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A Slow Walker's Guide to the Land of the Lost

A Slow Walker's Guide to the Land of the Lost[edit | edit source]

Amusa, from Galik to Xender Pleth

Penned by Shelmlock Dolmes

Shelmlock Dolmes, famed detective and reporter for the Galik Herald.

Preface[edit | edit source]

Good day reader! My name is Shelmlock Dolmes, famed detective and reporter for the Galik Herald. You may know me from award winning pieces, such as my expose on ShadowGuild, or my in-depth exploration of the Cycle festival in Nestle. But today I am taking a break from reporting and am trying my first foray into literature. I have traveled near and far across the land of Amusa and in the following chapters will detail all my knowledge and experience for future explorers. I hope that my words may be beneficial to you and if we meet in the wild, don’t be afraid to say hello.

Amusa, The Land of the Lost

The Lands of Amusa[edit | edit source]

Amusa, the Land of the Lost, is a continent like no other. Nestled between the fire and earth elemental planes, Amusa has an eternal autumn, one that never fades and is blanketed in mysterious fog. The land itself is varied and extreme, with craggy mountains, dangerous swamps, sinkholes, and canyons.

This area is known for its export of harvest squashes, gourds, vegetables, and flowers. The labyrinth of interconnected cave and tunnel systems were a haven for races during the BR era, and the active geology creates a sense of ever-changing danger and mystery. The tunnels are additionally frequently rumored to lead to the Underdark, but this has never been proven.

It's no wonder that Amusa has gained its unfortunate nickname, the Land of the Lost. Those brave enough to choose this continent as their permanent home are attuned to the ever-changing land and its secrets.

The continent is split into five distinct regions, and from there those regions are split into distinct domains and kingdoms. Each region is unique and distinct from the other, each with its own marvels and its own great dangers.

The Regions of Amusa
The Domains and Kingdoms of Amusa

The Dolina Peninsula[edit | edit source]

The Dolina Peninsula is a region of treacherous wetlands. As winds blow in from the north to disperse the dense fogs of Amusa, the region has become habitable for many. But the land remains wet and marshy, and it is dangerous to travel alone as creatures unknown lurk in its swamps.

Dolina is a home to dragonborn and many draconic races. Formerly a region loyal to The Dragon Queen, Dolina became more peaceful as dragonkind refugees fled to the land following the Draconic Crusades.

Western Amusa[edit | edit source]

Situated between the bay and the dangerous lands of Abzcar Canyon, Western Amusa is a land of fertile and quant autumnal fields. It had become a perfect home for many farming communities, producing a large export of gourds, vegetables, and other such fauna.

The pleasant weather and the serenity of the land have made Western Amusa a popular tourist destination for travelers far off. Many come to join in the famous Harvest Festival where the people of the land come together to celebrate a successful harvest year and to honor the Gourd Guard, an order of warriors who in ages past defended the region from the dragon, Xevriss, the Orange Scourge of Amusa and Devourer of Gourds by sating his endless hunger.

But the land is not without its threats. Contrasting the peaceful farming homesteads of the land are savage tribes of Gnoll raiders who plunder the lands close to Abzcar Canyon for food and weapons.

Galik[edit | edit source]

Extending from the major Capital City of Galik, the domain of Galik stretches across the eastern corner of Amusa, ruled by an oligarchy of prominent guild leaders.

The City of Galik[edit | edit source]

From where I myself come from, I introduce you to “The Entertainer's Paradise,” The City of Galik is absolutely massive. It takes up a majority of Galik’s domain and is home to thousands of guilds and businesses. It is the largest city in Amusa, and rumor has it that it takes a week to walk from one end to the other.

The city has a long history and has suffered many tragedies, yet it has always endured. This strength of endurance though doesn't come without some pretty heavy rules for the people's protection. Galik has banned the use of magic outside by non-Galik officials, and normal citizens are allowed only one sheathed weapon and no armor heavier then leather. Exeptions to these rules on weapons though do not apply to members of Galik's many militias, the greatest of which being the Lyreguard – an elite military squadron most well known for riding griffons when on patrol.

Even with all the rules and protections in place, Galik's nature as a sprawling city with many layers have made it the perfect home and hub for many cults and criminal organizations through out Amusa. Criminals have developed its own language for criminals called Galik Street Slang. These orders use Galik's expansive underground t conduct their many secretive operations.

Cauldomo[edit | edit source]

The domain of Cauldomo is situated to the south-west in Amusa and is a major agricultural supplier for Amusa. Cauldomo also serves as a major center for natural tourists through Amusa due to the beautiful landscape brought about by Amusa’s eternal autumn and Cauldomo’s positioning between the fire and earthen elemental borders creating many natural hot springs.

Nestle[edit | edit source]

Nestle is a small port city mainly used for ferrying goods and people across the bay to Dolina. The town has a large population of both halflings and draconic races.

Many years ago Nestle was attacked and had many of its farmsteads burned away. This led to a major food shortage for the city and surrounding areas causing many lives to be lost to starvation. This led to Nestle constructing well protected grain reserves as well as banning fire magic anywhere within 5 miles of the city. This event is commemorated with the Cycle festival, held every four years celebrating the staving off of starvation.

The city is also known for its Temple to the nature goddess Yondalla, as it is the temple itself, built beneath the center of the city under the Plowman’s Association headquarters, that holds and protects the city's grain reserves.

Wistness[edit | edit source]

Wistness is a Domain at the far south end of Amusa bordering the cursed fog of the southern seas. While Wistness has fertile farmland the shores to the south are coated in a dense heavy fog that is rumored to be a curse set by Nerull on the land itself. There is an unusually high number of shipwrecks and many report strange supernatural sightings in the mist. Rumors of Undead abominations appearing out of the fog run rampant across the domain.

Luggland Hills[edit | edit source]

The north eastern corner of Amusa is covered in gorgeous rolling savannah hills and wide grasslands. Travel in this land is simple as roads are plentiful across the region, and you are never too far from a good tavern and a cozy inn.

Troverth[edit | edit source]

Serving as the remnants of what was once a powerful and militaristic empire, The Domain of Troverth works to hold onto the land they still have left. Troverth was formerly an innovator in demonic magi-tech technology. But they were forced to halt the development of such weapons after the Demonic Infiltration where Demons invaded the realm.

Warukami[edit | edit source]

Warukami is a port city at the northernmost tip of the continent, on a peninsula known as “The Wart.” It is famous for such landmarks as the infamous Dragontooth Arena, and its only temple, a church belonging to the Druid god Mielikki.

The Geyser Greenwood[edit | edit source]

In the south, rolling hills transform into thick and dense jungle. Through the rainforests geysers spout forth boiling steam and the fog rolling in from the south obscures much of the region. The dangerous unexplored terrain is dotted with the ruins of civilizations long past, and only the brave dare venture forth into its dense foliage.

The Kingdom of Xender Pleth[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Xender Pleth is the only remaining kingdom in Amusa. While it stretches across a large portion of eastern Amusa, due to being situated in the Geyser Greenwood, the Kingdom consists mostly of a small number of isolated by sizable cities. The kingdom was founded by notable hero and pioneer, Xender Pleth, who also founded its capital, Xender City. Yes, the names are confusing, I don't get it either.

Xender City[edit | edit source]

Xender City is the capital city of the Kingdom of Xender Pleth. This carved city sits precariously into the wall of the canyon which splits Amusa making it a treacherous location for those without the ability of flight. The natural heat from the lava-covered canyon floor combined with a bustling mining trade make the city a haven for metallurgists, alchemists, and artists alike.

The cities primary inhabitants are Aarakocra and Azur who all revere the fifteen phoenixes who return one every year to raise their young.

Luggland[edit | edit source]

No longer in Luggland Hills since after the First Realm War, the Domain of Luggland has rolling hills, forests, and ideal plains up and down the east coast. Originally the home to a large Halfling population, Luggland has opened its doors to many new inhabitants. As the land is reminiscent of the plains of The Feywild, Luggland was a known retreat for many refugees of The Fey Front, where fey fled the continent of Isounhound during Realm War I.

Sotchala[edit | edit source]

I know little of the land of Sotchala. I myself have not traveled there and have heard only legends. Tales say that this land was taken by the fog, and that those that call it their home now are beings far beyond our comprehension.

Abzcar Canyon “The Scar of Amusa”[edit | edit source]

No one knows how Abzcar Canyon, otherwise known as “The Scar” was formed. But that may be because no one has ever traveled deep enough into it to find out. Rivers of lava and fields of magma with few havens for safety has made the region uninhabitable for most mortals. Those that do call this land their home are creatures of ancient and deadly origin, best to be left alone.

Abzcar Canon is a realm of mysterious unknown. Few have braved the canyon and even fewer have survived it. Its secrets have been kept hidden for ages, maybe you will be the one to uncover them.

Recent Developments[edit | edit source]

I never thought these old Tortle eyes would see it, but ships fly in the sky! Coming all the way from Isounhound, airships have come to Amusa for both military and commercial use. We can now journey to worlds never known before.

Today, 15 years after their introduction, in 892 PR, airships are a common presence in the skies over Galik. Large freighters come and go between ports all over Quelmar. Air docks were constructed over the water docks and a brisk import/export business on both air and water flows through the city. Who knows what new age of adventure this will bring to the land.

But Do Beware![edit | edit source]

Amusa is not called the Land of the lost for nothing and if you are to survive and thrive, you must be wary of what waits for you behind the corner.

First, beware the fog. The southern shores of Amusa are coated in a thick and mysterious fog. Nobody knows its origins, but they know that the fog is a source of strange undead and that those who enter into it never return. The continent’s nickname, Land of the Lost, also stems from this area as some believe that lost souls may wander through the fog from the Astral Plane and into Amusa.

The lands are also home to dangerous raider tribes. In Western Amusa you must contend with the wild and unruly Gnolls who attack and pillage farmsteads across the land. Then In the eastern seas, you must beware of the undersea Sahuagin, who will not hesitate to drag you beneath the waves.

Since The Demonic Infiltration, Demons and Devils still war across the continent. Many believe that the Demon Lord Orcus intends to make his return to Amusa to once more claim it as his own. Devils work to undermine these demons. Devils will make pacts with mortal warriors to assist in the extermination of Demons in Quelmar, forging a sizable force of Demon Hunters in the land.

And since the beginning of the new dragon war, beware the apex predator of the realm. With Dragons and Demons and Gnolls and other threats unknown, Amusa can be a very dangerous place to live.

Closing[edit | edit source]

Amusa is a land of opportunity and mystery. I have traveled it again and again and I doubt I will ever see it all. But that doesn't mean you can't. Don’t let my slow Tortle legs slow you down. Explore the autumnal fields of Cauldomo and celebrate the Harvest festival, brave the jungles of the Geyser Greenwood to uncover ancient ruins, and take to the skies in a new airship to reach new heights. The Land of the Lost has been waiting for its next great hero, could that be you?

And that will be it. Shelmlock Dolmes signing off.

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