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System Agnostic is an "anthology" game that began on August 28th, 2022.

About[edit | edit source]

System Agnostic takes place in four chapters, each occurring in a different era of Quelmar's history.

Chapter One: Prehistory (Dungeon World)[edit | edit source]

The first chapter takes place sometime during Quelmar's prehistoric era, being viewed at an unknown time by Celeste Kellthora in The Library. During a time when Quelmar was a round ball of purple time and two moons graced Quelmar's sky, a band of adventurers work in and explore the chaos of the plane's single continent, Panglhea.

Chapter Two: BR Era (Dungeons and Dragons 5e)[edit | edit source]

The events of the second chapter occur in 245 BR, towards the end of the Infernal Emergence. An adventuring party, after recovering archaeologists from a Pelorian temple, make plans to recover the battleaxe Karavox. At the same time, in an unknown later time period, Aaron Duscalla is going about his day. This is probably unimportant.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

As the ages of Quelmar's history change, so too do our cast of characters.

Chapter One: Prehistory (Dungeon World)[edit | edit source]

Puud Een

Citizen Doctor Eloise Mehermbler

Sae Kelven



Chapter Two: The BR Era of Dragons (Dungeons and Dragons 5e)[edit | edit source]





Chapter Three: The PR Era (Cthulhu Dark)[edit | edit source]





Chapter Four: The CR Era (DIE)[edit | edit source]





NPCs[edit | edit source]

Some NPCs are accidently invented. Others deserve mention.

Chapter One: Prehistory (Dungeon World)[edit | edit source]

Celeste: A human with elven blood and longevity, Celeste was in The Library watching the films of the group's adventures. Killed by the Akrellix Dyalla, found by the servant of Amunet.

Servant of Amunet: a being carrying Eloise's holy symbol.

Youngling: Rakshasa child, rescued by the party from the depths of the Amphitheatre.

Murrahkh: Medusa. Currently presiding over the Amphitheatre, blocked off from the rest of the world by a cave in. Has also appeared as a teenaged almost elven girl with reddish coppery hair in intricate braids, dusky skin, and green eyes.

Syth: Rakshasa "father" and owner of Outrys' only inn.

Ainok Bolkar: Redheaded wood elf. Hired the party to aid him and protect him in entering the temple that appeared. Briefly seen as a man with more rounded ears than an elf. Killed in the Temple of Reality.

Vilya: Dryad thriving in the dark caverns below. Believes her end is coming and that Aranwe's search for a temple heralds her coming end. Killed when Quelmar was flattened but is joined with Aranwe in the land.

Azarin: Ancient being disguised as a Gnoll. Merchant lord of Tharingar, tracking Aranwe and Sae.

Cat: A beat to shit black cat missing part of its tail, with a faint sparkly sheen to its fur.

Brodin: A centaur underling in Indomitus' old army. Deceased.

The One Who Solidifies: One of the five that legend says created the great multiverse. An avatar that killed most of the chapter one party, screaming of her desire to be released. Also known as Xentalia.

Chapter Two: The BR Era of Dragons (Dungeons and Dragons 5e)[edit | edit source]

Aaron Duscalla: Human curator of Historical Artifacts at Paraska Manor in Dolmvay. Working from home for some reason.

General Arzarox: Demonic general working for a Marileth (name currently unknown). Killed by the party session one.

Syr Lokord: Large Tabaxi, owner of the Nested Tiger. Exceedingly wealthy but uses that wealth to take care of those around them and hire adventurers in an age where devils make travel very dangerous.

Devon: A maw demon adopted by Domus.

Artagen Branch: Redheaded wood elf language specialist, usually high on something or other. Briefly seen as a redheaded human while the group was high.

Marcella Essler: Kyuri's mother, made her own bargain with devils upon marrying her husband for some unknown reason.

Alistair Essler: Kyuri's father, wholeheartedly took to the devils' bargains for pure power.

Cat: A beat to shit black cat missing part of its tail, with a faint sparkly sheen to its fur.

Vol'ak: The Mimicking Ooze, current monarch of the floating city of Gol Zenagi.

Xen: Earth Genasi former cultist, working with the group to reclaim Karavox so she can use it for a moment.

Chapter Three: The PR Era (Cthulhu Dark)[edit | edit source]

The Man with the Holy Symbol: Man on a tour of Paraska Manor with the holy symbol of the "One True God". Trying to free the prisoners from the Akrellix Dyalla.

Lady Myra Duskar: Lady of Dolmvay. Invited to Paraska Manor. The form of Meghan Duscalla while she was trapped in this simulation.

Sir Syva Koncor: Knight in service to Lady Myra. Invited to Paraska Manor. The form of Syd Koncorda while they were trapped in this simulation.

Artok Bolt: Commoner, thought he was invited to serve the Paraskas. The form of Arnold Bolton while he was trapped in this simulation.

Iraga: Black cat, missing part of its tail, scratched up to high hell, faint sparkly sheen.

Akrellix Dyalla: The strange mercurial being that kidnapped our heroes and others from Ravendean when the town was attacked before the bubble.

Chapter Four: The CR Era (DIE)[edit | edit source]

Lilix: Representation of a Goddess of Light in the Akrellix Dyalla simulation.

Hype Spear: A sentient magical weapon who desires hype and happiness from its wielder.

The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: Prehistory (Dungeon World)[edit | edit source]

Episode One: The Beginning

Episode Two: Inns and Outrys

Episode Three: Ainok's Quest

Episode Four: The Brightling Moon

Episode Five: Of Moons and Magic

Episode Six: The Temple of Reality

Chapter Two: BR Era (Dungeons and Dragons 5e)[edit | edit source]

Episode One: System Reset

Episode Two: Extermination and Extraction

Episode Three: Runic Secrets

Episode Four: Secrets in the Smoke

Episode Five: Gol Zenagi

Episode Six: Cultists and Crystal Spires

Episode Seven: Karavox Reforged

Chapter Three: PR Era (Cthulhu Dark)[edit | edit source]

Episode One: Party at Paraska Manor

Episode Two: Shattered Memories

Episode Three: System Error

Chapter Four: CR Era (DIE)[edit | edit source]

Episode One: Guess They'll DIE

Episode Two: Old Haunts

Episode Three: The Roads Home

Episode Four: Master Plans

Episode Five: Live or DIE

House Rules[edit | edit source]

Dungeon World House Rules[edit | edit source]

Alright, hints about the house rule. Whenever someone asks what here is not what it seems, they must role 2d6, adding nothing. Results of question will always give them what in the moment is not what it seems. What else they get varies depending on results of the roll.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e House Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Critical Hits: when you roll a natural 20 in combat, the extra damage die is automatically maxed out. Then roll the die and add the usual modifiers. (Ex. When critting with a longsword wielded with both hands, roll the d10 as normal, then add your usual modifiers +10 (the max value of the die)).
  • Spell saves: Two rules for spell saves.
    • Natural Twenty: On a natural 20 for a spell save, if the spell would deal half damage on a success, you instead take no damage, as if the caster had rolled a natural one to attack.
    • Natural One: On a critical failure, the spell acts as if the caster had rolled a natural 20 on an attack roll. See above for the rules on that.
  • When a player rolls a natural 20 outside of combat: Don't worry about it.

Cthulhu Dark House Rules[edit | edit source]

Only that reaching 6 isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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