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Plot ~ 750BR Campaign Begins[edit | edit source]

Icewind Dale has become trapped in a perpetual winter. Ferocious blizzards make the mountain pass through the Spine of the World exceedingly treacherous, and this land has not felt warmth of the sun in over eight years. In fact, the sun no longer appears above the mountains, not even in what should be the height of summer. In this frozen tundra, darkness and bitter cold reign as king and queen. Most dale residents blame Auril (oh-REEL) the Frostmaiden, the god of winter's wrath. The shimmering aurora that weaves across the sky each night is said to be her doing a potent spell that keeps the sun at bay.

Dalefolk live in a scattering of settlements known as the Ten-Towns. The drop-off caravans coming from the south and travel between settlements in this never-ending winter has left everyone feeling isolated. Although each town has resolved to appease the Frostmaiden with sacrifices of one kind or another, no respite from winter's fury seems forthcoming. Recently, reports have been made from the (neighboring) contintent Isonhound of possible effects reaching the lands from the Frostmaiden. With no end in sight, this seemingly perilous spell will consume all lands if no one is able to stop it.

For adventurers such as yourselves, Ten-Towns is a place to test one's mettle and, in the spirit of heroes who have come before, leave one's mark on this frigid blighted land.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Oisín Mosshill - David R.

Picklz - David M.

Leif Gladefel (a.k.a. Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way) - Craig R.

Hubert (Huey) del Toro - Sunny R.

Mireille Daphnes Nohansen - Rachel T.

Verglas Tundrachian - Jeff B.

NPCs Met So Far[edit | edit source]

Jeff Bridges - Polar bear, mutual friend, acquisition of rare objects

Hlin Trollbane - Dwarf, Retired bounty hunter

Torrga Icevein - Dwarf, Owner of Torg's, a traveling second-hand merchant of the Ten Towns

Sephek Kaltro - Humanoid , Bodyguard to Torrga (Deceased)

Terrance - Stable Master of Easthaven (Deceased)

Pallando - Colleague and housemate to Alatar (Deceased)

Tali - Half-elf, environmental scientist

Pliam - Lakemonster in Bremen, new friend of Oisín

Ravisin - the Ice Druid awakening beast to destroy the Ten Towns (Deceased)

Nimsy Huddle - Townspeaker of Lonelywood, maker of cookies

Shrubbsley - the awakened Good Berry Shrub, friend of Mireille

Wrappers - the resurrected Mummy smelling of Pumpkin Spice

Trovus - the Dragonborn town speaker from Caer-Konig

Xardorok Sunblight - leader of the keep where Verglas was imprisoned

Session Highlights[edit | edit source]

Session 1: The Journey Begins[edit | edit source]

- Players all meet on Huey's boat called The Kels'

- Picklz wastes no time in stealing things off other PCs

- Oisín talked to a bird

- Some PCs got sea sick

- Encountered a friendly sea-monster (Lapras)

- Safely made it to Bremen and booked a warm room for the night.

- Party learned Jeff Bridges is not in Bremen

Session 2: Cold-Hearted Killer[edit | edit source]

- Party met Hlin who gave the party a bounty

- Picklz stole some snowshoes for travel

- PCs traveld to Targos and on the way encountered some magical Chardalyn

- Once entering Targos, the party met with Torrga and Sephek

- At the end of session, Oisín perished in the fight against Sephek; but was brought back to life with unknown consequences

Session 3: The One Where No One Died[edit | edit source]

- The group got some cool weapons of Sephek, Picklz took his head as a backpack

- Group returned to Bremen to collect bounty from Hlin

- Group finally met up with Jeff Bridges who asked for their help with a request from a friend Alatar.

- Party made their way to Good Mead to find Alatar

- Party decided to take short cut through the woods and found a party of Koblods.

Session 4: HOUSEMATES (not roommates)[edit | edit source]

- The party started to fight the group of kobolds when Alatar arrives

- Together they vanquish the kobolds and find out that Alatar is looking for their colleague/HOUSEMATE Pallando who has gone missing.

- Group travels to East Haven, Pallando's last known whereabouts

- Pallando is found on the outskirts drunkenly talking to a weird tree

- After going into town and exploring, Pallando is killed in the inn and Huey knocked unconscious.

Session 5: An Un-STABLE Situation[edit | edit source]

- The party took up Alatar's deal to get to the bottom of Pallando's murder

- Followed a trail that lead to the stables and the family Decapreaye

- Terrance, the stable master was stabbed and abducted by the group

- Further information from a civilian party revealed that the Decapreaye's are just the Sunblights in disguise.

- The party set out of Easthaven heading south and interrogated Terrance further.

- A visit from the Frostmaiden and a message was given.

- The Night Knight was given a vision in the night.

Session 6: Gone Fishing[edit | edit source]

- Players met an NPC scientist named Tali

- Went fishing and made a new friend, Pliam

- Huey was MIA for the one sailing episode

Session 7: Unloved or Unlovable?[edit | edit source]

- Huey called out Edge Lord within the first 2 minutes of the game... something along the lines of "You wouldn't understand the concept because you're unlovable but home isn't a place but people you love."

- Team traveled to Termaline on their way to Lonely Wood and picked up a book on Abyssal for Mireille.

- Team also picked up Termaline town quest for clearing out Kobold infested mines.

- Session ended with party defeating a Grell.

Session 8: Zombie Rats, Kobolds, and a T-rex[edit | edit source]

- Party proceeded to squish out the life from a zombie rat

- Picklz and Edge Lord both vomitted, which Mierelle slipped on

- The party killed some more Kobolds and went further into the mines

- Defeated Trex and a ghost appeared.

Session 9: A Minor Issue[edit | edit source]

- The party greeted the Ghost of Janth and acquired a magical satchel

- Mireille recovered the Wisdom stone, as well as Janth's journal detailing their expedition and the whereabouts of the Master Sword.

- The skull of a mind flayer was crushed and a psi crystal was found. (Picklz cried)

- The party returned to Termalaine and await their reward for clearing out the gem mine.

- Huey and Edge Lord went on a shopping spree and purchased: 5 flavors of instant ramen, Glacieraid, a Firbolg snowglobe (from Globey's Emporium), and a ridiculously oversized pencil (w. sharpener) that acts a javelin.

- Mireille and Oisín went to the library.

- Picklz was being Picklz

Session 10: Get Me Some of that Good Wood[edit | edit source]

- the team decided to make their way to Lonelywood after hearing news about a white moose from a librarian

- After making their way to Lonelywood, the party met with the town speaker and found out more information about the White Moose problem

- being promised the Ramshackle Inn as payment for the White Moose's head, the party set off to discover the root of the cause.

- the party ate a ridiculous amount of cookies

- the story of the last elvish prince tomb was revealed... along with the location of another lost gem for the master sword.

Session 11: The Fall of Ravisin[edit | edit source]

- picking up the story in a clearing in timber site D, the Picklz found bear tracks and followed them.

- a pristine body of a bear was found, which later Edge Lord went back to bury and saw an image of their older brother.

- the next morning, our party encountered the tomb of the elvish prince and attacked the white moose that fled into the tomb.

- at the end, the party came face to face with Ravisin herself.

- a ferocious battle was fought but out Cubes were victorious and leveled up!!

Session 12: 20 Gold for Eternal Happiness[edit | edit source]

- after looting the body of Ravisin, the party explored more of the tomb

- they found an awakened shrub who they named Shrubbsley

- they also found Ravisin's sister along with the gem in wisdom. It is particularly worthy to mention that Picklz was the one who recovered the gem of wisdom. Holding it in his little rat hands, the feelings of overwhelming peace flooded into his little rat mind. He then proceeded to sell the gem (along with eternal happiness) to his own party for a quick 20gp.

- the party also gained a mummy follower they names Wrapers, after solving a tomb riddle.

- negotiations where made between the moose and Oisin which ended in mutual agreement.

- the party received the Ramshackle Inn.

Session 13: Cauldron of Plenty[edit | edit source]

- Renovations were made to the Ramshackle Inn

- The party met with Jeff Bridges and formed a plan to cure Oisin of his curse with the help of Alatar. It involved aquiring a knuckle bone from a power witch. Conveniently , there was known of an evil witch hidden in the caverns by East Haven. The group set out for their new destination and got attacked by wolves on the road. Craigsey was lost in the fray.

- After arriving in East Haven, Mistwalker and Huey (Party 1) broke from the group to try and resolve problems in Caer Dineval

- Picklz, Oisin, and Merielle met with town bard Rinaldo (Party 2) and charted a plan to get a witch knuckle bone. After exploring every inch of the Cauldron Caverns, the Party 2 fought an evil witch hiding in the Cauldron Caverns. After a close battle involving a reanimated frost giant, party 2 was victorious and required both the knuckle bone and a extremely rare artifact, the Cauldron of Plenty (CoP). It is noted that the witch was brewing human flesh in the pot at the time it was won; Picklz slurped a decent amount down before the CoP was empty.

Session 13.5: A Friend Lost But a Friend Gained[edit | edit source]

- Huey and Mistwalker traveled to Caer Dineval and met a local Quibbles (the town Nudist).

- the new band of 3 decided to try out some mystery potions

- The party was invited into the Keep to talk with the townspeaker. The town speaker inquired about attaining the Cauldron of Plenty (unaware to their knowledge the other half of the party acquired) - the party of 3 were thrown into the dungeons but escaped because they were left unguarded.

- the party of 3 explored hidden parts of the keep and managed to rescue some captives being held prisoner. - the party then approached Avarice who turned out to be a formidable foe.

- Mistwalker woke up after falling unconscious in the home of the Keep's former butler. A letter was scent by Party 2 for Party 1 to return to East Haven. Leif swore to avenge their fallen friends and free the town upon their return. He also received a fine artifact; a gift from the butler for the inspiration they brought to the town.

Session 14:[edit | edit source]

- Rinaldo, Oisin, Picklz, and Rinaldoall left the Cauldron in the care of Easthaven so long as their artificers infused the pot so that it couldn't belong to a single person or town.

- Eager to uncurse Oisin, the party left swiftly for Good Mead, leaving Picklz behind to watch the Cauldron.

- they encountered Berserkers who appeared to have gone mad from long exposure to Chardalyn.

- After arriving to Good Mead, the three came upon Alatar's home which was ransacked. Rinaldo graciously performed a seance to see if Alatar was dead and indeed they were.

- Alatar informed the group that the DeCapreay's have a fortress south of East Haven where they are planning something big. They also have aquired the master sword and plan on trying to use it powered by chardalyn. Alatar also provided Oisin with the proper way to brew this cure-all curse potion he concocted.

- Meirelle got a moment to talk with her mother before the connection was broken. A touching moment for the two.

- Oisin's curse has been broken.

- The group decided to stay a day and repair Alatar's home. They then left to meet up with Mistwalker, Picklz, and Huey to take on the Fortress next. When they arrived in town they learned of what happened in Caer Dineval.

Session 15: The Beginning of the End[edit | edit source]

- The party regrouped and headed straight for the Spine of the World mountain range.

- After climbing various rocky platforms and cliffs, the party made their approach to the no longer abandoned fortress hidden within the Spine of the World.

- Upon approach a chardyln dragon was released out from the undergrounds of the fortress. The dragon noted the party but was given another mission to complete: the destruction of the ten towns. Merielle phoned Jeff Bridges to warn him of the dragon's presence but ultimately the party decided to stay on course to rescue the master sword and bring an end to the Sunblights.

- They successfully scaled the backside of the fortress and descended upon the ice gate. They encountered several deurger enemies but quickly dispatched of them. They learned that these deurger can turn invisible and have the ability to enlarge themselves. [Unrelated to this, Kelsey started using battle maps and the players spent a lot of time running around the battle map!]

- They took an elevator down to the next level of the keep but were still locked out of the main part. They shoved the rat through a tiny crack and proceeded to teleport everyone else into an "empty" room next to the locked keep doors. There they happened upon an invisibile dwarf cowering in the corner. It was debated a while if the invisible dwarf was pooping and if their poop was invisible as well.

- Merielle picked up a new character feature where she can spend her bonus action flipping off her opponent.

- Combat with the invisible deurger was avoided however some harsh words were shared.

Session 16: A New Friend Arrives[edit | edit source]

- The players start to explore the "command level" of the keep. The first room they enter is Xadorock's war room filled with weird bits and baubles. The most interesting things found in this room was a map showing the route of the chardyln dragon's destruction as well as a caged Dragonborn prisoner called Verglas.

- The players found a likely ally in Verglas and freed him. They then found a secret tunnel to which Merielle jumped blindly in with no precautions and proceeded to be upset that they ran into a room filled with deurger.

- After defeating the deurger, they investigated more of Xadorock's war room and his quarters. They hit the mother load of treasure, however, it was heavily booby-trapped and only Picklz was able to retrieve those items.

- They passed by several other doors in this level of the keep. Verglas particually focused on the one that smelled like they were serving food. After trying their luck on another room, a mimc showed itself and almost consumed Leif.

- Verglas convinced the party to go into the dining room and they ran into Grandoplpha Muzgardt who they found an unlikely ally. Verglas got several plates of meats and mushrooms with an uncanning amount of fococcia.

- The players explored a little more and took the elevator down one more floor to the "forge level". They opened the door to the room beside the elevator and came face to face with the nightmare haunting Leif's dreams: The Night Pope (a.k.a. Klondorn -Xadorock's most trusted advisor and a barbed devil in disguise). The fight was the first time Oisin found himself utterly useless against an enemy with immunity to fire damage. It was also another doozy for Merielle. The group successfully vanquished the night pope with only his miter left behind.

Session 17: Poppy's Game![edit | edit source]

- The group finds a temporary ally, Brogs (Goblin played by Poppy) who grew up in the Keep.

- The group explored more on the forge level. At some point someone convinced some guards the party were contractors brought in by Xadorock, himself, to do more classified work.

- The party fought Xadorock and Brogs swiped the master sword off him. Broggs proceeded to turn invisible and steal a comb (750gp) from Picklz

- Party eventually made it to the treasure room and found the master sword left behind with a note: "quick to anger leads to missed opportunities- thanks for the comb"

- Picklz glued his mouth shut by drinking a mystery vial that happened to be Sovereign Glue.

- With the upmost urgency, the party grabbed a bunch of mountable lizards to ride out in the snow in the hopes of catching up to the dragon.

Session 17: Destruction's Light[edit | edit source]

- The group heads out to catch up to the dragon. A woman named Vellynne rides up with a dog sled in search of the party. She told the group she was sent to retrieve the party and offer fast passage to help with the dragon. The group accepts her help. Vellynne happened to have some Universal Solvent. The party reluctantly gave it to Picklz even though they enjoyed the silence.

- The dragon had enough time to destroy Dougan's Hall and Good Mead. The group arrives in Easthaven and begins to fight the dragon. After a long battle, the dragon flew to the next town over Caer Dineval. The group followed as fast as they can but the dragon was able to destroy part of the town.

- Upon their approach, Leif notices a familiar body in the snow as he happens upon his friend, the butler laying down in the snow. A touching reunion the two share as the butler's time is cut short. Leif takes a moment to lay his friend back in the snow and possibly shed a tear for his first friend made in the Ten Towns. Leif paints his eyes in black as he cinematically turns towards the dragon as "I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by MCR" begins to play in the background.

- After a hefty battle and MANY close calls, the party saves Caer Dinecal and is named "The Savior's of the Ten Towns."

- Everybody rests up after the battle and then goes to get drunk the next night.

Session 18: Where's My Money? -Verglas[edit | edit source]

- After a night of drinking and celebration, the party goes with Verglas to inquire after the rest of his payment for scoping out the Xadorock Keep.

- The Party takes up a bulletin quest (posted by Yselm Bloodfang) that asked for the assistance of adventurers. The quest was to retrieve an ancestral object from Jarlmoot.

- Arriving at Jarlmoot, the ancestral king of the giants Reggaryarva, tests the players with a battle against a frost giant skeleton and invisible stalkers.

- Yselm tries to betray the party and is killed in the process.

- Reggaryarva was impressed by the party and opened the inner vaults to them.

- after exploring and a little bit of puzzle solving, the party received an ancient horn of blasting

- Shivers died this game... was fed to a bunch of Ravens.

Session 19: Get Verglas some VerGlasses[edit | edit source]

- on the way our of Jarlmoot, the party encounters a tribe of giants, who were also trying to retrieve the horn. They party initially hid behind the giant stone thrones as they watch the tribe of giants sacrifice Axe beaks to Reggaryarva. One axe beak in particular was recognized as the lost (but never forgotten) Kraigsy.

- upon recognition, the party revealed themself and proposed a trade: the horn for Kraigsy. The giants accepted and left.

- Rejoiced and the reunion, Verglas notices something bulging from the saddle pocket of Kraigsy. Turned out to be an egg of some sort. Picklz wanted to eat it immediately.

- bringing the egg back to Caer Dineval, the party took bets on what was inside. Verglas insisted it was a giraffe egg (even though he didn't know what a giraffe was).

- The egg hatched the next day and turned out to be a baby Koopa (most iconically looking like baby Bowser). Merielle realized, after further reading, Koopas were a mythical extinct race from Kaladesh. I'm pretty sure Picklz claimed co-parent to the baby.

- Leif almost kills babyBowz by feeding him a whole hard-boiled egg which he choked on.

- Kelsey enjoyed watching the party nearly kill this baby several times.

Session 20: The Quest from Vellynne[edit | edit source]

- The party regrouped with Jeff Bridges. He told the party Vellynne had a quest for them.

- Before meeting up with Vellynne, the group goes on a little shopping trip. They buy a magical baby carriage (similar to the one from Mandalorian) and some magic items.

- Vellynne's quest was introduced to the players along with information about Ythern. However, before exploring the Reghead Galciers, Vellynne needed to retrieve her Professor Skant which was stolen. This would require the party to travel via whale to the thief's location.

- The session ended with the beginning of Vellynne's quest.

Session 21: The Black Cabin + Emotionally Damaging Jeff[edit | edit source]

- Vellynne leads the group to the north in search for the special cabin that belonged to Anga. The goal was to summon Angajuk via ringing of the Bell.

- Vellynne took a really really long poop in the bushes

- After exploring further, this was NOT the cabin they were looking for. Instead, this was the Black Cabin which housed the Summer Star. Mistwalked accidentally activated the Summer Star forcing everyone (except Vellynne and Picklz) to roll a saving throws. Leif, Oisin, Merielle, and Baby Bowz were all incinerated turning them into ghosts inhabiting another plane. The explosion blowed back Verglas out of the cabin

- This was the game Jeff kept yelling "HE'S A BABY! HE ONLY HAS 7HP!" (Kelsey may have broken Jeff in this moment). Verglas went looking for a shell but that too was incinerated.

- The incinerated players were able to still communicate with Picklz and Verglas, however, in an extremely limited manner. Oisin fogged up a not-shattered window and proceeded to write " W I G G L E". Verglas had no idea what this meant and Picklz can't read. A small baby koopa paw print was pressed on the fogged window as baby Bowz tried to reach out to their new found father (and this is when Kelsey really emotionally damaged Jeff).

- after much trial and error, Verglas was able to break the Summer Star and return the incinerated party members back to life. Vellynne was no help, whatsoever.

- After traveling a little further north, the group found the correct cabin but was attacked by birds (much to Rachel/Merielle's fear). Verglas ran into the cabin and told the party to deal with it.

- the session ended with the vultures death and the ringing of Angnajuk's bell.

Session 22: Angnajuk's Bell[edit | edit source]

- the party waited a little while for Angnajuk to show. Angnajuk agreed to help the party but asked for the payment of an octopus. I think at some point they summoned 9 baboons.

- Oisin wild-shaped into a shark and followed a dolphin to find an octopus. The rest of the party followed on foot over the ice. The dolphin pointed out a mysterious cave that no one returns from.

- upon finding some octopi, Oisin launches himself through the ice, causing a massive crash. They all then just run as a big Kraken began to chase them.

- The group makes it back to Angnajuk with an octopus and they obtain passage.

- insert a fun underwater montage here.

- Angnajuk drops the party off on a big ice floe and they begin to search for Professor Skant.

- Verglas is the first to come upon the dead, frozen body of the theif who holds the orb above the snow. He completely misses the orb and instead notices the little Arctic weasel familiar that once belonged to the thief. Verglas gains another life to take care of (the weasel).

- Vellynne is eventually reunited with her orb and the session ends with the party climbing aboard Angnajuk to head towards the Reghead Glaciers.

Session 23: Vellynne's Betrayal[edit | edit source]

- Angnajuk once again drops the group off and they explore the glacier. They come across ice statues and a colosseum made of snow and ice. Vellynne is questioned about her allegiance.

- Hold Person and Zone of Truth was simultaneously cast upon Vellynne. She is not the frost maiden but is revealed as a puppet of the frost maiden. Vellynne is then evaporated and the frost maiden appears in a snow form. She tries to evoke fear into the party but they push back. As a final act before retreating, the frost maiden curses the group, leaving the vunarable to cold damage in a frozen tundra.

- the is the first session ever that Merielle advocated for murder.

- Verglas holds baby Bowz tightly to keep him warm.

Session 24: Winter is Coming[edit | edit source]

- the party encounters some Yetis which were sent out to hunt the party down by the frost maiden.

- Leif got triple crit and was down instantly.

- somehow they survivied to live another day.

- one step closer to the frost maiden maybe?

Session 25:[edit | edit source]

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