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Character Sheets[edit | edit source]

Adventure Running Notes[edit | edit source]

Note: Many adventures or parts of adventures for the first 10 sessions were mostly just run straight out of the Paranoia published modules, most of the below relates to the last 5 sessions which were custom written.

List of References in The Finale[edit | edit source]

It Came From Kiston[edit | edit source]

Towson Tabletop[edit | edit source]

  • Their briefing officer is a short little enthusiastic man named Henric-O-GAN
  • Warforged god "Hat", former member of The Sky Net is recorded giving a long winded exposition of how The Sky Net ultimately became the Alpha Complex in the first place, also with a brief reference to Tiamat's second war (which TT ended at the beginning of)
    • Said exposition is done via a poorly made powerpoint, as all the story-recap videos were done that way in the TT Campaign
  • The player of Kragnux makes a visual cameo as the hero who has to slay the dragon in AI Dungeon
  • The "QuothDealer" delivers several quotes from this campaign including "The Pigs Will Be the Downfall of us All"
  • Speaking of Pigs, the swarm of 100 Guinea Pigs (mentioned above) is actually 100 real pigs, and they trample and kill everyone in a single encounter if they are summoned (aka the TT finale)

Tales of Quelmar[edit | edit source]

  • The "AI Dungeon" security system involves playing a game on a system that looks suspiciously familiar (but at least it didn't crash)
  • The Tarrasque they encounter is in fact a "Zombie Tarrasque" (On The Precipice Of History)
  • A series of confusing hallways and doors lead to a comedic Scooby-Doo like chase sequence (MotW: A Long Night in Ravendean)
  • The "QuothDealer" delivers several quotes from this campaign including "That's the matron that let me lick her sap!" (Fairy Forests of Isonhound)

Brightwater[edit | edit source]

  • Thanks to Jackobot using all their money, the team is now in a ton of Tasha Debt, a mysterious type of debt that disappears and then when least expected, reappears, apparently having just been lurking under the surface
  • The "AI Dungeon" security system involves playing a game on a system that looks suspiciously familiar
  • There is a mix up regarding a BeeHolder, and which is truly the BeeHolder (spoiler alert the BeeHolder room was in fact just the Bee Holder room)
    • Then further lampshaded when there actually IS a beholder

Underdungeon[edit | edit source]

  • The team's mission takes them to the "Undercomplex", a mysterious, dark, filthy, purple area underneath Alpha Complex.
    • Lampshaded even further when the door to the Undercomplex is graffitied to say "UnderDungeon"
  • Budli appears! He is apparently still alive and being used to fuel the entire ecosystem's reanimation of clones.
  • A strange blind Beholder appears as the "end boss" of the campaign (but he's easily hacked to bits)

Sick of this Shit[edit | edit source]

OathWielders[edit | edit source]

  • The team gets R&D equipment called
    • ClotheShielders, which apparently plays a small bittune of the OW theme when activated
    • QuothDealers, which has many quotes, including "The Song of Freedom: It Starts with a Handshake and ends on Another Continent"
    • BetrothFeelers
  • Additionally the team gets SEVEN of these devices instead of 6 (7 OathWielders)

Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck[edit | edit source]

SotS Inc[edit | edit source]

Chronepsis Campaign[edit | edit source]

  • Citizen DRU gets a briefing mission from officer HUX regarding something going wrong, and then we never see what happens next and Dru's mission remains unresolved to this day

Uncharted[edit | edit source]

  • Mission Briefing mentions going into Uncharted territory
    • ...okay yeah that's all I could come up with

Tails of Quelmar[edit | edit source]

  • The mission is a Honey Heist
    • The players would later don the all-to-necessary honey heist hats

Atla[edit | edit source]

  • The team is only equipped with knives this session, one-hit kill knives known as "Atlacerators" whose wounds are unhealable.

Secondary Characters[edit | edit source]

  • The "AI Dungeon" security system has a friend who helps guide the players, named "Fantasy Clippy"

The Neighbours[edit | edit source]

  • The Undercomplex is infested by a rival gang...err...secret society, known as "The Crows", though they look more like The Caw-Caws. And act more like COVID-19 (hence their name Corvid-19).

Other[edit | edit source]

  • The standard outfitting is the explorer's pack which is the default in basically every D&D campaign
  • The QuothDealers quotes all actually come from the Quelmar twitter

Unused Ending[edit | edit source]

0 IOUs Card[edit | edit source]

Having spent all their points to survive in the now, and to fight each other off in selfish acts of instant gratification, the team finds themselves with little to no help left. Without the support of their many powerful friends and allies, the Impeller system is no longer possible to fix in time. The current approaches closer as the team fights and dies over and over again trying to reach the Impeller’s systems. But it is not enough. The critical current passes by with little celebration. Things seem no different, but there is no going back now.

Bad Ending Monologue[edit | edit source]

As you finish collecting yourselves, your heroic sense of completion wears off----looking at yourself and your companions, you see the dunes of the beach have been shifted by your writhing bodies on the sand. Your heads start to pound as the hangover sets in, and you realize that all this time, you have been completely drugged out of your minds. Covered in sand and seaweed, you see all six of you have been so completely Zoinked that you have actually accomplished nothing all evening. Your dreams of “saving the day” vanish and you feel the island bump beneath you….the feeling of the Impeller kicking in?

On the horizon, you see the small red vortex in the distance, even if the day hasn’t been saved, at least we got one last kickass montage together. While the dread now lingers at the bottom of your stomachs, it looks like it could be weeks, or months until the current carries us to the end.

With the little time we have left now, I turn it over to the team and ask, for the last time----What do you do?

[They do stuff]

At that point, your PDCs chime in, one last time, ringing with the brilliant and soothing tones of our Friend, The Computer.

“Citizens there is no need for alarm. The mild tremor felt moments ago was the result of many commie mutants being exterminated in the TLC sector….There is no reason to worry. Everything will be fine for you, and for your friends, and for your family. I will never stop watching over you, and under my infallible and all-powerful guidance, we will make it through this together. This…perfectly normal day…and the one after that….and the one after that…forever and ever. Through my incorruptible wisdom, we will persist and live on to see the future together, happily.

And if we die in the far distant future, citizens, do not cry because it is over. Smile because it happened. Smile, because it Happ…iness is Mandatory.

Smile for me…the Computer…because I am your Friend. [Suddenly uplifting and heroic] And I will continue to be your friend…to the ends of the realm! ”


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