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Into the Greedy Green/NPCs


Aesop (above) sitting on Harold's (below) head

You will soon depart to that place where those before you have gone, why do you miserably torment yourself, blind to the truth? Yes, I am speaking to you, you miser, who make your future heirs rejoice while depriving the gods of incense and depriving yourself of food. You stingy man, you save every penny for your estate, burdening heaven with promises you do not mean to keep, while you cut back on every possible funeral expense so that not even the goddess of undertakers will profit from your death! - Aesop

Aesop was a Kitsune (magic foxfolk) who originally owned the vessel later renamed to the SS NoSink. He attempted to steal from a Topaz Dragon named Prelnirith and profit off the stolen hoard, but was intercepted by the heroes of the adventure, who killed him and skinned him and turned him into a hat that would be worn by the ship's captain Harold.







Belle was a small girl rescued from Raritan by the Loxo Harold years befor the Greedy Green adventure. An orphan after the loss of her family (and running from her hometown), Belle found a new father figure in the Silver dragon Sro.

Sro's ward, Belle was a paladin of Bahamut who worked closely alongside Sro, living in his lair with him, and learning all about Bahamut and the old eras of the dragons, She also had a boon from Sro that allowed her to alert him if there were intruders into his lair.

On more than one occasion, Sro would test Belle's might, as well as the might of other potential allies, by polymorphing Belle into a young dragon and having other heroes of the realm demonstrate their dragon slaying potential on her. Belle would learn more about the dragon lifestyle (perhaps in preperation for a Rite of Rebirth) while the heroes would learn what mistakes they made in battling the demo dragon.


A member of the The Protectors of the People who was impressed by the work of the heroes during Cheshire's Assault on Seglock, formally inviting the heroes from the city to join their secret guild.

Sir Beren Cohnal

An elf warrior from the Sylvan Order whose ancient burial site was raided by Cheshire forces in an attempt to steal ancient artifacts and weapons from the Sylvan Order crypts.

Beren's spirit gave his blessing for the party to take the remaining equipment from his lieutenants' tombs.


Aldean El’Naddath of House Kessaria, Emissary of the Wold Order and member of the Sylvan Order.

He is comfortable with traditional decorum, customs and curtesies. Well spoken, but down to earth. He gets along well with all races and appreciates them for their differences. Falgrim playfully called him “Al” and he just rolled his eyes with a slight crack of a smile.

His clothes are a touch fancy but serviceable for traveling and doing a heroes business as needed.

On his main outer robe he has an Iron cross on a red field with the gold crescent moons of Correllon in the center circle of the cross, the symbol of the Sylvan Order.

Baron Faro

Baron Virion Faro [m/Eladrin Elf] - Head of the Faro family of Seglock. The only remaining original inhabitants of this once heavily forested area. Owns a large share of the Sheridan Lumber company. Rich, flamboyant, and self-absorbed Baron Faro earned his wealth and clout by establishing a relationship with the founders of Seglock and involving himself in all of their major ventures.

Kol Company

A looting band that sacked Briar Glen and sent sheriff Indy on a quest to track down and get vengeance. It's known that the company uses dynamite and arrows in their attacks.

Captains Kelim & Esteban

Kelim and Esteban were two Korreds who worked on the barge known as The River Queen, which needed a guard patrol (and thus hired the players) to protect their ship while they took supplies to a mining colony just outside of Sneerwell on the River Titicaca.


A beat poet from the Deeplake Musician's Guild. Some debate whether spoken word poetry is music, but those who think it is are VERY passionate about it. Ross helped fill the team in on some of the suspicious happenings around Deeplake.

Dr. Solfen

A dragonborn scientist with the Church of Innovation, operating the lab in Deeplake. After it was revealed that he was working for The Green Stag (see below) on a mission of territorial control against other dragons, the team robbed the laboratory of its equipment.

A scientist who offered his services to P'kinestra in return for his life. In return, P'kinestra pushes him and the Church of Innovation to target blue dragons as much as possible, as the ruins at Ethinok are TOO close to Deeplake, and P'kinestra is threatened by the blue dragons who had moved in there.

Slofen is not aware of P'kinestra's larger activities, including that P'kinestra is actually behind most disappearances.


A small boy who had stolen a ruby egg from Bleucorundum's lair, an egg that would later be vital to the resurrection of Sardior.


A wizard who impersonated a Dragon with illusion magic in order to gain the service of a whole clan of kobolds. He had a kobold he trusted named Do'ki who would sneak into Briar Glen and steal him the necessities like food and blankets. However, the kobolds only listened to the old wizard because he was using illusions. When the heroes arrived they impersonated "the ambassadors of Tiamat" which put the wizard in a scary position. He was relived to find out they weren't really ambassadors of Taimat, but he was hoping they wouldn't ruin his scam. Instead, the heroes killed the kobolds and left Tragdor to keep up his scam without the kobold servants, deeming him as having not broken any laws himself, now that the kobolds paid the price.



An old priestess who lived outside of Seglock and had connections to the moon followers of Eros.

The Green Stag

A mysterious Green Dragon that attacked Deeplake 3 years ago, and then seemingly began to pull strings among respected city citizens such as the church, the merchants, and the noble families.

Arbane Eilden

Arbane Eilden

A powerful noble of the silk-merchant house of Eilden, based out of the lake city of Deeplake. Thralls of P'kinestra who are big into silk trade. Keep tabs on the players if they get word that Miles is back in town. Rumored to have connections to The Green Stag the the city's frequent disappearances. It was noted that shortly after The Green Stag was confirmed slain, Arbane Eilden went on the run. Some point to the two of them being the very same creature, while others believe that Arbane had made a powerful enemy in the dragon, and his failure to protect the Stag lead to him running for his life from any form of ghostly revenge.


A musician friend of Miles who brought him into the guild and gave him his lyre. Disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Deeplake, only to be found later a captive of The Green Stag in his lair. Tiriana and Miles continue to insist that they do NOT have any sort of romantic relationship, but we all know that Miles laid his life down on the line to save her in a very dramatic, very bardic fashion. Some say Miles is still in denial to this day.

Gozen Devakilla

An Oni Mercenary who hunts lesser folk and skins them to make exotic pelts, while robbing whatever material possessions they left behind in death. Slaughterer of the Skull Crushers.


The deputy sheriff of Briar Glen who watched over the town while the real sheriff Indy was away.


A local shop owner in Briar Glen who was reporting issues to Gabriel (who escalated to Indy) when a junvenile kobold robbed the store inthe middle of the night of specific comfort items, setting off the adventure to meeting Tragdor.

Lootin Tootins

A subservient tribe of goblins in the Isonhound wilds who previously served a group of Bugbears known as the Skull Crushers, of which Ulka is the last of her kind.

The Igneous

A tribe of Shifters in the Isonhound wilds who have frequently been the target of draconic raids.

The Alluvium

A neighbouring tribe of longtooth Shifters who were well regarded for their elite militia. Despite being well guarded, even they could not stop dragons from raiding and stealing from their towns.

Mrs. Ludvater

The wife of the mayor of Musso, Mrs. Ludvater put out an APB to the heroes of Isonhound for someone to rescue her husband from the terrible grasp of Sro, a silver dragon wyrm who loves to steal mayors and keep them as little captives in his lair. She was reunited with her husband and paid well for the mission.


A shifter of the Igneous tribe who has been out in the wilds for years with an adventuring group of his own, investigating leads on the dragons who have been robbing the shifter tribes. A friend of Spinel's.

Court of Quartz

Formerly the site of a great temple, the Court of Quartz is set up in Jadenhill at the center of town, a massive mage tower that used to shield the town from crusaders and intruders looking to hunt its draconic inhabitants. They protected many treasures such as a large (dormant) gemstone dragon egg, and the Selune Splinter.

Pinky the Dragon Slayer

Pinky the Dragon Slayer and his Cannon

The man, the myth, the legend.

Pinkerton "Pinky" Dubois was born the last son of a minor noble family. Due to inheritance customs, his father made it very clear from an early age that Pinkerton would have to "make his own way in life". He was given the choice between studying at a temple or joining the military. Pinkerton decided on the military, specifically the navy - as it allowed him to get as far from his father as possible.

In the navy of his home kingdom, Pinkerton became a minor gunnery officer. He was skilled in his duties, but was often a disciplinary issue when not at his post. Eventually his superiors had enough with his antics and he was "accidentally" left ashore in a foreign port. However, skilled beings with knowledge of the sea are never long for work and Pinkerton quickly found another ship. His new ship specialized in moving cargo that would not be welcomed in many ports if its contents were publicly known. Now going by the name of Pinky, he did very well for himself on this ship and beat the odds for the majority called to such a life by retiring.

Pinky's life in his new station of Fasiltum was pleasant and uneventful. He would often go fishing, drink himself into a nap by noon and wake up in time to make happy hour in the town's tavern. Pinky knew this relaxed routine would be coming to an end when he spotted the survivors and adventurers from Jakalla. From his time aboard ship, he immediately recognized the make of the cannons. The gun he volunteered for was a model known to have a faulty site. However, despite trying to tell both the pale woman in blue and the elven bowwoman, both were too concerned to really hear him. Therefore, he was unsurprised when every shot his fun made missed.

Yet, at the climax of the battle, with the elf woman passed out and the dragon bearing down on him, Pinky took charge of his gun, compensated for the error in the site, and sent the ball down the throat of the dragon. From that moment forward, he became known as "Pinky the Dragon Slayer". However, this recognition was most annoying as he was old and just wanted to go back to drinking on the beach. As his surliness finally got people to leave him alone he was thankful of two things: the quite his "fishing trips" brought, and that he had worn brown pants the night of the dragon attack.

Synara's Mayor Ó Donnchú

Mayor Ó Donnchú

The Mayor of Synàra, O Donnchu was the target of an attempted Mayor-napping by the silver dragon Sro, who was then fooled into taking another creature in the city center after being convinced that the lowly assistant was in fact the mayor of the city. Later on he was revealed to also have connections to the Wold Order

Definitely related to Muirin Ó Donnchú and Murray O'Donchu.


The amiable barkeep of the Locke & Key Tavern in the city of Seglock. Always willing to fill your glass (and your ear), this Satyr swears like a sailor but seems to have a heart of gold, or at least copper under his crass exterior. This is evidenced by his love and concern for the safety of his daughter, Wisty. He always keeps an ear to the ground and seems to "know a guy" for just about any situation. This could imply connections to Isonhound's Rimewald cabal, or another undercity crime syndicate with ties to the northern regions.


Tarian was a young boy who lived in Tsojcanth who had "accidentally" stolen the Corundum Egg from Bleucorundum when they took it from the abandoned lab of the town's ex-wizard Revan. Tarian was tracked down by the players as the thief, and together with Tarian's help, the egg was returned to the rightful owner, ultimately used in the finale to rebirth Sardior himself.


"I am home". - Wisty while dying in Tordek's arms.

A New Dryad with distinct purple blooming hair, Wisty is/was the daughter of Rory. She travelled to Chillcrest Forest in Northern Sylvanry as part of a relief effort to aid settlers that had fallen victim to Lindwurm attacks. Her New Dryad body was slain by the Lindwurms; but after dying her lifeforce took root, transforming into a purple sapling which was recovered by the party sent to bring her home.

The sapling was taken by a number of parties including Dancer of the Boreal Valley, but eventually handed off to fellow Dryad Grandmush. It is unclear if this sapling will eventually grow into a clone of Wisty, or into a new creature descended from Wisty.


A mysterious goblin with elongated facial features, they are a purveyor of magical curios and dealer in strange currencies. Their "shop" constantly changes location, but if found (and for the right price) you could have access to treasures beyond your wildest imagination.


A small elf girl from a tribe of map makers, Raritan had a very calm life while enjoying her guitar. Harold stopped by her tribe on a trading mission and was amazed on the quality of her maps. The likeness of her name to a town of his past seemed a clear sign to him and wouldn't take no for an answer. He insisted she join him as his navigator. She now accompanies Harold on the SS NoSink for adventures and riches while making additional maps for new travelers. Raritan was taken hostage by The Green Stag but ultimately saved by the team. She is an NPC and a consistent part of Harold's crew for as long as she still survives.

Pliny the Elder

An ancient Loxo and one of the 3 powerful judges of the Hummintru Tribe, Pliny the Elder holds many wise secrets, and can share much of his knowledge of Yggdrasil, Ysgard, and it's ancient connection to the Isonhound forests, as well as information on Fylgja.

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