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Towson Tabletop/The Story So Far

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This is a log of sessions in the Towson Tabletop campaign.

Season One: The Arms of Sin[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: Traveler’s Stop on Inn[edit | edit source]

Well that was fun! First game was a major success, and the guys that were able to join us, all of them new to tabletop games, can definitely testify it was a good time. Pizza, beer, laughs, and a broken longbow.

Chapter Two: Traveler’s Stop on Inn Part 2[edit | edit source]

Another successful game! Characters are still developing, finding their niches, who they work best with, and their own personal rivals, but it makes for excellent drama. Two deaths this game, but that doesn't mean the drama is over. Who knows what will happen next!

Chapter Three: The River Dolm[edit | edit source]

2 Players, 1 Adventure:

Game 3 went exceptionally well. As a lot of people know, once the players stop beating the shit out of each other, the game transcends to new heights, and with Linus and Eric, this game definitely was an adventure. I'm sure they'd love to tell you what happened, or maybe you can find out for yourself at the next game!

But congrats to Linus who was down to his last death roll, and managed to cheat death by a single dice roll. On a natural 20, no less.

Chapter Four: Dolmvay Rat King Creates Perpetual Winter[edit | edit source]

"Today was amazing. Such a blast." - Tim T

Chapter Five: The Knuckle Underground Dwarven Vault[edit | edit source]

I think all I can say about tonight's game is that it was a startling reminder that, for as much ass as D&D allows you to kick, it is able to kick ass right back.

A "TPK" is known as a "Total Party Kill", and is more or less considered the only way to 'lose' Dungeons and Dragons. Although we did not have a TPK, we had the next worse thing, which is a bunch of stranded adventurers who lose all their treasure and all die. Thank god Thomas chose Cleric, otherwise I'm not sure all of your character sheets would be intact right now.

Chapter Six: The Stonefist Underground Dwarven Vault[edit | edit source]

Awesome job guys. Game 6 was a major success. For the first time yet, we had both a Dungeon AND a Dragon. Facing a dragon is a pretty important milestone for characters, and there will be plenty to come, for those who missed it.

Having Logan's character die a permanent death marks a brutal reminder that yes, your character can absolutely die, and we all watched "Juno Delthorn"'s sheet burn to ashes. His new character is a riot though.

Very successful dungeon delve, and the treasures were well rewarded. I'm calculating XP now, and most of you have leveled up! Can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead.

Chapter Seven: Tracking Down The Gift of Gruumsh for The Elf Prince[edit | edit source]

Awesome game everyone! A little Orc, a little Kobold, a little Elf, and a whole lot of racial tensions. That's what I like to hear.

A surprisingly fruitful adventure as well, with the advancement of the team into new territory, an Elven city. Is Torna a good guy? A bad guy? The triple crossing seemed to work out for everyone in XP, but not so much for Logan and Eric's almost-deaths. And how about Tim's hideous laughter diarrhea? Definitely an experience I won't forget.

Chapter Eight: The Mountain King![edit | edit source]

Excellent Game! A perfect showcasing of each class's unique traits, whether it's close combat, survival and tracking skills, sneaking and disguising, or working out puzzles. Plenty of deaths, and the introduction of what may just be our biggest reoccurring villain (thus far!)!

A lot of political intrigue was introduced this game as well, so for those who aren't all into the fighting, there's more aspects of the game to explore now, providing something for just about anyone, whether they want some good gaming, roleplaying, puzzle solving, or flat out fun!

Chapter Nine: The Mountain King Again![edit | edit source]

Fan-Flipping Tastic game, guys! In what almost played out like a 3 part drama (Boat Battle, Orcs in the Tower, The Mountain King's Base) wound up having some of the highest tensions so far. As close as this one was to a total failure, you guys managed to turn it right around and get the loot! A shame that the Mountain King escaped again, but that's the way the dice roll. Getting Nick into the game proved to be a strategical advantage, as his lock-picking skills and persuasion proved to be of quite use. Other highlights include Anyrion's amazing rope walking skills and Dean's final axe attack on the Troll! Can we top such a game?! Who knows! See the above poll for deciding when we can play again.

Kaliel's Monologue about the 7 Arms of Sin
It appears there was a lot to be learned in these documents. I've spent the night
with some of my commanders diving through them, making out what we could. A
majority of the documents we couldn't decipher were in goblin. At first this
made no sense to us, but your minotaur friend pulled through with some extra
documents I'd sent him for last week. While I had sent Thwack out to get
documents because I was assuming the kobolds and the goblins were going to go
to war, his documents have shed new light on things. And your additional
documents have given me an unprecedented look at the overarching plans that the
Goblins and the Kobolds have.
As I told you last we met, the Diimgard Kobolds and the Red Blade Orcs have been at war for hundreds of years of the local wild lands. The Horned Skulls, the goblin population here in Diimgard, have remained irrelevant to events. My people view them as rats. Occasionally one finds its way around Elin Barad, and it is exterminated. I only imagine similar practices are held in the other cities. But your documents recovered from what I thought was a hobbit guard post have revealed to me that it was a Kobold checkpoint all along.
The Kobolds have been disguising themselves as dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and a few other small races for almost 2 years now, completely under everyone's noses. When I found this out, I had to put forward measures to ensure I was not harboring any of these stealthy misanthropes. According to the documents Thwack recovered from the Cursed Skull caves north of Dolmvay, the Goblins have struck a pact with the Kobolds, and the kobolds have been lending out some of their disguises to the goblin population. With the disguises, the Goblins have been instructed to buy, steal, and discover any sort of magical artifacts they could, if handed over to the kobolds, they would be rewarded with promises of Orc lands once the Kobolds have won their war.
Why Magical Artifacts? As it turns out, the king of the Diimgard Kobolds is a direct descendant of Smirchle, the Kobold King who warned with King Naven. King Naven was killed off about a thousand years ago, but he was rumored to have left several magical artifacts to his kin. The goblins managed to obtain all of the artifacts, and have started putting forward plans for another set of powerful items: the "6 Arms of Sin". Of the 6 Arms, we know that they are in posession of a weapon known as "Wide Mire", and at some point the goblins were in possession of "Bright Flame". Kragnux, as you may have already assumed, the artifcats of King Naven are the items you said you picked up off a goblin scout in the woods near Larm. We believe he was part of a faction who was to return the items to the Kobold commander Glgnfz, and if we are correct, Glgnfz may have taken some or all of the artifacts from the goblins and started his own anarchist regime. We fear that the Goblins, as greedy as they are, will only become more desperate for magical items. We've doubled our guard over night at the magic shop here in Elin Barad, and when your friend Anyrion and I talked last, he was more than eager to depart  to Leischport with his cleric and dwarf friends to ensure no goblins have gotten to their shops.
I ask you now, not out of favor, but out of a demand to keep the region safe, to get to Dolmvay swiftly, I do not know if the goblins have started any plans to take over the magic shops there, but the presence of many shop keepers, scribes, enchanters, and wizards worries me, and there may be time to warn President Damos and secure any magical artifacts there.
In the meantime, I would think twice before making contact with any of the pint sized races.

Chapter Ten: The Cliffedge Competition[edit | edit source]

If anything, tonight's game brought with it some shocking details about the world around the players. The status quo has been cracking for quite a few weeks now. But this game really cracked open the enigmas that are the Kobold-Goblin-Orc wars.

Who is allied with who? Who is disguised as who? The introduction of master disguiser and charlatan extraordinaire Iris proves that even the players can manipulate these chaotic forces running the realm. What more? She has a sister! A powerful sorceress who's sexual deceptions proved to be another source of powerful manipulation. Definitely a game of brains and wits as much as pains and hits.

But with Iris [Allison] and Dariel [Molly] at the party's side, it's hard to imagine a situation the team can't beat, if only they could wrap their heads around what the situation is. Things are getting heated fast. And Byzle [Dean] finally found true love!

"Tough holes."

Chapter Eleven: The War Begins[edit | edit source]

Well that's one way to start a war! The Siege of Leischport proved to the players that maybe they are something special in this world. While it took an army of dozens to clear the city, it only took a team of 6 to demolish the Kobold outposts and distract the enemy long enough to gain the upper hand!

Of course, such hardcore warzone battling comes at a cost. Torna [Thomas] actually died, but stepped away from the light thanks to the inspiration granted by Anyrion [Tim]. The inspiration would have come in handy later when things really got rough....Anyrion [Tim] died 4 times. FOUR TIMES. Second off, the inner turmoils that the group faced in the magic shop were definitely something out of The Walking Dead! But despite the group's doubts about each other's abilities, their friendship (complete with hand holding!) prevailed during the epic battle finale. Leischport welcomes its heroes with open arms!

Lets hope that Leischports damages were not too rough, they may prove handy in the coming weeks....[Dramatic music cue]

Chapter Twelve: Corduth Plays His Hand[edit | edit source]

There were four players at our very first game. As of this post, 3 of them have perished. We say goodbye to the half-elf Randor [Lucas] as his attempts to outsmart the great draconic beast were futile. While everyone else escaped, they can be glad that their only rewards this time were their lives. Betraying a creature so powerful is not recommended, of course, but assuming these heroes are strong enough, and smart enough, they may find their way through it.

Besides Randors death, this game gave way to some very interesting pieces of story information, including some dramatic twists on why the Kobold's war is being waged in the first place. Join the table soon and discover the details!

Tonight and tomorrow's games were always to be linked quite closely, but I don't think I ever expected them to become so intertwined. Tomorrow will almost play out like a part 2 to tonights epic events, so good luck to those joining the table tomorrow.

Chapter Thirteen: Anyrion Plays His[edit | edit source]

Well that wraps up our three-game epic Spring Break season. We've seen wars come and go, villains rise and fall, and parties both gather and now ultimately split. The gaming landscape has changed for good, and there's never been a better time to get involved.

I wish I could say the day is saved, the Dragon vanquished, and the heroes rewarded, but rewards seem to be sparse, and the Dragon is all but an enigma. Future games are leading towards many split paths, and who will live and die in the coming weeks is as much a mystery as the remaining Arms of Sin. Dragons are powerful, but not invincible, and while those working with Corduth may be rewarded, those against him are not hopeless.

Good luck noble adventurers.

Chapter Fourteen: Gokengu[edit | edit source]

Woah. Just woah. That game though. No way to vote for an MVP. Everyone had some fantastic moments, dramatic moments, moments of badassery, betrayal, and high adventure. Anyrion ate 3 children. Thats right. Ate. The death of the massive corpse snake and the banishment of the demon paved the way for Corduth's return, and what happens next is anyone's guess!

Right now, however, we're down two chairs (Thanks Tim and Daniel for breaking the chairs.) So until I can get them replaced, the maximum number of players for a game is down to 4 from 6.

Chapter Fifteen: Shaving Throw[edit | edit source]

Thank you to those who attended the tale today. Was quite a lot of fun recreating the events of the show in COMPLETELY different circumstances. Hopefully we can have little gimmick games like this in the future too, but don't expect to see much more of Ahol from here on out. Also, I send my grief to Allison who is going to have to deal with the death of her sister Dariel (Molly). How the familial dynamics will shift from here on out, who knows? But one things for sure, somewhere out there, Corduth is still latched on to Byzle, Amna, and Pabor...And in the wilds, Kragnux waits to spring his final attack...

Chapter Sixteen: Everything Goes A-Cordoth to Plan[edit | edit source]

Where to start?

We saw the slaying of perhaps the second biggest reoccurring threat in the game: The Mountain King shall reign no more. The combined forces of Kragnux and Thwack proved to be his ultimate end. His magical mind-controlling staff, however, now lay in the possession of the great dragon Corduth.

Corduth remains in possession of two-thirds of the magic required to grant the all elusive wish, but Ari [Molly] and Thwack [Eric] hold on to the final weapons. All of the pieces are seemingly in play, and all it takes to grant the wish is possession of all 6. Who will be the one to take the magic for themselves, and what will they wish for?

The kobolds are all but extinguished, their goblin compatriots having fled to the hills. The orcs have fallen to Corduth under a false rumor of them having one of the Arms of Sin. Now only the city states: Dolmvay, Elin Barad, Leischport, and so on, control the area. Is this mass genocide truly the way to bring peace, or will the holder of the wish find the true solution?

Or will the wish maker grant themselves unimaginable capabilities?

Or will Corduth get his wish?

What secrets lie ahead as we hit the final sessions of this story? Who will live, and who will die? The deaths of Leemoy and Kragnux prove that nobody, no matter how powerful or trained they are, is immune to death. All will be answered soon enough...


Our adventurers with the help of Rurik, the archmage of Dolmvay, created a gauntlet of gate in order to locate another Arm of Sin. The portal opened up to an alleyway within the city of Neilsport. In this alley were two assassins fighting. A Fire Genassi by the name of Areesi and an Eladrin named Reaper. Areesi agreed to come along quietly, but Reaper had other plans. Areesi had stolen a bounty out from under him and he planned on collecting. He stabbed Areesi in the back. After this act of aggression, Kragnaux tied Reaper up with his own rope. Reaper misty stepped out of it however and was ready for more action. After more arguing and fighting, the three eventually came back through th portal and into the hall in Dolmvay. Reaper again tried to attack Areesi but to no avail as she actually melted one of his swords. Both were to be taken prisoner un

Chapter Seventeen: The Lonely Marilith[edit | edit source]

In the penultimate game of the season, we saw many revelations. While Corduth was absent this game, his overbearing eyes kept the tensions high and the pressure on. Delving into an ancient temple, the players found themselves facing more monstrous threats than they'd ever encountered before. Only through some excellent teamwork and very intelligent planning were they able to all make it to the end of the temple alive (No seriously I was almost certain I'd had to have killed some of you). Fighting threats such as harpies, shadow demons, monkeys, killer vines, and even a small conjured dragon construct, the party managed to find all of the idol discs and and push into the final chamber.

Thanks to the Chaos Controllers, the Arms of Sin were able to be taken away from Corduth's true hiding spot, and were brought all the way to our heroes. While they may have fought in the past, even Anyrion found himself standing beside his rival Rioradon as they worked to get into the final chamber.

Through an incredibly lucky roll, they managed to sneak the lone female into the Marilith's chamber, where the complete history of the Arms of Sin was revealed. The Marilith had given herself 3 wishes, one to destroy the dragons, one to create her guardians, and one that she says will be bestowed upon he who returns her weapons and saves her from her immortal torture. Some unfortunate twists in the plot (thanks to Thwack and his bloodlust for Arms of Sin) have caused some setbacks...And what will be the result of the breaking of the Orb of Doom?

Will the heroes get a hold of the final 2 Arms of Sin? Will they help the Marilith? What sort of powerful allies can they make in this upcoming season finale?! All this and more next time on Dungeons and Dragons!

Chapter Eighteen: Kragnux Rises[edit | edit source]

Congratulations, noble adventurers.

Although almost every single one of you were faced with certain death several times through the session, each of you (eh, except Pabor) survived to make it to the final-face off. The Marilith's chamber had been locked away unnaturally, leading to a search for...unconventional...methods to get back inside. It took both Rurik and Rioradon's (of the Chaos Controllers) help to find a way back into the Marilith's chamber, but once inside, all hell broketh loose.

The party unanimously agreed to let Thwack have the wish... Using it to establish a new diety in the Realm, "Kragnux the Dragon Slayer" will live immortal among other D&D gods such as Pelor and Corellon. Sending down a holy avatar in his image, Kragnux appeared once more on the material plane, possessing godly amounts of power...if he could only land a hit.

Iris, Amra, Kragnux, Hamjaw, Thwack, Ted, Reaper, Rurik, Rioradon and Reesec faced off with Pabor and Corduth, now contained to a small 60' chamber. Corduth had no where to fly off to now, he was trapped, having to deal with "The Best Around" as they sided with the Marilith Toi'Viral. After nearly 2 straight hours of deadly combat (thank god they knicked those healing potions off Anyrions lifeless body), the Dragon and his protegee were slain.

As the wish had now been granted, the magic of the Arms of Sin slowly faded away, as did the guardians who were linked with the magic. The Marilith, now free from her imprisonment, vowed to rebuild the Church that Ted had destroyed wit the Orb of Doom. With the Orcs and Kobolds extinguished, the Goblins in hiding, and the humans and elves now brought together thanks to their fear of the dragons, the tensions in the Diimgard region have ended.

From here, the sails are set, and next season, the adventurers will find new foes, new friends, and a whole lot of ass kicking.

Thanks again for enjoying Season 1. And a special thanks to those of you who helped voice the opening monologue. I'll post that in the Files section here for any of you who wish to listen to it. It tells the story of pretty much the entire Season 1. There's a partner power-point that goes with the recording that I'll post here too.

And now...a break for the DM. I'll post a survey here in a week or so. But until then, enjoy your summer vacation!

Season Two: Stranded on Cof[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: To Kiston![edit | edit source]

We made it!

The Sea Wyvern completed it's 36 day journey (in what was originally expected to be a 21 day trip) over the rough ocean waters to make it out to the shores of Kiston.

Our newest adventurer Gorin has proved himself to be both strategic and a heavy risk taker, resulting in several risky maneuvers, some of which paid off, and others which cost the crew (RIP Jacob).

The introduction of a slew of new NPCs makes for some exciting developments. The team already discovered and assassinated the assassin who had come aboard, and did their best to recover the rest of the farmers as the ship sailed through awful storms, braved unique, immovable obstacles, and ultimately came beak to beak with the massive Kraken creature.

Now that we've landed, the question begs, who else made the journey alive? The Manticore and the Choking Cockatrice are nowhere to be seen...are the others lost, are they in danger, how will the colony fair?

Find out all this and more next game!

Chapter Two: Outplay, Outroll, Outlast[edit | edit source]

The island is scary. The island is beyond normal comprehension. The island has monsters, natives, and even a strange and dangerous fog. Thanks to the brainstorming of tonight's adventurer's, with some help of last game's NPCs, some great progress was made as to establishing a first colony. There is still plenty of work to be done, and even the first 3 days were incredibly life endangering. Who will be the next to risk playing their character on this perilous quest?

Chapter Three: The Yuan Ti Excursions Part 1[edit | edit source]

Parts of my body I can't feel: -Feet [Standing non stop] -Face [Talking non stop] -Heart [Killing characters non stop]

Anyrion's death will surely leave a lasting impact in the hearts of many players, and while some will celebrate his final breath, others will mourn. The island has really shown its true face to the adventurers today.

Our 10 hour non-stop D&D marathon brought everyone together in our base of operations [Which still needs a name if anyone has ideas]. The many scouting parties that were sent out today ran into sand centipedes, snake people, dire wolf babies, brontosauruses, ice cold snow storms, terrifying anti-magic fog, two headed trolls...and of course Mr. Tyrannosaurus Rex itself.

Thanks to Amra's magical abilities, we've confirmed that there is indeed a draconic presence on the island, which means the players have something to hunt. Conquering the jungles and their wild life, however, will be the first step before anyone can begin their climb up the massive island mountain in search for the beast the party seeks.

Rangers and Druids are particularly helpful, but also in short supply. Food has proven to be the most valuable resource on the island, with many players either hiding or lieing about their personal stashes while leaving the hard working civilians and craftsmen of the colony to starve. How this will work in the long run is anyone's guess. But if the farms can get up and running, perhaps food will no longer be a problem. Survival may be a bitch, but this island may make you its bitch. God speed adventurers and may Kragnux be with you.

Chapter Four: Xender’s Keep[edit | edit source]

The adventurers have discovered a malicious looking keep on the western beach of the Island. After a quick (and extreme bad-ass) take down of 6-8 skeleton sentries, the group stormed the keep only to find it empty. (Or so they thought.) Once entering, they started hearing voices - er - a voice inside their heads. Locating the supposed source of the voice, they came face to face with Pasqual, a blind mage centuries old. He told the story of Xender, a fine adventuring who set out looking for the crystal city and the builder of the keep they were currently exploring. Pasquale told them of Xender's mysterious disappearance down below the keep in a dark and fright-filled dungeon. The adventurer's immediately descended, partially trusting their new ally, Pasquale. Immediately, the found out the dungeon was front with danger as a botched sleight-of-hand and an emergency medical procedure by Reaper left Xerda without her left arm. After she left the party, the adventurers journeyed deeper into the underkeep, with Reesec almost meeting his end via giant green slime blob.

Eventually, the adventurers found a piece of paper. A letter from Xender himself. I wonder what it read.

Chapter Five: Fire Salamander? I Hardly Knew Her![edit | edit source]

Exciting developments as we approach the Summer finale of D&D. The snake folk have revealed their red hot brethren, and their mountain headquarters has finally been located. Just before shit hits the fan, however, two new characters have entered the fray! Welcome Deckard (Zach) and Jim (Alex) as their buddy cop dynamics liven up the adventuring trail. Zach's already had a taste of death, but the two are thriving as we enter the mountain and begin to take on some of the biggest and baddest villains encountered so far! Get to the table soon and you won't regret it!

Chapter Six: The Yuan Ti Excursions Part 2[edit | edit source]

We did it! We escaped from the Island's awful creatures, performing a rather ironic genocide on the larval pits of the Yuan-Ti, their own patriarch causing the downfall of their entire race. I hope you're proud of that. We finally introduced some key topics that will take us into Season 3, starting this semester, while at the same time resolving some loose ends. Things are gonna get tricky from here, but there hasn't ever been a better time to get to the table! MVP award goes to Reaper for really living up to his name. Least Valuable Player goes to Torna for sitting around doing jack shit while everyone died. No I'm just kidding.

Oh and we slayed a dragon...? I think? We'll find out! Come join us next time at Towson Theater Tabletop! Woooooooooooooo! Oh god it's late.

Season Three: Contrivance of Cognizance[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: 100 Years Later[edit | edit source]

Two days later, the majority of the heroes that were in the caverns during the time shift, were taken outside the quarantine zone to go meet a figure named Nate. Calum and Reaper were ultimately the only ones taken into Nate’s house who ended up being the mayor of the aptly named “Brakville”. What or whom they discovered inside was even more amazing. When they came into the house, Brak himself was asleep within. Nate referred to the older sage as his father and Brak, Reaper and Calum discovered, was Nate’s grandfather.    

After speaking with the sage and Nate, Calum and Reaper discovered that one of their party, Pete, had been slain a few days earlier by a group of crusaders, led by a man called Clapperclaw. These men were on a crusade to eliminate Dragons and now Dragnborns. However, they were followers of Kragnux. When Reaper brought up the fact that Kragnux was himself a Dragonborn, Nate told Reaper that if he valued his life, he should not utter those words outside of this house. After finding out some information about Clapperclaw, Calum and Reaper left to seek vengeance.    

Later on, Torna and Xerta both had a conversation with Brak and Nate. Torna discovered that not only were these crusaders of Kraugnux hunting down Dragonborns but also that the majority of people were unaware that Kragnux was a Dragonborn himself. Torne revealed to Nate that he could speak Draconic, which is now considered a dead language. Nate told Torna that he should consider visiting The Fang Fu monastery, to find the answers to what he seeked.    

That night, Reaper and Calum approached the crusader’s ship which was currently docked. Reaper told Callum to await his signal on the shoreline. Then Reaper managed to not only sneak onto the boat but managed to figure out which crusader was Clapperclaw. He waited for Clapperclaw to go to his quarters and go to sleep. Reaper then snuck into Clapperclaw’s quarters, poisoned his weapons and attempted to kill Clapperclaw in his sleep. Even though Reaper did a massive amount of damage, Clapperclaw awoke with a start and immediately reached for the same Penderlock that killed Pete. Reaper’s face was destroyed, so Clapperclaw and his men threw Reaper’s lifeless body into the ocean.

Calum never received a signal from Reaper so when the next morning arrived, Calum, Torna, Xerta, and Reesick, all embarked on a journey to Levinkan, the continent just south of. When their ship embarked, after several hours of sailing, the adventurers found a virtually lifeless form floating in the ocean. This person turned out to be Reaper. The right side of his face was utterly destroyed. Torna managed to fix the majority of the damage but Reaper elected to keep his cheek, scarred and gaping. He covered his face with a hood and cloth, and spoke to no one for the remainder of the journey.     The group reached Levinkan in only 4 days, in a journey that had recently taken our adventurers months to undertake. There on the docks of a city named Thetsu, a small monkey creature greeted them by the name of Atman. Xerta snuck away and off into the woods. Atman led them to her monastery and to the monk in charge by the name of Urth. He regaled the adventurers with tales of a beast that plagued the city. The beast was thought to be one of the last remaining Dragonborns. Urth told them that there was currently a bounty out on Dragonborns and that the crusaders of Kragnux would pay highly for a tip on the whereabouts of any remaining Dragonborns. The party left the monastery and decided to go into the woods and see this best for themselves. Atman remained with their party as their guide to Thetsu and the surrounding areas.

In the woods, Xerta had already met with Sans, locally known as The Beast. He told her of his plans to eliminate a local crusader by the name of Olm. At this point, the rest of the party was near them in the woods. Xerta stealthed and so did Sans but Sans was eventually discovered by the party. Reaper had also disappeared whilst the party had begun their journey into the forest.

The adventurers had already made up their mind that they were not going to kill Sans, since they had Dragonborn friends in the previous century. They felt sympathy towards him, and as such agreed to help him kill the veteran crusader that lived in the village. The plan was to fake Sans’ death, present the fake body to Olm and then kill him, collecting both the bounty and whatever goods they found in his house.

Calum asked for Reaper’s assistance to watch over the “exchange”. Calum could’ve been talking to thin air for all he knew. Calum then took Sans away from the rest of his party, to reveal how he hoped to replicate Sans’ body. Several members of the party managed to sneak away with the two however, and found out that Calum beneath his disguise was actually a demon. He then shifted into Sans’ exact form. The two then returned to the party and the final preparations were made to make the body look as realistically dead as possible. Xerta then snuck off by herself to take on Olm singlehandedly.

The rest of the party except for Sans, took Calum to Urth to collect the reward. When presented with the body, Urth was slightly surprised and told the adventurers that the crusaders would be upset, thinking that the party had stolen the kill out from under them. Reesick managed to convince Urth that Calum/Sans was still alive, and the party then decided to take the creature to Olm for safekeeping.

Meanwhile at Olm’s house, Xerta had managed to sneak in undetected. When Olm was in his kitchen with his back turned, she made her move. She attacked Olm while his back was turned and immediately hid in one of his storage crates. The next couple of minutes was spent playing an epic game of cat and mouse, until eventually Olm forced Xerta into the main room of his abode and struck her down with his war hammer.

A few minutes later, the rest of the party arrived at Olm's house. Unbeknownst to the rest of the party, Reaper had already snuck into the house through a back window, and had begun his search for Olm. He investigated the back room where Xerta and Olm had fought, and followed their blood stains out into the main room. By the time he got into the main room, he witnessed Calum turn back into his natural form and leap at Olm, the rest of the party following suit.

In the midst of this secondary battle with Olm, Atman started searching the barrels and found Xerta. Olm still did not know that Reaper was in his midst so Reaper snuck in and did massive damage. The battle finally ended with Atman landing the killing blow. She gathered all the water from the party's water skins, placed it around Olm's head and froze it, suffocating him.

They disposed of the body and stayed in the house that night, after searching it for riches. If worse came to worse, Calum could take the form of Olm.

They ended up needing this power, for the next day, a group of crusaders arrived at the house looking for Olm. They wanted to offer him a spot in their venturing party, on a quest to hunt down the last of the Dragonborns. Calum refused their offer and they said they would be staying in a nearby inn, if he changed his mind. The party decided to wait for nightfall, until they were to head off to the fabled Fang Fu Monastery, in search of answers...

Chapter Two: Monkeys, Crusaders, and Bears, Oh My![edit | edit source]

Chapter Three: Return to Fang Fu[edit | edit source]

Chapter Four: Mission 1 (The Last Witness)[edit | edit source]

Chapter Five: Mission 2 (Spread the Word)[edit | edit source]

Chapter Six: Stumblebum Succeeds[edit | edit source]

Christ. Rather, Kragnox.

In what could only be described as the most ridiculous of battles, we start with our adventurers finally meeting together. Amra, Captain Seaworth, Reesec, Zachariah, Sans, Reaper, Xerda, and (insert Seth's character here) decided that in order to save the dragon born, spread the word of Kragnox, and generally restore some sort of peace to the world that they were going to go on a suicide mission into the FOKing church and retrieve dismembered limbs from a god who's story no one believes in anymore. Sound easy, right?

It could have been. Except for Stumblebum. The group was spread into two sections. One group to find Kragnox's fists, the other to find his feet. The spine was already in possession.


Meanwhile, the Fisting group ends up at the headquarters of the Friends of Kragnox. Each individual adventurer goes a separate direction, attempting to retrieve information on the whereabouts of the fist as quietly as possible. Reaper puts an end to that facade by accidentally triggering an alarm, causing a bit of commotion, and the stealthy coming face to face with his archnemisis, ClapperClaw. In a moment of tension, Reaper also finds out that the FOKing Pope, Felix is in the room as well as Stumblebum, the bard.

The group gathers in the great hall for a ceremony in honor of their version of Kragnox with Stumblebum being the guest of honor performer. He strums a few cords and begins telling his version of the Kragnox story, all the while perpetuating the most ridiculous battle of this season. After Captain Seaworth gets ahold of a gun and Reaper manages to survive (and take down) ClapperClaw's wrath, Stumblebum sends a dagger straight through Felix's face, thus taking his job as pope. Suddenly a wall breaks down and behind in?

Thwack in chains. (Oh yeah and we got the fists thanks to stumblebum. )

Chapter Seven: Revealing the Redeemers[edit | edit source]

Chapter Eight: Trials and Tribulations[edit | edit source]

Chapter Nine: Screwed![edit | edit source]

In a nearby inn, Taylor's character (Fuegel) And Laura (Maeve I think?) meet up. Maeve, supposedly a 13 year old girl, convinces Fuegel to help her. Fuegel agrees, and they set off to a nearby wood. Upon delving into the wood, they discover an unconsious Barbed Devil by the name of Fehng ra Kahn, who claimed amnesia and tried to convince them to follow him into a nearby cave, in pursuit of treasure and information. Fuegel dissagreed, but Maeve decided to eventually. Just as they were about to set off, a large amount of characters conveined at the cave entrance: Seth (Snow), Rachel (7), Streak, and a 4th npc approached the entrance in search of a secret Automaton factory, as well as Kelly (Dahria?) came bounding out of the cave entrance, tied up, followed by Eric (Blue).

After some minor scuffling, all characters ventured into the cave. The first room contained the remnants of many adventurers, as well as a lone terrified orc. After interacting with it, streak decided to murder it, as it caused him anger (edit? not sure if that's right). The next room held a wand of power, its ability unknown. Dahria, Blue, and Fuegel went for it, but upon touching it, summoned a flesh golem that nearly killed them, they did however defeat it, and Dahria kept the wand. The rest of the party ventured on, and came across the dead body of Logan (Stumblebum), and he was promptly stripped of all valubles, including the Fists of Kragnux (7 got them).

At this point the remainder of the party reached a gigantic room designed to produce automatons, with an enormous automaton in the center. After activating it, it revealed itself as Colin, the primary creator of automatons. After a lengthy conversation, it agreed to abandon its post and help Snow and 7. It also revealed some key details as to Fehng's partner and Vampiric partner's whereabouts, who had gone missing sometime during Fehng's memory blankage. Finally, while all this went down, Blue ran to the next room with Maeve, which held several Dragonborn, protecting Skelya (Spelling?). Dahria and Fuegel managed to fuck up several times and were almost captured by the Dragonborns due to following Blue, but managed to avoid capture.

All the while, Fehng decided to explore a bit more, and ran into the first Dragonborn, who chased him back to the room holding all the automatons and Colin. After a brief attempt at persuation, 7 managed to use the Fists of Kragnux in order to gain the approval of many of the dragonborn. At this same moment, Skelya revealed herself to Blue and Maeve, and Maeve turned out to be Ceseri (Spelling?), the shapeling half sister of Skelya. It was then revealed that Blue is not the true chosen one, and the three set out to leave the cave at the same moment that the automatons were leaving with Colin, at the final moment, Dahria and Fuegel were captured, Fehng snuck off to a prime ambush spot for Skelya, her whereabouts now known, and Skelya, noticing Colin leaving his post for the first time, let out a hellscream and transformed into a dragon. All within a 6 foot wide tunnel. Because physics.

Chapter Ten: The Game of Moans[edit | edit source]

A lot of people bitched. And a lot of people moaned. Enter Henric.

Henric's first game was a story of how many ways a man without charisma can fall on his face. He attempted to join the Crusaders and was kicked out for lying about his qualifications to be there. He managed to sneak back in, but was caught and Tactux, the crusader in charge tried to kill him. He convinced the crusader to give him a chance and that created an interesting situation in which Callum and Henric faced off against each other. Henric pulled his gun on Callum and at the last moment attempted to kill Tactux with it. This went, abysmally and Henric barely escaped the group.

Since then he has been less then thrilled with the work of the group.

Chapter Eleven: To Lie in Honor[edit | edit source]

In Wyvern Mountain, Fengh (Ben Badorf) is the first to wake up. After one look at Colin and Skelya (in dragon form) fighting, he bolts. Seven (Rachael H) and Streak are up not long after. Streak and an autom light a Dragonborne on fire while Seven talks with Colin. After agreeing upon a rendezvous point, they also bail. In another part of the cavern, Lucieed (Dean) runs in through the door of the room where Darya (Kelly) fell asleep last time. They catch up, realize there are two titans fighting, and then Lucieed beelines toward the exit, only to have Colin crash into the wall where he was standing two moments before. Darya then decides it's about time she left too, so she bails out through the hallway only to have Skelya crush the room she was standing in one moment before. She then beelines towards the exit, catches a dragonborne in a water wall, and casually strolls out playing an epic tune alone the lines of "I just fucked up some dragonborne and lived to tell the tale, hell yeah!" It is unknown what exactly happened to Fuego (Taylor Reiland) or Snow (Seth Herzog) and Sand.

Once outside the moutain, Fengh prepped an action to catch an dragonborne that might come out and instead accidentally attempts to fire ball Lucieed. Lucieed doesn't appreciate this and thus starts a blood feud between the two of them. They fight a bit in a very macho way and then Seven intervenes and stops them from ripping each other apart. It's that moment when Streak notices Lucieed's autom and thus, Lucieed notices Streak's autom. They have a mini blue stone control battle, then Streak decides he might just rip Lucieed apart to get the blue stone instead. There's a moment of devil (quite literally in the form of Fengh) on one shoulder and angel (Seven) on the other for Streak until he decides not to fight Lucieed. Then Darya walks out and Lucieed and Darya decide to head towards a nearby town, Shimitama. That just so happens where Colin and Seven agreed to meet up, so Team Autom tails Team We Fucked Up.

Night falls and Team We Fucked Up makes camp along a nearby shore. Seven and Fengh debate and then decide, to make Streak happy, they'll just go and steal the blue stone and autom from Lucieed while he sleeps. That's when Team Let's Get The Fuck Out arrives on a boat. Amra, seeing Fengh enter the tent and somehow mistaking a barbed devil for a crusader, dives off the boat with intent of shooting his head off. Atman (Rose) follows suit. Seven, seeing Atman and Amra climb into the shore outside the tent hides (quite stealthily for a robot) and attempts to contact Atman telepathically in order to explain the situation. At first contact, Atman screams "there's somebody in my head!" which wakes Lucieed and Darya still in the tent. Fia finally makes it to shore by boat. Having acquired the stone, Fengh flees and lights the tent on fire which is immediately put out my Atman (a water bender). Amra then proceeds to shoot Fengh in the face with her bow and knocks him into saving throws. This results in Atman looting his body and Amra tying him up. Seven steps forward, does a medicine check on Fengh, then steps back and lets the new Team We Got the Fuck Out bicker.

Cue Sir Moorswin (Alex Wynd, pronounced Wined). Sir Moorswin, the sheriff of Shimitama, rides in to investigate the ruckus. He has a very confusing chat with he team which was a convenient distraction for Seven who uses a stone to make Lucieed's autom put the tied up Fengh in a boat and start to float away. Lucieed notices and gets his autom back, but at that point it's too late to catch Fengh and thus team autom gets away with their lives.

Team we got the fuck out enters a truth circle with Sor Moorswin in order to be allowed into the town in whcih they admit many of them are wanted, but he lets them in anyway. A huge party ensues at the tavern which lasts all night. Atman and Amra get drunk for the first time a seduce some soldiers, Lucieed and Moorswin retire early and at mornings first light, the rest of the crew retires. In the morning, Lucieed and Moorswin become buddies while chatting over a drink. Seven comes in with Streak and Streak somehow accidentally tricks Lucieed into giving him his blue stone. Having gotten what he wanted, Streak exits with two automs, two blue stones and Seven.

Later, Moorswin, Lucieed, Amra, Atman, Darya, Fia, Seven, Streak and Fengh (disguised as a soldier) all end up at a huge party thrown in honor of Moorswin. Darya, Fia and Streak play some awesome tunes. Atman, Amra and Lucieed talk to Moorswin. Some other friend of Moorswin begins to lead Moorswin, Atman, some soldiers and Lucieed into the armory for a surprise, so Seven, Amra and Fengh sneak in with the group.

Inside the armory, a wizard gives Moorswin a stone which puts a dome around the village allowing no one in or out, makes it so no one can lie, and makes everyone's alignments show as a faint glow around their person. Thus, Fengh's disguise fails so he gets arrested for being evil. Amra talks with the wizard and is sent to Leechport to find out more about her missing friends. Seven talks to Darya and her staff and they bring a blue stone to life. His name is Fleck. He chose the name himself. Team We Got The Fuck Out decides to go to Leechport to talk to the wizards. Fengh is released and Team Autom also decides to go to Leechport to find more about the stones and Darya's staff from the wizards. Sir Moorswin decides to travel with Team We Got the Fuck Out.

Later, Fengh realizes they are being followed and they double back to discover a group of people who are named something like the hood of shadows or something of the sort. They know Fengh. Fengh is confused. End story.

Chapter Twelve: Dungeon and Dragon[edit | edit source]

Wyvern Mountain:[edit | edit source]

Callum, Atman, Gorwin, Amra, Xerda, and Gorin's gang of holy aarakocra found themselves within the depths of the mountain looking for Skelya. After exploring a room full of altars, the group found themselves in a collapsed hallway with Skelya on the other side. Skelya made desperate attempts to convince the group of adventurers that she was merely a poor elf-- trapped for a 100 years and all alone. Suddenly, as the conversation began to get interesting, Henric, Torna, Caligna, and Captain Seaworth entered the mountain along with five crusaders.

Because the hallway was blocked off by Gorin's posse, no one was allowed past. Torna, seeking out Xerda, asked to see her so he could confess his undying love for her. Xerda, enamored by him, begged for him to be let through. The aarakocra let him through and a long ass cheesy monologue commenced which eventually led to a marriage proposal. Xerda and Torna got married on the spot and for some strange reason decided to bang on the spot too. While this was all happening, Caligna decided to make his presence known with a jingle of his staff. Callum, recognizing the sound, asked Gorin to allow Caligna to come through. Caligna was let through and a discussion began but Captain Seaworth, unable to wait his turn to enter the circle of aarakocra, used his new found proficiencies in guns to shoot Caligna, killing him INSTANTLY.

What then transpired was chaos. Torna, turning on Xerda, shot at her with his own gun and missed. Atman, after witnessing this treachery, shot Torna with her own gun, mortally wounding him. Xerda, confused and heartbroken, yelled at Torna for betraying her but then surprised all by healing him. After healing him, she threw him over her shoulder and attempted to flee for safety just as Skelya burst through the wall to fuck shit up.

Once a dragon had made itself apparent, Henric and Captain Seaworth fled out towards the way they came. Amra, standing directly in front of Skelya, pulled out her minor wand of wonder and pointed it at the dragon in hopes of something happening other than it turning into a tree or something.

Wyvern Mountain: The End[edit | edit source]

The crusaders and allies stood together in an epic battle against the dragon beast, trying to take it down. Meanwhile, in terror trying to flee, Captain Seaworth and Henric ran down a blocked path. Henric had the brilliant idea of trying to get to the side of the blockage, unleashing a massive golem made of goblin bodies on the both of him. They fought along with two crusaders to bring it down.

In the dragon's lair, some of the aarakocra as well as Torna and Xerda were caught in nets set up by Gorin. Xerda was able to cut herself and Torna down, and in a last desperate attempt to gain control of the situation, Torna spoke to the dragon, revealing their position and turning it on them. The dragon unleashed fire, knocking them both unconscious where they later succumbed to their wounds, dying.

The crusaders, along with Amra, Gorin, Callum, and Attie brilliantly fought the beast, eventually bringing her down with the help of Henric. She transformed back into the human version of Skelya where she eventually died with a dogpile of crusaders on top of her. The golem too, was dead, and Henric made it out alive. But dear Captain Seaworth was not so lucky. He too succumbed to his wounds and died. Fleeing with her life, Amra and Gorin escaped. Attie and Callum were wanted alive and captured by the church. Xerda, Torna, and Captain Seaworth had their bodies also taken by the church. The day had been won, but the loss was great. Godspeed to the rest of the rebellion - Kragnux knows you'll need it.

Chapter Thirteen: The Spark of Life[edit | edit source]

Season Four: He'll Own Earth[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: It Starts With an Earthquake...[edit | edit source]

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake/ Birds and Snakes / The Air Plains / Lenivious (Lenny) Bruce is not afraid..." - First lines of the prophecy spoken by the monks of the Reyk Emorian Monastary (R.E.M for short)

Skelya had fallen. Wyvern mountain was in ruins. The Crusaders had triumphed over the dragons and the world was at

peace. Callum and Atman had surrendered to the church and had received a prison sentence of five months each for going against the order. Luckily, they had both been seen fighting against Skelya, and several crusaders had spoken in their favor in order for them to avoid a harsher punishment.

Three months into their sentences, Callum was released. As it turns out, Fengh had finally managed to track Callum down for his own reasons. He was accompanied by Sir Moorswyn, who was on his way to his hometown of Shimatana in order to discover more about his past, and Bart, Moorswyn's squire. Callum, not trusting Fengh's motives, decided to tag along in order to keep an eye on Fengh.

The group traveled the road for a few days, eventually coming to the outskirts of the small hamlet. Upon arriving, they ran into Ssaprina, an elf, and Mahogany, a shifter, who were in the middle of a heated disagreement. The party managed to defuse the situation and in the process drew the attention of an Aarakocra named Galefast, who was nesting in the nearby woods. He decided to travel with them as far as the town and the group proceded to Shimatana.

Shimatana was a small town with a population of around forty-five citizens. Relatively secluded from the world, the town seemed to be quite a peaceful place.

Upon arriving the group split up. Galefast headed towards the Stupid Giraffe, Shimatana's finest (and only) drinking establishment. Callum set off on his own towards the shops. Moorswyn, Fengh, Ssaprina, Mahogany, and Bart made their way to meet with the local lord, Lord Taro.

Callum visited the armory and donated some arms to the village, then inquired about spellcasters in the surrounding towns. He was directed to Kaspire, two days west of their current location.

As Galefast arrived at the small inn, he was greeted by the bartender who recognized him from his various visits. He offered Galefast a job: protect the inn and get paid. Some automs had taken up residence, and the town wasn't so comfortable with that. So the innkeeper wanted to make sure that his real estate remained untarnished. Galefast accepted the job. Meanwhile, one of the automs, an Unnamed Captain, was resting in the inn with several warforged compatriots. They were approached by a local dwarf and some villagers, who began to drunkenly accost them. It was then that Galefast began to earn his keep. Six villagers and a dwarf against an Aarakocra and five warforged.

It was by no means a fair fight. Galefast, rushing into battle for the first time in what felt like a long time, managed to dispatch a number of villagers quickly, all the while keeping the warforged Captain from killing any of them. The fight ended with an embarrassing coup-de-grace against the dwarf, whom Galefast picked up and threw against a wall at the far side of the inn, knocking him out cold.

At this point, Moorswyn had met with Lord Taro on the other side of town. Inquiring about his past, Sir Moorswyn was given a number of genealogical files regarding his parents. Ssaprina, also being in Lord Taro's presence, began to probe her own history. It was revealed that she had been imprisoned by Dhampir for half a century; worse than that, her caste had not been seen for just as long, and were presumed dead. She told Moorswyn that she would help him uncover his tiefling past, if he would, in return, help her find out what happened to her family. He agreed to help her. They left Lord Taro and headed towards The Stupid Giraffe, just in time to see the end of the fight between Galefast, the automs, and the villagers.

After the dust settled, Moorswyn arrested the belligerent drunks and pushed them off to the town jail, situated back in the same building as the armory and Lord Taro's office. As the drunks were locked up, Callum arrived back to meet with the group, claiming that they needed to go to Kaspire.

Without warning, the ground began to shake and a cacophony of cracks, explosions, and screams erupted from outside the building. The group exited in time to see a yellow dome forming above them. It settled a few yards into the armory building. Each member of the group began to glow based on their alignment. As the group looked at each other, determining how each of them viewed the world, Fengh was surprised to find that Callum glowed red, but his weapon glowed a bright blue. Moorswyn was blue, as was Galefast, but Ssaprina, Mahogany, and the Captain were gray. The Honor Shield, as it was called by he town, had been activated. Moorswyn explained that it happened when the town was needed to be protected.

As the ground continued to shake, Fengh started asking Callum questions, inquiring about his true name and his intentions. Callum refused to answer. The group began to head towards the town center, where The Honor Shield foci was located. As they rushed towards it, the ground split open and lava spewed forth. Fengh, Callum, Ssaprina were on one side, Lord Taro and Moorswyn on the other, with Captain and Mahogany in the lava between them and Galefast remaining in the air above the group. Mahogany and Captain split, with the former heading back towards Fengh's side, and Captain rushing towards Moorswyn. As they reached their respective sides, Moorswyn, Taro, and Mahogany sprinted towards the barnhouse where the foci was, and Mahogany, Ssaprina, and Galefast began to rescue the villagers, corralling them in the middle of a field that had been yet untouched by the hellfire oozing forth from the newly formed cracks in the ground.

Fengh took the opportunity to tackle Callum and shove him against a building. He interrogated Callum, asking him what his true name was, what he was doing on the material plane, and why he was wanted dead in the Nine Hells. They struggled with one another, each trying in vain to gain the upper hand. Callum told Fengh to let him go or he would kill him, Fengh retorted that he would let him go if Callum told him his name, and promised not to run. Callum asked if Fengh wanted to know his name, and stated coldly that his name was Callum Hendricksson of the Unnamed Plains, and he was renouncing Glasya as his Lord, claiming to be an instrument of Pelor. As he did so, his red glow faded, and he became slate gray to the rest of the group. He sent a kick towards Fengh, trying to force him into the lava. The attack failed, and the two began to fight.

Ssaprina and Mahogany, working in unison at odds with their initial meeting, managed to wrangle half the town and lead them to safety through a grove of trees.

Concurrently, Moorswyn, Captain, and Lord Taro burst into the barnhouse where the foci of The Honor Shield was. A small yellow gem, beautifully cut, lay in the middle of the room accompanined by two guards. Immediately it became a standoff; Captain, Moorswyn, and Lord Taro wanted to take the shield down, they had seen what was outside, and the two guards did not. Captain, Taro, and the guards rushed the stone, all vying to fulfill their objectives. Captain brought his weapon down, intending to sever the hand of one of the guards holding the stone. He missed and instead hit the gem, destroying it. Instantaneously a psionic shriek ripped through the minds of the men in the barnhouse, killing the guards and Lord Taro, and knocking both Moorswyn and the Captain out. Above the entire village, the dome shuddered, then quickly flitted from existence. The flames from the lava outside began to take hold on the wooden barnhouse, trapping both Moorswyn and Captain in a hellish inferno.

Mahogany and Ssaprina, who had by this time reached the extent of the dome, seized the opportunity to lead the survivors of Shimatana to safety some distance away.

Galefast, watching the events between Callum and Fengh unfold, decided to take Callum’s side and rushed Fengh, knocking him into the lava. His hellish resistance allowed him to survive, and he began making his way away from Callum and Galefast. The ground beneath Callum crumbled, sending Callum into its burning depths. He managed to pull himself out as Fengh reached the other side of a now seemingly impassable river of magma.

Begging the aarakocra for help once more, Galefast decided to place his trust in Callum, figuring him for the literal lesser of two evils, and took him across the lava pit, dropping him in front of Fengh, trapping the devil once more. As Callum loomed over Fengh, Galefast plunged his sword through the evil devil’s chest, mortally wounding him. Callum further renounced Glasya, and kicked Fengh into the lava.

Unfortunately unable to watch their foe burn, Galefast and Callum dashed toward the barnhouse where Moorswyn and the Captain had disappeared into some time ago. The ground shattered once more, and the land belched forth molten slag. Callum and Galefast dodged flaming debris as the ground literally disintegrated beneath them. As the rumbling slowly died out beneath them, they both rushed into the barnhouse, coming across Moorswyn and Captain. Utilizing healing potions and quick thinking, the two managed to get Moorswyn and Captain from the burning ruins. As they sought a quick escape over the roof of one of the buildings at the outskirts of the town, Moorswyn turned back to watch his village that he had sworn to protect burn to cinders. As the four stood on the roof, they watched in horror as imp-like creatures began emerging from the damned earth and take to the sky. Callum urged them to run and warn the realm.

As it turns out, the end of the world really did start with an earthquake.

Chapter Two: Birds and Snakes[edit | edit source]

The young noble, Terra Xeonhart of the Xeonhart Dynasty of Levinkan, upon discovering that the Fang Fu Monastery her father had banished her to had been raized to the ground, decided in that moment to commodore one of her father's trade ships (The Rusty Screw) docked in the harbor and set sail. With a crew of men including Vladimire the valiant knight, Galefast, the young arakocra, Fia the daunting barbarian, Attie the sweetest of monks, and Caligna the shaman. The crew was in the open ocean, sailing swiftly in good weather when suddenly, from the depths of the ocean an island spurted out immediately in front of the ship. The ship crashed into the island and knocked a few of the adventurers unconscious. The adventurers that weren't knocked out were Galefast, Caligna, and Vladimire. Encountering two snakes, the battle royal began.

One good snake, one bad, no one really knowing the difference made for an interesting dance of battle. While the heroes were distracted with the snakes, a shadowy figure emerges from a volcano and begins to take form. Fia and Attie wake up and take on the fray with Attie finishing off the evil snake in a blaze of malicious glory by using her water bending skills to dehydrate him to death.

The party regroups, trying to console the good snake, currently muttering nonsense in hysterics. Terra is up now and joins the group at a giant eagle. The snake, still rambling, begins to tell a story:

She begins with the story of Asmodeous and his fight to keep the demons off the mortal world. She then explains that the demons have been trying to break through into our realm and that all mortals are simply fodder for the demons. This is the end of life on Quelmar as we know it. Finishing her speech, the air begins to open, the sea begins to boil, and the demons and fiends begin to emerge from nether realm. At first, the party fought them off valiantly. Fia, Vladimire, Caligna, Attia, Terra, and Galefast taking down many demons and dealing major damage to the roc fiend attacking them. Galefast fought valiantly but fell to the demons in an unconscious sleep. As more and more demons began to emerge, the future looked grim for the crew of The Rusty Screw.

However, as fate would have it. Gorin the arakowcra flew his band of birdies into the fray by opening up a portal for the adventurers to flock in to. Gorin swept in and picked up Galefast while Fia, Attie, and Vladimire, and Caligna dove head first to safety into the portal. Terra dashed into the ground as the portal closed up. As she turned around, witnessing the imminent death as 12 demon came at her, the shadowy figure who emerged the volcano stood in front of her, protecting her from the fireballs. How long can they hold out? Will rescue come for them? Will they parlay with the demons and meet their master? Only one thing is certain. Quelmar, as we know it has been overrun. The world is at it's end.

Chapter Three: Air Planes[edit | edit source]

The town of Shimatana is destroyed. Quelmar burns. The sea boils, the earth cracks with lava, and the sky crackles with portals to Nessus and the nine levels of Hell. The sole survivors from Shimatana are the brave and beautiful elf Ssaprina and two human civilians, the ill-fated lovers Howard and Dave. These three are joined by a strange party of humanoids as the Second Demonic Incursion swallows Quelmar: the skeletal remains of Bastienne, who has been in service of the Marilith for the previous hundred years; Rose, the charismatic dhampir owner of a brothel; the Hunter, a second dhampir and witch hunter; and Eldrin, a cleric strong in healing magic and blessings. The seven explorers had survived six minutes of battle with the incurring demons and devils when Rose got a brilliant idea. Rose conjured the image of Asmodeous and, even momentarily, stalled the devils. Eldrin, while trying to be stealthy, ended up seeing through the illusion, by physically ending up inside the foot of the enormous conjuration. The spell was broken, however, when a demon attacked it and saw that its breath went right through. They turned the attack back on the adventurers, several of whom began to hide in fear.

Fortunately, at that moment, a team of arakowcra was flying overhead. Seeing the battle raging below, the arakowcra did a dance in the air and opened a portal that glowed near to where Bastienne, lovingly nicknamed Mr. Bones, the Hunter, Ssaprina, Howard, and Dave were fighting. Seeing the beautiful blue sky and seeming safety on the other side, Bastienne leaped through the portal into the Elemental Plane of Air. The Hunter followed, as did Ssaprina. Unfortunately, Ssaprina had to make a choice: she could save the lovers or she could stop one of the devils from entering the portal. Choosing the safety of this apparent paradise, she pushed the devil out of the way, leaving Howard and Dave, the ill fated lovers, to their own devices. Eldrin and Rose made it into the portal, as well, leaving just the two humans behind.

Dave, though dim-witted, was unceasingly loyal to his love, Howard. As they ran, one of the devils tried to grab Howard, but Dave flung himself in the way, allowing Howard to make it through just as the portal began to close. For one singular moment, Howard and Dave made eye contact through the portal, the last time they would ever see each other alive, before it closed.

In the Elemental Plane of Air, the adventurers, minus the valiant Dave, found themselves on a floating island in the sky. Across, about a twenty feet gap at its narrowest, was a second island, upon which another arakowcra, the skilled archer and entertainer known only as Bird Person, was giving a tour to a seemingly dimwitted researcher, the angel Richard Butt. Rose, ever charismatic, turned into a bat and flew over, while Bastienne began communicating with Bird Person via telepathy. Bird Person, convinced by Bastienne, shot a rope across the gap, allowing the group passage to the island they stood on. Bastienne and Ssaprina teamed up, with Bastienne taking his skeletal remains apart and putting himself into a backpack and Ssaprina carrying him, to make it across to the suddenly enamored Bird Person. At the same time, Rose arrived and took her humanoid form, while Richard took copious notes in his journal - transcript pending. The rest of the team crossed; though the rope gave out while the Hunter and the inconsolable Howard crossed the gap, everyone made it safely.

After a brief and tedious conversation, in which the team learned extensively about demons and devils from Richard and Bastienne revealed the power of a wish, the team of eight decided to fly down to the Citadel of Ice and Steel which was about a thousand feet below. Ssaprina conjured two giant eagles; she would travel on the back of Bird Person, who she was falling for, while carrying the backpack containing Bastienne, while carrying the bat form of the Hunter. Realizing that there would be one person left behind, Bird Person hailed down a beast in the sky, which ended up being a hippogriff. Fortunately, Bird Person's quick thinking prevented the hungry beast from attacking by feeding it a bag of worms; simultaneously, Rose remembered her ability to turn into a giant eagle herself, which looked strangely like a turkey. She took Howard upon her back for one final flight; Ssaprina, Bird Person, Bastienne, and the Hunter traveled together; Eldrin rode on the back of one eagle; and, for 100 gold, Richard rode on the back of the other.

The first 500 feet or so of their descent went unhindered. As they passed another floating island, however, there was a crack and a portal opened atop it; three barbed devils climbed out. The troupe decided to pass on, ignoring them; the barbed devils, to respond, went sky diving and came after the team. Bird Person spread his wings, effectively saving his companions; Rose did the same, but her wings opening caused a jolt that cracked Howard's neck, allowing him to rejoin his lost love Dave in the afterlife. The demons attacked the giant eagles and killed the one Eldrin rode. Eldrin began to free fall, but was caught by the second eagle. Rose, shrugging off the corpse of Howard, killed a devil and caught him on her back. Together, Bird Person, Bastienne, and Eldrin killed a second and a well-timed spell from Richard's Wand of Plane Shift caused the third to disappear into a different plane.

The Citadel neared below, but Bird Person realized that it looked different. Their descent was stopped by a large platform made of strange stone that appeared out of nowhere; the djinn who conjured it, named Nuburty, climbed atop it to join the adventurers. He revealed that Hell had come to the Citadel of Ice and Steel as well and was determined to leave; the team, on the other hand, realized that a noble genie may have a wish that could set the world right. After a near encounter with another devil, fortunately disposed by Nuburty's magic, Nuburty revealed that he could equip them with any weapon they requested. The team equipped themselves and, with Bastienne's slave ability to find back doors, they descended straight into the fray of the battle raging in the Citadel.

Inside, three elementals and a noble genie battled devils, demons, and a large fire creature. As the team arrived, Rose took form of a mammoth and successfully trampled several devils; likewise, Bird Person's archery skills killed off several others. Ssaprina's giant eagle dealt some fine blows, Bastienne hid in the backpack, the Hunter fought valiantly and Eldrin's magic blessing made hits land more securely, but the real hero was Richard, whose Wand of Plane Shift sent the fire creature into the Elemental Plane of Water, thus saving the noble genie. While the others continued to battle, the noble genie, whose name was Shirin, granted Richard a wish, provided they could get out of there alive. The battle, fortunately, ended with relatively little bloodshed; as flames consumed the Citadel, Nuburty raised the party - now including two Air Elementals and Shirin - into the sky.

Shirin revealed that the Wish is more powerful the closer you get; the best way to prison Asmodious again and seal Nessus was to Wish it from inside the ninth level of Hell. Unfortunately, Richard was the one granted the wish and had never been; after some diplomacy from Bastienne, it was revealed that djinns could do one plane shift a day and that Richard, Shirin, and the Hunter should be the three to go. Using the Wand of Plane Shift for the second to last time, Richard descended into hell, followed by Shirin, followed by the Hunter. With a long rest ahead of them, the new couple Ssaprina and Bird Person shared a kiss as they ascended into the rising sun of a hopeful day.

Chapter Four: Eye of the Hurricane[edit | edit source]

"Eye Of the Hurricane, listen to yourself churn, world serves it's own needs, listen to your misdeeds, feeding off a fear, speed, grunt, no, strength, the latter starts to clatter with the fear of fight, down height, spire in a fire represent the seven levels, and a government for hire and a combat site, Left her wasn't coming in a hurry with the furies breathing down your neck," The next few lines of the prophecy as written by the monks of the Reyk Emorian Monastary (Or R.E.M for short)

Moorswyn, still reeling over the loss of Shimatana, had been allowed no time to grieve as he and the rest of the survivors of the cataclysm that had ripped the town apart continued to flee through the surrounding woods, seeking some sort of escape from the slaughter behind them. A demonic incursion was in full effect. Faster than the group could run, Devil's were erupting from the very ground beneath them in belches of molten hot magma. Portals to the Abyss cracked into existence as Demon's began to pour out, seeking to kill Devil's and the group alike. The very earth beneath the infernal bacchanalia of Devil's and Demon's shook as Quelmar itself seemed to threaten to rip itself to shreds.

Moorswyn, Callum, Mahogany, and the unnamed Captain were separated from Galefast, Ssaprina, Bart, and the majority of the villagers in the ensuing pandemonium. They were joined instead by Willow, an elf rogue who had been rescued by Mahogany and Ssaprina. Three villagers, triplets by the name of Harry, Kurly, and Mo, were also fleeing through the devastated landscape.

The eight sought an end to the ruined hellscape that had once been an idyllic wood, but none seemed in sight.

At last, winded, and trapped on a number of rocks bobbing in a river of lava, the group ran out of road. The party was split, Callum, Moorswyn, Captain, and Captain's unnamed celestial mastiff on one set of rocks, and Mahogany, Willow, Harry, Kurly, and Mo on another set. As fiends emerged from all sides, Callum attempted a risky move, summoning a barbed devil to help the survivors. The plan backfired when the devil began to attack Captain. As the group withstood wave after wave of Devil's, they were no match when a massive demon emerged from one of the portals. Captain fell first to the demon as it's mouth opened, spewing forth a black tar that yawned through the air and clung to the group surrounding the unnamed Warforged. He rusted immediately, his wooden stuts rotting as necrotic energy washed over him. Callum and Moorswyn were able to withstand the energy for the time being. Moorswyn turned to attempt an escape as Callum held the rest of the fiends at bay. Striding forward, the demonic behemoth exhaled death over the rocks once more. Callum leapt out of the way, only to fall to the devil's remaining on the rock with him. Moorswyn fell as the wave hit him from behind, himself only a few seconds from immediate safety.

Mahogany, Willow, and the triplets fared less well. Mahogany turned and ran, attempting to force himself past he fiends as he sought shelter in a grove of trees on the far side of the basalt river. As he ran, a number of devil's gave chase, peppering him with globs of fire produced from their clawed fists, before descending upon him to tear him to shreds. Willow, striving to follow Mahogany into the trees tried to push past a clot of barbed devil's. As she did so, one grabbed her and she lost her footing, tumbling into the lava and an agonizing, firey death. The three triplets died one by one, until at last Mo was the last, watching as his brothers were flayed before his eyes, with his own fate following soon after.

The devil's and demon's that remained after the party had fallen turned on each other in an orgy of claws, necrotic magic, blood, and flame as the endless war raged on an Quelmar burned.

All was lost.

Or was it?

Darya was sprinting through the jungle on Kiston, catching glimpses of the Yaun'ti through the trees as they surrounded Anyrion. She, along with the others who had been on Kiston had been sent spiraling through time. Though, while it seemed the rest of the group had been thrown into a different period on Quelmar, she had been sent into the past with one mission, to save Anyrion.

Pleading the gods to get there on time, Darya came upon a clearing in the jungle as Anyrion was swarmed by three red Yaun'ti. She rushed forward, swinging her weapon up, trying to reach the group in time as one of the Yaun'ti snapped down and bit Anyrion. He screamed as his hands flew up towards the wound. Before Darya's eyes the wound began to swell and turn a sickening shade of purple. His screaming stopped as he continued to swell, his windpipe crushing under the pressure. Darya screamed as the world went black.

The unnamed Captain awoke in a room scattered with gears and bits of metal. He had no memory of how he had gotten there, or in fact of what he was. The captain had been turned into a Lemure, a molten mass of flesh with little intelligence. He began to explore the room, discovering that he was able to fit gears together. He began to attach bits of metal to himself in an effort to remember what he had long since lost.

Willow awoke in the darkest night she had ever known. As she stood in the middle of that impenetrable blackness, she felt the presence of bodies pressing around her. Doing no harm as of yet. She opened her mouth and attempted to communicate with the beings trapped with her, only to hear a demonic shriek as response. The bodies began to press against her, grabbing at her. She cried out, asking for them to stop. They acquiesced and continued to move around her, seemingly no longer interested.

Callum Hendricksson strode through his camp up to a guarded tent where his greatest foe, Inidil of the Blackblood tribe, lay captured. Callum was drunk, having just received a banquet in his honor. He spoke to the guards outside the tent and they stepped aside, allowing him access to the tent. As he entered, Inidil spat at Callum's feet and asked what was to become of him. As Callum drew a knife, his vision faded to black.

Moorswyn was ethereal, floating in midair. A pregnant woman he had never seen before stood next to a familiar barbed devil deep in the pits of Nessus. The woman was skittish, commenting on how she remained safe from the heat around her. The barbed devil replied that it was simply a side effect of the ritual, which would soon be complete. The woman nodded, giving a nervous smile. Moorswyn watched in horror as Fengh, the barbed devil, took the womans hand.

Mahogany sat in a room surrounded by files and papers that were strewn across the floor. Before him lay a desk, bare save for a pair of metal boxes labeled "in" and "out" respectively. He wore strange garments, a scratchy wool cloak that barely reached his midriff, and an ill fitting cloth clasp around his neck that was fashioned in a strange, uncomfortable way. A door that he had previously not seen opened and a devil strolled in with a pile of papers. The devil slammed them into the "in" box, and walks out. As the door slams shut, Mahogany reaches his mind out, feeling for any psionic presence's around him. He feels nothing but fiends, pain, and misery. Unable to withstand the mental anguish, he falls unconscious.

Darya scampers through the jungles of Kiston, trying to save Anyrion. She arrives a moment to late as he dies before her eyes once more. She rushes in to attack the Yaun'ti as she suddenly hears a familiar voice say "It's your fault". As she hesitates, trying to see where the voice came from, the Yaun'ti swarm her and her vision fades to black once more.

The unnamed Lemure continued to explore the room, eventually coming across a door. As he managed to pull it open in his unfortunate state, a suit of living metal strode inside, standing silent and dormant upon doing so. The lemure began to experiment with the suit, trying to understand what it was and why it was in the room with him. He felt a familiar tugging in the back of his animalistic mind. A tug trying to remind him of past times.

Willow, still in the black room, finds the edge and follows it around, revealing that she is trapped in a small room with the crowd of people. She remains silent, in fear of provoking them once more.

Callum strides up to his tent once more. Inside is Inidil, his mortal enemy. He walks inside, unsheathing his knife as his vision fades to black once again.

Meanwhile, Moorswyn realizes that he must be in Hell, for there was no other logical theological explanation. The world around Moorswyn changes, at first becoming Shimatana in it's prime. Suddenly, cracks erupt from the ground and Shimatana falls once more around him. The world spins sickeningly for a moment as Moorswyn is thrust toward two figures in the distance. As he closes in, he see's Callum and Fengh, the latter mortally wounded. Callum coldly looks down at him and kicks Fengh into a belching pool of magma. Rushing forward to try to save Fengh, Moorswyn's hands move through him. Screaming in rage, Moorswyn breaks down and begins to sob.

Mahogany wakes up once more, still in the office. The same devil waltzes in, throwing Mahogany a disappointed look and offering an equally disappointed lecture in an unknown language. Mahogany throws himself at the devil, who in turn throws Mahogany into a stack of files. Paper's fly everywhere and the devil laughs, exiting the room.

Darya is back on Kiston, in the same jungle. She rushes to save Anyrion. She fails in her task once more, but this time she is accompanied by an excruciatingly loud song. She is unable to defend herself her hands clasp over her ears. As she struggles to remain conscious, the Kiston canopy above her flickers and abruptly dissipates. She is revealed to be in an empty stone room. As the music dies down, she sinks to her knees and begins to cry, realizing the place for what it is. Hell. She begins to hear voices tormenting her, along with music that seem's to be emanating from outside of her stony prison.

Callum strides through camp once more, reliving the same thing for the third time in a row.

As Willow traces walls around the room of magical darkness, she is shocked to suddenly hear music from outside. Moving to the wall closest to the sound, she begins to shout and smack the wall, trying to gain the attention of whomever was outside. Whether or not she succeeds was interrupted by the scrutiny she had garnered from the inhabitants of her room, who begin to attack her.

Mahogany lay among a battlefield of paper, cursing his luck. As he pulls himself up he hears music from outside his door. He manages to bust the door down and realizes he is in hell. To his left, a gnome with a lute stood fighting three barbed devils; to his right lay a long hallway with a series of rooms, each with what looked like different worlds inside. One was a stony prison, one a black cube that seemed impervious to light, another had a tent sitting square in the middle with two guards standing watch by it's flap. Rather than drawing attention, Mahogany ran across the hall to the room directly adjacent to him and closed the door. As he turned to examine the interior he was surprised to find a lemure trying to climb into the unnamed captain's body. He tries to stop the lemure from inhabiting the warforged to no avail, and the lemure begins mechanically moving the metal construct towards the door.

Callum approaches the tent for the fourth time. He stops outside, however, as music begins to blare from the surrounding plains. He glances about, attempting to find the source. As he walks past the perimeter of the tent he finds that an invisible force blocks him from continuing any further. He discovers that the cannot move more than ten feet from the tent in any direction. Rather than remaining trapped, Callum resolves to find the source of the music. Ripping his axe free from it's bindings, he begins to smash at the boundary, causing white gashes that seem to float in midair. He continues to attempt to widen the gap. Reaching down towards a power the human Callum never possessed before, his axe glows with radiant light as it pummel's into the force field. The wall crumbles, and Callum steps forward into a hallway, his axe glowing bright white. The gnome strikes a devil down with a well placed blow, and yells at Callum that he's causing a jailbreak. And Callum charges towards the two remaining devils, screaming obscenities as he collides with one.

Moorswyn, yet unable to hear the music, instead hears a barbaric scream rushing past him as his torture begins anew.

Willow, hearing the music swell and a man shouting curses in a gutteral dialect of common she barely understands rips her sword free. She begins to strike at the creatures in the room with her. As she begins to strike the shadow creatures down, the room begins to brighten slowly.

Callum lashes out with his foot, catching one of the devil's unaware. As it falls to the ground, he brings his axe down on it's back, killing it. He turns his attention towards the cube beside him as it begins to brighten. A small elf woman swings her rapier about, dispatching three or four shadow creatures with every strike. He abandons the last barbed devil to the gnome and begins to hack at the magical barrier trapping the elf within it. She promptly skewers the last entity and turns towards the wall. As they strike together, the wall shatters like glass and Willow steps free from her prison.

Rushing across the hall, Callum bypasses the gnome and the barbed devil, still locked in combat as he brings his axe up, around, into, and through yet another magical barrier. Inside sits Darya, who falls unconscious almost immediately. Callum widens the hole and pulls her to safety.

At this point, the Lemure-Captain and Mahogany have stepped into the hallway as well. Moorswyn, still trying to get the attention of the group, casts thaumaturgy and calls out to them. The Lemure-Captain goes to try and rescue him, while Mahogany goes to try and fight the barbed devil with the unnamed gnome. Callum drags Darya towards the cell housing Moorswyn. The walls surrounding Moorswyn are made of flames, and any attempt to pull him through causes damage to whomever attempts it. The Lemure-Captain unintentionally casts lay on hands on Darya, waking her up as Callum attempts to get Moorswyn out of the prison. He is unsuccessful until Darya casts water wall on the prison. As the flames sputter and die, Callum and Lemure-Captain grab Moorswyn and yank him through.

As the last devil is dispatched and Willow emerges from hiding, the party regroups. They quickly thank the gnome, who Darya recognizes as Stumblebum. Yet it was not truly Stumblebum, or at least it wasn't Stumblebum's body, but rather the decomposing body of a different gnome. Rather than ask questions that had no time to be answered, Callum and the Lemure-Captain begin going to other cells in the hallway and quickly breaking them open. Terra, Hecher, Thokmay, Carl, Canis, and Lucied are freed from their respective torments, and join the group of unlikely jailbreakers.

The company spots a door and opens it to reveal a cursed, flaming landscape. Impossibly high above them stretched the building the fellowship had escaped from, easily a thousand stories or more. Scratched limitlessly on the damned walls of the prison were the same four words, "Eye of the Hurricane".

The group moves away from the building, seeking some respite from the diabolical landscape. As they move a fair distance from the prison, a portal opens before them. Fresh air floods from the rift, bathing the group for a moment as three beings step through. Richard, Hunter, and a genie named Shirin. As surprised as the three are to see the riff-raff before them, the riff-raff struggle to make sense of where the three came from. Shirin casts dispel magic and the group reverts to their normal selves and regain their memories prior to their deaths. Callum changes back into a barbed devil, Moorswyn becomes solid once more, and the Lemure-Captain once more becomes the unnamed warforged.

As Callum returns to his old self, Shirin, Hunter, and Richard adopt a hostile attitude towards him. Before any ill can befall him however, Moorswyn, Mahogany, and the unnamed Captain vouch for Callum, claiming that he has proved himself numerously in their eyes to be a faithful ally. Callum further states that he wishes to see Asmodeus destroyed and Quelmar saved. Hunter refuses to trust him, but Shirin seems satisfied.

The genie reveals that Richard has a wish, and that the three are in Nessus to find and stop Asmodeus' armies with it. Callum, Moorswyn, Mahogany, Willow, and the unnamed Captain pledge to help the genie's cause.

With that, the last body of hope descended further into the fire, seeking the Lord of Hell in order to save what's left of the world.

Chapter Five: The Furies Breathing Down Our Necks[edit | edit source]

After the Battle of the Citadel of Ice and Steel, the adventurers, Ssaprina, Bird Person, Bastienne, Rose La Croix, and Eldrin, along with Nuburty the djinn, wandered the islands of the Elemental Plane of Air to try to find some remaining city, some shelter, some place for them to reside. Finding nothing of the sort that hadn’t been abandoned, they decided to begin rebuilding a city, a sort of haven for the lost and wayward citizens of the Elemental Plane of Air and Quelmar alike. While the local Arakowcra, along with Bird Person, began scouring the realms for survivors, Nuburty began constructing a new city along the edge of an island. Designed by Ssaprina and Bastienne, this Eden from the demonic insurgence became known by some as New Quelmar and by others as Hilfe. Other adventurers, among them Fia the Unrepentant and Caligna, arrived and took up residence in the city.

Though for the most part it was a comfortable existence, attacks from the demonic hoard still occurred on occasion. During the first four years, these were rather minor and relatively easy to handle; Bird Person and the Arakowcra had become quite adept at fighting off the fiends. However, these began to get worse as the demons and devils tracked the Arakowcra back to the city; knowing their returns often put the citizens in danger, the Arakowcra vowed to leave. 

First, however, there was the matter of Ssaprina and Bird Person’s nuptials, the light of hope in the tense and tumultuous world. They planned it, mainly with Bastienne’s help, for a special day, but it was not to be. On the eve before the wedding, a particularly violent demonic attack ravaged Hilfe. The Arakowcra, though they fought them off, decided they must leave at once. Bird Person swore to return to his love soon and wed her immediately upon their reunion.  

Ten years passed and still there was no sign of any of the Arakowcra. Ssaprina became a bit of a recluse, taking up residence in the old mansion that she along with the Arakowcra once resided in, with Bastienne becoming something like a servant and housekeeper for her.  Rose opened up another Maiden’s Kiss, where she quickly employed Caligna to bartend and Fia to entertain. Though Caligna drank half of her spirits, Rose still made quite a living with the other services offered there. Over the ten years, Nuburty left the village, returning to the ruins of the Citadel of Ice and Steel with the other djinn to build a similar haven for their kind.

In the tenth year after Ssaprina’s long lost love left Hilfe, on a day like any other, an unexpected visitor fell into the town. Terra, using her Ring of Feather Fall, arrived in the city, where she was quickly accosted by two men. These men inquired of her story; though Terra did not share it, it was a tale of heroism and tragedy.

After being rescued from her hellish prison by Stumblebum, Terra joined the Army of Souls, under the leadership of Diegar. Diegar and Terra, who were partners in love as well as militarily, led the advance of the Army on Melsheem, the abode of Asmodeous. These armies encountered Shirin, Richard Butt, and the Hunter, who had similarly tried to penetrate Melsheem, which they determined to be the closest they could get to Asmodeous and the best place to cast the Wish. They traveled as far as they could go, but couldn’t advance any further without several more brave and worthy adventurers. With Terra’s newfound skill as a rogue, Diegar sent her as a spy and a recruitment officer of sorts to the Elemental Plane of Air, to try to find the companions of Richard Butt, now known as the Wishmaker, and the Hunter. She traveled for two years, scavenging information from a few Arakowcra and locals, before she finally discovered that she was on the island floating above Hilfe. She then used her Ring of Feather Fall to drop down and land in the city.

Her welcome wagon was brief but useful. The two slow-minded men guided her to the local tavern, an establishment run by an old friend of hers apparently, and told her they would send the defacto leader of Hilfe, Welbee, to meet her there. She entered the Maiden’s Kiss; inside, Fia played the anthem made famous by Stumblebum the bard, “One Years in the Future;” her now elderly hyena Charles howled in the audience, riling up the crowd as an audience filler; and Caligna drank excessive amounts from the spicket of the bar. Also inside, Rose and Eldrin sat at a table. Naturally, Terra ignored all these people and approached the bartender, a man who strangely resembled the world famous Halfling bard Billy Shatner, demanding a White Russian. After a brief flirtation and a conversation in which Barkeep asked where she came from, how she came upon Hilfe, and if this was the last remaining civilization, he gave her the White Russian, which she brought to the table. Rose noticed her and, despite her shock, they began a sort of “friendly” conversation.

Meanwhile, on the porch of the abandoned Arakowcra house, Bastienne noticed Terra entering the bar. Ssaprina, scanning the skies for any sign of her long lost love, hadn’t noticed it, but Bastienne convinced her to take a walk; he “accidentally” guided them into the bar, much to the surprise of everyone there. After his routine of taking off his arm and throwing it for Charles to gnaw on, he ordered Ssaprina a drink and they sat down. While Ssaprina sipped it idly, Bastienne focsed on the stranger.

At the same time, Caligna saw Terra, who he recognized from the battle in which she died; he called out drunkenly at her. To avoid any unnecessary confrontation, Terra turned into Rose; Caligna tried to mirror this and turned into Atmin. Ignoring the drunken buffoonery of the changeling, Terra became her normal form and began talking to Rose; Rose introduced her to Ssaprina, Bastienne, and her... Eldrin. Terra told Rose about her adventures and what she was doing in that plane. When Ssaprina overheard, Terra convinced her that these were simply the tales a bard once told her over the course of her travels.

At that moment, Welbee walked in and called out to Terra, after expressing surprise at actually seeing Ssaprina out of the house. Welbee suggested Terra and he take a walk to somewhere more private, but Rose asked to join. After a minute or so of arguing, Caligna disguised as Atmin leapt over the table and literally landed on the scene, much to the surprise of Welbee, who thought she had been on a mission. Caligna drunkenly made up a story about Atmin’s torture and killing her friends; during this, Eldrin stepped moodily outside to stare into the sky. Caligna raced outside upon realizing that Eldrin was out there, followed quickly by Welbee, Rose, and Terra. Meanwhile, Bastienne, seeing Ssaprina’s sudden sadness, suggested that they play a duet with Fia; using his ribcage as a marimba, Ssaprina played a sad song with Fia. They noticed that the others were missing and immediately stepped outside; they tried to be subtle, but it failed miserably and the party soon converged.

Terra finally revealed her reason for being there: she was sent by Diegar to bring back four brave and worthy adventurers to aid their quest. She tried to gain others to her side by telling Ssaprina that the onl way she would join her lover again was in hell; this succeeded in convincing Fia and Bastienne, who were excited about the prospect of the fight and the reunion respectively, but failed to convince Ssaprina, who simply got angry at the changeling. Rose fought for them to stay in Hilfe, as she had a good thing going, and also advocated for Eldrin to propose and impregnate her. He responded by agreeing to go to Nessus with Terra. The group fought and Terra cast Flame Blade to attempt to threaten the Maiden’s Kiss in a last ditch effort to get them on her side; to stop the tension, Caligna cast a spell of darkness upon them. The darkness and the silence was easy to avoid; most of the group stepped out safely, though Eldrin had to be pulled off the edge of the cliff by Rose and Fia after nearly falling to his death. This only put off the fighting for a moment, the group argued again until Caligna managed to alert them to a fire burning at the church. The group stopped arguing and immediately began running for it, joined by Barkeep and the fellow patrons of the Maiden’s Kiss.

To be continued.

Chapter Six: The Patriotic Vitriolic Slam Fight and Bright Light[edit | edit source]

Chapter Six and a Half: Feeling Pretty Psyched[edit | edit source]

"The Wishmaker, Prima, and Diegar found themselves at the brink of death at the bottom of a chasm, surrounded by thousands of dead souls, killed in the battles of Nessus. As we all awoke, warily, and drank our healing potions, we realized what had happened. We must have fallen into the Chasm! OH NO! So Diegar and Ssaprina woke up and then Sapprina healed the Wishmaker and he got up. Then we all took a little rest because the wishmaker skinned several of the bodies that were strewn around and made a little tent out of human skin. And we slept in it. Long rest FTW. Then Sapprina heard footsteps touside and she sent Diegar to go look and he said there were Imps dragging dead bodies so the three of them walked outside, Sapprina walked over to the middle of all the imps, thunderwaved and then sent them flying into oblivion and they poofed away and then Diegar said "great where were they going looks like that cave". So the three of them walked towards the mouth of the cave when they walked into the cave they were in an office building the receptionist greeted them at the front desk, Diegar asked for passage through the receptionist made the three of us...them sign pacts so they could get in. Deals with the devil. We will not disclose what each pact was. You will find out sooner or later if you play with us. MWhahahahahaha. THEN in this room, there was also a bunch of statues. Seven to be precise. The statues were of gods. The original 7 gods. Um. Did you write um? Hehehehe. Hehehehehahahaehehe. Leave all this in there. Then they walked into the hallways with their free passage granted by the little imp. Hehehehehe. Tyrion Lannister. In. The. Hallway they were in they found a bunch of doors guarded by other devils. Diegar who is the only one who can speak infernal figured out that we were in a holding place for relics of the gods. These relics were given to Asmodeous and this is where he kept them apparently each room held a relic of a different god, and the first two rooms were the relics of Garl Glittergold the Gnomish god. and Gruumsh the Orc God. We walked right past all the rooms to the end of the hall (we went straight for it) to Pelor. Yees. We walked into the room and there was fire. NO NO NO we have to say each room requires a trial. The trail to get into Pelor's room was life. So we had to sacrifice the life of a friend.So we took Prina down the hall and killed her. Sapprina was pissed. Then brought her back to the devils, dead. Then we were granted access. Somehow Sapprina lived and she got up and took the ring from Pelor's room. Caused some light and then we hear,d she heard, a god talking while she wore it. Then we left that room. And went back down the hall to Mielikki's room. Saprina the stupid druid didn't even know that Mielikki was the god of druids because she's a secular wench. And the trial to get into Mielikki's room wasn't really a trial. The guards just told us that if you're worthy you'll be fine. They opened the doors. So Prina went in and everything was fine, cozy wozy, tossy-tivvy, but then when Diegar walked into the room he was like OH SHIT MY METALS ON FIRE and then left. So Prina opened the urn and picks up a Unicorn horn and hears Mielikki with the other gods.She's not exactly sure what the horn's powers are but she puts it in the bag and replaces it with a piece of Bastienne. Then she left. Alright continue, uhm, snicker hold on. Haah. Thomas what happened next? Then I and by I I mean the Wishmaker went back even further to the first two rooms. As I went to get into the room of Garl Glittergold. Sapprina and Diphel went around the corner and wasted all the magic unicorn juice on the fucking wall and each other. And then when they came back to me they were out of Unicorn juice. I found out the unicorn juice healed you some frikkin ridiculous amount of healing but Prina had to give this one brick a ridiculous amount of health. Okay. In Garl Glittergold's room the Wishmaker found a golden nugget. Not of the chicken variety. He picked it up and replaced it with coins ans he held the nugget he could hear voices. Using his mind of knowing he found out hte nugget could cast a dream spell. Some type. Diegar went in the other room. Gruumsh. What was in that room? Was it a pendant? Thomas help. T just facebooked "I'm down for one day of classes this week do you think we can push it to zero?" Just record everything I say. Whatever was in that room it was a Pendant. OH it was a pendant. Bridget. Made out of bones it had a Triangle with a circle and a line frikkin deathly hollows shit. Ssaprina dropped a piece of rope and the carpal of Bastienne in there and they left. When wearing the pendant Prina could hear voices. Well she heard snoring. And the pendant did some kind of magic that I cannot recall. Bridget go. We walked down the hall again and we made a right we walked u pthrough this mini room and past that there were 3 more rooms. . One straight ahead which was Torog. The room on the right was the god of Dwarves, Moradin. And then in the room to the right I mean left hehehehe your other left. Hahahaha. Was. Hold on. Do you remember who this is Bridget? I remember there being a nature god. Something to do with hammers. And we walked in think Diegar walked in and he took that hammer and he left. He just left with it. Heard another god through that Hammer. We had the other room with the nature god, Prina walked in there after sacrificing a small mouse and took that branch in the urn and replaced it with a piton. Then we walked up to Torog's room and he required a tortured ally. Torture someone. So Prina conjured up a wolf puppy and it walked up and then Diegar started flaying it alive and paper cutting its internal muscularture with playing cards and the wolf howled in pain. This was torturous for Prina. Diegar said take the wolf away. Then the devil looks at Prina with eyes wide and then Diegar sparked another idea. HE said conjure up another wolf Prina and then she said yeah I can and she did and the wolf walked up and said "Prina watch this don't look away" and he flayed the side of the wolf and pulled out the wolf's organs and intestines and Prina started throwing up and the devil opened the room. So the wishmaker went first into Torog's room. And I'm trying to find this god's name. OH obad-hai. I should have recognizded that one. Just like Pelor. Or Mielikki. Or MielikkiLor. So he walked into the room of Torog and he found an evil looking shortsword of Torture. He took it and when he touched it he heard a voice like the others but this voice said one thing it said "Let me out Asmodeous."

The end.

Just kidding there's more. We started walking back and found another hallway. We went down that hallway too. There were many doors we had to go through a couple. The wishmaker made a psychic link with a door that TOTALLY worked. Bridget go. Oh Ssaprina busted open all the doors with Thunderwave. Then we walked right through up to the last door and tried to beat it open. It didn't work. He touched the Torog sword to the door and it swung open. Prina and Diegar stayed back. Togar I mean Torog was in the room. He and the wishmaker had a ridiculously long conversation. Torog juts kinda floats right out the room and---You don't need to worry about what we talked about. Also. Thomas you take over. So the Wishmaker went into the room. Went into Torog's room. And called for him. Torog came up. Torog was a disembodied glowing spirit. He told the wishmaker about his days as a god. As one of the first gods. He told the wish maker about how he was banished to Nessus because he didn't try to trick asmodeous like the rest of the gods. He told the wishmaker that when you make a wish, the god that grants the wish is the closest available god. So there's a problem we're in Nessus. So when we ask for our wish the god that will grant it will most likely be Asmodeous. The wishmaker convinced Torog to come with him in his little bag and be his pocket god. So Torog can grant the wishmaker's wish instead of Asmodeous. We later discovered through conversations with this god that there were things we could do to prevent further incursions without making it part of the wish. Things Torog will do just as a favor, no wish needed. We found out that Quelmar is now the 10th layer of hell. And the gods are building a new Material Plane on top of all these layers. Yet to be named. But the wishmaker is putting in for Wishmaker-topia. So the wishmaker and his friend god followed by Sabrina I mean Sapprina and Darius what's his name. Diegar. Go off to adventure more. OH and earlier they used the nugget of dreams to talk to Shirin and be like yo come down and get us so he's on his way."

Chapter Seven: Wire in a Fire[edit | edit source]

Season 5: One Last Dig[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: The Soul Gem[edit | edit source]

Chapter Two: Axel the Levinkan[edit | edit source]

Chapter Three: Trade in the Traitors[edit | edit source]

Chapter Four: Jaw Dropper[edit | edit source]

Chapter Five: Ith Time[edit | edit source]

Chapter Six: In (Bl)Hindsight...[edit | edit source]

Levinkan Captain's letter to Esimal:

It's my understanding that you have previously worked with the thief and assassin's guild known as "The Gathering Shadow", according to information gathered by captured traitors, including a Xanenth, who claims to have worked with you previously.
It is in our best interest that you join them, as our ears on the church have led us to believe that Pope Zerachiel and his men are attempting to take out the cultists behind the draconic attack. This is a mistake. Assassins are quick to release the arrow, and the church, I'm sure, would want nothing more than to kill off a rival draconic religion.
According to sources at the scene of the attack, our own cultist of Bahamut, Neronvain, had something to say about the attack. We've passed the information through our scrying department and located his current whereabouts. He lies behind a waterfall two days west near the Ettercap Woods.
The assassins will no doubt find their way there as well. It is in the best interest of the Levinkan that you infiltrate the team, and capture Neronvain.
Use Neronvain's cloak, left in the Chamber Temple here to help keep yourself safe. It appears to be enchanted with a use of teleport for the wearer, most likely how Neronvain escaped in the first place.
In addition, I've included a rune of Sleep, because of your elven heritage, you should be immune to its effects, as should Neronvain, but if "The Gathering Shadow" prove to be too intrusive or violent, use the cloak and the rune to get back here safely with Neronvain alive.
In return, you will be granted knighthood among the Council of Mystics, as well as collecting the bounty, which has amounted to 10,000 GP so far.
Captain Xarch Commander of the Levinkan Citadel Forces

Chpater Seven: The Best Arrive[edit | edit source]

Chapter Eight: Tromen's Deal[edit | edit source]

Chapter Nine: Ith All Downhill From Here[edit | edit source]

Chapter Ten: Edgar is Deadgar[edit | edit source]

A happy family. A powerful fighter. A promise of monetary compensation. A pair of siblings united at last. A plan of action. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. A god damn lot could go wrong.

We join our heroes in the town of Skynet (boomboomboom). Ssaprina and her daughter Ria sleeping peacefully. Two rooms over, Azezal brooding in the darkness. A swift knock comes at the door. The house servant (affectionately named) Shoes, wakes the mother and daughter up to tell them that a ship has arrived in Skynet and will ferry them out if they wish. Having been hoping to leave the town for some time, the girls eagerly say yes, not realizing that the ship belongs to a very, very dangerous lord of the night. The servant then proceeds down to Azezal's room, explaining the same situation and Azezal agrees to go as well.

Meanwhile, the captain of the ship, Edgar La Croix appears in the vicinity of the leader of Skynet (boomboomboom), an automaton lord named H.A.T. Edgar explains to H.A.T that he is being persecuted by the Church of Kragnux and needs the assistance of the Automatons to help him battle the church (should it come to that) and win. It is then when Peatree (spelled phonetically) makes an appearance through the basement of H.A.T's house, trampling his bed to pieces. With their faces in their hands, H.A.T and Edgar banish Peatree to the outside as he, too, joins the travelers on the ship. H.A.T then agrees to Edgar's proposal and opts to join the ship's crew as well.

With most of our adventurers from Skynet (boomboomboom) on the ship, Edgar sets sail for the La Croix manor. Ssaprina and Ria explore their new bed chamber on the ship to come to a startling realization - they've been bedding with vampire spawn. Ssaprina, in one of her standard dramatic rages, hauls herself out of the bed to find the captain and demand to sleep elsewhere. Azezal tries to stop her, but catches her too late. Ssaprina runs into Edgar and lets loose a barrage of words. Edgar immediately goes on the defensive and threatens to dispose of her and Ria. Azezal attempts to step in by proclaiming he is leader of the gathering shadow, throwing himself and everyone else under the bus again. Turns out Edgar isn't happy with the gathering shadow. While Azezal tries to save himself and Ssaprina, everyone begins to hear drunken yodeling from the pig pen across the deck. Lord Aqua and Lady Terra Xeonhart of the Xeonhart Dynasty of Seethe-Faire managed to escape their imprisonment of their capture Tammy-Whatisface by being sold to the captain of the ship. Peattree, sent to make sure they behaved themselves and collect payment for Tammy WhosaWhatsIt, stood guard over the pen with the three Automatons from Skynet (boomboomboom) H.A.T, TI83, and M.A.D.

In the midst of a small skirmish between Ria, Ssparina, and Edgar's minions, Azezal halts the fighting and neutralizes the tension. However, Edgar makes the executive decision to throw Ssaprina and Ria into the pen with the Xeonharts. As this is happening, one of Edgar's minions drags Terra out of the pig pen. She yells "PARLAY!" in an overly happy tone, but apparently this brain dead vampire spawn doesn't know what Parlay means and gives her (what Terra would describe as) not the "worst" hickey she's ever had. Terra immediately changes into a vampire spawn and is dragged to meet the captain. Surprisingly, it's her "Uncle" Edgar. Over-the-top excited to see him, Terra continues talking. It's a good thing she's now a member of the undead otherwise she wouldn't have the breath control to keep talking so much and so long. Edgar tries and fails to get her to shut-up numerous times and finally turns his attention to the other twin, Aqua, making him forget his sister by implanting the memory of her fake death in his brain. Enraged, Aqua lashed out, attacking other slaves in the pen. Edgar calmed him, and the attention gets turned to the La Croix tavern.

The representatives of the church all sat inside, having a pint and eating. The ship has docked, it's passengers disembarked, now everyone waits for Edgar La Croix to show up to their scheduled meeting to discuss peace. Peatree, the comedic relief of this team, decides to become a bartender for no other reason than he's an idiot and begins chatting up Willow from behind the bar. The current bartender attempts to get him to leave and Peatree is having NONE of this and throws the bartender over the bar (it's a bugbear) starting a fight. Peatree then kills the bartender and gets the attention of the FOK group which includes Morswyn, Bart, Willow, and 6 Clerics from the church. They invite Peatree to join them and then meet up with the automaton group of M.A.D, H.A.T(ter), and TI83. They make the executive decision to get angry at Edgar for jilting them so decided to go barge into his mansion. They make their way over, do a bit of exploring, and come upon a very suspicious looking kitchen. There is, in fact, nothing wrong with this kitchen, but try telling that to a bunch of explorers. Peatree, TI83, and H.A.T end up exploring and finding a small door in the side of the wall. Peatree, being upset that he is MASSIVE and can't fit in, flings TI83 and H.A.T in. They continue down a long corridor and stumble upon a room of Werewolves. The werewolves attempt a form of cocky shit talking but it ends poorly for them because TI83 and H.A.T WRECKED them.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors, Aqua and Ria are fighting for their life as Terra and Ssaprina and a band of Edgar's slaves attempt to turn them. Despite his great skills as a fighter, Aqua eventually succumbs to the vampires. Ria, using her wings and druid powers manages to escape and survive. Terra, Ssaprina, and Aqua go after her as Edgar enters the dining hall to meet with the FOK group. He begins to discuss a parlay (theres that word again) and Bart offers up Willow for his army out of respect for the vampire lord. As soon as he goes to turn Willow, Bart yells "NOW" and the 6 clerics pull out Wands of Sunbeam, burning the hell (literally) out of Edgar. Azezal, who had been stealthed up to this point is like "Shitshitshit" and attempts to protect Edgar. He fails, but succeeds in killing two of the clerics. Eventually, Edgar is defeated. The church has succeeded (again), Ria has escaped, Peatree is now wanted, and the Xeonhart twins opt to do what is right for their kingdom.

Edgar is Deadgar.

The day has been won!

Chapter Eleven:[edit | edit source]

Part 1: Tiamat's Trap Revealed

The Friends of Kragnux group (Seven, Meow Meow, Deckard, Belvin, Steele), having translated the book with the directions to Bahamut (retrieved by Meow Meow from Neronvain), follow the directions....right into trap Tiamat had set to eliminate any truly devoted Bahamut Followers. At the bottom of the trap they find the surviving members of the Heritage (Amra, Gorin, Areesi, Thokmay, and Hecher), who had long ago fallen for the same trap when hunting leads on Bahamut. 

The bottom of the trap contains a reptilian Kraken that was fought off by the combined forces of the FOK and The Heritage. 

Part 2: Rurik and the Bahamut Cult Arrive

The Best Around would arrive shortly after the Kraken is avoided, having finally tracked down where 7 had gone. The Best Around needed 7's advice on tracking down other members of the Cult of Bahamut to force them to give up their Arcanic Amplifiers.

Seven was not with the Cult of Bahamut, he was with his own party of heroes looking FOR the cult of Bahamut. But all worries are assuaged as Rurik arrives with the Bahamut Cult at the site of the location, portalling directly in like Ruriks are apt to do. (Rurik had disappeared in Season 4 after Tiamat's attack on Dolmvay)

As it turned out, The Bahamut Cult had opened a rift into the ethereal plane, which lead directly to the Tovag, where Rurik and them have been for decades looking for Bahamut.

They've succeeded, and after many years of finding their way back to the Quelmar Material Plane, they shared the news: Bahamut lies on a plane outside of the reach of divine belief, a locked chamber where the gods banished him long ago after The Holy War. He is too weak to escape his Banishment-Plane, he requires more followers, people who change their religion, believing that Bahamut is the only one who can save the world (the cult is hostile towards Kragnuxians, who had previously believed Bahamut was the only god who could fight off the evil dragons). 

Unfortunately, there is no time to "spread the gospel of Bahamut" as soon after.....Tiamat kills the last Guardian. The dragons are returning to Quelmar. Kiston is open. Now the players must choose...do they really believe Kragnux can do this job, or should it be time to bring back Bahamut? They can only believe in one, and that spiritual belief will allow that god to prosper.

Chapter Twelve: Sundown[edit | edit source]

The 3-Part finale known as The Sundown described events occuring in the realm at the moments that Tiamat had unleashed her armies again.

Part 1: Time and Machines[edit | edit source]

This session took place on Cof described how Chronepsis used one final opportunity to try to hold back Tiamat and her dragons, which involved creating a more permanent guardian of Kiston. However, as the guardian is being constructed (over a thousand years) the dragons of the realm quickly arrive and make a mess of things.

Part 2: Mother of Dragons, Father of Genasi, Husband of Vanara[edit | edit source]

This session took place in Tani-Wa's Temple, and showed how, even at the end of the world, vengence, hate, and power will still be a priority. Disregarding the realm falling apart around them, the mafia-like factions of La Croix, Tani-Wa, and Tromen (whose father was "in the business) wrestle in a duel which destroys the remnants of The Gathering Shadow, crushes the Marid, and temporarily ends the famous La Croix bloodline.

Part 3: Save "The Best" for Last[edit | edit source]

This session took place at the Friends of Kragnux megachurch, and involved the final culmination of the Church's plans all season. No, they could not put together something to destroy Tiamat, but they could at least kill the last of her heralds. Combining all their might and the magic of the ultimate plan, the last herald Ith is finally killed. However, church members (including Pope Zarachiel) feel their powers fading, though this battle is won....their entire religion has paid the price. The God Kragnux has ultimately decided to save Bahamut. As learned last session (session 5.11) Bahamut was too weak, he did not have the followers he needed to escape and fight Tiamat again....but Kragnux did.

Kragnux took Bahamut's place in the prison, freeing the Platinum God, but imprisoning himself in the process. The Religion is over. But his story will continue to be told in books as a legendary part of Quelmar history.

The Towson Tabletop Finale[edit | edit source]

In this slightly unrelated story, the Red Wizards (secretly now led by the lich Esimal) extract their final revenge on The Best Around, trapping them (and all their associates and companions along the five seasons) in a massive inescapable prison in the Underdark. This session was both a reference to session 1 (in which Esimal was the first bad-guy of the campaign), a celebration of the campaign (having the final reunions of some such as Torna and Xerda) and a charity event, which raised over $1000 for Broadway Cares.

As of The Underdungeon, many of the Towson Tabletop heroes were still trapped in The Underdark. During the very first Tales of Quelmar, however, Amra and Davidos were able to possibly find a way to return to the surface world. The only *confirmed* heroes to make it back to Quelmar so far are:

  • Atman (via a scroll she found in the finale)
  • Thokmay (who would create a traveling service called "Thokmay's Carts")

As of September 2020, it is very much possible all of the rest of the surviving characters never made it out of the Underdark.

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