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"For Every Law and Rule that is Obeyed...there is a reward. For every law transgressed there is a punishment. Blessings and punishments may not come about immediately, but they occur eventually." - The Law of Consequence

Into the Greedy Green was Quelmar's 3rd community D&D campaign (following Towson Tabletop in 2014 and Ancients Alive in 2018) that ran from January 2022 (with a December Pilot session), officially ending in April 2023.

The campaign took in over 100 players for 14 months, and stopped taking new players on March 31st, 2023, followed by a month of finales, and a string of one-shots and other pick-up games considered "The PostGame".

About[edit | edit source]

It has been 30 years since The Sundown, the year is 825 PR, and the realm finds itself once again facing endless waves of Dragons, who have all been long released from their prison island of Kiston. While the realm as a whole struggles to come together to face its new common enemy, smaller towns, hamlets, and cities now face a pandemic of robberies.

After centuries of having nothing good to horde, Dragons everywhere begin again---building hordes of treasures, weapons, materials, gems, books, and all other manner of collectibles.

And in this new world, only those brave enough to call themselves Heroes are willing to track down the dens all over Isonhound and recover this loot, as they head....into the Greedy Green.

Players Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Player Characters for Greedy Green currently start at Level 6 and have 550 Gold Pieces in addition to their standard starting equipment
  • No backgrounds that grant free feats (Such as those offered in the Strixhaven or Wonders of the Multiverse sources)
  • This campaign requires the latest published edition of any material, but UA is allowed for unpublished material.
  • Stat generation includes Standard Array, Point Buy, and rolling 4d6 (drop low).

Dead and Retired

Character Class Race Status Player Level
Kris Artificer Leonin Retired Bo 4
Jeb Warlock Tiefling Dead RJ 3
Boros Sorlock Tiefling Dead RJ 5/1
Mallen Cleric Tiefling Dead Mike 3
Miles Bard Tabaxi Retired Ben H 4
Jo Sorlock Changeling Dead John 2/2
Ulka Fighter Bugbear Dead Marcy 5
Einari Paladin Loxo Retired Melody 5
Varryn Ranger Elf Retired Sam 4
Alenka Warlock Star-Soul Dead Claudia 4
Tordek Druid Dwarf Ascended Jake 5
Cyan Druid Dhampir Dead Matt 5
Patches Ranger Reborn Retired Charles 4
Akagane Fighter Tiefling Retired Ino 4
Búho Bard Owlin Retired Edelio 5
Tokax Fighter Elf Dead Alex 5
Archie Wizard Elf Retired Alex 5
Izaak Fighter Half-Elf Missing Nick P 5
Asger Cleric Goliath Missing Luke 6
Joshua Rogue Human Missing Nathan 5
Markoth Paladin Aasimar Missing Gavin 6
Elric Warlock Yuan-Ti Dead Marcy 6
Naxxradormu Wizard Dragonkin Returned Logan 6
Dur'kalak Barbarian Lizardfolk Dead Jon 7
Silent Arbiter Demigod Missing Nin
Ignidicus Warlock Tiefling Missing Brandon 6
Aesir Ranger Elf Missing David 6
Alanis Cleric Elf Missing Steph 6
Mumiy Barbarian Half-Orc Missing Mei Ling 6
Omni Cleric Dwarf Missing Chris 6
Rex Barbarian Dragonborn Missing Lev 6
Mabel Sorcerer Gnome Missing Emma 6
Barbie Barbarian Dragonborn Missing Krista 6
Ren Druid Elf Missing Kennedy 6
Pum Bard Changeling Missing Miriam 6
Kellen Monk Human Missing Phillip 6
Karl Anders Barbarian Dwarf Missing Russell 6
Zevendell Barbarian Orc Missing Ben 6
Kluck Barbarian Aarakocra Missing Rob 6
Amber Warlock Genasi Missing Andrea 6
Indy Fighter Fairy Missing Sam 6
Volrac Monk Dragonborn Missing Charles 6
Adonis Paladin Half-Orc Retired David 6

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Campaign Plot[edit | edit source]

DM Write Ups: The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Player Write Ups: Player Recaps[edit | edit source]

The Campaign Whiteboard can be found by clicking here.[edit | edit source]

Player Factions[edit | edit source]

As part of the community Metagame, players naturally form alliances, guilds, and factions with other players, especially if those players find themselves at the same table frequently. Factions tend to have more than 5 players to them, and the largest are listed on the PC table above. Player factions are strictly for social purposes, and many players enjoy the campaign just as much by remaining unaligned.

Downtime and Offscreen Projects[edit | edit source]

The Greedy Green Campaign offers anywhere between 4 and 8 sessions every month, but we only aim to get each player to 1 game per month. That can be a lot of downtime between session. While we do say that each session takes place after the last, there is no set timeline exactly when each session might occur in the world. As such, the only measurement of time in the campaign is done by the month. All sessions held in January took place in Month 1, while all sessions that took place in August took place in Month 8. Because we track time ONLY by the month, it slightly changes how Downtime and other projects are approached between games.

  • Players may work on one project a month, with the minimal pay-off occurring on the first day of the next month.
  • Multi-Month projects, such as artificing new items, researching, training, etc. can be expedited if multiple players work together on the same project.
  • Options for Downtime can be found in the Xanathar's Guide to Everything downtime rules. Any downtime that takes less than a month should be done multiple times to fill up the entire 30 days worth of time.
  • Other options can be created but only with the permission and collaboration of a Greedy DM.

House Rules[edit | edit source]

A few variant rules are in place in this campaign, mostly to make it easier and more approachable for those in the community with less D&D experience:

  • All directions of movement, including diagonals, are 5 feet.
  • Taking a critical hit while making life saves is 1 automatic fail, not 2.
  • Ammunition and Carrying Capacity are not tracked. Though it may be determined on a case by case basis if you are carrying too much of something.
  • It's assumed players buy components for spells at towns between sessions. Very expensive components (like diamonds) are still tracked and necessary.
  • An inspiration point can be used to "De-Inspire" an enemy's check, save, or attack.
  • Allies and Enemies in a line of fire do not provide half-cover (unless they actively choose to provide cover for someone else)
  • The Flanking variant rule is in play, allowing players to get advantage if they attack an enemy from two opposing sides.
  • Players can cast 2 spells on their turn as long as one is a bonus action, and is not limited to Cantrip actions only.
  • Drinking a Dragon's blood grants 1 minute of "Speak with Animals"

MegaGames[edit | edit source]

Unlike previous Community Campaigns, Greedy Green was defined by it's mega games, which featured multiple DMs and tables running at the same time. MegaGames for Into the Greedy Green included:

  • Summer August MegaGame
    • A fundraiser for QuelmarCon featuring 17 players and 3 tables in one location.
  • January MegaGame
    • A one year anniversary event, featuring over 25 players and 5 tables across 5 separate locations in town.
    • See FAQ page for more info as this was the most logistically complex and required it's own breakdown of rules and such.
  • Finale April MegaGame
    • Featuring over 30 players and 5 tables in one location.
    • Served as the final documented session of the campaign, marking the full transition into the Wicked Wilds successor campaign.

Code of Conduct[edit | edit source]

All participants (players, DMs, and organizers) are automatically expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct, and consent to the use of the X-Card, when playing a Greedy Green Community table.

  1. All Greedy Green Community Campaign participants are here to have fun and should feel safe and included at all times. Fun had at others’ expense is no fun at all.  
  2. Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment and safety of others at the event. Greedy Green is a public, community campaign, open to all State College players of ages 13 and up. Please avoid excessively vulgar, sexual, or overly mature themes when requested.
  3. Follow the DM’s lead, try to avoid extended arguments with the DM or other players over rules, as time is limited at these events. The Dungeon Master has the right to remove a disruptive player from the table. Disruptive behavior includes (but is not limited to):
    • Speaking over other players.
    • Excessive cross-talk that is not relevant to the adventure being played.
    • Not sharing the spotlight with other players.
  4. No tolerance is given for aggressive behavior, and are grounds for immediate removal from the game.
    • Aggressive behavior includes threats of or actual physical aggression against another player, disrespecting pronouns, using slurs, and otherwise harassing participants.
  5. Any player who oversteps a boundary, whether explicitly set or not, should be held accountable with the use of the X-Card. X-Carded behaviors will immediately be halted and discontinued at the present table.
  6. If a participant feels uncomfortable bringing an issue to the attention of the table via X-Card, the participant should notify a Dungeon Master or Quelmar Representative as soon as comfortably possible.
  7. Participants are required to have received their vaccine for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to keep playing spaces at a level of safety expected by the community. The use of masks at the table is optional but encouraged.

Feedback Form Link[edit | edit source]

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