie to Jatil and hide the presence of The Fated Five on the island, Jatil (off-screen) pinned down Presidith and told him that if he tries to protect the Fated Five again, there will be 6 bodies. Presidith also put the rest of the island on high alert for any sight of Presidith possibly helping five individuals, which made the skies of Kiston an incredibly dangerous place to be for the team.

Jatil preyed on the cowardly Presidith, knowing he always gives in to fear.

Jatil, under the instruction of Tiamat, was also in charge of a counter-measure that would keep Kiston from being locked again, but required the blood and body of one of the original echoes of the The Kalachakra's attuned energies. This meant that only one sacrificed member of The Fated Five would be enough for Jatil to stop their entire plan. However, Jatil's attempts were thwarted when the Fated Five over powered him, knocking him out of the sky and shooting him in the face. Jatil would fall from one the Crystal City's high entry-holes thousands of feet below, but a body was never confirmed.

Members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company encountered Jatil in western Amusa in 893 PR during the Within the Wicked Wilds campaign, along side the insatiable orange dragon Xevriss.

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