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Into the Greedy Green/PCs

Dead and Retired

Character Class Race Status Player Level
Kris Artificer Leonin Retired Bo 4
Jeb Warlock Tiefling Dead RJ 3
Boros Sorlock Tiefling Dead RJ 5/1
Mallen Cleric Tiefling Dead Mike 3
Miles Bard Tabaxi Retired Ben H 4
Jo Sorlock Changeling Dead John 2/2
Ulka Fighter Bugbear Dead Marcy 5
Einari Paladin Loxo Retired Melody 5
Varryn Ranger Elf Retired Sam 4
Alenka Warlock Star-Soul Dead Claudia 4
Tordek Druid Dwarf Ascended Jake 5
Cyan Druid Dhampir Dead Matt 5
Patches Ranger Reborn Retired Charles 4
Akagane Fighter Tiefling Retired Ino 4
Búho Bard Owlin Retired Edelio 5
Tokax Fighter Elf Dead Alex 5
Archie Wizard Elf Retired Alex 5
Izaak Fighter Half-Elf Missing Nick P 5
Asger Cleric Goliath Missing Luke 6
Joshua Rogue Human Missing Nathan 5
Markoth Paladin Aasimar Missing Gavin 6
Elric Warlock Yuan-Ti Dead Marcy 6
Naxxradormu Wizard Dragonkin Returned Logan 6
Dur'kalak Barbarian Lizardfolk Dead Jon 7
Silent Arbiter Demigod Missing Nin
Ignidicus Warlock Tiefling Missing Brandon 6
Aesir Ranger Elf Missing David 6
Alanis Cleric Elf Missing Steph 6
Mumiy Barbarian Half-Orc Missing Mei Ling 6
Omni Cleric Dwarf Missing Chris 6
Rex Barbarian Dragonborn Missing Lev 6
Mabel Sorcerer Gnome Missing Emma 6
Barbie Barbarian Dragonborn Missing Krista 6
Ren Druid Elf Missing Kennedy 6
Pum Bard Changeling Missing Miriam 6
Kellen Monk Human Missing Phillip 6
Karl Anders Barbarian Dwarf Missing Russell 6
Zevendell Barbarian Orc Missing Ben 6
Kluck Barbarian Aarakocra Missing Rob 6
Amber Warlock Genasi Missing Andrea 6
Indy Fighter Fairy Missing Sam 6
Volrac Monk Dragonborn Missing Charles 6
Adonis Paladin Half-Orc Retired David 6
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