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Operation Verdant Pyramid (Campaign)

List of Agents[edit | edit source]

Gregory Lobachevsky

  • Codename: "SINEWAVE"
  • MIA after this operation.

Skyler Dupri

  • Codename: "SIGNAL"
  • Retired from Sierra Cell calls after this operation.

Natasha Carter

  • Codename: "SPECTER"

Paul Haddock

  • Codename: "SURGEON"

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Trooper Douglas Winslow
  • What Charles painted on the wall the day before he died.
    Ranger Charles Amherst (also a Sierra Cell agent, code name "TRIMARAN")
    • Was involved in a breach and died of a blood embolism, kicking off the entire operation's investigation.
    • Had a strange sunburn on his death as well, possibly caused by electromagnetic activity.
    • Swallowed a metal capsule with strange coordinates on his death.
    • The day before he died he had gone out to the park near the Calumet Mines and painted a large Elder Sign on the cliffside in UV paint.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Locations Visited[edit | edit source]



Calumet Mines

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
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