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Sparrow's Point
Type Small Town
Government Mayoral
Location Isonhound
Inhabiting Race Human

Content Warning: this is the location for a horror campaign. Body horror, murder, torture, and other generic violence below.

In the PR era, Sparrow's Point also serves as the starting location in the Deadly Diaspora campaign.

About[edit | edit source]

In 605 PR, Sparrow's Point is a very small village built up on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, and founded by the Stormer family.

With a population of roughly 5,200 in 90CR, Sparrow's Point is a small town on the Northernmost tip of Isonhound.

Weather[edit | edit source]

Sparrow's Point is cold most of the year, with a fairly temperate summer and extremely snowy winters.

History[edit | edit source]

To be discovered.

Notable Places[edit | edit source]

Vulture's Bluffs: the cliffs upon which the city sits.

Maurier's Caves: a series of caves that wind their way through the cliffs, beneath the city. Named for a woman who disappeared inside them centuries ago.

Digby's Point: the lighthouse, which is no longer in use but offers school tours. An extremely famous shipwreck occurred at its base.

The Nest: the local diner.

The Clam Strip: a mostly empty strip mall; also the location of a failed Qross Fit.

New Isonhound: the town's only fancy restaurant. Serves seafood.

Chowder: the statue of the dog outside of the town hall. Visitors rub its nose for bad luck.

Stormer Manor: a historical mansion that's been mostly preserved. It was built by one of the founding families, and was mostly destroyed in an enormous fire 100 years after its creation. It was reconstructed right away, however, and has stood ever since.

Sparrow's Point Middle School: built on one of the lowest points in town, prone to flooding and "black mold."

Evil Forces (So Far)[edit | edit source]

The Father: an oceanic monster, who was worshipped by a cult in the caves underneath the town. Strangers who got lost in the woods would be sacrificed to him - made to stand on a grate above boiling water and under a cave opening, where they would wait until the god descended from above to consume them, often severing their feet. In 90 CR, this led to the case of the Feet of the Virident Sea. The cult was shut down by a team comprising of a Park Ranger, QBI Agent, Detective, and Rookie Detective, who were able to discover the diner headquarters and escape to make a report to the authorities.

The Gray Man: a creepypasta come to life. A series of horrifying events occurred in 83 CR surrounding this creature, beginning with two middle schoolers stabbing their friend, and ending with a massacre committed by students at the annual Talent Show.

"If you’ve heard your kids discussing Slender, Bobo, and the Gray Man, you’re not alone. These are all characters from “creepypastas,” a type of online horror story, currently very popular with children, even younger ones. This is most likely nothing to worry about! Kids have been sharing scary stories for as long as we’ve had campfires. But you know your child best, and if you are concerned, never hesitate to contact a professional. To learn more about these myths, read on!

The Gray Man is from a Creepypasta based off a Creepypasta. The original was a story known as The Color Show, which was presented as an online question and answer forum. An anonymous user wanted to find out if anyone else remembered a children’s show where all the characters were personified versions of colors. Characters included the excitable Yellow, giggly Pink, smug Purple, nature-loving Green, and of course, gloomy, Eeyeore-ish Gray. The user remembered only a couple of episodes - Yellow learning to love the rain, Green taking everyone hiking, meeting Orange in the autumn. And then, the finale - an episode that introduced Eraser. The user said he was half convinced that this had just been a nightmare, but what he remembered was Eraser berating Gray for always being so sad, and then telling him, “I’ll give you something to cry about,” before proceeding to track down and murder all of the other Colors in increasingly strange and horrific ways. The episode ended with only Gray alive, staring at the screen with a huge forced smile. This creepypasta made its rounds around the internet for a few years, before the unofficial sequel was published.

The second story, where Gray became the Gray Man, was written like a series of blog posts, detailing the writer’s series of nightmares. The first post was just a casual paragraph, asking who else remembered The Color Show, and mentioning that they recently had a dream where Gray was always in the background, staring at them. He appeared in every dream after that, slowly getting closer and closer to her. In an extremely panicked post, she writes that in her dream last night, he had come all the way up behind her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll give you something to cry about,” after which she immediately woke up. She ended the post by saying she hadn’t slept in 72 hours, but was certain she couldn’t stay awake much longer. Another post never came."

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