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Tails of Quelmar was a series of one-shot adventures hosted by GM Rose, focusing on the antics of some of Quelmar's animal inhabitants. Each game utilized a different set of one-page TTRPG rules as the foundation for crafting their stories. The serial ran for four sessions with a rotating cast of players from September to October 2020 and was live-streamed on the Quelmar Realm's official Twitch channel.

Crash Pandas[edit | edit source]

TAILS OF QUELMAR: CRASH PANDAS Monday 9/14 @ 7 PM EST with GM ROSE. twitch.tv/thequelmarrealm

Ruleset: CRASH PANDAS by Grant Howitt

Players: Brendan, Jeff B, John, Matt I

In the premiere performance of Game Master Rose, a group of four rowdy raccoons are brought from the tough streets of New Galik into the seats (and floorboards, and front windows, and trunk) of a luxurious Food Truck...competing in The New Galik Grand Prix!

CRASH PANDAS! - Tails of Quelmar Session 1

The Warren[edit | edit source]

TAILS OF QUELMAR: THE WARREN Sunday 9/20 @ 7 PM EST with GM ROSE. twitch.tv/thequelmarrealm

Ruleset: THE WARREN by Marshall Miller

Players: Nell, Connor, James, Jeff M

Join Blinky, Checkers, Daisy, and Spot on a mission to save the burrow! The Warren, run by GM Rose, is a game where your only weapons are your fearsome senses of self preservation. Will you dig, struggle, bolt, or hide? This incredible RPG makes players feel just as helpless as their characters in a world where everything and everyone wants to eat you. Who will survive?

THE WARREN! - Tails of Quelmar Session 2

Honey Heist[edit | edit source]

TAILS OF QUELMAR: HONEY HEIST Monday 9/28 @ 7 PM EST with GM ROSE. twitch.tv/thequelmarrealm

Ruleset: HONEY HEIST by Grant Howitt

Players: Jeff B, Alex, Connor, Matt I, John

Join the best bears this side of Quelmar as they undergo the score of the century: Honey Heist 2017. The HoneyCon has been running for centuries without fail, a ceremony worthy of the bear gods. But this year, the many attendees of the convention do not realize that their "American Ninja Warrior"-esque obstacle course has been infiltrated...BY BEARS!

HONEY HEIST!- Tails of Quelmar Session 3

Super Dogs[edit | edit source]

TAILS OF QUELMAR: SUPER DOGS! A BRAND NEW RPG Sunday 10/4 @ 7 PM EST with GM ROSE. twitch.tv/thequelmarrealm

Ruleset: SUPER DOGS by GM Rose

Players: James, Brendan, Alex, Nell

By day, they are merely a group of Canine Companions...but by noon...they are THE SUPERIOR DOGS! Come join this "Fantastic Fur" for a race against time...and their arch enemy The Calico Cat (who may or may not look like Jason Derulo).

SUPER DOGS! - Tails of Quelmar Session 4
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