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Metagame is a Dungeon World campaign of teenagers at Ravendean High School in Ravendean, Osugbo.

  • The campaign is framed as the students attending the game club after school, filming and livestreaming their Dungeon World game to QTube.

Metagame began on October 7th, 2021 and ran into early 2022.

About[edit | edit source]

The campaign that the PCs are playing at school is set in a fictional (metafictional) world known as Amarelle.

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Jules as the DM (DM: Nell)

The Players[edit | edit source]

Andy as Lebjorn James (Player: Miguel)

  • Cleric, LeBjorn James, the dwarves have a big competition that is a test meant to pick one single dwarf who has to represent his people and become a Wander! He won the game which means he had to set out as a Wander. Dwarf: Super tall dwarf, 7 foot and thick, they have a lot of different competitive towns, they’re welcoming diverse places, Brodin: the god of games and healing! Common dwarven god in Amarelle

Laurel as Finn (Player: Alyssa)

  • Fighter, Finn, The Order of the Silent Sword, grew up in the town Pass - you get a choice when you come of age! Human: just like us, a lot of humans, there’s an order of Fighters because somebody has to stand up for the little guys, anyone can join if they don’t have magic to defend people without magic

Berkeley as Trixie (Player: Ali)

  • Thief, Trixie - became a thief recently, she was originally from the fairy village but was sent out to acquire more items! She’s the princess of the fairies so it is her duty to go out and save it. Fairy: glittery, short humans, decorative wings, they have their own magical realm: Starry Sky. People are welcome to come and visit, although you have to be invited. It is a city full of gardens and flowers, lots of interiors if it needs to rain. In the mountains! Fairies live twice as long as humans.

TJ as Legend (Player: Johnny)

  • Legend: the other elves were getting a little too jealous of the fame and he had to apologize for an incident but it didn’t go well, and so you had to leave to become a Wander Elves: Tall, athletic, majestic, good looking, someone who has “it,” they live forever in spirit, but 400 years of natural causes, all elves are artists who live in a house, but they’re a very rare race.

Ivan as Jarvis (Player: Steven)

  • Druid, Jarvis, has met other shades on occasion but not often, has been alive 11 years Shade: they don’t like light, prefer the dark, history says they came from shadows & earth itself, very few shades at a time to create a safe civilizations, mostly Wanders who stick to the roads, one true druid who is passed down when the last one dies - no childhood, you just rise from the earth, with some of their memories

Secondary Characters[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with Secondary Characters, the spiritual predecessor to Metagame

Rod as Axel (Player: Jeff)

Ivan's Sister Mimi as Mimi (Player: Rose)

Norman as Desian (Player: Brendan)

Andy's Crush Heather as Gorm the Gluttonous (Player: Cecilia)

  • Mickey as Heather's Dog

Berkeley's Friend Logan as Tinker (Player: Griffin)

NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPCs were mentioned by the PCs but never made explicit appearances, always being off-screen encounters from the school day before the after-school club met.

  • Josh Long: Jules' bully.
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