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Warlock Patrons are powerful beings able to grant mortals magic through pacts and arcane deals, usually in return for some form of compensation or service. Pacts allow beings not strong enough to grant divine magic to share their power with others, and allows mortals to gain power outside of the normal system.

See also Archfey Patrons.

Notable Patrons[edit | edit source]

List of Notable Patrons
Patron Description Pacts
Nerull Nerull will seek those out marked by death and despair and mark their souls, blessing them with strange powers while turning them into weapons of death. Hexblade, Undead
Vecna The God of Secrets will appear to scholars and wizards across the realm and will share with them his power and knowladge for reasons they may not know. All of it though plays into the lich's master plans, yet to come to fruition. Hexblade, Undead
Tiamat To her most loyal of servants from devoted cultists to powerful dragons, Tiamat may share her terrifying power in order for them to continue their reign of terror across the continents. Fiend, Hexblade
The Raven Queen Sometimes those close to death or those that have loved ones close to death will reach out to the Raven Queen in hopes that they will save either them or thheir loved ones, in exchange for eternal service. Celestial, Hexblade
Beshaba Celestial
Raziel Known as the Scribe of Stars, Raziel is a celestial angel who watches and records all aspects of Quelmar's history. They grant mortals warlock powers in return for arcane secrets and service to expand his book of records. Celestial
Calliostra The muse of heaven, known as the Celestial Melodist. She bestows warlock powers over goodhearted and kind singers and musicians. Celestial
Silent Celestial, Hexblade
Iyachtu Fiend, Undead
Att-Annalo The Astral Shepherd, Att-Annalo seeks to enter into the material world to share in it's eldritch revelation. Those who seek tro assist in it's quest are gifted with strange and aberrant powers. Great Old One
Shug Great Old One
Cthulhu Fathomless, Great Old One
Kristang Great Old One
The Glass King A being from beyond Quelmar beyond any understanding, the Glass King apears as a figure made up of shards of mirror and glass. They seek to prop up the vain and prideful and to puppet kings and rulers. Great Old One
Asmodeus Fiend
Glasya Fiend
Bel Fiend, Hexblade
Nuala Fiend
Tani-Wa Genie
Grumbar Genie
Kossuth Genie
Istishia Genie
Akadi Genie
Queen Titania Archfey, Celestial
The Green Man Archfey
Korath the Face Dealer A strange and mysterious fey, Korath will make deals with mortals to give them new faces and identities in return for a period of service. Archfey
Azurine the Coral Queen A beautiful archfey that rules over the great coral forest within the Feywild seas, Azurine blesses those who seek to protect the seas and are kind to her people. She is the younger sister of the hag Mera, the Trench Mother. Archfey, Celestial
Mera the Trench Mother An ancient hag, Mera exists at the deepest point of the Feywild seas. She makes dark pacts with mortals that find themselves at the mercy of the oceans and seeks to undermine her younger sister, Azurine, the Coral Queen. Archfey, Fathomless
Alan Menken Archfey
Imilliaw "William" Shakespeare Archfey
Olivia Rodrigo Archfey
Memory's Awakener A weapon originally designed to recapture and embody memories from undead that were destroyed by it, it has since developed an ability to absorb memories from anyone killed by one of its pact-bound weapons or those voluntarily given to it. Hexblade
Necrolord Prime Inventor of the magic of necromancy in a faraway realm. He has a cult of followers in Isonhound that share his message of good, consensual undeath so the dead may be used to help support the next generations. Followers with pacts are expected to support the cult and eventually prepare the way for an eventual death and resurrection of the planet. Undying
Akasha God Queen of Vampyres. Undead
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