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The Quelmar Calendar is the measurement of time, as invented and tracked by Humans shortly have their introduction to the realm. Events that happened before the calendar was invented exist in Prehistory, and are considered folklore or mythological, as those events rarely have any solid record of happening.

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Quelmar has four traditional seasons, and each season lasts 4 years. You can track the seasons at Quelmar Timeline/Seasons.

Spring[edit | edit source]

Summer[edit | edit source]

Fall[edit | edit source]

Winter[edit | edit source]

Days[edit | edit source]

A Day on Quelmar consists of 24 hours of time. From sunrise to sunset, the sky is illuminated red (which is Quelmar's natural sky color), and glowing a dim orange at dusk, shortly before the night sky takes over. The night sky is a typical black or dark blue.

Tendays (Weeks)[edit | edit source]

Tendays, often referred to as "weeks", are the building block of Quelmar's months. Each of Quelmar's 12 months are made up of three Tendays. Each day of the Tenday is labeled in a similar fashion. A "work-week" consists of half a week, and is made up of 5 days. Historians ocassionally refers to dates in terms of tendays, such as "Oneday of the 3rd Tenday of Junonia", though the more common form is to refer to dates by their number of the month (see below).

  • Oneday
  • Twoday
  • Threeday
  • Fourday
  • Fiveday
  • Sixday
  • Sevenday
  • Eightday
  • Nineday
  • Tenday

Months[edit | edit source]

As each month consists of 3 Tendays, each month is made up of 30 days, in dating an ocassion, historians often use the month name, followed by the number of the day (Junonia 22, Kentgannon 18, Shivicity 7, etc.)

PR[edit | edit source]

In the PR era, Quelmar uses the fantasy months:

CR[edit | edit source]

The 12 months take more traditional names in CR era adventures (January, February, etc.)

In Alpha Complex, the months were referred to by simple numbers. (1 - 12)

Years[edit | edit source]

See Quelmar Timeline

See Also[edit | edit source]

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