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Within the Wicked Wilds/NPCs

Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company NPCs[edit | edit source]

Darian Tempest[edit | edit source]

The older of the two Tempest Brothers, Darian is one of the co-founders of Tempest brothers Expeditionary Company along with his brother Adrian Tempest. Born well off, Darian took to the refined life of the upper class from a young age. He was stocky and tall even as a young boy and this didn’t change in adulthood. His size made him an imposing presence at first but his charm and personality was almost instantly disarming to anyone he met. But should an encounter come to blows, he was well skilled with blades and magic. His curiosities during his studies led him to research some of the legends and lore from times past, and it was this curiosity that helped to lead him to found the company.

Adrian Tempest[edit | edit source]

Adrian is the younger Tempest brother, 6 years younger to Darian, and co-founder of Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. He is lithe of frame but just as tall as Darian. He has a reserved demeanor and has never minded existing in his brother's shadow socially. Adrian is just as intelligent as his brother but was always more interested in developing his physical strength and prowess. Through this he grew to become an extraordinary explorer and fighter.

Adeline Hatchic[edit | edit source]

Adeline is Head of Mechanics at Tempest brothers Expeditionary Company. Her parents owned a successful airship repair company and taught her everything she knows about the industry. After her parents perished in a tragic accident, Adeline threw herself into the work of running the company and expanded into ground-up construction of ships. She became an expert in all aspects of airship construction, from the design of the engines to the fabrication of the hull. In later years her company was bought out by competing companies. Though she had lost her company, she did retain her personal wealth, a number of ships and the original family workshop. She met the Tempest Brothers who pitched their company idea. She agreed to work with them utilizing her remaining ships to redefine how exploration expeditions were conducted. Her workshop would become their base of operations.

Arc[edit | edit source]

Arc serves as the Head of the Mystix and Magicks for the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. They are a rather tall tiefling with their white hair cropped short and tousled in a pixie cut. They are in charge of most of the magic difficulties and discoveries the Company finds, and works very closely with Cookie. Though Arc is skilled in various schools, they tend towards illusion magic the most. They are often seen wearing a cloak that changes color depending on the day, and carry a wide assortment of colorful crystals on their person at any given time.

Cookie the Otter[edit | edit source]

Cookie the Otter is an abjuration wizard working for Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. Cookie was formerly Lyowyn’s animal companion, but after being awakened and working with the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, they mutually parted ways so he could begin to pursue his own interests. He works in the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company Mystix and Magicks division and has become proficient in abjuration magic. He is a small brown river otter wearing spectacle glasses, a small blue vest, and a small pack that is able to carry one to two scrolls.

Paul Fletcher[edit | edit source]

Paul is a field research manager for Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. Paul is a relatively, even surprisingly, young human male. He is rather lanky, but does have some muscle. He has big round metal glasses and shaggy, dirty blonde hair and is dressed rather simply. Paul is gifted in fields such as anthropology and history and religions. When he was younger he decided to travel the world doing his own independent research. When Paul saw the job listing for the new Tempest Brothers Company and approached the titular siblings with his skill set, though he wasn’t very good combat-wise, he was very good at exploring and unearthing things that many would overlook. They hired him on, and he’s been with them ever since.

Shiela Kazmin[edit | edit source]

Shiela is the basecamp manager for Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. She is an older no-nonsense human female with short cropped hair and is covered in a few scars. She met Björn in the fighting pits, and escaped the life of brawling around the same time he did. Due to the bonds and comradery they formed during their time together, she followed him to Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company to ensure he wouldn’t get into ‘more trouble.’ She has a dry sarcastic wit, and tries her best to keep everyone in line.

Velemar Decrye[edit | edit source]

Velemar Decrye is a professional consultant from Galik, first serving as an accounting manager for Coreway Trading and later working for the government as a guild auditor. He has now been hired by the Tempest Brothers to assist in managing finances and internal affairs. Currently he serves as the Department Overseer for Basecamp Operations. He is a tall half-elven gentleman with a dark suit, pale skin, and short well-groomed brown hair. Velemar also handles a majority of commission work that the company receives connecting specific departments of the company with outside entities who may be willing to pay or invest in the company for some small service in return that is related to the company’s expeditions.

Pennysworth[edit | edit source]

Pennysworth is the former Captain of the pirate ship the Penguins Pride which was a black market vessel. He has now taken to going legit in his dealings. The best way he could go about this was to find a fledging company in need of help. So he took the position of Quartermaster for the Tempest Brothers. Pennsyworth is a penguin (Dowhar) his feathers are charcoal in color and his belly is white. Typically he wears a large pirate captain's hat even now that he is no longer one. He is a proper gentleman and he takes his job as Quartermaster with great pride.

Matilda Shattershield[edit | edit source]

Matilda is the basecamp nurse for Tempest brothers Expeditionary Company. Matilda is the wife of Bjorn Shattershield and is very beautiful by all standards with short messy blonde hair. She met Bjorn in the arena often being the one to patch him up. She is very caring and loving as well as motherly. Matilda is kind and tender to those under her care like a mother hen. She is an experienced life cleric and alchemist, studying various plant life and medicines in her downtime. She has agreed to go with Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company mainly to try and keep Bjorn in line and from overdoing things, but also because she couldn't resist the opportunity to explore and find rare flora and fauna.

Bjorn Shattershield[edit | edit source]

Bjorn is the field handler for tempest brothers Expeditionary Company. He is a stout dwarf with a long unkept black beard. He signed on to help the Tempest Brothers as a favor to the boys father. Bjorn is a bit rough around the edges and tends to speak his mind, but he does have a kind heart. He had to retire from the arena when he lost his arm and has since gotten a prosthetic to replace it. As he has gotten older he cares for Darian and Adrian as his own sons. The debt he owes their father is a life debt as it was their father who paid his fines to leave the arena when Bjorn was injured as well as also making the prosthesis.

Lucinda Grimfold[edit | edit source]

Lucinda is a field specialist working for Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. Lucinda is a tall imposing human fighter in her late thirties with brown hair and gray eyes. Wielding a halberd, she wears heavy plate armor and a heavy fur and feather cape, with her helmet shaped in the guise of a snarling dragon. She is the life partner of Lyowyn Mossbringer and is a former commander of the Galik Lyreguard.

Lyowyn Mossbringer[edit | edit source]

Lyowyn is a field specialist for Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. She is a skilled Druid and explorer who is the life-partner of Lucinda Grimfold. Contrasting Lucinda she is very warm and caring, but holds a deep anger for when those she cares for get hurt. She is an elven woman with bronze skin and long red hair, wearing a simple green cloak and carrying a flowered staff.

Nettle[edit | edit source]

Nettle is a massive buff Harengon chef who works with the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company and sells members of the company their delicious soup, which can have a wide variety of strange and magical effects for whoever ingests it.

Skippy[edit | edit source]

Skippy is a young Halfling Skiff Strider working for the Tempest Brothers. His job is to ferry company members about the regions surrounding the basecamp as well as to organize pickups.

Lily[edit | edit source]

Lily is a young violet tiefling researcher from Galik. Newly hired by the company, she is interested in learning more about the ancient Kobold city of Thelrya.

Airship Crew of the Red Macaw[edit | edit source]

Captain: Tiki-Ti (thri-kreen, he/him)
First mate: Polly (aarakocra, she/her)
Engineer(s): David (human, he/him) and intern Klerica (dragonborn, she/her)
Cook: Bob (ogre, he/him)
Navigator: Bink (kenku, she/her)
Others: Rome Holiday (human, he/him), Snoot (kobold, he/him)
(Conspicuously absent: Caligas (polypus, he/him))

Friendly NPCs[edit | edit source]

Shelmlock Dolmes[edit | edit source]

Shelmlock Dolmes is a reporter for the Galik Herald operating out of the City of Galik. He is well traveled and has found his way across much of Amusa's many regions. Shelmlock Dolmes is an older slouched Tortle with a faded green shell and saggy scaled skin. He is never seen without his iconic brown fedora and his notepad which he uses to jot down his observations of the world. He is also the author of A Slow Walker's Guide to the Land of the Lost. In the city of Galik he has been on the hunt to get to the bottom of sinister cult activity.

Hunk[edit | edit source]

Hunk is a kobold warrior from the village of Thinwhistle who worked with representatives of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company to track down and slay a colossal fire-breathing monster that had been terrorizing the village. The party saved his life, and once the village and the TBEC formally established peaceful relations, Hunk served as a liaison between the two groups. Once gnolls razed Thinwhistle and members of the company mistakenly killed Thrax, Hunk separated from the company and became the leader of a band of (normal-sized) kobolds.

Chief Thrax[edit | edit source]

Chief Thrax was the Kobold chieftain of the village of Thinwhistle. After Thinwhistle was destroyed by the gnolls, he met his ultimate demise at the hands of members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company when he was thrown of an airskiff after members of the company suspected he had been infected with fungus.

Bulio[edit | edit source]

Bulio is the strange and mysterious proprietor of Bulio's Bobbles and Boons, a traveling wooden cart shop from which he sells his mystical wares. He wears a long dark cloak and a large wooden dragon mask which he never seems to remove. He is protected by his guardian, a massive white camouflage drake by the name of Duuk. It is unknown how he is able to move his cart through the dense and uncharted wilderness of Amusa, or what he looks like under the mask.

The Thistlebrook Conclave[edit | edit source]

This tribe of Druidic nomads travels the wilds of Amusa, from the edge of the scar in the winter time, back to the other end in the summer. They have an ancestral home that was occupied by the Tempest Brother’s Expeditionary company for several months, but extend peace in return for cooperation between the two camps. They are led by an elf with auburn hair, Galaros and his son, Curian.

Oliver Vincent Bartholemew[edit | edit source]

An eccentric immortal adventurer who is forever pursued by a monster-like death.

Talyth[edit | edit source]

Talyth is a Kenku Druid from the Feywild who is the guardian and advisor to the small town of Escargotia in the wilds of Amusa.

Chadwick Sagemoore[edit | edit source]

Chadwick is a meek human warrior and captain of Amusa's Gourd Guard, stationed in the city of Nestle.

Widgit Wizzlepop[edit | edit source]

Widgit Wizzlepop is a gnomish inventor who designed suits that could withstand the dangers and great temperatures of the Scar of Amusa who has been working with the Tempest brothers Expeditionary Company.

Neutral NPCs[edit | edit source]

The Collector[edit | edit source]

The Collector is a strange aristocrat stationed in Galik who wears a fine grey suit and a large owl mask. He is a collector of strange wares and is partial to items of magical or cursed origin.

The Warden of the Wilds[edit | edit source]

The Warden of the Wilds is a fey-like being who has been assigned dominion over the wilds of Amusa. They have offered their assistance to the company when it has been needed and have been there to assist the company when it is in peril.

Alkiir Scalesborn[edit | edit source]

Alkir is a White Dragonborn Demon Hunter and warlock of The Ten Hells. They have come into contact with the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company multiple times in their efforts to slay Demons.

Gary the Slime King[edit | edit source]

A mysterious being with power over oozes who approached the company to assist in dealing with the gnoll threat.

Jaqueline Hearthorne[edit | edit source]

Jaqueline Hearthorne is a wealthy aristocrat in Galik who has been assisting the company in hunting down fungal cult activity in the city.

Major Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Mother[edit | edit source]

A mysterious demonic threat who exerts her influence through mushrooms. She has been the figure behind both the gnoll and demonic threats in Amusa's wilds, though her true goals are yet to be known.

The Bride and the Groom, Lenore and Alistair Hearthorne[edit | edit source]

A powerful aristocratic family in Galik who lead the fungal cult in the city.

Ripjaw[edit | edit source]

Ripjaw was an infamous gnoll artificer and chief of the Gearhead clan. He is well known for his designs for gnoll war machines and for modifying his own body with warforged parts. He served as one of the major leaders for the gnoll hordes up until his death in the attack of the Tempest Brother's Basecamp.

Minor Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Jack of Hearts[edit | edit source]

Jack of Hearts is a charismatic, mysterious, and debonaire adventurer out in the wilds of Amusa. He and those he travels with have clashed with members of the Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company on occasion.

Jim Stacy[edit | edit source]

A former member of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, Jim Stacy was raised as a servant of Mother to continue to wreak havoc upon the company and its members.

Lord Bellephon, The Green Knight[edit | edit source]

Lord Bellephon was a dangerous and imposing warrior encountered by members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company. He was the most recent Green Knight, a title passed down through generations of warriors who would protect the wilds. After a great tragedy in his life, he forswore his oath and began his crusade to help the wilds destroy the realm. They served alongside the gnoll hordes to exploit the resources of the wilds before being defeated by members of the company in his lair. He was defeated for good when the Eladrin knight Sir Yewvane Eedryll took up the mantle of the Green Knight, banishing Lord Bellephon's spirit for good.

Colonel Cordyceps[edit | edit source]

A mysterious myconid who worked with the Green Knight and Ripjaw, serving as a major figurehead in the gnoll horde. It would later perish during the gnoll horde's attack on the Tempest Brothers' basecamp.

Ferdinand Core[edit | edit source]

Father to Redemption Core, he partnered with the gnolls so he can get back his daughter. After the death of his daughter, he would be betrayed and locked up by Lord Bellephon before eventually being saved by members of the company.

Old Alkinimic[edit | edit source]

An ancient red dragon who after passing from old age was revived as a mimic-like monstrosity. He had ultimate plans to turn the rest of Amusa into mimic creatures just like him. He was slain in his lair by members of the Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company.

Xevriss[edit | edit source]

Xevriss was a massive, fat orange dragon who returned to Amusa in 893 PR. After going on a gluttony-fueled rampage, he was defeated by an alliance of Amusan heroes.

Tassa Brightfox[edit | edit source]

A former member of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company, Tassa willingly gave herself to Mother and became one of her vile servants along with her potted plant, Topi. She was later destroyed by members of the company.

Dynia[edit | edit source]

Dynia is a pumpkin-headed acolyte of the Gourdheart Disciples and has come into conflict with the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company over his (eventually successful) attempts to return the orange dragon, Xevriss, to Amusa. He was defeated after attempting to steal all of Amusa's food for Xevriss.

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