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From Hitpoint press
Presenting Heckna!

Aw Heckna! is a horror comedy adventure that began on January 4th 2024 (session 0).

The campaign is the property of Hit Point Press. It involves 2 - 6 players and takes a character from levels 1 - 10 in a dark carnival setting.

What's it about?[edit | edit source]

In the great innovation era of the realm of Quelmar (PR era), a wandering carnival appears near the great city of Galik. The sounds of revelry drift through the darkness of the forest around the city, drawing wayward wanderers toward the blood red spires of The Revalia. A carnival filled with laughter and delight awaits those lucky enough to be chosen by the one and only ringleader Heckna. A lifetime of fun and escape from the world an it's tedium lies right around the next tree.

But underneath the sparkling lights and gleaming facade is a sinister underbelly of corruption and horror. The great carnival of The Revalia is the realm of Heckna, a creative and sinister mastermind masquerading as a jovial ringleader. His carnival serves only his wicked sense of humor. Those who don't partake in the fun quickly discover the ringleader's fury.

Travelers may think they discover The Revalia accidentally or by a rare stroke of luck. Others may feel compelled to visit as if drawn in by an unseen force. All who visit do so through Heckna's influence and desire as none may enter his realm without first being marked by the great clown. However, some arrive more aware of his nature and ruse - hunters who will stop at nothing to dispatch Heckna and destroy his carnival.

The sinister ringleader enjoys a challenge. He lures the best and brightest to his circus. Many have tried and failed to escape. Most of those who come join Heckna in the end, willingly or not. But not all hope is lost. The Revalia holds secrets not even Heckna can hide. With brains, brawn, and dauntless courage, Heckna and his minions may yet be defeated.

The Revalia is it's own demiplane ruled by the seemingly immortal Heckna. It travels from plane to plane. Reality to reality. Era to era. Everywhere it goes, the Revalia takes pieces of the plane with it. Whether that be people or objects, concepts or aesthetics.

Currently The Revalia is resting outside of Galik, but may be found around other cities of Quelmar in the future.

Rubes Player Characters[edit | edit source]

The characters in this story are as follows:

Delusion Soarkin (Lulu): Teifling Acrobat Rogue

Dorian Noxom: Aasimar Acrobat Fighter

Bosa Fan'tum: Loxodon Magician Wizard

Arveiarysear (Sear): Golden Dragonborn Fire-breather Cleric

Otwin Thornley: Human Knife-thrower Bard

Tiktik: Changeling Rhythmic Dancer/Acrobat Rogue

These adventurers met by happenstance in the great city of Galik, all performing in one shape or form in the streets to gain coin and notoriety. They came together over drinks one evening and decided that their fortunes lay better together as a troupe. A circus troupe.

They are about to set off on their grand adventure to make their own grand performance when Otwin Thornley tells them of his penpal. How they wrote whispers of a carnival in the woods with a grand circus tent before the writings stopped. Similarly, most of the others have had visions or seen mysterious posters of a similar carnival. They decide to see for themselves what a real circus looks like. All so that they may one day too rise to the heights of the famed and adored.

Revelers NPCs[edit | edit source]

Bella Bells-On: (She/Her) Werespider acrobat for The Revalia.

Conrad: (They/Them) Cryptid Hunter trapped in The Revalia.

Pinky: (She/They) Clown for The Revalia.

Maphew "Map" McNally: (He/Him) Living map of the Revalia.

Polly: (She/Her) Animated marionette running the Ticketing Booth.

Felix: (He/They) Alchemist running Felix's Elixirs.

Candy:(She/Her) Candy maker running Candy's candy emporium and more.

Bab: (She/Her) Gnoll butcher running Bab's Meatery.

The Story So Far![edit | edit source]

Need to catch up? Click here!


Episode 1: Entering the Revalia (Jan. 18)

The adventure begins with our merry band of performers meeting up to prepare to journey to find this mysterious circus mentioned in Otwin's journal. Journeying outside the walls of the great city of Galik, they find that the forest feels oddly different. Bosa in particular notices the high conifer trees and the dense air. This is not the forest she grew up in. The further in they walk, the stranger the forest becomes. They are convinced that they are completely lost.

Suddenly, a figure appears out of the gloom. Lulu waved to them unafraid and called them over. A lithe woman, dressed in a black and red leotard greeted them cheerily. She introduced herself as Bella Bells-On; an acrobat in a troupe within the carnival. She had been looking for the party to personally invite them to the carnival. Heckna himself invited them, hearing of their talents and wanting to see them for himself.

Bella leads them ever deeper through the forest. The trees around them twist into unnatural shapes. Strange plants grow and flourish in the ever rising mist. Eventually they reach the great iron gates of The Revalia. Bella shows herself to be a were-spider and leaps off into the carnival. The party hesitates outside the gates, leading to the discovery of a Moonbough; a type of awakened cursed tree being. They attempted to communicate with the being, but to no avail. Only the words "Steam... and... Fire..." being intelligible.

They leave the Moonbough and head into the carnival. It is a place utterly contrasted with the forest outside. Inside is full of light and laughter. Smells of popcorn drift through the air and tantalize the senses. The players are taken in by the wonder of it all. Their attention is soon taken by a mysterious figure beckoning to them from behind a brightly colored tent.

Their name is Conrad and they seem to be injured. They tried to warn the party that this place is dangerous, but many party members do not heed the warning. Their words are gruff, but they still give advice to Tiktik. Not is all that it seems.

Conrad is quick to vacate the scene as a parade pushes it's way through the carnival. in the midst of which is Heckna himself! He waves to the party and blows kisses amidst the cheers and fireworks. Lulu is quite taken with him as is Sear. During the parade, the party is approached by a cheerful clown named Pinky. She welcomes them and offers to tell them anything they wish to know. Her companion, a living map called Maphew "map" McNally, offers to be their guide because they seem more fun than hanging out with Pinky.

In talking to Pinky and Map, the party learns that you can't leave The Revalia. No one can. the party is stuck here forever. :D Dorian notices that Pinky seems cheerful, but strained and confused when asked about her life before the carnival. He believes there is trauma here. The party feels that things are not what they seem.

They take their leave of Pinky and follow Map's directions to the ticketing booth. An animated marionette called Polly gives each player a booklet of 10 RT. (See house rules)

The party decided to go to the food court. There they meet the proprietors of the 3 food stands available; Felix of "Felix's elixirs", Candy of "Candy's candy emporium and more", and Bab of "Bab's meatery". They purchase and consume mostly safe foodstuffs, including a box of popcorn. While tasty at first, the popcorn causes Otwin to choke and cough incessantly. He becomes sticky and gets stuck to whatever and whoever he touches. Seeing that Otwin is in trouble from something he ate, Sear casts Command and causes Otwin to vomit the popcorn into a nearby trash can. Sear then attempts to destroy the box of popcorn with fire.

Out of the burning box surges a popcorn swarm! ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!!

(To be continued on Feb. 1st. )

Heckna House Rules[edit | edit source]

In The Revalia, spells that transport creatures to other realms (i.e. banishment, rope trick, blink) automatically fail. Short range teleportation spells (i.e. dimension door, misty step) still work, but only within the confines of the carnival. However any failed teleportation spell doesn't use up a spell slot.

In addition, The Revalia does not deal in Gold (GP). Instead, the currency is Red Tickets (RT). Each RT is equal to about 5 GP within the carnival. A secondary currency is Trinkets. Small items brought into The Revalia from the outside can be bartered and traded with at (REDACTED).

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