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Thordon Akieye
Relatives Mother Akieye (d.) Father Akieye (d.)
Languages Common, Dwarvish, Orc, Abyssal
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Height 4'6"
Weight 166lbs
Eye Color Gray

Thordon Akieye is (a mountain dwarf, outlander, path of totem barbarian)

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

A white haired dwarf with some red accents. Stands at a height of 4'6" and weighing in at 166lbs. Has a grumpy demeanor.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Doesn't talk too much. When he does talk, he grumbles and mumbles his way through words. When he gets mad, he tends to get loud. He may not show it, but he cares for the people around him. He is loyal to a fault. He has a hard time making personal connections with people due to him feeling like something bad always happening to the people he cares most about.

History[edit | edit source]


Thordon's family ancestry dates back some unnamed mountains where an ancient ancestor was in need of dire help and a snow fox came and saved him. When that fox died, the ancestor saved some bones to help pay respects to that fox. Since then, these artifacts have been passed down to the first son.


Thordon's twin brother, Thordack, that he is consistently mistaken for. His father Thrandon, and his mother Vanogith were very close to their sons. When they were growing up, they would constantly go on some hike and explore the close forests around the town. On these camping trips, they would tell stories of how their ancestors would make friends with different animals of the wild (mainly members Canidae family in taxonomy) and how they passed down the family artifact.

Early Life

When Thordon was a youngster, approximately 27 years of age, his father Thrandon and his mother Vanogith went on an expedition. Upon the return of the Dwarven Mining Company, the captain of the venture, Elrdrous, passed on the sad new of Thordon's parents demise and the artifacts were not able to be retrieved.

First Adventure, Recovering lost heirlooms

5 years later, Thordon had gathered up a small crew of 3 to go on a search for the family heirlooms. The team consisted of him, his girlfriend Fondare, and his twin brother Thordack.

They started the venture by finding Elrdrous to obtain more information. Thordon's group found out that the original party went into the wild to map out a cave that was believed to have precious metals. The adventure went off without many issues, but as they were exiting the cave, there were creatures in waiting. The battle that ensued and caused the mouth of the cave to collapse cutting Thrandon and Vanogith off from the group. The leader chose to abandon them due to becoming overwhelmed by the creatures

Upon hearing the news that Thordon and Thordack's parents were abandoned, they lost their temper and captured Elrdrous. They waited for the dead of night and left the office with the map of the area and log books about the area. While they were on their way to the cave, the path slowly started to dwindle into smaller game trails. At the split of these trails, they stopped and took a couple hours of rest. During the night, Thordon took the opportunity to scout the area and found a den of small dead coyotes. The markings on the bodies did not look natural. When the rest of the crew woke up, Thordon showed them the way to the den. When they arrived, Elrdrous said that these wounds are similar to those that people from the original venture received and he protested going further, but the team refused to listen.

After this, the team continued to follow the path that Elrdrous pointed out, which opened up to a field. At the far end of the field, there was a rock face with what seemed to be the remnants of a rock side. As they approached the scene, the team noticed that the rockslide is littered with small holes. Erldrous confirms with the team that this was the entrance to the cave. At word of this news, Throdon and Thordack began to dig away at the rocks against Erldrous' protests. As they dug, Fondare and Erldrous made camp nearby on the edge of the tree line and the field. Thordon and Thordack kept up with this for the next couple of hours of daylight when they decided to rest for the night.

This night, Thordack was in charge of watch, during which, Elrdrous escaped. When Thordon and Fondare woke up, Thordack gave the bad news. They all agreed that this was something they could deal with at a later point and continued to search for their parents. When they finally made a clear path, they found what they believed were their parents. The company then decided to take their bodies and give them a proper burial by their camp that night and made plans to get a better look in the cave for their family heirlooms.

During the night, they began to hear strange noises and what seemed to be scurrying. When the team realized that they were being ambushed by roughly 6 osquips. Though they defeated all the creatures, Thordack was left with a fatal wound and did not make it through the night. Thordon then burried his brother that next day. He and Fondare went into the cave and found the relics they originally ventured out for and began their way back.

Along their voyage back, they stopped for a night's rest along the side of the path. At some point through the night, Thordon and Fondare got in an argument that Thordon wanted no part of. In the midst of it, Erldrous was able to sneak in to the camp and really hurt Fondare to a point where she and Erldrous became unconscious. While in his rage, thordon picked up Fondare and rushed back to town to help Fondare, leaving Erldrous unconscious at camp.

Upon returning from the expedition, he handed Fondare over to one of their family's close medic friends. These medics where able to save Fondare, but she remained in a coma for a year. When she came to, she had amnesia and had no memory of Thordon. Due to this heartbreaking adventure, Thordon tended to stay to more to himself. He did not attempt to help Fondare to regain her memories even though the medics insisted that he should.

Due to burying his parents and his brother, Thordon has maintain his distance so not to make personal connections. No one knows the full story of his first adventure, and it is too painful for him to talk about. People still don't know if Thordon or Thordack came back from the adventure, because correcting people or talking about it is too tough for him.

Second Adventure, The cave-in/ambush

Many years later, Thordon was recruited by the Dwarven Mining Company and a small mining crew to go and survey a potential vein of ore that they got word of. The expedition to the vein had no issues or signs of problems. The real trouble started as they entered the cave. The opening was small and tight squeeze where the group of 4 slowly crawled in single file. As they got further in, the cave opened up to where they could stand and it slowly started to open more and more. About 30 feet in, the crew heard some voices from the mouth of the cave and at that point, the opening fell in on itself and caved the crew inside. The rumble caused a ton of commotion and forced the dwarves to move deeper in to the hole, and as they did, they stumbled into a small room with a 6ft wide precipice over a large. The dwarves gave a few minutes to gather their senses and to make a plan of escape. After about an hour, the dwarves began to move back towards the opening, but as soon as they started to move, the ledge began to crumble.

Thordon woke up on one of his dwarven companions. It seemed to be a couple of hours later in a dark cavern, but it was hard to tell. With some investigation, he discovered he was in the Underdark somewhere. He checked the other dwarves and apparently, he was the only to survive the fall because one of the other dwarf's body broke the fall. After gathering some supplies from his fallen compatriots, Thordon made his way through the labyrinths and corridors. After a few days of wandering the Underdark, Thordon found a hidden passage and escaped the cavern.

When he began working his way back to town, he was ambushed and held captive, by a group sent by the Dwarven Mining Company, headed by the once thought dead Elrdrous. He reassured Thordon, no immediate harm would come to him, because he has a worse fate for him in Galik.

Time in captivity/escape

It only took Thordon a couple of weeks to realize that Elrdrous was planning on selling Thordon to the Slaver's Guild. Not soon after learning of this, The ship landed on the shores and during the night, he was secretly transported to an abandoned warehouse. On the night of the auction, there was a raid on the warehouse and during the commotion, Thordon made his escape with some of his liberators and he was introduced to the The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. The Tempest Brothers offered Thordon asylum from his past on the condition he helps them explore the wilds.

Current Day

94 years later, Fondare never fully remembered everything, but knows that her and Thordon were together. She does not remember the events of the adventure. She is heartbroken because whichever Akieye brother survived, they won't tell her what happened.

Wicked Wilds Adventure Journal[edit | edit source]

Underdark Strikes Back[edit | edit source]

Followed group guide to a temple. Went down a long dark staircase in to massive cavern filled with rocks and glowing mushrooms. Found glittery rock that turned alive and tried hugging me and companions. Mushrooms came alive and killed a companion. Flying creatures flew down and hugged my face. Evil dude ascended down from large middle rock and messed up the rest of the group. We beat everything, but nearly died in the process.

Nature, uh, Finds a Way[edit | edit source]

Went into the forest with new companions. Walked past a druid camp and the forest became dark and dead/dying. Found tall antlered thing that spawned wolves. Made a friend with a wolf but a companion killed them. Big antler dude kept spawning more wolves. Really hurt me, but it ended up dying. As it died, wolves disappeared and one looked at me with sad eyes, like saying by to a good friend. I miss them, he was a good boy who lost their way. Was able to take some antler from antler dude as trophy.

A New Hire[edit | edit source]

Met some old companions and a few new. Went and met small dragon people called kobolds. Apparently bigger than normal, but followed big beefy dude to find some missing kobolds. Came to field where the kobolds were in a fight and lost their dino friends. After a few seconds of investigating the field, big dinosaur with teeth everywhere chased us into cave. We continued down the tunnel and came out into a giant cavern. Apparently not naturally occurring. Spiders, drakes, kobolds, and big brain creature appeared and began to fight us. Spider tried to get into my mind but my skull to thick. We fought and killed big brain, drakes, and a spider. Kobolds changed sides and helped to fight last spider, but it got dark and it disappeared. One kobold died, found a dead kobold covered in red mossy fungus. As we found sword, big mushroom troll came out of no where with mushroom lady on his head and a green dude with sword walk by it. They were talking about mistress and some party not being ready. Mistress called them back I think and we brought 2 live kobolds, and 2 dead kobolds. All other companions lived.

Exploring the Area of Base Camp (downtime)[edit | edit source]

During sometime between trek, I went out to look around some of the trails I walked before. As I was working my way through thick brush, I found a set of tracks that seemed to be a four footed creature. It left some hard spikes laying around. I followed for a while to an opening where I found similar tracks as before when big teethy dino. There appeared to be a fight between them, but I don't know the out come. When I saw big dino tracks, I felt it best to leave.

Fossils and Fangs[edit | edit source]

Spoke with Kobold chief, Thrax, about missing kobolds. Spoke with one who escaped and went to where they escaped. The missing kobolds came back to the area they went missing and started to attack us and our allied kobold guards. I looked into their eyes, and all seemed lost to them, like they were dead, then came back. After sometime, a big dinosaur with fangs came into the fray. As we fought it, I had weird visions that made me lose control and attack some companions. When the dino died, I came to. Luckily, I didn't hurt any friends, but Nestor died in the process. It seems the dino was turned into a vampire of sorts, and it was not the original. We left with some gold, and potions.

Road Rage[edit | edit source]

Galik people came saying that gnolls took a hostage and his cargo. We had info on their convoy path, and intercepted some gnoll war machines. We fought and killed many gnolls and weird dying gnolls. There was a gnoll with wheels for legs they called 'Ripjaw' and he ran off out of sight. I came face to face with a big foe they called 'Warmonger' and he died a glorious death. As we continued forward to different war machines, a friend lost control and blew himself up knocking me out. I woke up on the second to last war machine and tried to catch up, but nearly missed the jump to the last war machine, but my axe penetrated the outside of the machine and was able to climb up. I was able to step up to a stray gnoll and split one last head before Ripjaw escaped with some dapper bard and a mushroom. After they ran off, Radion came up from cargo hold with a guy wearing an owl head who called himself 'The Collector.' He said that he knew we would come and successfully save him. When we asked who escaped with Ripjaw, he said there was a guy with a Galik accent who was speaking about his daughter they called 'The Music Man' and the other compatriot was called 'The Colonel.' He gave us gold, and some magical scrolls.

Shell Shy[edit | edit source]

We were tasked with investigating a Ley Lien that was overflowing with magic. As we were approaching the area, I found a stick bug. I asked it a few questions and it told us about big snails in the area. After talking with Sticky, it agreed to come along. We met a Gastrosapien (Snail person) who agreed to take us to his town Escargotia to see the Hydrail. The Hydrail is a gigantic snail with three heads, feeding off the Weave that is omitted from the Lay Lien. The leader of the Gastrosapiens told us of two other parties that were also interested in protecting Ley Lein and Escargotia. The winner of this trial would be the guardians of Escargotia and the Lay Lien. There were Kobolds and some weird Pumpkin house. Three of the party went to the house, and me and another friend went to talk with the kobolds. I never met these kobolds before and their leader, Oobo, was outside the entrance of their camp. I spoke to him, but something was off when I shook his hand, and when I noticed ooze, I hugged him and couldn't move, but he released me and fled. My friend checked the ooze, and apparently, he was a mimic. When we grouped up with the other half, they told us that the pumpkin Dynia was here on behalf of "The Gourdheart Disciples." After the team huddle, we sat through a briefing on what the trail was and the direction to follow. As the trail began, one of my friends changed into a Dinosaur and I was permitted to ride on his back. As we progressed down the trail, these vines were hindering us. It seemed as though they were alive. I asked them to let me through as I tried to cause no harm. They agreed to let me through after some time, but one of our friends had some difficulties. In the end, we made it through. We were behind Dynia, but the mimic kobolds were stuck with the vines. We approached a bridge with a watcher, who asked us three questions and then we could pass. I failed and was thrown into the chasm. I climbed up the other side and waited for some of my friends. After we got across the chasm, we came to a campfire where one of use were possessed by a spirit. This trail we needed to figure out who the possessed person was. It came down to me and Yewvane, but it wasn't me. We succeeded in to choosing Yewvane and we continued down the path to find Dynia and the Hydrail in a field. This last trail was to get some artifact from the Hydrail before Dynia did. The dinosaur friend was able to secure the victory. As we did so, Oobo and his mimic group came onto scene started a fight. Oobo attached himself to the hydrail and was controlling them. We killed the majority of the mimics when Oobo let go of the Hydrail for a little bit, and in this brief window of opportunity, I slayed him where he stood, on the back of the Hydrail. With his dying breath, he proclaimed that the mimic dragon Old Alkinimic was going to attach Galik. I took this time to use beast sense on the Hydrail to check on its well being, and everything seemed to be fine. Dynia parted ways as the Hydrail teleported us back to the lay lien. They gave us gold and some mucus. We are now their protectors.

Matters of Importance[edit | edit source]

After an attack on the camp, two mates were missing and apparently were taken away by Mother. We had a decision of going after them or following Hunk to Thinwhistle to take care of Ripjaw. With an overall consensus of the group, we decided to track down Lambda. One of our crew knew the location of a cave that they were supposedly taken to. As we traveled down the cave, it seemed as though we walked all the way back to camp plus some more distance past it. If I didn't know any better, I'd say at some point, we were under our camp. After some time, we came to the end of the passageway. We could hear Tassa (mushroom lady) and some other guttural language. We went into the chasm and were immediately attacked by Tassa, Tobi (mushroom troll form before), some mini mushrooms, and a demon (I think?). After a long fought battle, Tobi died, the demon fled, and I killed Tassa by chopping the mushroom off her head. She was telling us that Mother had bigger plans than what has happened here. We looked around the cavern and we found the ancient city of the Kobolds. It was near a precipice where we found lambda's body, but no brain. We also found a digging machine. When we opened it, we found old Kobold skeletons that were bigger in comparison to the 5ft Kobolds of Thinwhistle. We all were able to walk away with 1k gold and the knowledge that there is much more happening than we expected.

Joy in Thinwhistle[edit | edit source]

We woke up in a strange room with our equipment missing and it also felt like we were just in a fight. We also had these strange contraptions around our necks. Upon investigation, we were being held captive. I studied the stone work and realized that where we were was some form of ancient city that was repurposed to be a jail cell. After a short time, a gnoll came up to the door and unlocked it. We followed the crowd of prisoners to a communal area where we saw the power of the necklaces and the gauntlets the gnolls were using to keep us in line. We also came face to face with the dinosaurs that I have once met and tracked. It was also a prisoner. We met some people who resembled Nassir and Lambda, their names were Titan and Theta. Jack of Hearts also was among them and pretty much told us about an escape plan they had. They shared a considerable amount of information to aid in the escape attempt. As the team was retrieving our stuff, and another friend was sneaking around the warden's office, The Bard and Colonel Cordyceps from before arrived following someone called the Green Knight. They went to the warden's office where they spoke with the warden. I told Jack that I've seen the mushroom and bard before. They escaped with this gnoll that had wheels for legs, and that's when I discovered the warden was Ripjaw. Some short amount of time passed and the four of the appeared in the communal area as me and Jack performed a fake fight as a distraction. The green knight demanded we stopped. As that happened our friend jumped down from the warden's office and unlocked my necklace. Since the whole crew was together again, I tried to clear a way to the elevator. As we made our escape, Thrax, the kobold village chief, was sent free to follow us. He and Hunk were rescued. As we made it to the top of the elevator shaft, we chopped the rope and the elevator free fell to the bottom of its shaft. As this happened, I smelled something like burning meat. I sent sticky to check it out, and they reported that all there was out there was fire and heads. We exited the hut we were in, and noticed we were in a ransacked Thinwhistle. As we took in the surrounding area, there was a voice coming from some figure with a Ram Skull helmet. It went on to tell us that this is our fault. All the death, destruction, and chaos is from our presence out here in the wild. I don't fully understand who this was, but one thing is certain, they are ancient. Our skiff arrived being chased by what the others tell me is the Green Knight's mount. We turned our attention to the Ram Skull guy, but they left. We also felt the presence of 6 more leave. On our way back to a drop off spot between Thinwhistle and our camp, we checked in on Thrax. He said he was fine, but as we checked him out, it seemed as though there was more wrong than what meets the eye. We wanted to try to save him, but he wasn't cooperative and raised some speculations among the group. As I kicked him off the skiff, one of the group set his body ablaze. We are lucky to have escaped with our lives.

A Rabbit's Errand[edit | edit source]

Nettle the Rabbit asked us to help with enhancing their soups by going retrieving some fruit from a magical ley lein. So we went to get some of the fruit from the ley lein. We got there, gnolls were there trying to cut the ley lein down. after approaching it, we noticed Ripjaw and some a bigger gnoll there. Ripjaw was heavily injured and ran from the fight (that coward). Upon his cowardice retreat, he used the necklace and gaunlets from the jail to summon a fire dinosaur, reminded me of a phoenix. after killing all the gnolls and the bigger gnoll we fought the dino and beheaded it. We collected the fruits and harvested the dinosaur. We went to investigate the bigger gnoll and found tracks of blood and mushrooms from the place he died. We were not able to track him down, so we returned to base. Upon return, we provided the dinosaur meat and the fruits to Nettle. I went to my tent to rest.

Gotta Getta Grung[edit | edit source]

The very next day, I woke up early to work on making the dinosaur head into a trophy so I could mount it in the common dining tent. One of the tempest bros came and recruited me and a few others to go speak with the warden (not Ripjaw). We were on the way through some swamp and got stuck in some mud. I was rescued by my friends and then the warden came down and introduced themselves to us. The Warden brought us close to a captured grung that seemed to have gone mad due to being infected by mushrooms or some form of fungi. He said that this is not normal and wanted us to investigate the nearby grung village. The Warden brought us back to their home where they gave one of the group a neat pendant to help find a quick path to the grung village. When we got to the village, it seemed abandoned and found some younglings and the village elder. She told us the villagers went east to fight off the invading gnoll forces. We went that direction to investigate and found some traces of a battle. As we continued, we snuck up on some gnolls doing their business, aka bathroom break. We ended their mushroom infested misery and found a cool statue with stone eyes. We went through some tall grass and walked into some ruins where we found some more infected gnolls and a battle began. After sometime, some more grung appeared, but they were infected too and began fighting us. We killed some infected gnolls, infected grung, and other infected individuals but we also captured some infected grung. Some gnolls ran from the fight, those cowards. After exploring the area and finding a mass grave of grung, some of us went back to the village and broke the news to the elder. We convinced her to let us bring the younglings to the warden where they could be safer. She agreed. The rest of us went to the Warden with the captured and infected grung where the two groups met up and went back to camp. After we got back, I rested and continued working on the trophy.

I'd be Thriller'd if you Could Join Us[edit | edit source]

I was recruited to go to some party of sorts. Bulio told us to dress up as we are going to The Collector's place and its a requirement for the party. I was quick thinking and dressed up as the marvelous salesman himself, Bulio! Sticky insisted on coming this time around and I agreed and dressed him up in a little dinosaur costume. When we arrived to the town, there were a ton of decorations, mainly cut up pumpkins. When we got inside, everyone was dressed up, even if a little bit. We noticed a cat who was running around murdering rats. I tried to speak to it, but by the time I finished the ritual, she was gone. According to the attendants, she acts like she owns the place and the collector keeps her around to help with pest control. As the party proceeded, Dynia processed in with a parade of pumpkins and scarecrows. At some point a team member placed an amulet around us and dynia took the main stage. As he did so, chaos ensued. Everyone transformed into their costumes, except for us wearing the amulet. We followed Dynia into some vault room where he stole some of the collector's artifacts. Wehn we confronted him, he miniaturized us and put us in a jar and left us in the kitchen, but Sticky was MIA. I jumped out of the jar using Misty Step and the cute cat came up. We were now smaller than it and I tried to convince her to help us, but she just saw us as prey. As the team tried to escape, I stood my ground and commanded the cat to flee. She knew what was good for her and turned tail and ran from me. After the immediate threat was dealt with, we descended the counter top and escaped into a small hole in the wall. We noticed a small hole to peek through. We looked through and saw the chaos in the main hall and saw how to fix ourselves to become normal size, but we needed to do so before midnight. As I noticed an attendant kill someone, these dumb rats came up from behind and brought us back to their leader. It was the leader's daughter's wedding day and offered us to become part of his family and in return, he would provide us safe passage to the roof. I was cheated out of my win, that stupid rat. Anyway, after the tournament, we were able to secure the safe passage thanks to my friends. Along the way up, there was a shoot out between the rats and some bugs. We continued on, where we met a foe and Sticky, in dinosaur form, saved us. We found the magic device being guarded by a scarecrow and destroyed them both. After investigating the room, we saw through a hole in the ground was was happening and saw Dynia floating on a broom near the entrance of the room. As the team prepared to fight the big pumpkin monster in the middle of the room, I prepared to bring down Dynia for when the roof fell through. As I predicted, the big pumpkin monster brought down the roof and I took a swipe at Dynia. After falling from the broom, I changed focus towards the pumpkin monster and the scarecrows. The scarecrows were just some animated clothing. After a brief time, I took some swings at the pumpkin monster and we defeated it. When it died, we noticed that Dynia left and sent an image of himself to tell us that he was successful in his goal to bring back the big orange dragon, Xevriss. As we heard this, we heard a noise in town and Xevriss and Dynia escaped. As the party ended due to the interruption of Dynia, I noticed the attendant that killed someone, was standing next to the collector. I was told by my new vampire fish friend, not to mention it right now. The collector was generous and gave me some fancy new bracers.

Disrupting Demons' Desires[edit | edit source]

Hanging out with at camp, a Dragonborn told us Sabbatical was looking for an artifact and suggested to recruit some of us to give a hand. He told us that he needed to retrieve this artifact but there was a very good chance there is a demon lord trying to loot it as well. after a few hours of flying, the dragon born told us we were close. After he did some convincing, we trekked through the swamp and camp up on the stone temple where the demon lord was waiting with some gnoll lackeys and mushrooms. We killed them and entered the temple. Our new dragonic friend was not able to join us due to some aura. When we started to investigate, I found the cool heart shaped red stone in a mural of a green dragon. We continued forward and killed some ghouls. We followed the tracks of mud and blood to a room with a guardian. We decided to go a different direction and fought more ghouls, creatures, and something that kept reviving ghouls. After killing them, we found nothing that way except a grave of gnolls, so we went back. We checked a different path that had a mural depicting a black dragon's spirit being captured into a statue. We continued and unlocked a door that lead back to the guardian's chamber, but the guardian was no longer there. We went through the door that it was guarding and found a broken alter with a path behind it. As we went past and into the cavern, there was a large lizard guarding the statue and we traded a glowing mushroom for it. It also stole my heart shaped rock. We turned back and went to camp and gave the statue to the dragonborn after confirming with Sabbatical that she sent him.

Operation Gnoll Tank[edit | edit source]

We were sent on supply run to drop off some provisions to the grung known as Warden. When we arrived, Yewvanne started to ask the Warden about the Green Knight and it got me thinking about the prison we escaped from. So we asked about the Ram Skull guy. As we discussed this all, someone noticed a figure out in the distance. When we went and spoke with them, they told us about a gnoll plan to get to the Kobold ancient city, using some big tech. We got to the place where we could easily ambush the convoy. We were able to get the jump and caused a ton of destruction. I was given access to Dynia's flying broom and a fire breathing potion. It was a great battle and we got into the tank and destroyed the engine.

For Gourds and Glory[edit | edit source]

We were recruited to assist in the assault against the dragon Xevriss. We got to the camp and were quickly told we wouldn't be a part of the main assault force. As we walked through the camp the group got separated and I saw the cursed Elrdrous doing some mischievous things. As not to raise attention, and cause a major issue, I just slinked away back to the group.

We figured out that one of the Gourd Guard betrayed the encampment and informed Xevriss about the plan of attack. We quickly got to the front lines before the assault began and let the leader know of this betrayal. As quickly as we told him, Xevriss began a counter offensive with several other dragons, pumpkin giants, and cultist. As we crossed the battle field, we faced many obstacles, including dragon's breath and cultists. I swear I Elrdrous disrespecting the dead and looting bodies, but there's a time and place to deal with this sleazy disgrace of a dwarf.

We came upon a pumpin giant and felled him quickly. Not too soon after we attacked by a blue dragon and fell into an ancient temple with Xevriss's hoard. Amongst the walls we noticed murals of the dragons of Amusa with Xevriss, Old Alkinimic, Kavanmort, and some lost dragon of the Underdark.

Shortly after, Xevriss arrived back in his lair as he fled the battle field licking his wounds. He fought us in his lair where I hit him with the finishing blow across his fat orange face. As we defeated him, it seemed he was taken from our plane back to some other plane of existence, I think since I'm not too well versed in these kind of things. Some of the loot I was able to retrieve from his hoard was an Axe called the Gourd Clever. and some other supplies.

When we got back to camp, I realized I had a similar mark to that I gave the dragon and my eye looked different, even though I couldn't feel it.

The Node at the End of the Leyline[edit | edit source]

We were assembled quickly for some Gnoll activity and the potential for ancient Kobold technology. When we got there, we quickly dispatched the Gnolls and came up to a door and the bird man said we should go in to check it out. As we all touched the doorway, we appeared in some chamber with well maintained stone work of which I was unfamiliar with. In the center was a giant stone statue with some platforms with a door at the other end of the chamber. The bird decided it smart to fly and got attacked by a swarm of bugs. So flying across was not an option. We figured out that the statue would turn randomly and smack platforms as we landed on them. Luckily we had brains there to help us move through this section. As I got close, I made a beautiful leap and for some reason, I was surrounded by a swarm of bugs. Those gnashing, biting, thrashing pests quickly met their doom and we made it to the next room. This time, we had to cross an invisible magic maze that would change after each completion. We all easily made it past and moved to the next room which was instruments. Surprisingly I held my own with the bard and the others, but the bird man gave me a quick how to and the confidence of what to do and the giant Kobold head smiled and let us move forward. This final room was what we were sent for I assume. In the middle of the room was an altar emanating a large amount of arcane energy. The magic man called it a node I think. As I looked around, I realized the Stoneman ship of the Thelryan Kobolds. As I investigated the altar, it seemed it had a purpose, Yewvanne started to pray on what to do. As this happened, two cultist entered the room and as one approached, I beheaded him. The rest of the party found a good amount of magic items probably made by the altar, but I am not too sure.

To ensure the security of this node, we decided it best to collapse the entrance to make it difficult to gain access and left.

The Assault on Camp[edit | edit source]

In the night, there was an all out assault on the camp. I stood guard of the staff at the center of camp. It seemed to help protect us, so I wished to provide the same to it. As wave of gnolls and dinosaurs came in, we were able to kill many dinosaurs, gnolls, and I even finally finished off the Gnoll Talon. As we got the call to retreat, this giant plant creature was trying to take the staff, however, we were able to fend it off and able to get onto the ship. As we got on the airship, we were able to recover the forge and the warden's staff. However, my good friend, the magic man Yewvanne took oh the mantle of Green Knight and walked into the wilds. My thoughts weigh heavily on him. As we got to Galik, HQ was also slightly under attack. I waited onboard for a moment to reconstruct my thoughts. I came to the conclusion that it would probably be Yewvanne's suggestion to return the staff to the Warden and then it dawned on me, I hope the warden and the grung younglings are safe.

The adventures in the Sewers of Galik (downtime)[edit | edit source]

"I'm back to where I was trying not to be. I guess there will have to be some time before we go back into the the wilds where I will be able to maintain distance from Erldrous. Finding a way to avoid him and his goons will be beneficial. I want to start looking around underground for something. That wiggler fellow showed me around a bit, but we were unable to adventure underground. I will start with looking in the basement of HQ and if that fails, I will try the sewers."

Little did Thordon know, that is where his fate lies. After investigating the basement, he found an entrance to the sewers not far from HQ. He followed the passages for some time where he found a hidden door with a secret brick button, which he pressed. He walked through and found an inscription on the wall, wrote it down, and could not understand it. After a few more steps down the passage, Thordon heard voices, but couldn't hear what they were saying. He then tried to flee, but something cause him to go unconscious.

Thordon found himself waking up in the outskirts of the city with the taste of blood in his mouth. After making it back to HQ, he realized that a few days past since he went out for his adventure.

Let's go to the Circus[edit | edit source]

"I spoke with 22 the other day, apparently we went to a carnival together. He tells me there were different games. There was dart throwing with some goblin that kept 'catching' the darts with his body. There was a Bugbear running a strength check where you hit a plate that sends a metal ball to shoot up a tower and hit a bell. The next stop was a pie eating contest where we all took a try at who can eat the most pie. Apparently, I did an incredible job and won the contest and was a very delectable pie. I was given a free dagger to go kill a thing. We went to the fortune teller last and was and learned our fortune. I was also told the person I need to kill was just a teddy bear and received gold. The fortune teller told me that there is a deep trouble inside of me. Maybe something to do with the sewers." This is what 22 told me about the day at the circus, but I'm not sure I believe them.

"I only remember hell, and I really wish I could tell what was real, and what wasn't. This is my account of what happened:"

"I woke up in my bed. Not the bed I use with the Tempest Company, but the one from home, when mom and dad were alive. It felt very nostalgic. I could smell that there was breakfast being made. The hum of the people out in the streets. I got out of bed and made my way downstairs, and that is where everything started to go unbelievably bad. There she was. I saw my mother there in the kitchen, cooking. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then I realized, she's dead. She turned around, and offered me some breakfast. It smelled heavenly, just like I remember from when we were younger. I was bought in and was ready to eat, but then mom but my meal in front of me. My brother's head on silver plater. For some reason, I could not resist and started to indulge. Mom asked, why I let them die. I told her that I wasn't there when they died. Then the bastard Erldrous, appeared and he started to pester me, saying those lies that I was there and I let them die. I sat and watched as Mom, dad, and Thordack all died in front of me, while fear overtook me. I resisted and became angry and angrier as he continued to lie to me. I couldn't control my rage and rampaged through the house. Breaking tables, shelves, windows, whatever I could get my hands on. Then I saw him again, I was seeing red from the rage and seeing him and hearing his voice only increased it tenfold. I couldn't help but attempt to kill him where he stood. That murderous thief, that insidious wretched creature. I hit him with my axe and he died, but it wasn't him. It was her, my girlfriend. Fondare. Oh Fondare, what were you doing there. I only wanted to protect you, that's why I left. But then there you were. Your head in my hands. I couldn't help myself. I was so frenzied, out of control. Resistance was futile. Just like with my brother, I began to devour, to my sedate my hunger for flesh."

"What has become of me? What did I stumble into? Who am I becoming? I swear, if I find who did this to me, I will kill them outright. My suspicions begin with the one who started this all, Erldrous. I will find him, and I will kill him with my own two hands."

To the Piers (downtime)[edit | edit source]

To help determine if my suspicions about Erldrous are correct. First I needed to think of where to start. I think investigating where my beginnings are in Galik would be a good start. I'm not exactly sure where I was held captive. All I have to go off of is that I know it started near the piers and of the city near the oceans. I have an inkling of a memory with the sounds of seagulls and the smell of salt water during the time of captivity. I made my way to the piers and found area of shipping containers. I saw an old dwarf co-worker, Dalin. He had hair on his head the last time I saw him, but it seems that he shaved it all off, but he kept his red beard. He was standing outside of one of the containers smoking from his pipe. I watched him for sometime and he went into the container. I looked around and tried to move closer to the container I think he was guarding. I made my way through the light fog and rows of shipping containers. As I got to the container, he was standing there, right in front of me. Face to Face."

Dalin. "Oiy the fuck are you doing here!?!?!" he says as Thordon surprises him

Thordon: in a hushed voice. he starts to speak in dwarvish "shhh quiet down. im not here for trouble. Im uuuh just looking for answers. I want no fight with you nor Erldrous right now. I think theres bigger rocks to carve."

Dalin: "What do you want with that devil Erldrous?" he says his name with distain.

Thordon: "I think he sent some bad... ummmm. Some evil somethings after me. Say, what are you doing from Osugbo?"

Dalin: He looks at you and gives a few sniffs of the air, looking for that rotten bastard "seems we may have a common goal....." He opened the door up more and gestured for me to come inside.

Thordon: "no, I'm not here for too long. if you want to meet later a pub for idle chat we can but I need to go soon." Through the distrust he has built over the past few years, he stealthily readied his hand axe for self defense

Dalin: "I tend to stay away from crowded places lad....and as for what he sent.." pauses for a few seconds "....Aye he sent himself."

Thordon: "by Odin's beard, you mean to tell me, he is a beast of the night?"

Dalin: "I don't know what he is....I just know that he has gone feral...he found somthing in the mines that warped him.....just be careful lad. If you aren't coming in its best you leave."

As the conversation ended, I made an effort to remember the container that he went into, but its difficult. All these boxes look the same. I've learned not to dig greedy and I returned to HQ.

Return to the Carnival[edit | edit source]

Lately I've been having difficulty handling the truth. What is happening? I find it hard to concentrate on what's happening in front of me. I find it hard to follow what is happening around the HQ. I found a nice chair by the fire one day in the common area. There were a few others hanging around. A goblin came in in a panic, saying his brother has been missing for over a year. They went to the circus in town, but no one is able to help. He came in to ask us for assistance. He recommended that we go to the circus at night if we agree to go looking for their brother.

We waited for night and went to the circus. We walked the grounds of the faire again. Started with strength check where the bugbear was continuously trying to kill himself. We tried to free him, kill him, and destroy the attraction, but nothing came of it. We continued to the pie eating contests stand and found out that we didn't eat pies. It was rotten bug flesh. I for some reason felt a strong urge to eat it, but I was able to resist. We continued to the fortune teller and the tiefling fell unconscious. When they came to, they continued on to the next stand, seemingly upset about something. We went to the dart throwing game and the goblin was there. It seemed to be the same one from earlier, maybe their brother, but the goblin was skewered with pins and needles. The cleric child, did something and fell unconscious and when they woke up, seemed unsettled. I tried to chuck a needle far away and it just returned and shot straight through the goblin's head. I had enough, so I wanted to throw him out of the perimeter of the circus, but as I touched him, I was in the sewers. I could hear that devil's voice again. Erldrous was near. Sounded like he was around the corner. I waited for him to show himself, but he could smell me. As he showed himself, he was indeed some sort of beast. I tried to attack him, but he pinned me. I became furious and went into a rage. As I did, I transformed. There was a ton of pain and a new sensation I couldn't sedate. The taste of flesh. The was fight with someone. I couldn't tell what was happening. Next thing I remember is sitting in the mud, covered in the mud and blood. Everyone was surrounding me as I gained control of myself. The looks on their faces were like they saw a monster.

The party insisted on going into the main tent and forced me to lead. In front of me, in the center of the ring was a guy Benjamin Hearthorne. After some banter between him and the tiefling, he attacked us with a fireball. I attempted to murder this ass wipe, but he just kept running like a coward. He kept eluding to his master who runs the circus. As we killed his lackies, the two grotesque abominations of flesh seeped up through the floor and Benjamin said the master is still on the way. As we killed him, he said his master arrived, but for some reason we cannot recall what we saw. We were able to bring Benjamin's body back from the circus and delivered him to his family. I will never want to go to another circus for as long as I can help it and never before have I felt this was about anything.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Rage
  • Great Weapon Master (feat taken at level 4)
  • Beast Sense
  • Speak with Animals
  • Fey Touched
    • Misty Step
    • Hunter's Mark

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

  • Gourd Clever
    • Deals 2d6 necrotic damage or 2d8 Necrotic damage to plant and plant creatures.
    • 1/session cast blight CON saving DC 14
  • Javelin(4)
  • Hand Axe(2)

Treasure and Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • 700GP
  • Antlers from a boss on Nature, uh, Finds a Way
  • Raptor claw from half eaten raptor mount of a Kobold
  • Potions
    • Animal Handling
  • Spell Scrolls
    • Fear
    • Remove Curse
  • Mess Kit
  • Explorer's Pack
    • Back Pack
    • Bedroll
    • Mess kit
    • Tinderbox
    • Torches(x10)
    • Day Rations(x10)
    • Waterskin
    • Hempen Rope(50ft)
  • Belt pouch
  • Staff
  • Animal trophy from slain game(unidentified as of now)
  • Belt of Dwarf-kind: While wearing this belt, you gain the following benefits
    • Your Constitution score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20
    • You have advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks made to interact with dwarves.
    • In addition, while attuned to the belt, you have a 50 percent chance each day at dawn of growing a full beard if you're capable of growing one, or a visibly thicker beard if you already have one.
    • If you aren't a dwarf, you gain the following additional benefits while wearing the belt:
      • You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.
      • You have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.
      • You can speak, read, and write Dwarvish.
  • Circlet of Fae Ancestry: Requires Attunement. This ornate and finely crafted circlet bestows upon its wearer the benefits of Fae Ancestry While attuned to and wearing the circlet, a creature has advantage on saving throws against being Charmed and magic can not put you to sleep
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