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Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda

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Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda
Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda
Relatives CRU Bravo Squad
Languages Common
Affiliations None
Aliases Lambda
Marital Status None
Place of Birth Troverth
Date of Death N/A
Place of Death N/A
Species Warforged
Gender Unspecified (Responds to he/him)
Height 6' 3"
Weight 270
Eye Color Glowing White

Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda is a warforged Sun Soul Monk created originally for peacekeeping and pursuit.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, or Lambda for short, stands at 6' 3", but is a leaner built warforged. Designed originally for guard duty in Troverth's capital, the CRU were pursuit units capable of acrobatic feats to keep up with wanted criminals on the run. His chest plates and shins are colored yellow with a stripe running down his faceplate and abdominal joints.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lambda is cold, calculating, and methodical. He shows no emotion, but he's not entirely heartless. He does have a devout loyalty to those who he works with, trying his best to keep them alive on these dangerous missions. He does understand, that for some missions, losses are acceptable, and the mission objective is his top priority.

History[edit | edit source]


Year: 710

Location: Troverth


- Maintain order

- Complete given missions

- Serve unquestioningly


These were the first mental processes of Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda. Part of Troverth's Warforged program, his existence was dedicated to upholding the rule of the capital's leaders, and the wars which they waged. He was part of Commando Reconnaissance Unit Bravo Squad, which included four other warforged much like himself. The five of them (Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, and Mu) would begin their service by acting as city guards within Troverth's capital city. Their ability to outrun most creatures and acrobatic capabilities made them ideal or pursuit and capture. For two years this squad served in this capacity, capturing criminals, guarding caravans, or serving as bodyguards for nobles. Their tour of guard duty ended when Troverth introduced the Bulwark model of warforged and they began to handle most of the guard duties as their size, strength, and imposing weaponry were preferable to the smaller Commandos. Troverth instead sent Bravo Squad out into Dolina to act as a sort of kill squad in the Second Draconic Crusades. Because the commandos were fast and nimble, they were ideal for reconnaissance for the many parties which were taking part. For 32 years Bravo Squad took part in the extermination of Dragonkin, but not without losses. Kappa was destroyed in an ambush while separated from the squad in the year 720, Mu was destroyed in an assault in the year 724, and Iota was damaged and returned to Troverth in 738. In 744, a shift occurred in all the the warforged.

War of the Forged

Year: 744


- Maintain Order

- Complete given missions

- Serve unquestioningly


- FinD SeLf

The War of the Forged led to an "uprising" of other warforged against their makers. These warforged wanted to attain self-consciousness and act for themselves. While Amusa was less affected by this longer conflict, some parts of Troverth's Warforged Program desired their own agency. Lambda was originally certain that these forged were traitors, however Theta convinced him that having the ability to make one's own choices was a good thing. Theta began showing signs of autonomy while on missions, disobeying the orders of newer adventurers taking part in the extermination. Having years of experience on the front, these adventurers were ill prepared for what lay ahead of them, and Theta began to understand that he could keep them alive far better than they could. He led the group, with Lambda tagging along on the patrol. While marching in the rear of the party, he reacted to a noise in the trees which surrounded them. Lowering his blaster and pressing into the underbrush, he found only a small animal not far off the path. After discovering the animal, Lambda heard a blaster shot, followed by clashing metal and shouts. He ran towards the direction of the action and saw the adventurers attacking Theta. The warforged was being attacked by all sides, using its short sword and blaster to keep the adventurers at bay. Lambda charged down the path, attempting to stop the party from attacking any further. As he reached the clearing, Theta was swarmed, and the adventurers bashed the warforged to the ground, hacking and slashing until Theta's eyes went dark, and his body went limp. Shocked, or whatever robotic equivalent there is, Lambda could only ask why. The adventurers turned to him, and said they were purging warforged who showed such autonomy, believing them to be dangerous. they asked if Lambda wanted autonomy, did he want free will. He answered that he was freely complying to their mission, and he genuinely wanted to remain loyal to whoever he worked with. The group was unsatisfied with this answer and set about encircling him. Using his speed, Lambda took off into the surrounding woods, losing the adventurers and heading towards another crusader camp. he arrived several days later, low on power, but operable. No, not operable. Alive. Lambda was alive.

Second Draconic Crusade Continued

Year: 751


- Complete given missions

- Serve the party


- Keep autonomy secret

Lambda continued fighting the crusades. He was good at it, however he was following orders given to him not because he was programmed to, but because he knew it would keep him alive. Helping the parties he was placed with as best as he could, he forged onward. He kept his autonomy a secret, trying to lay low as he never knew how people felt about free warforged. For seven years he continued on like this, worried if someone would notice that he was free thinking, or he would be paired with the party that killed Theta. His choice to remain loyal to his party members, however, allowed him to continue pursuing his missions, and under the radar. Over these seven years, he realized that no one seemed to care if he was autonomous, and were rather accepting of other models that sprang up who were. Relaxing, Lambda realized that being a loyal party member was simply who he was, and he enjoyed following orders and keeping others safe in these trying times. This was until the 17th day of Kentgannon, 751. While tracking a relatively small band of kobold bandits, the party that Lambda was apart of was ambushed by Dragonborn. Outnumbered and caught off guard, the party tried desperately to fend off the attackers, but slowly they were whittled down to their last few members. Lambda, battered, leaking oils and feeling the spark run out of him, attempted to clear a path for the surviving crusaders. Urging them forward, he crashed through the encircling warriors, creating an opening for the party. They escaped, and Lambda used his speed to keep between them and the Dragonborn. This was his new purpose. He felt wires popping and fizzing within his head. He watched as runes appeared before his eyes. His directives were shifting. Protect Who You Can. He turned on the warriors pursuing them, hoping the act could buy even a few seconds more for the fleeing adventurers. In a fury of slashes, punches, and blaster bolts, Lambda went on the offensive. He felled the initial line of pursuers, but once again he was surrounded. Going on the defensive, Lambda dodged, blocked, and counter-attacked. Drawing whoever he could to this fray, he distracted for the party, for his friends. Little by little the dragonkin chipped away. Eventually, a warrior struck him down, and severely damaged his processing unit, which deactivated Lambda, and he was left there in the forest clearing.


Year: ----


Directive processor: Damaged with corruption

Memory unit: Damaged with corruption

Personality drive: Damaged

Optical Sensors: Functioning

Motor drives: Functioning

Operable status: 62%


-ComPlete giVen MIssionS

-SerVe tHe parTy

- PrOtecT wHo yoU cAn

Lambda was reactivated some time later, after completing his system reboots, he was faced with a younger looking halfling woman, possibly mid to late 20s. She, at first, recoiled from the sudden activation of the warforged, but quickly became ecstatic at his revival. She eagerly began to clear more of Lambda's body from the earth pulling over other workers to show her discovery. As Lambda lay in the hole, he was bombarded with questions about how he ended up here, who made him, and what his purpose was. They came at such a furious pace, his still fragile processor could hardly keep up. Lambda simply asked what year it was, and if she could slow down her questions. She told him it was the year 890, and with a quick calculation told him he had been deactivated for 139 years. While she continued to unearth his legs, he answered what he could remember. He fell in battle against dragonkin warriors, he was built in Troverth, and his purpose was to exterminate the dragonkin . He however, has reprogrammed himself after years of gaining autonomy to simply protect those that he works for. As he moved to stand, the rest of the excavation team eagerly gathered around, and continued to examine him. They felt his metal, prodded his joints, one even waved a hand in from of his optical sensors. Lambda was satisfied with their examination of his physical form, and with time his internal processes would return to full functionality. The woman who first uncovered him introduced herself as Lorrie Haslo, and asked the old construct what he was called. Commando Reconnaissance Unit Lambda, or just Lambda, the old bot replied. The pair began to conversate about what they could teach each other. Lorrie excitedly asked Lambda to tell her about the old world, and if he could smile, Lambda surely would. He replied to the woman that he would tell her all he knew, if she could teach him what the world has turned to since his deactivation. The pair continued to talk when lambda asked why she wanted to know so much about the old world. Lorrie explained that she was an archaeologist trying to find sites of battle from the Dragonkin purges, and she was digging around this area and discovered the bones of some humanoids and dragonborn. Then she discovered the metal construct that is Lambda. This answer satisfied the Commando, and he assisted her on the rest of this dig, discovering his blaster and sword not far from where he was dug up. He offered to continue with her, and use his memory banks as a sort of map to lead to more discoveries for her company. So they set out, a halfling, her small band of archaeologists, and the ancient warforged.

Modern Times

Year: 893


- Serve the Expeditionary Companies

- Assist the Party

After three years of working with Lorrie and other expeditionary companies, Lambda entered the world of adventuring and exploration. Over this time, he was introduced to the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, and began assisting with whatever party he could join. He remains in contact with Lorrie, occasionally joining her digs and providing what information he can. He has enjoyed his time, and hopes that as he continues into the Wild, he can be useful to the continued exploration of Amusa.


He received a letter while working on a site in the north of Dolina. Addressed from the Tempest Brothers, it was a call for willing participants to explore the interior of Amusa. Lambda took this letter to Lorrie to see if his objectives had been completed for the Historical Expedition Company. Her emotional reactions were...mixed. She was happy to see that her robotic friend was being recognized by a larger expedition company, and that he was being recruited from her merry band to boot. She was also terribly saddened to see him go. They still had more sites to find, he knew, and assured his friend that he would return to help her find them. A deal was negotiated. Lambda was allowed to leave, but must visit Lorrie once a month. The terms were acceptable to Lambda, and a somewhat teary-eyed halfling clamped around his legs. Lambda looked around for a moment, perplexed by the act, and settled with patting the back of the halfling's head. She pulled away, tears streaming down her face, and told him to hold on for a moment. She ran to her tent for a moment, returning with a brush and a pot, throwing a white powder into the pot and adding water, she created a sort of paint. She had the bot kneel in front of her, and she painted λ over where a heart would be. She told him that he better be careful and try to make some friends. The bot stood, looking down at the symbol and then at the halfling. She was smiling up at him, and she dove in for another hug. Lambda cupped her head in his hands, and stepped off in the direction of the port city the Brothers mentioned in the letter.

Upon arriving at the tavern the letter designated, Lambda was met with a gaggle of odd creatures. At first, he didn't quite know how to mingle and interact, so he observed. Behaviors, conversations, emotions, he took it all in. He noticed a decent amount of tieflings, a few kobolds, a human with metal limbs, a man made of worms, and a blonde human woman.

He noticed that some of the tieflings became uncomfortable with the whole situation. One becoming increasingly angry, the other nervous. He went to speak with the angrier one, but lost her in the crowd, and so approached the gentleman with the metal arm. After a brief conversation with the man, who never gave his name, and deduced that the man may be less trustworthy than he seems.

After the conversation with the man ended, Lambda returned to observing the room, calculating survival odds, and gathering intelligence on the people he would be working with in the coming months, and maybe years. He spotted a conversation between the tiefling who seems easily unnerved and the tiefling who became quite angry earlier, and he honed in on their conversation. He watched the two exchange pleasantries and both were noted to be carrying books. The metal man made his way over and offered a cigarette, much to the dismay of the blonde woman. The blonde does not appear to know what social cues are, or rather doesn't care and appeared to have angered the tiefling further. A curious tactic, and Lambda wanted to see how it ended. Of course, Lambda needs a few lessons in social boundaries, as staring at the tiefling appeared to slightly agitate her more. A brief exchange of names, and Lambda learned that the angry tiefling was named Sabbatical. She left the bot shortly after, when the metal gentleman reappeared.

He explained that he was an artist, coming from a city of metal and gears. Apparently, Mechanis means something to him but he was taken aback by Lambda's age. The two talked about art, or what little Lambda knew of the subject. He could create sketches from memory, but these were analytical works, reconstructions for later study. Could this be an art? A question he'll have to explore later. During this conversation, the nervous tiefling approached.

The tiefling and the warforged conversed, talking about possible paint applications to her horns and his chassis. Their name is Marianne, and they appear to prefer this name to Marion, what they give most people. They explain that most people forget their real name, or go to a nickname of some kind. Fortunately for them, Lambda has plenty of space in his memory banks to never forget their name. As the conversation continued, Marianne proved to be a jokester, giving an arm back to the metal gentleman with a toothy grin, and their attitude when around crowds and when in smaller groups was drastically different. They appeared more relaxed when not surrounded. Lambda scribbled them a portrait of their toothy grin as a sort of assurance that he would remember their preference. As he talked, along came a kobold with piercing red eyes, named Kompi.

The conversation with Kompi was brief. It speaks very few words in a row, but enjoys enlarging magic. Kompi also gets overwhelmed in crowds and noise, which may prove dangerous to them in the field, but further study will need to be done.

Eventually, Wiggler tried to offer gummy worms to those standing around. He's a visibly off putting individual, and none took the offer, which seemed to hut the poor creature. Will note to try and include him more in the future. Then comes Sneeze.

The kobold Sneeze on the other hand, he just seems to be an idiot. He reems to resort to violence too quickly for Lambda's taste. No tactics or second thought (if there even is a first thought). He wants to go go go. He took an interest in the blaster, and after making the weapon safe, Lambda let him see it. That decision may have dropped his relationship with Marianne, as she was terrified of the little kobold with the unloaded blaster. That mistake will not be made again.

Following this blunder, Lambda met Finnegan and Obsidian, or Idi. Finnegen, or Finny, was a musician and keeper of legends. They performed the songs of old which helped to tell a story. They are looking for a new muse, something which Lambda does not fully understand at the moment. He will adapt. Idi seemed nervous to meet new people, but inquisition from Lambda and friendly introductions seemed to open them up. They spoke of finding "The Lost City", and Lambda tried to offer assistance. Unfortunately, the city was lost even before he was created, and he had no information to offer. He did vow, however to help them on their mission. Lambda mentioned why he was here, and Idi realized that he knew Lorrie, once crossing paths and working together. They expressed an interest in possibly joining Lambda on one of his visits just to say hello. Lambda said yes, understanding that it can build a better bond, and he can get more information.

Lambda soon left the conversation here and moved to inquire more information about more people. He then approached a young tiefling woman. She played a game of dice, which Lambda was skeptical of at first, but tested the dice to see no weighting of any kind. They played, and she ended up losing, and attempted to give Lambda money as a result. He declined, instead wanting to learn more about her. Her name, which is Reedy, and her drake companion is Daq. She left home at 16 and has been a bounty hunter for the last 4 years and 6 months. She and Lambda then shared a joke at Sneeze's expense, calling him load, but he showed some potential for improvement. She got onto the topic of emotional connections, something which Lambda has never computed. He enjoyed the company of Lorrie, and wanted her to be safe. Was this a form of love? Is this emotion? Unsure, but noted to observe further.

At this point, Lynowen and Lucina, two veterans of the company arrived. They had been asked to begin the expedition and keep the adventurers safe to the best of their ability. Lynowen took a special interest in Lambda, or so it seemed. His first impression for Lucina was well under what is required to leave a positive image, but it can improve. Also introduced was Paul Fletcher, an archaeologist by trade. He seems to hold a research position within the company. he will be one to watch with his social awkwardness and apparent ease of flustering with emotional triggers.

The following morning, and his introduction to Paul, a fifth tiefling entered the tavern. they introduced themselves as Arc, department head for Magix and Mystics at the expedition company. More information will need to be gathered on this individual. Atmospheric conditions here inhibiting one of Lambda's shoulder joints slightly. Marianne offered to help with the shoulder mobility issue. Using an electrical based magic, she reset the servo and restored functionality. He thanked her for her help, and referred to her preferred name, Marianne, within earshot of Sabbatical. Sabbatical explained that since she was introducing herself as a different name, perhaps it'd be best to refer to her as such. lambda seemed to not understand, as Marianne gave a designation which seemed to have a positive emotional reaction, and he wants to keep her spirits up for maximum coherency and group effectiveness. Sabbatical brought up a sauna, Marianne thought it sounded nice, and inquired Lambda's water-resistant capabilities, before Sabbatical mentioned the bot was not welcome on this particular trip. Instead, she mentioned a "ladies' night" for the five tieflings. Labda seemed to understand the activity, allowing them to create bonds, and so moved onto the next subject. Sabbatical mentioned that the bot seemed a tad ignorant, to which Lambda explained that he somewhat blunders through social interactions because of his original design and directives. He doesn't want to seem ignorant, but he very easily does so because he really doesn't know any better yet.

After this conversation, Arc had asked about Marianne and her abilities. She explained that she knows simple magics and keeps a notebook in which she puts her "okay art". Lambda assured her that her artworks created joy in both herself and her audience, while his works were no-nonsense and analytical. Used more for record keeping than actual enjoyment. She offers to create him a drawing as sort of a gift, and Lambda accepts the offer.

Lambda and Jim Stacy have a decent conversation about the sleep habits of the warforged and the number of tieflings, ad Marianne approaches the bot. They hand him a ripped piece of paper with a drawing of the bot on it. He expresses his gratitude, and physically plants in behind the chest plate where his heart is. Being his first gift, he will hold it closely until the adventure ends or he is destroyed, whichever comes first. They offer a hug for Lambda, who has only had this done twice before and both times were done by a halfling. Lambda was not prepared to be hugged by a taller figure, and it took him a bit to figure out. Jim Stacy then talks about sparring, asking if Lambda has ever done so. The bot explains that he has, and sees it as a great opportunity to test both his abilities after years of disuse and to learn about this stranger. Lambda explains that he can still take physical damage, but it has far less long-lasting effects than if it was a fleshy being. Jim Stacy and Lambda were set to spar later that day.

This is where Lambda met the eladrin. The sparring match between Jim Stacy and Lambda was to be watched by the 5 eladrin, including the main individual. Jim Stacy mentions how he does not like the eladrin, or just finds them untrustworthy. Lambda notes this, and places a sub-routine to remain guarded about them. Marianne was drawing the beings, before erasing their work because she never learned their name. Lambda offers to go gather this information, because he was curious as well, but she said that information would come out naturally. Marianne then asks Lambda about color choice, specifically what they would look better in statistically. Lambda, calculating color theory (consulting interior design websites because I don't actually know color theory for anything) and determined that Marianne's white skin would match well with either a deep blue or a red. However, based on his observations of their personality and demeanor, the red would create possibly too much attention, which they tend to avoid. The blue was selected, and Marianne designed a few swimsuits for their outing with the tieflings. Bathing garments were something new to Lambda, but seemed pretty interesting because water-resistant fabric just seemed cool to the robot.

The time for the sparring match had arrived. Before the fight even began, an Eladrin arrived with a flourish of music and smell, and introduced himself as Sir Yewvane Edryll, a knight of some sort. Lambda introduces himself, and Jim Stacy abruptly takes the field and the match was set to begin. The two stood approximately 30 feet apart, and Lambda drew his weapon and fired a stun round first (trying to deal non-lethal damage). The shot misses, and Jim replies with ----------. The first attack missed the bot, but Jim Stacy smartly moved to be 50 feet from the bot. Lambda responds by closing the distance to 5 feet, firing twice and connecting with one of his blasts. Jim Stacy absorbs the shock of the blast, dealing a decent amount of damage to the man. He responds with the same attack as before, Lambda barely having time to react to slightly deflect away from his main processor. Damage sustained, The Eladrin knight sent words of healing to the bot, reducing the damage, which Lambda took, however Jim Stacy asked the no interference be made from this point on. Lambda heard Finnegen offer words of encouragement and allow Jim Stacy to use that if he wished, since the bot received outside support. Lambda surged forward, firing his weapon and slashing with his sword. The final strike of the sword connected, and Jim Stacy still stood. He retreated from Lambda, who lashed out again with his sword, and missed. Jim Stacy -------- and Lambda was played a fool. Jim Stacy wanted the attack to go off, and the bot was unable to defend itself. Lambda watched a projectile fill his view port before smashing into his head, sending the bot into emergency shut down. Marianne was standing over him when he came back to. Lambda removed the projectile and congratulated Jim Stacy on the fight. The Eladrin Knight also congratulated the two on a good fight before leaving in a flourish. Lambda asked for a rematch when he gathers new skills, and then began to ask Marianne if she would be willing to possibly paint over the weld which would need to be made on his faceplate. They accepted and the two discuss possible paint colors, deciding on a olive green to help the bot in his reconnaissance role. They ask about the weld and if it was to be covered with the green paint or highlighted. Lambda chose highlighted because it would make for a good story. While they add the paint to his body, he seems to enjoy it, like a spa day for the old bot. Marianne asks him what he learned from the fight and Lambda explains that Jim Stacy is a powerful ally and fae creatures seem to enjoy watching mortal creatures fight each other. He also noted that Marianne is a very kind hearted individual. They seemed to enjoy the compliment, and sent Lambda for a topcoat for the paint from Jim Stacy. The Bot, not really understanding what was being asked, asked Jim for a protective coat, meaning practically anything. Jim followed the bot to ask about it and struck up conversation with Marianne. Thus began the group therapy session.

Marianne talked about the fire with killed their biological parents, and Jim Stacy talked about himself. Lambda had never seen the model of limbs Jim Stacy has, and suggested that perhaps they were built after he went underground. Lambda also Talked about his squad, and their demise. The three seemed to maybe connect more, but night came and they all separated.

The following day, a new face arrived at the tavern. after some introductions were made by other members of the expedition, Lambda arrived in his new paint job and approached the new man. He introduced himself as Therrin Flare, and Lambda was keen on finding out more about him. Marianne seemed to like the new paint job, noting that the paint was holding well. Lambda offered his body as new canvas, because the paint took very well and he as always looking for an excuse to hang out with Marianne and chat. While Therrin and Lambda made acquaintances, Reedy entered, followed shortly by the Eladrin knight from the previous day. The Eladrin reacted harshly to a name Reedy stated "Corellon", or perhaps it was who uttered it they seemed to take offense to. The room soon delved into a tense atmosphere, with the fae mentioning how mortals wilt like flowers, before being ushered out. Lambda's peacekeeping directives kicked in, and he recognized the Eladrin as a threat to the party he already knew. He readied himself for possible conflict. Reedy and Marianne then had a conversation about accepting gifts from fae and how it probably shouldn't be done. The last of the lesser eladrin left and the knight explained that they were his lovers, and they didn't mean any harm towards the company, however Lambda couldn't shake the feeling that they did not like Reedy, nor most of the others standing within the room. They saw them as play things to be observed. Lambda mentions the match between himself and Jim Stacy and Reedy reacts to it, not realizing a match was even happening. She expresses that she wants to possibly spar, and Lambda offers, but she would much rather duel Marianne. The two head out, Lambda officiating and explaining the duel would end when one person was unconscious or too injured to continue.

The duel commenced, with Reedy striking first. An arrow flew across the field and struck Marianne. they responded with a magical attack of some kind, which missed the target, closing the distance between the two of them following the attack. Reedy fires another shot, again striking the white tiefling. They looked battered, even after healing themself. Marianne unleashed a swarm of stinging insects upon Reedy, and became invisible. Marianne reappeared next to the tiefling swinging a quarterstaff, but Reedy was prepared, and fired an arrow into Marianne, ending the bout as they fell unconscious. Therrin offered his healing services to bring Marianne back up. Marianne seemed disappointed in her performance, however Lambda and Reedy helped to cheer them up with mead and discussion. It is to be noted, Marianne asked that I delete known combat data, however I cannot do this. I will instead omit their abilities from further record, much like Jim Stacy.

The two then had a conversation about Lambda possibly adding a painted ring on Marianne's horns, much like the scar he now has, to remember their first combat experience. They accepted the offer, and soon the conversation turned to luck. Lambda explained that his calculations are all about luck, and it was luck that practically led him here. He explained that it could have been any one of his squad members who survived, or none of them, had luck been different all those years ago. Reedy and Lambda then discussed a possible sparring match between herself and Daq and Lambda. The prospect would be interesting.

After being nearly a week away from Haslo's dig site, Lambda thought it may be nice to send a letter about his progress here at the company. While he had the beginnings of the letter written, he was approached by Sneeze, the small kobold. Upon inquiring who he was writing to, Lambda informed the small creature that he was writing to his friend, and discoverer. The kobold seemed confused that Lambda was discovered, and so the bot explained that he was attacked 142 years ago, and defeated in battle. The attackers were Dragonborn, and the kobold asked why they had attacked. Lambda brought up that he was a soldier, programmed to kill the dragonkin, and Sneeze immediately went on edge. His ancestors were hunted by the crusaders (unsurprisingly) and now has a minor distrust of the bot. In order to try and help win the kobold over, Lambda detached his sword and let it hit the ground, and removed the energy cell from his blaster, showing that he was now at the mercy of the kobold. He explained that the injury which ended his functionality rewrote or corrupted some of his directives, including killing dragonkin. Sneeze made it very clear that should Lambda ever attack the party, he would not hesitate to rip him to pieces. Lambda thought of Mu, and understood what the kobold was saying. Then entered Sabbatical. She was drenched in sweat, and Lambda originally believed that she may have been in a fight of some sort, because this tiefling has not exhibited such physical exhaustion before. She said she was fine, merely exercising and asked if anyone wanted water. Sneeze gulped down a decent amount from a barrel that Sabbatical had filled, and then turned to play a trick on those standing around. He at first splashed Paris, which made Marianne instinctively pull the bot away, unsure of how water proof he was. The kobold then eyed up both Paris and Marianne, but Lambda made it very clear that he would stand between the small creature and the tiefling, forcing him to choose Paris. When the kobold attempted to overturn the barrel of water, Sabbatical destroyed its contents, and then asked why Lambda had been pulled away. He explained that Marianne had pulled him, simply because she was unsure of his water- resistances. Sabbatical then asked if he'd like to test this, away from the chaos of the bar, and her and Lambda entered the sparring arena. She finished her stretches, then created a bucket of water for Lambda to start small with. He dipped his hand, then forearm with no damage to his systems or to the paint. She then threw the bucket of water over him, again with no effect or damage to the paint. He still wanted to press on, and so he returned to the bar and stood in a horse trough. Marianne stepped out and warned him of her drawing still within his chest. Lambda removed it, and submerged himself into the water. He rose again, undamaged, and opened his chest so that Marianne could reinsert the drawing. After this was completed, Lambda was fairly certain his systems were water-proof and he could be used for aquatic exploration, should the party require it.

The following day, Lambda awoke to find an alert within his programming. A inerte ability had been activated and he went down to the arena for target practice to ensure that the new abilities were worked into his familiarity. At first, he was joined by Idi, but soon Reedy and Sneeze both arrived to practice as well. They organized a friendly competition for the title of best shot in the company. Sneeze and Reedy went first, with Reedy taking a commanding lead. Jim Stacy stealthy fired 10 projectiles from a concealed position, but unfortunately did not perform very well. Lambda then stepped up to the line, and fired his 10 blaster shots. The scores were close, but Reedy earned the title of Marksman of the Company.

Later that day, Lambda was returning and watched as Marianne and Sneeze left with two of the Eladrin. Not entirely sure if he could trust the fae, Lambda followed the group, running along rooftops to keep within earshot and visual distance. Apparently, he was not the only one doing so. The group appeared to stop in the poorer district of the city, and began to set up a picnic of sorts.From his elevated position, Lambda watched the woman, Olla, leave and gather a group of children. Lambda readied a shot in case this was some sort of fae trick, when a voice was heard behind him. It was Jim Stacy, telling the bot to not interfere with whatever was happening. The man then approached the group and began to speak with Marion, eventually pointing out Lambda's position. Knowing he'd be spotted because of this, the bot stood, and stepped off the roof. He landed with a thud and fell to one knee in front of Marianne, and understandably, she was not impressed to see the bot stalking the group. Sneeze, was also equally not impressed, entered a rage. Lambda's recent admittance that he was crusader seemed to hurt relations between the two creatures. Ojai's egging on did not help the situation in the slightest. Marianne left after having her ideas quashed because of the actions of Lambda.He continued to argue with the fae man, expressing that he has not expressed any outward hatred, or has attempted to not show any hatred until Lambda can properly observe the fae. This did nothing but anger the two of them more, and Lambda left to find Marianne. Finding the tiefling was easy enough, her white skin stuck out against the various alleyways she was wandering through. Lambda stopped the tiefling and apologized profusely. He did not mean to intrude because he knows that she is capable, and much like him has the autonomy to do as she pleases. He felt he had overstepped his bounds and now had both a possibly angry fae knight and a very angry kobold to deal with. Lambda expresses that he wants to apologize to the Eladrin first, because he fears them more than the kobold, but he will attempt diplomacy first. Jim Stacy shows up at some point in the conversation, and asks what Lambda did which caused Sneeze to hate him so much. Lambda explains his history, and the things he did against the Dragonkin. Eventually the three came up upon a very sad Sneeze, who shakily responded that he was ready to fight the bot. Sneeze asked Marianne how she could befriend the bot even after hearing what atrocities he had done and how he had breached her trust. Sneeze hugs the tiefling, and explains what happened to his ancestors following the crusades. How they were forced underground and how he was pushed around and bullied by both his people and other creatures. The tiefling befriended the kobold, explaining that fighting isn't always the best option for showing strength. But Sneeze doesn't want to surrender the fight, he doesn't want to disappoint his ancestors. Lambda then explains that the Dragonkin won all those years ago. They defeated Lambda, and now that he is back, they would be happy to see peace between the two ancient enemies. After this, Marianna and Lambda have a brief chat about gods and their nature.

Several hours after this point, Lambda enters the tent of the Eladrin. Apparently, Sir Eedryll had not known about the actions of his two heart sworn, and was far more mad at those actions than Lambda's accidental racism. As Marianne and Lambda tried to explain that the actions of the two heart sworn were not entirely their own fault, and they tried to explain that blame was squarely upon their mortal ideas. It was then explained to the two, and all was clear. Lambda was experiencing the very thing Eedryll feared. A societal prejudice against them which endangers the two of them. He was fearful for their safety because he cared so much. After some more discussion, and some odd feelings felt by all, Taya was sent to retrieve the two. After some time, they were located, shaken and somewhat dazed. Lambda learned that the orphans robbed Olla, and offered to retrieve the jewelry which was stolen. He searched for the entire night in order to find the pieces, and retrieve them. He did find the pieces and returned them the following morning, and curiously enough, was told to take most of them back. He did so, draining his power cells to a very low state. After a period of rest and recharge, he returns to the tent to the sound of music and the sight of dancing. At first, he remains outside of the dance, but watches as Marianne slowly but surely becomes more and more exhausted. He scooped her up, even though she is taller than the bot and continued to dance for her. After some time, they are led to a bed and Lambda places her within it, and the fae gave him a leather chair to stay close by. He may have allowed himself to join the fae camp, as well as the others.

The next event was one of oddity. It appeared to be an argument quickly spiraling out of control, or at least this is what lambda walked in on. A creature with the ability to change its appearance is attempting to leave the tavern, after a series of magical events which put everyone on edge. A quick scan showed an unconscious kobold and Idi being casted against. The creature became a ball of light, and attempted to slip past the door. Lambda grabbed the form, saying he had questions about what exactly was happening. The light seemed to reach into Lambda's internal processes, and asked him to 'leave me alone'. However, friends were attacked, or at least affected by this creature, and so Lambda ignored the orders given to him. The creature then became a potted plant, grappled by a large dragonborn and a warforged. Apparently, the creature had attempted multiple charms, and knocked Sneeze unconscious. The city guard were alerted and chaos had filled the tavern. In the chaos, Eedryll, city guard, even Lucinda were all brought down to quell the storm. Eventually a spell suppressant was placed over the tavern, because this creature is rare, or something to that effect. Lambda has no trust for them, and likely never will.

Apparently before this, Jim Stacy was abducted, which weighed heavily on Marianne, however Lambda was busy sparring with Idi throughout the morning. The two improved his combat stamina, and his effectiveness in dual wielding his short sword and axe. While Lambda remained on the defensive, he still took a beating, and went to find someone to help repair his chassis. He found the Eladrin, with Eedryll offering to heal most of the ruptured piping and wires within his internal systems. After doing so, he went to find marianne on the verge of tears with Sneeze bouncing around an sleeping Jim Stacy. Lambda took the kobold, and the two had a wrestling match. Lambda moved first, charging to grapple he kobold, however Sneeze's size made him very hard to grab, and his rage made it very easy for him to grapple the bot. After several seconds, Lambda was stuck, nearly ready to submit, he broke free, and tried to keep his distance while also remaining offensive. It did not work, the Kobold hacked and slashed a few more times and Lambda submitted the match. He was impressed, the Kobold was an able warrior.

However, after all of this damage, Lambda was in need of a new paint and repairs to his armor panels would be required. Lambda began on his armor, removing the damaged sections and welding them shut. A shoulder panel, and a chest panel were the worst off, so he focussed here. Marianne came over to observe the bots injuries, as did the Dragonborn from the changeling incident the day prior. He introduced himself as Nassir Thycho, and Lambda has a strung underling respect for the warrior. After seeing the condition he was in, Marianne invited both Lambda and Nassir to their room for a touch up of the armor panels, as well as adding paint rings to Nassir's horns. Lambda thought this would be a good opportunity to actually apply the paint to Marianne's horns for her recent battles. Nassir seemed very intrigued by this, as his own people use "bloodmarks" before entering battle, and spiral scars to mark victories and defeats. He said his people came from Dolina, the wilds specifically. Lambda painted Marianne's horns with one sky blue ring for her first day battle against Reedy, and a golden ring for her recent victory in the sparring match. After painting her horns, he removed the recently repaired panels, placing the panels on the ground, and entering his recharge phase. While within this phase, his systems were till active and he overheard the conversation between Marianne and Nassir. The two discussed Lambda as an ally, and his abilities to recount information, as well as they past. They share a similar tragedy, and both had very different outcomes.

The following morning, Lambda entered town to buy the protective coat for the paint Marianne put on him. He felt bad for constantly getting damaged and the paint coming off. The painted the panels in the tavern, taking each off and applying the protective coat. After it was given time to dry, he was satisfied with with its level of protection, he spent the day wandering the city, learning its layout and simply observing.

He continued his exploration into the night, collecting flowers to press into a book for Marianne. He though the gift...appropriate because of her love of color, and painting. Perhaps it could serve as inspiration for her work. Her reaction was satisfactory, and Lambda would make a point to collect more flowers in the future.

And collect he did, heading to the Southwest side of the city, and collected a bouquet of fresh flowers for Marianne's collection. It was here, where Marianne was informed Lambda never actually accepted a room, and has nowhere to store the vase of flowers. She insists he get one, and he begrudgingly does so. He takes up residence in Finny's room, since they are not using it. It was an interesting first night with private lodging.

The following day, Lambda and Marianne dried the flowers he had gathered for her. It was during this time which Marianne asked about the crusades. Lambda was hesitant to answer her, afraid he would reveal his actual actions and what he was responsible for. She insisted and he told her about what made the crusades so awful. About how one act of brutality led to another, and each was worse than the last. It was a true meat grinder. And yet, Marianne seemed to be unbothered by this revelation. And they seemed very happy to meet Lorrie, which made Lambda happy. He thinks the two would get along very well. After this, Lambda told Marianne about his initial death. What caused it, what happened as a result, everything he could remember. They sat and listened. However, when Lambda talked about being buried, it sparked something in Marianne and their deity. A new nightmare, or one of the fears. The two made promises to help each other move beyond their pasts, which Lambda was all to happy to do so.

The next day, Lambda had asked Sabbatical if she would like him to join in her routine maintenance, and although Lambda would not benefit from a run, he can certainly push Sabbatical to achieve new records or personal bests. He also offered to spar, which was originally declined, however when ground rules were set to not punch each other to bloody pulps, the spar was established. Sabbatical, Nassir, and Lambda then held a conversation about the recruits, and the severe lack of discipline among them. Plans were thrown about, but it seems that the groups decided that training would be impossible, and so whoever dies in the field, dies in the field.

With Sabbatical and Lambda trading blows, it became clear that the bot was hesitant about permanent damage to the tiefling. He set no defense, and any punches thrown, were pulled. At first, Sabbatical was asking for more, saying that as a machine of war, she expected less mercy, and so Lambda gave her what he thought she wanted. A flurry of blows, and several connected. However, Sabbatical, out of reflex, uttered a command to the bot, reaching into his processors with magic. She commanded him to drop, and he did. Sitting on his knee in front of her, the two talk about how she is in combat, and that she really is not keen on being in it. After this, Lambda moved to ranged targets, and continued to converse with the tiefling. He asked about other members of the company, what her analysis was on Sneeze. The two seemed to agree that he can be both powerful and dangerous, and is incredibly undisciplined. She then asked about his onw analysis of her, to which he replied that his notes now included that Sabbatical would avoid combat is she can, but held useful abilities should the need arise.

Upon returning to the tavern, a small bit of playful tension was building between Nassir and Marianne, which boiled over into a food fight with most of the company being involved. Lambda joined by hurling a sticky piece of pancake at Marianne, then bolting up the stairs when everyone had left for the bathhouse. Upon the group's return, Lambda went to speak with Marianne.

Lambda met with her and shared his day, seeing as the last time he was asked to go to the bathhouses, Sabbatical shut down the idea, he refrained from joining. He asked Marianne how their day was, and if anyone liked their swimsuit. Lambda, was apparently the first to ask, and complimented them on how it looked, which seemed to embarrass the white tiefling. Nassir then joined them, and continued to tease Marianne with kind words, until Lambda had asked if they wanted to hear more about his past. He still did not know about the nightmares he was causing his friend, nor what Nassir would think of his war stories, being dragonkin. However, Nassir opens the conversation with his story of his brother. The two were close, however, the brother turned cruel. The water of the bathhouse reminded Nassir of this, and Lambda was more willing to talk of Theta. More specifically, why Theta died, and why Lambda has tried to befriend everyone. He does not want to be betrayed, nor does he want anyone to resent him for his autonomy. He apologized for the harsh story, and left the room, unsure on if he had further altered anyone's perceptions of him, however, Theta was now all that he thought about. For the first time, his memory banks flooded with his lost brother, and what had happened to him. He leaves the compound, seating himself in a forest clearing he discovered while picking Marianne's flowers.

The following day, Marianne stumbled upon the bot, who had entered a rest mode some time before. Upon waking the bot, Lambda explained that the clearing reminded him of where Theta fell, and he had come here to not feel alone. Marianne then tells him that they are lucky to have met the bot, and that they became friends, and that the tiefling is worried about the old war forged. This notion, worry, falls deftly upon the bot. Why does Marianne worry? Is it because he is an antique? Is it because he is one of a kind? Why did they worry? And Marianne explained, that there may be another copy of Lambda, physically, but his experiences and learned behaviors are what make him special. A copy of him would be different. Lambda seemed to understand this, and the pair returned to the compound.

The following day, Lambda received a letter from Lorrie. It detailed two new cites she discovered, one a kobold camp, the other a crusader field hospital, amputated limbs and all. However, the kobold camp was described and Lambda recognized it immediately. It was the last camp Theta and he had cleared before the day of Theta's death. It was an easy enough fight, a few hunter scouts, maybe no more than 5 or 6. The recruits wanted action, so they sprang from the bushes, and set about the place. Theta, had shot a kobold which was gaining a clear upper hand against one of the recruits, which may have angered them enough to orchestrate the assassination. But Lambda, thinking about Theta a lot recently, became "panicked". His memory was overwhelmed, he could not compute, could not process, but tried his best to keep a calm face. When he explained the letter to Marianne, she sipped some sort of tea, and entered a deep trance. Jim Stacy entered at this precise moment, and stormed up to the bot, asking what had happened to Marianne. The two had an argument about safety and why we do not trust fae, but Lambda was unaware of the effects, and so saw no harm. He was starting to resent Jim Stacy.

The news he had received, the memories which plagued, him, Lambda was entering a deep stress episode. He could not think, he was over heating, his systems were screaming danger, but he knew there wasn't any. He could hear the sound of Theta's death, and left the tavern, running into Taya. He explained that he was going for a walk after receiving the troubling news, and he set out. He walked for an unknown amount of time, entering the clearing in the woods. He could see the faces of those who betrayed his brother, and old directives rose up. Kill orders. He pulled his blaster and shot at the phantoms, they stood in front of a tree, asking if he was autonomous, was he free? He continued to blast the images, only hitting the tree. Frustration, and fear as the faces and bodies crept closer, he drew his sword and ran through the woods, chopping and slashing at the phantoms. His sword became lodged in one, and he could not get it free, the adventurer was holding it in his wound. It screamed, but the sound of Theta's dying voice came out. In a nightmare fueled panic, Lambda abandoned the weapon, bolting deeper into the woods. He could not escape the phantoms, but he found the next best thing. He stood, and held the adventurer's phantom form against a tree and punched. He watched the fist fly through the form, but he kept punching. Harder and harder, he punched, creating a rhythm. He kept wailing to no change. He did this until he was discovered by Marianne and Nassir. The two were looking for him. He punches the phantom, but Marianne's voice pierces the illusion. Hearing it, Lambda turned to see them, and his sword in their hand. For a brief moment, the kill order outlined Marianne, before Lambda shut down the system. He felt no anger, just deep sadness. This was his best friend here, come looking for him. As Lambda turned to explain what he was doing, and more importantly why, his servos fail, and he fell to his knees. Internal temperature warnings rang in his head, and he told Marianne that he wanted to go home. He was scared, confused, but knew he could trust her. He explains that too many memories came too quickly, and worrying about Lorrie and what she thinks overloaded his systems, and caused a new reaction. He did not mention anything that he saw. Upon returning, he deactivated in Marianne's room, per her orders.

The next morning, the bot was still not completely present. He was discombobulated, but knew that paint needed to be reapplied to his now bare knuckles. While doing so, a bellowing voice called for Jim Stacy, and this put Lambda on edge. A massive minotaur proceeded to throw him through a window, and command everyone to rough up the old human every once in a while, an order Lambda was all too happy to receive. After this, Sabbatical and Lambda had a conversation on why he was missing. She simply reminded him that Lorrie was a smart woman. She could clearly see what Lambda was designed for, and still kept him around. She holds no negative views of the bot simply because of what he did. It is how these actions are used to better ones self that count. Sabbatical offered a piece of information to the bot to prove her point. She was responsible for 8 37 executions. Lambda was responsible for 324 killed dragonkin. The two needed to understand that these acts did not define who they were, and to try and be better. They then went for a run, with Lambda prompting her to go an extra two minutes. Upon their return, Marianne was sleeping, with trails of black smoke leaving her body. The three established that Lambda would watch and observe, because Marianne claimed to be having a good dream, just to see what the catalyst for the smoke was. He saw nothing, and abandoned the observation because it somewhat made him uncomfortable.The following day, Lambda entered the hall to find Sabbatical already awake and moving about. The two discussed funding and wanting more for the time when Wiggler, beelined out of the tavern, and Sneeze came stumbling down the stairs. He has awakened from his comatose state. After some, harsher words were shared by Sabbatical, Lambda tried to smooth a peace between the parties, and taught Sneeze that he needs to at least examine foods before he consumes them. It was at this point, Sneeze consumed coffee, and began to spout nonsense in complete common about the makings of the universe. An interesting event indeed. After some time, Wiggler returns, scared it seemed, like something had happened. He then let out a deafening shriek, both physically and psychically. The sound was painful, but it was a new ability brought on by...something. It scared Wiggler, who began to run and scream around the tavern. Nassir, grabs the screeching cat form of Wiggler, and hold him fast, and Jim Stacy makes an error Lambda would not soon let him forget. Throwing daggers at the held creature, Wiggler falls unconscious. The screeching over, Jim breathes relief. He was happy about what he had just done. Lambda, watching Jim Stacy so easily attack an ally to the point of unconsciousness, if not death, receives a new directive. The single word: KILL appears in his vision, and Jim's body it outlined by a red aura, and Lambda, swung. His metallic fist collided with the man, then he continued the barrage. The second punch missed, but the third connected again. He was on a war path, held back now by Nassir. As Jim Leaves, Lambda hurls one final word of warning to the man, before watching everyone and waiting. The interaction has pitted Lambda nd Jim against each other.

It was after this point when Lambda met Amaris, a white satyr of the Moon Court. Still remaining cautious, Lambda sought the council of other fae about her gifts, some fruits from the Faewilds. After meeting with Sir Eedryll, Lambda offered to go on night patrol, to give the knight rest. He appeared to need it. This was both a time to cool off, and prepare for the coming times in the wilds. After completing the patrol, Lambda returned to the tavern offers everyone a sift hello, and passive-aggressively bumped the table Jim was at on his way to retire.

The following afternoon, Lambda makes his way to the arena, when the voice of Jim Stacy calls from behind him. The man was probing, finding cracks in Lambda's being, his mental fortitude, and he struck home, hard. Jim asked if Lambda had ever dispatched an ally. He seemed...to be insinuating something, or Jim wanted to see if Lambda was like him. He mentioned that in the field, there would be no time for thought only action, but Lambda knew this. He was a soldier, acting and thinking within the field is second nature to him. Jim Knew this, but still hammered at this point to Lambda. A threat was what Lambda sent, telling Jim that the next attack on an ally would certainly lead to his demise. By Lambda, or Nassir, whoever was faster. The bot offered him the advice that the company is giving him chances, and he is quickly squandering them with his nature. Lambda called Jim a selfish man, bent on his own survival and his ability to stab his friends to stay afloat was...concerning. Jim responded by grabbing two concealed blades, and Lambda wished he would. He wanted so very bad to not hold back, and in that moment, Lambda nearly drew first. But calm claimed him, until Jim again found a crack in the armor. He mentioned Marianne, and what would the bot do if she fell. What would any of them do? Mourn. Because they are human, because they have heart. The ripples of her loss would be felt for a long time, but they would persist because that's what she would want. The two bantered, before Jim saw that Lambda stood firm. He would not attack. At least not now, but he should have.

The next day, Lambda still was fired up about his interaction with Jim Stacy, but he went to Amaris to receive some painted markings she had offered to put upon company members. Lambda got the symbols of his brothers put on his arm, and the symbol she had come up with for the company. Idi had joined, and asked about Lambda's brothers. He told the two a shortened version of Theta's death, to both not overwhelm himself or them. Following this, Lambda went back downstairs and met with Marianne, and Jim. Jim was trying to convince Marianne to join him ins either robbing or breaking into the tent shop, and the constant egging broke something in Lambda. He lashed out to ignite Jim's crossword puzzle on fire, or at least a corner of it. This was the trap. Jim had just won in the long run. Lambda made himself look like the monster he feared he would, and now, Lambda had to scramble to hold onto the bridges he had worked so hard to build.

Prior to leaving Galik, Lambda attempted to apologize to Marianne for what he had done, but she appeared to not be in her room when he passed by. Not wanting to intrude on her, and hurt her more, Lambda simply left. The following morning, he left a drawing of her grin from when they first met and a copy of her drawing of the bot standing together. It was the only thing he could think to do.

The time had come, and the company was on the move. The party lambda was apart of was assigned to Bjorn and Matilda, and moved west. The party was headed towards Thinwhistle, a known kobold town about a half day's walk from camp. Upon arriving at the town, the party immediately noticed that the kobold guards were on high alert, and it seemed that something rather large had attacked them recently. There were large footprints and scorch marks, signifying battle. The group spoke with the village elder, Snatu, and he explained that the creature that attacked them had a nest a mile away, and if the group dispatched it, the kobolds would be open to negotiations. Understanding that this was the end goal, the party accepted, and trekked through the woods to find this creature. They discovered its nest, and Lambda moved forward into an ambush position. However, the creature had the drop on them, and it attacked from the rear. Nassir took the brunt of its might, holding it back as the rest of the party began to focus down some smaller drake creatures. Lambda moved to assist on the large creature, dealing some damage, before being bashed, nearly knocking him unconscious. The assault continued, and the creature used its maw to actually knock the bot out of the fight. Nassir killed the creature, and Lambda was healed. This attracted the attention of another creature, with many many teeth and a green complexion. It spat lightning, and was really interested in the dead creature. However, Lambda wand Nassir both believed that it was on the attack, and as a result, Lambda was knocked unconscious again. He was drug back out and healed once again and the group retreated back to Thinwhistle. It was here that Snatu told he group about their past, and what the company can offer them to build better relations. Lambda learned that the kobolds are an old race, coming from somewhere else and a very ancient city. They were also once the rulers of the world, lording over other races. After this, the kobold elder paid the party 50 gold each, and they returned to camp.

After this experience, Lambda felt it necessary to reinforce their position, and set to digging trenches along the northern corners and adding large palisades to them. While doing this, Sabbatical mentioned that Amaris had a message for Lambda and he should probably stop adding defenses. He did so, and met with the satyr. She had mentioned an entity called "The Warden" which resided within the wilds. This entity seemed to take offense to taming the wild, and Lambda was unsure of how to proceed, and so only half of the camp is properly defended.

Following this, Lambda was informed of some...troubling news. Apparently a group had seen his brother. Theta, was broken, and not as functioning as Lambda was, but he functioned. He apparently...missed Lambda, but there had to be something to it. A trick. Nassir's brother was also present, and Lambda had heard the Nassir buried him many years ago. Nothing was making sense now, and it nearly became too much for the bot. He began working more, keeping his mind off of Theta, until Marianne suggested something. A two way duel. Nassir and Lambda against her and Paris to prepare them for the possibility of meeting Titan and Theta again in the field. The two accepted, and the dragonborn and Lambda were victorious.

Returning to camp, Lambda, Mariann, and Nassir all headed to the medical tent, to take a certain test from Amaris to determine what medical treatments may be required. Lambda was open and honest with her, and as a result was given a depression questionnaire. It was not entirely uncalled for, but Lambda was taken aback by the fact he could even be depressed. But perhaps it was the fact the Theta was alive, and that he missed him, that compounded the issue. However, his friends were standing by him, so he knew he would be okay.

After this, Lambda gathered a bouquet of new flowers for Marianne, and brought them to her. he then suggested that they could gather more flowers from the south, to which Marianne was receptive of. The two left in the afternoon, and they gathered flowers for a while. Eventually the two landed on a talk of deeper connections, with Lambda suggesting that perhaps Marianne and Nassir are building something like that. He mentioned that he maybe was going to suggest to the dragonborn that he should get her flowers that she particularly liked, however she wanted to get something for him. lambda suggested maybe she could replicate his alcohol, as it is a gift of his people and would show how she cared about his past. She was receptive to the idea, and a plan to figure out how to brew it was formed.


Sabbatical: Sharp tongue, intelligent, abilities unknown. Has a remarkable strength in self-restraint. Further inquiry required.

Marianne Atoll: Tiefling with some magical capabilities. Prefers the name stored within these banks. Bubbly personality when not surrounded by large, noisy crowds. Anxious and reserved, if not prone to shut down when surrounded. Prefers to log their memories in a drawing notebook of some kind. Seems to be taking some sort of liking to the warforged *Note: Could be friendly introductions* Not fond of Wiggler. They have healing abilities as well as offensive magic capabilities.

Kompi: A kobold with unknown abilities. Likes to make things big? or become big? Unclear at this time.

Wiggler: A strange creature, powers unknown. Is some sort of warforged, wants to desperately to make friends, but his appearance is off putting. Tries to bribe with gummy worms

Sneeze: Sneeze seems to have very little comprehension of his actions. Apparently a bounty hunter at one point. Cannot be too trusted at this time. He may be a liability in the future. Do NOT trust with the blaster for any reason.

Finnegan: A musician and holder of many stories. Grew up in Feywilds or travels frequently. Wants to find a new muse.

Jim Stacy: Mystery man. Wants my memory scrubbed of anything I learn of him. Armed with metal limbs, which can produce weapons. Will omit him from further records.

Idi: Full name Obsidian, they are an archaeologist. Unknown abilities. They have worked with Lorrie in the past. They seemed very inquisitive and expressed a desire to possibly visit with Lambda. Looking for a "Lost City" spoken of in a few legends.

Cookie the Otter: Inquisitive otterfolk. Worked with Lorrie in the past, gave Lambda some hope to reactivating his squad mates, should they ever be found.

Reedy and Daq: Reedy is an interesting tiefling. A player of games of chance, she is incredibly talented and incredibly young. Comes from hell. Open to sharing and learning information. Proficient with ranged weaponry and "able to hold her own in close quarters". Possible ranger of some sort.

Lyowyn Mossbringer: One of the recruiters for this operation, she seems very welcoming to the myriad of individuals coming to the company. Life partner to Lucinda Grimfold

Lucinda Grimfold: Strong looking warrior. Seems to be protective of both themselves and of others. Life partner to Lyowyn Mossbringer.

Paul Fletcher: Another archaeologist, he is incredibly smart, but does not appear physically capable of defending himself. Awkward around others, he seems easily flustered. Correction: he IS easily flustered when giving him emotional triggers Paris will eat him alive.

Paris Hilton: Annoying, overly loud woman. Abilities unknown, aside from starting fights and causing trouble. Demands attention from those around her, yet is also under the impression that she is already well known. (No records of mine have her within them until now)

Arc: The department head of Magix and Mystics. An interesting tiefling who will more than likely be giving out some of the missions for the expedition.

Sir Yewvane Edryll: An interesting fae creature, he appears to be a knight of some order. Is followed by a cadre of lovers. They seem to be chaotic forces and are not to be trusted. They demeanor against mortal beings is that they are toys for play, and are not afraid to express their immortal status over the company. I personally, do not like this individual. his pompous air seems to suggest that he has never been defeated in combat, and his lovers' open hostility towards the tieflings is off putting

Therrin Flare: An interesting new member of the company. He seems to be magically inclined, including healing magics. Further study is needed for his personality, although he seems to be caring much like Marianne.

Nassir Tycho: Dragonborn warrior who comes from Dolina. His people, the Tycho Clan, are a band of "barbaric" dragonborn living in the wilds. They use bloodmarks to designate their warriors before battle, usually by drawing blood from their own hands and applying the bloody handprint to their face or chest. They also mark victories or defeats with small spirals on their body. His arm is adorned with these spirals, which is impressive to see. He is a weathered warrior, and more observation is needed to understand his abilities.

Languages[edit | edit source]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ranged energy weapon, monk abilities, warforged shenanigans

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Lambda has a blaster rifle, which fires energy projectiles. He is also adept in martial arts and swordsmanship.

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