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Note: Quelmar's Alpha Complex highly resembles the stock Alpha Complex of the Paranoia RPG, with very few alterations. For specifics on how to run Quelmar's Alpha Complex, see GM: ⮞Get Submodule

Alpha Complex is the name of the final (of many) ███ to inhabit the ███ of ███.


Alpha Complex is controlled by The Computer (Though it is anyone's guess WHICH Computer)

Everyone in the Alpha Complex has a Security Clearance which ranges from Infrared to Ultraviolet.


Ultraviolet Citizens were also known as "High Programmers".

Alpha Complex is clear of any communists, mutants, or traitors. This spotless reputation is thanks to the many servants of the Computer known as Troubleshooters

Citizens of the Alpha Complex are given access to "PDC"s, the equivalent of iPhones, but obnoxiously built, like the worst version of a Blackberry PDA.

The local police force of Alpha Complex was known as IntSec (Internal Security). Another less successful and more wild group of "law keepres" were known as Troubleshooters.

Goods and Services

Wow you have done a lot of reading today. 
I think it is time for a mandatory refreshment, 
possibly accompanied by a compulsory purchase 
from one of the following companies which sell 
immaculate goods to you and the other 
infrareds of the Alpha Complex.

Please select from the following adverts:





Note: The Alpha Complex Was Designated for use with HDR Color Space Only. Usage of other colorspaces distorts the true nature of the city and is considered Treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution.

Areas of Alpha Complex

The Productions, Logistics, and Commissary (or PLC) was a brutally complex series of beureucratic pipelines that citizens of the complex are often required to defer to when requesting information from the Computer or from higher clearance citizens.

The average wait for information from the PLC is 15 years.


  • BUD Sector
  • DON Sector
  • TLC Sector
    • Notorious for being where all the Scrubs are (and many people who do not want them there)
  • PLC Sector
    • Home to a real jerk of a red R&D supplier named Tom
  • DND Sector
  • EID Sector
  • GARD Sector
  • TPG Sector
    • Where Beeeese Lives
  • Sector 003
  • Sector QQQ
  • Sector YYY
  • Sector DBZ
  • Sector GGG
  • Sector MLY
  • Sector CAD
  • Sector KLG
    • Home to Mabel-B, a matronly blue citizen who Hendrix loves to lick.

Non Sectors

  • The Sewers
    • A region deep under Alpha Complex which empties out into the nearby sinking ocean. Contains at least one way to sneak out of the alpha complex. Also contains a labyrinth.
    • Contains at least 1 rat.
    • Contained "The Chamber of Secrets" according to Cinnabon. In fact an airtight sewage chamber that flooded and trapped and killed anyone foolish enough to step into it.


Troubleshooting was the prestigious job done by the most loyal workers of Friend Computer, whose job was to search out everyone who was a commie, a mutant, or a traitor.

"Mike-U-5" was the first Trouble Shooter according to the large statues and plaques built in his honor.

Mandatory Bonus Duties

Members of a Troubleshooting team are typically also given a special job within the team to perform. Including, but not limited to:

  • Team Leader
  • Equipment Officer
  • R&D Officer
  • Happiness Officer
  • Hygiene Officer
  • Loyalty Officer

Secret Societies

A number of "Secret Societies" operate under the radar in Alpha Complex, including the following:

  • The Mystics
    • A Secret Society all about procuring, taking, sharing, and exploring psychoactive items and drugs of all manners
    • Included Hendrix
  • Death Leopards
    • Included Pixel and Cinnabon
    • The most dangerous and anarchist secret society, a group of revolutionaries that want to destroy the whole system, including Friend Computer.
    • "Shake Shake Shake, Squeeze Squeeze" is the secret handshake of this society.
  • The Sierra Club
    • A Secret Society all about the mysterious "Outside" which is rumored to exist if one were to escape or flee from Alpha Complex. A strange world with trees and grasses and animals and all manner of natural things.
    • Included Evo
  • The Corpore Metal
    • A Secret Society obsessed with making themselves become one with the technological world.
    • Included Gouverner
  • Frankenstein Destroyers
    • A secret society that believes robots, cyborgs, and all imitations of life are the bane of the earth.
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