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SWAAR is an abbreviation for Sababtical's Weekly After Action Reports. These reports are compiled from the more verbose reports and notes she gathers from adventurers involved in each mission. She also writes up detailed narrative accounts of missions she is involved with, but does not share those publicly with the camp. They can be found on her character page and in player recaps. Information on this page should be readily available to all PCs.

Initial Events - Securing Base Camp and Scouting[edit | edit source]

Mission 1a: Securing the Spider Temple (Temple of Lolth) 4/29/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Sabbatical, Reedy, Paris Hilton, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Therrin Flame

Location: Temple of Lolth, several hours walk South of the Base Camp.

Objective: Explore and Secure the ruins, eliminating threats and

Action Summary (1-2 lines): Explored and secured the temple. Eliminated giant spider and magic spider infestations, fought and destroyed another creature formed from pools of ichor which could spawn tendrils able to attack any who got close. The ichor creature manifested as a spider-like form.

Other Notable Events: Obtained a magical dodecahedron-shaped gem that was the key to the hidden underground passage accessible by placing the gem in the hand of the Lolth statue present in the temple. This is currently in the hands of the company.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Gold pieces and a collection of mundane weaponry; a cloak of protection (Reedy)

Company Personnel: Paul Fletcher, (noncombatant).

Mission 1b: Oblex and the Warden (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bog) 4/29/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Wiggler, Tassa Brightfox, Kamakuras, Cinder Ashtalon, Joylee

Location: Swamp

Objective: Scouting

Action Summary (1-2 lines): Explored the swamp and fought off a tentacled and psychic creature called an oblex. During the battle an entity who later identified itself as the "Warden" and protector of the forest. The Warden warned the party and the company not to treat the lands poorly or they will take direct action against it.

Other Notable Events: The Warden requests "respect" of the land and will punish unnecessary destruction of flora and fauna. They are also offended by necromancy and undeath. The party also obtained significant amounts of lore and general information about the creatures living in the area and which the company is likely to encounter, including lizardfolk, yuan-ti, kobolds, and grung.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: The Warden's Home as well as some party members receiving a brooch which enables contact with the Warden through the use of an animal messenger. (Wiggler, and others?)

Company Personnel: Adrian Tempest

Other Individuals of note: "The Warden" - self-professed title, a genderless or fluid entity that claims guardianship over the entire wilds of Amusa.

Mission 1c: Kobold Village of Thinwhistle (Thinwhistle) 4/29/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Lambda, Rina, Nassir, Stout/Neru, 22

Location: Half-day walk West of base camp. Kobold Village of Thinwhistle.

Objective: Explore the West and make diplomatic contact with nearby Kobolds.

Action Summary (1-2 lines): Made peaceful contact with kobolds and established good relations. Killed a large bipedal lizard which spat fire, and retreated from a similar creature with more teeth that spat lightning (this second entity is known by the kobolds as "The Eater of Worlds").

Other Notable Events: Learned the story of the ancient kobolds and their city. Not entirely sure where it is, but kobolds seem to lord over all creatures. Do not depict any scenes from the draconic crusades.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Each party member acquired some gold pieces from the tribe in thanks for their assistance in eliminating one of the dangerous lizards.

Company personnel: Matilda Shattershield, Bjorn Shattershield.

Other Individuals of note: Chief Snatu of the Kobolds; Hunk, a kobold warrior who has since joined the Company and is living with the Shattershields.

Mission 1d: The Fate of the Perseus Company (Ruins of Maddening Dreams) 4/29/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Amaris, Obsidian (Idi), Lysvan, Chrysaor Purosis, Deralickt Dadwarf

Location: Site of Perseus Basecamp

Objective: Make contact with the other expedition and coordinate exploration efforts so not as to duplicate effort or cross into each others' territory without cause.

Action Summary (1-2 lines): Traveled by skiff near to the location of a Perseus Company watch tower which was destroyed, with the inhabitants massacred. The main camp had a similar scene, but also had gnolls, hyenas, a 'deathpledge.' and The Green Knight. During battle, the Green Knight fled and escaped. Rather than pursue, the party was forced to retreat when an entire army of gnolls in the hundreds began to approach the encampment They were apparently accompanied with giant gnolls upwards of 20 ft tall as well.

Other Notable Events: Some bodies had strange dispositions, one with feathers coming out of its mouth, nose and ears; another with maggots and worms. Also significant evidence of insanity spreading around the camps. While staying the night at one sight, the company was beset by strange visions and dreams.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Several documents (Available in the #Higher Res Doc Images thread on Discord). Rescued the new shopkeeper, Bulio and his drake companion, as well as a few captives (whose disposition is currently unknown). A strange blade with evidence of a Djinn was also recovered (Amaris), and some other magic items may have been offered by Bulio to the other party members, but they have yet to confirm.

Company personnel: Lucinda Grimfold, Lyowyn Mossbringer, Cookie.

Other Individuals of note: The Green Knight - a foe to the party, and seemingly a servant of some dark power connected to the gnoll forces.

Mission 2: The Collector's Request (The Collector) 5/1/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Marion, Dothand Raki, Kompi, Dragonett, Juno, Nester Spitemore, and Black Jack.

Location: As direct by the provided map, on the far side of the Great Scar.

Objective: Recover a first edition copy of A Cosmos Compendium: An Academic's Guide to Quelmar Starcharting for the enigmatic "Collector," an aristocrat from Galik.

Action Summary (1-2 lines): Following the map to a temple with the tome, the party encountered another adventuring group led by the charasmatic and masked Jack of Hearts. They were poisoned and robbed of the map and key, but pursued the thieves into the cavern where the book was held. Teamed up with the other party to fight the cavern's guardian, a blue-scaled monstrosity that could turn invisible and breath lightning, called a Behir. Slew the Behir and made a truce with the other group for the book.

Other Notable Events: Many of the members of this other group appear to have direct ties to members of our own expedition, specifically being dead relations in their pasts. Further details available on request from Marion or Sabbatical, including detailed physical descriptions. Writing in the cavern/temple was in Primordial and Giant.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: The requested tome, which appears to have caused Kompi to suffer visions of things "behind the stars" since reading. The collector also paid the sum of 300gp each to the party.

Company Personnel: Cookie, Velemar Decrye, The Collector (the latter, while not directly affiliated, is associated with the company as a backer.)

Other Individuals of Note: Jack of Hearts, Malakar, Theta, Yellana Eedryll, Titan, Tini, and Wren, along with two of the Pentulven Brothers (of which there are an unknown number).

Week 2[edit | edit source]

Mission 3: A dinosaur's favorite snack (All that Glitters) 5/10/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: myself, Marion, P'Rahp, Neru, Hermes, Helli

Location: A few hours outside of camp to the West/Northwest.

Objective: Follow up on Arcane's missing research teams. Find out why they are missing, locate their likely remains, and deal with whatever may have killed them. Recover any magical plants or other materials and research notes if possible as well.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): After tracking the research parties' pathes through the wilds for a few hours, we came across a large clearing with a glowing magical plant near its center. While investigating we were attacked by a total of three large magically enhanced dinosaurs. Battle was fierce and close. Hermes fled early and caused an uproar in camp when he returned alone before the rest of us returned a few hours later.

Other Notable Events: The camp is located on a leyline, and it flows through much of the surrounding jungle. These dinosaurs were immune to their own element and both resistant to spells, and non-magical damage. At least one of them also possessed blindsight or truesight, being able to pierce through invisibility.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: A number of Magical fruit from the magical plant discovered. (Marion/Arc); Several sets of scales from the lightning dinosaur sufficient to craft resistant armor should the time and tools present themselves (Neru, P'Rahp, Sabbatical, Marion, Helli); the poison beasts bits were all presented to Arc for study, and gold pieces in payment for a completed job.

Company Personnel: Arcane (Arc)

Individuals of note: N/A

Week 3[edit | edit source]

Mission 4: Riverboat Excursion (River me Timbers) [No filed written Reports as of yet] 5/20/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Ratchet, Researcher Millar, Finnegan Warbler, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Lysvan, Twilsby Pendergras

Location: (On the River?)

Objective: (Explore the river?)

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Traveled by boat down the large nearby river. Encountered several dangerous and mutated creatures: a large pink alligator with humanoid arms, two smaller gators, large red and white snakes with a humanoid faces. A bloody battle ensured resulting in the first death among the Company as Ratchet fell. Discovered some fungi that are hot to the touch, even after being severed and transported, and which radiate infernal (type unconfirmed) energy.

Other Notable Events: Further interviews have assured infernal characteristics of the environs, although no certainty as to the nature of the creature. They were clearly mutated in some ways although whether the infernal power caused this is speculation.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Finnegan and Millar have samples of the fungus. Finnegan has promised to deliver one to me, for study, but has yet to do so.

Company Personnel: ???

Individuals of note: N/A

Mission 5: Airship Crew Recruitment (Amusa's Got Talent) 5/21/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Nassir Tycho, Felix, Lowkey, Cinder Ashtalon, Chrysaor, Obsidian

Location: Galik

Objective: Travel back to Galik and recruit a new captain and crew for an airship.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Traveled back to Galik to interview several candidates for positions on the airship: captain, first mate, engineer, cook, navigator, and other crew. During this process some violence erupted and one captain candidate murdered another, leaving to the murderer being swiftly executed by Nassir.

Other Notable Events: Several of the rejected personnel were colorful characters and may either show up again in the future, or hold a grudge. Speak to Felix or see his account for further details.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: New company personnel/crew:

  • Captain: Tiki-Ti, a telepathic insectoid creature described as a stateman and originally a first mate applicant.
  • First mate: Polly, an aarakocra woman with little else in description as yet, although she is apparently a marked step above the other candidates for this position.
  • Engineer: David, a human man with apparently serious depression. Klerica, listed below is effectively a second engineer/apprentice gaining work experience to go with her education.
  • Cook: Bob, a large and gentle Ogre described as friendly and stable.
  • Navigator: Bink, a kenku woman who cannot speak except through repeating the words of others, but who writes well.
  • Other crew: Rome Holiday, a human man with a hatred for Paris Hilton; Snoot, a red kobold, and apparently another Sneeze, but armed with guns; Klerica, a dragonborn woman fresh out of university but with extensive theoretical knowledge of airship mechanics.

Company Personnel: [Direct involvement unknown, possibly the Tempest Brothers Personally assigned this one], otherwise, (See above)

Individuals of note: (See crew listed above)

Week 4[edit | edit source]

Mission 6: Quartermaster Rescue (A Penguin's Problem) 5/24/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: myself, Lambda, Kompi, Therrin Flare, Paris Hilton, Nestor Spitemore, Hunk the kobold

Location: East of Basecamp, toward the Scar, at the crash location. Smoke from the crash was visible from base camp.

Objective: Travel to the location of the crashed airship containing the company Quartermaster, Pennysworth and recover him and as many others as possible.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): The party traveled out at a quick pace to locate the crashed ship. Upon reaching the airship we learned that the crew had been attacked at least once before by humanoid creatures speaking abyssal. The ground in the area was spongey and soft, covered in fungus, pustules, and moss. As we attempted to repair the airship we were attacked by over a dozen demonic creatures all chanting phrases in Abyssal which burrowed out of the ground. There were four types of creatures: two types of relatively weak spawn, one of which could emit spores when struck by an attack; lieutenants, which could leave a person paralyzed by fear; and a large, four-armed giant capable of tearing a person limb from limb. We barely fought off all the creatures, hearing a piercing shriek for "my children!" echoing from the area before we got the airship operational and escaped the area.

Other Notable Events: When the largest creature was slain by Paris Hilton's bolts, it exploded not just in her usual glitter, but also in spores over the entire area. These spores entered into the eyes of many of us and have caused an infection of Sight Rot, threatening our vision, causing significant discomfort, blurry vision, nightmares, and hallucinations. All of the other demons were speaking in abyssal as they attacked. Translations as follows: "Embrace my mother's love." "Come and let mother comfort your sorrows." "Accept her gift of love and freedom from pain." "Let her free you from the shackles of mortality."

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: A new camp Quartermaster who should soon be opening up his wares. Participants to the mission obtained discount coupons.

Company Personnel: Bjorn Shattershield, who assigned the mission; Pennysworth, the target for rescue.

Individuals of note: Jim Stacy: Stacy's voice was one among the throng of demonic entities. He may even have been corporeal in one of the Demons' forms, but threatened that he "will return for you all" and "will not stay dead."

The Demons' "Mother:" Unknown demonic threat.

Mission 7: Druidic Diplomacy (Winds of Change) 5/26/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Reedy, Helli, Marion, Nix, Jo, 22,

Location: A short distance Northeast of the base camp.

Objective: Recover the camp's stolen livestock, and make contact with the hunters (later identified as a local druidic conclave).

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Tracking down the stolen livestock the party made contact with a nearby conclave of druids. They diplomatically re-asserted control over Company property and managed to turn the conclave into allies, and were invited to participate in some kind of feast and celebration with events and games, including archery log-pulling, drinking contests and more.

Other Notable Events: The company inadvertently landed in the conclave's usual Summer home which they alternate between every seven years, and have temporarily taken over the space they claim. This was the cause of initial friction. The party received word of Eyebright, a local flower that has purifying properties that should cure the Sight Rot which currently affects several of the company. Reedy was also shot during an archery contest, although matters did not escalate and it was deemed an accidental hit.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: In addition to the livestock and information, the party returned with some kind of oil meant to combat nightmares, a large number of scones, and permission for many to return and visit.

Company Personnel: Billiam, livestock keeper.

Individuals of note: Galaros, leader of the Druids; Dream, a grey tabaxi the creator of the dream oils; Curian, the initial thief of our livestock, and a brash member of the conclave, son of Galaros; Bitris, firbolg druids who works with flowers.

Week 5[edit | edit source]

Mission 8: Medical Marvels (Weeding the Garden) (unofficial) 5/30/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Researcher Millar, Tassa, Deralickt DaDwarf, Dragonett, Neru, p'Rahp, Lowkey (Girl?)

Location: The Swamps

Objective: Obtain the Eyebright blossoms flowers to cure the Sight Rot currently affecting some members of the company and to build a supply to combat this in the future.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Entered the swamps and fought some of "mother's" children. Recovered a couple flowers: enough to cure those currently infected and to cultivate more in camp for the future. Engaged in a dialog with the "Mother" concluding with Tassa voluntarily passing into her grip.

Other Notable Events: (Unknown)

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Eyebright blossoms made into a paste.

Company Personnel: Matilda

Individuals of note: The "Mother" - a demonic presence in the wilds seemingly making monsters.

Mission 9: Ooze Extermination (Oblex Infestation Investigation) 5/31/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Researcher Millar, Rina, Dochás Trus, Dickweedus, Finnegan Warbler, Sir Yewvane, (Patrick's Character)

Location: A few hours West of Camp.

Objective: Investigate the infestation of Oozes in the area.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): The team located a large tree stump around 40ft in diameter infested with oozelings and egg sack-like masses. Discovered the stump was being used as a conduit by the Demon lord of oozes and slimes, Jubilex to gather masses of slimes together. The party (temporarily?) disrupted this conduit in some way and awakened some kind of defensive measure involving massive stone creatures and slimes that threw fire. They made a retreat as the place burned down.

Other Notable Events: N/A

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Potions of climbing, bones, small gemstones, and coins.

Company Personnel: ???

Individuals of note: The Warden of the Wilds?

Jubilex, demon lord of slimes and oozes.

Mission 10: Anything that can go Wrong, Will (Bird Up!) 6/3/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: myself, Frankie, Wiggler, Amaris, Jo, Dragonett

Location: Multiple days (on foot) North of Basecamp - Several hours by skiff.

Objective: Investigate the region for whatever is causing the large number of dinosaur corpses in the area before it becomes a threat to the camp.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Aerial reconnaissance team encountered a giant bird (a Roc) that attacked the vessel and caused it to crash. Upon crashing, we fell through the ground into a collapsed and buried draconic temple dedicated to Tiamat and her generals. We fought a Medusa and half the party was almost petrified before it was slain. Found a sealed tomb laden with gems and a mask and dispelled a ward, inadvertently releasing an undead dragonborn calling himself Galidant who wanted to eat us, but was temporarily restrained by a magic circle. Upon escaping out a tunnel, made contact with a rescue party and fought a retreat against The Green Knight, who had just collared and teleported the Roc away by some unknown means.

Other Notable Events: Unsealed a 5-element lock. Recommend future expeditions carry items or spells to represent each element in case such areas or puzzles are found in the future. Also recommend wands or scrolls of Detect Magic be crafted and distributed. The Green Knight called Frankie, "Franklin" and seemed to have a personal connection with him that Frankie denies any recollection of, as a result Frankie tried to offer himself as a prisoner to the Knight to distract him from the rest of us. Jo also appears to have (or claim) mixed fiendish and angelic parentage.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Assorted gemstones distributed and sold by the group; A pearl capable of serving as a component for Identify spells (Sabbatical); A Dagger of Venom (Frankie); The Mask of Draconic Majesty (Dragonett).

Company Personnel: Lucinda Grimfold, Skippy - Halfling Skiff pilot

Individuals of note: Tiamat, the Dragon Queen - the five-headed queen of chromatic dragons, with designs on claiming/destroying the mortal realm;

Kavanmort, the Twin Doom - a two-headed blue-black dragon known as a weapon of Tiamat's that also poses a serious threat to her goals as it also has a fondness for eating dragon flesh, supposedly slain by Harkon Grimfold, one of Lucinda's ancestors;

Xevriss, the Devourer of Gourds - a large and fat dragon with stag horns known for his gluttony;

Alkinimic the Ancient - ancient and aged red dragon that is growing infirm, suspected to also be Old Alkinimic described in tales [see missions 10 and 13 narrative accounts on Sabbatical's page];

The One Taken by the Underground - Obscured and mysterious draconic force possibly still at large;

Galidant, Exultant of Kavanmort - undead dragonborn (vampire?) servant at large, from some time ago (near the start of the War of Many Names?);

The Green Knight - seeming ally of Galidant, knows Frankie somehow and tried to kill all of us to keep us quiet saying we "knew too much" after speaking to Galidant.

Week 6[edit | edit source]

Mission 11: Return to the Temple of Lolth (Underdark Strikes Back) 6/4/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Reedy, Paris Hilton, Lysvan, Nix, Thordon Akieye, Dochas

Location: Beneath the Temple of Lolth

Objective: Clear out aberrations awakened by our opening the entrance in Lolth’s Temple that are now attacking local drow.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): The party found and fought ropers, living mushrooms, cloakers, and a mindflayer in waves. They were slowly worn down, ending up with all members knocked down at one point until those still standing could finally put down the creatures and they could escape with only one fatality.

Other Notable Events: The death of Dochas. And the drow here are apparently friendly.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Cloaker skins useful to craft cloaks of displacement, although doing so will take considerable time and skill.

Company Personnel: Paul

Individuals of note: A mind flayer - unnamed. (and some nameless drow?)

Mission 12: Definitely not a Festival (Trials of the gods - QuelmarCon 2023) 6/10/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Wiggler, 22, p'rahp, Lambda, Reedy, Twilsby, Dothand Raki, Neru, Zimper, Helli, (Patrick's character)

Location: Thistlebrook Conclave temple and ???

Objective: Join the druids for a festival honoring their gods and complete trials of might and wit.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): One team answered riddles to grant either boons or hindrances to the other team's battle against first an eyedrake and then a hydra. Both teams were successful in completing their trials.

Other Notable Events: It remains unclear why this deadly situation was part of a celebration.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: Participants were able to select one item of value from a vast treasure room. Full list of items deemed unnecessary. (See QC 23 thread in Discord)

Company Personnel: [Unknown]

Individuals of note: The Timeless One (Trial of Might) and the Nameless One (Trial of Wit), gods of the Thistlebrook Conclave.

Week 7[edit | edit source]

Mission 13: The Mountain (The Bell Tolls) 6/11/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Sabbatical, Sir Yewvane Eedryll, Dickweedus, Finnegan, Lowkey (Girl/Guy), Radion

Location: Mount Alkinimic

Objective: Investigate and confirm the ancient dragon's demise and secure his horde before anyone else can.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Airship flight to the mountain discovered an encampment at the foot belonging to the Haslow Historical Expedition, hired by the Collector to find an artifact from Alkinimic's horde and work on his history. The party fought mimic creatures in the forms of gnolls and kobolds as well as mimics pretending to be treasure, and one taking the form of the dragon himself.

Other Notable Events: Recovered the artifact for the Collector, but refused to turn it over to him immediately. It is currently in the care of the Company for study. Kobolds (and presumably Alkinimic's body) were transformed by someone called the "Fleshcrafter" by use of a magical glowing red stone which can only be the Philosopher's Stone. The Collector eventually offered the company a large sum of money for the artifact, which Velemar Decrye accepted, but did not divert the 80% expected to the party as an appropriate fee, instead, accepting the Collector's offer of a mere 100gp for each of the group.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: A +1 Greataxe (Dickweedus); a pack of items from the dragon's hoard: scrolls and magic candles. (distributed); mundane weapons (Sir Yewvane); A phoenix statuette called "Daughter of the Setting Sun" that resisted Identifying magic.

Company Personnel: Velemar Decrye, in charge of the mission. Skippy - air skiff pilot.

Individuals of note: The Collector - highly suspicious in terms of involvement. Sir Yewvane believes they are fey in nature. Lori Haslow - Leader of an archeological and historical company connected to Lambda. The "Fleshcrafter" - unknown potential future antagonist.

Mission 14: Withering Investigation (Nature, uh, Finds a Way) 6/16/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Myself, Marion, Nassir, Hermes, Juno, Thordon

Location: A few hours Northwest of Camp, beyond the druid conclave and near the location of a recent forest fire. (See Mission 9)

Objective: Discover the source of the withered sections of forest and attempt to prevent its further spread.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): Gathered information and firsthand account of the area from druids. Upon investigating the area, we found withered bodies of dinosaurs and demonic fungus creatures that had not dissolved. Eventually after progressing further, we encountered an area full of withered vines in which stood a giant creature of ash, wood, and fire. We battled it and stopped the further spread of withering energy.

Other Notable Events: The entity spoke in Primordial, rumbling about hunting, withering, bleeding and burning, being a former protector and doing so no more, because it was burnt. It wanted only consumption and desolation at this point. After defeating the entity, Nassir acquired a magic stone axe imbued with the energy of this forest being and some kind of burning power.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: The axe which wraps itself around Nassir's arm when not in use, and some gold pieces (60 each).

Company Personnel: Billiam

Individuals of note: Galaros and Curian, of the Thistlebrook druidic conclave.

Week 8[edit | edit source]

Mission 15: Tablet Delivery Run (Off the Rails) 6/25/23[edit | edit source]

Participants: Myself, Reedy, Wiggler, Radion, Chrysaor, Cealion, Frankie

Location: The railway connecting the West of Cauldomo to the border of Galik.

Objective: Escort a shipment of mysterious tablets to the borders of Galik and into the hands of a researching contact of Cookie's named Makamane.

Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines): We took an airship two days out to the train station, where we loaded up and spread out. The party led by Jack of Hearts attempted to rob the train and steal the tablets. When this proved more difficult than he anticipated, he blew up a bridge and we barely stopped the back half of the train in time. Both sides fought vigorously, but no fatalities occurred on either side of the battle.

Other Notable Events: Jack's actions revealed the presence of a significant information source within the camp of the Tempest Brother's Company. He also revealed having detailed personal information on several company members, including Reedy, although he pronounced her original last name incorrectly.

Specific Finds/Acquisitions: For successfully completing the mission, protecting the majority of the passengers, and preventing the total destruction of the train, we were all awarded 150gp. I also recovered Jack's offhand rapier, and two cards: a Jack of Hearts and a Queen of Hearts.

Company Personnel: Cookie.

Individuals of note: Jack of Hearts (Masked Swords bard), Theta (Warforged versatile combatant), Titan (A resilient dragonborn barbarian), Yellena (Eladrin Frost magic, melee attacker), Malakar (undead evocation specialist), Tini (Kobold cleric?), six Pentulvan Brothers, of 18 (human bandits with maces/rifles) (see also Mission 2)

Mission 16: Thinwhistle Research (A New Hire) 6/27/23[edit | edit source]




Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines):

Other Notable Events:

Specific Finds/Acquisitions:

Company Personnel:

Individuals of note:

Week 9[edit | edit source]

Mission 17: TBD[edit | edit source]




Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines):

Other Notable Events:

Specific Finds/Acquisitions:

Company Personnel:

Individuals of note:

Other Missions info: (debriefing template)[edit | edit source]




Brief Action Summary (1-2 lines):

Other Notable Events:

Specific Finds/Acquisitions:

Company Personnel:

Individuals of note:
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