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Languages Common, Draconic
Affiliations Kavanmort, Tiamat
Aliases The Orange Scourge of Amusa, The Devourer of Gourds, The Destroyer of Gourds
Species Orange Dragon
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow

Xevriss is a massive fat orange dragon with an unending appetite for all kinds of food. He terrorized Western Amusa during the Holy War in the BR era.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Xevriss, the massive orange dragon, boasts a grand spectacle of shimmering scales, radiant in shades of fiery orange. Its hefty frame exudes an air of indulgence, adorned with layers of rolls and folds that reflect a lifelong love for feasting. Despite its robust build, Xevriss' limbs are stout and powerful, ending in gleaming claws reminiscent of polished gold. Its wings have failed to grow with the rest of its hefty form appearing small against the rest of his body, while its head, adorned with curving horns, rests atop a visage that balances curiosity and insatiable hunger. Rows of razor-sharp teeth fill its cavernous maw, offering a glimpse into the dragon's eternal passion for indulgence and delight.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Xevriss, though lacking in intellect, possesses an unwavering passion for food that shapes his every interaction and impulse. The allure of a sumptuous feast eclipses all other concerns, rendering him an endearing, albeit simple-minded, creature. His eyes light up with childlike joy at the sight of a bountiful spread, and his actions are often guided by the pursuit of culinary delights. With his weight and lessened mobility he adopted a more sedentary life, content with the nearby villages tributes of delicious produce. Despite his lack of strategic acumen, Xevriss's insatiable appetite can make him a dangerous food as he will devour anyone who gets in the way between him and his meal.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Holy War, dragons did not make as far inland to the area that is now Western Amusa as they did to the coasts.. Unfortunately, this means that the guards in the area were less prepared and were sent less resources than those their coastal allies. Generally, this was not an issue and the guards and residents were happy with their luck.

One day, however, this 'luck' turned to horror when the great Orange scourge of Amusa, Xevriss the Destroyer of Gourds, descended on the area. Xevriss was part of an alliance of dragons including Kavanmort the Twin Doom, Old Alkinimic, among others. The guards ran to their posts, but found they were out of ammunition for their trebuchets. Fortunately, one quick thinking soldier thought to load them with the local crops: giant pumpkins.

As each shot rang out, Xevriss became heavier and heavier as he devoured each one. Xevriss gradually lost altitude as his belly grew until eventually, he drifted to the earth and fell into a deep sleep.

Upon awakening, Xevriss found the biggest pumpkin he had ever seen awaiting him with a small note attached reading:

"Great Xevriss, Devourer of Gourds,

We have left here an offering to your might. Just west of here there is a great swamp and a greater cavern beneath with many more like this if you so wish to indulge yourself at our disposal. If you so choose to stay, a delivery of gourds the likes of which you have never seen will come every fourth day."

Xevriss took the area up on their offer and made a lair of the swamp and cavern below, pleased with his twist of fate.

Of course, every few weeks, the great dragon would emerge and stage and half-hearted attack on the surrounding areas as long as gourds continued to be used as ammo by the now christened "Gourd Guard." Eventually Xevriss would be called North to Osugbo by his Dragonkind to fight the Northern War.

Little is known about what happened to Xevriss afterwards.

The Gourdheart Disciples[edit | edit source]

An offshoot of the Gourd Guard known as the Gourdheart Disciples, rather then hoping to just satiate Xevriss, began to worship the dragon as well as begin to worship the act of gluttony and eating itself. They would dress in orange and green adorned with pumpkin iconography and perform ceremonies revering the dragon, capped off with massive feasts. Their ranks included farmers, former Gourd Guard, druids, and world class chefs.

Within the Wicked Wilds[edit | edit source]

At some point after his disappearance Xevriss was captured and taken to The Court of Hallow's Eve in the Feywild. Eventually he would be freed by his loyal disciple Dynia and let loose again on Amusa in 893 PR. His rampage would come to a head when he was confronted by the forces of Western Amusa who had risen up against him to bring an end to his gluttony. He would call upon his allies in The Cult of Tiamat who would assist in defending his lair. These allies included multiple dragons including the Cruel Tormentor Jatil Jivelg. He would come face to face with members of the Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company in his lair and be defeated. Afterwards he would be taken back to the Feywild by the Pumpkin King, ruler of the Court of Hallow's Eve.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, Draconic

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