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Depths of the Druma is a streamed campaign that began on March 9th 2024.

The campaign involves underwater exploration within the depths of the Druma Ocean in Quelmar

About[edit | edit source]

As Quelmarians begin to look to the stars for scientific research and possible expansion beyond just this world, some believe that the depths of the sea may hold some well kept secrets. A group of scientists have joined Dr. Arthur Erkhart and the Leviathan Initiative to find whatever those secrets are.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

_____ played by Nin

_____ played by Julia

_____ played by Nik

_____ played by Trey

Guest explorers[edit | edit source]

Lt McNamara played by Aerin

_____ played by _____

_____ played by _____

_____ played by _____

_____ played by _____

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Dr. Arthur Erkhart

Dive Master Denzin Hallister

The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

It's likely you'll have a lot to say about the sessions or plotline so far, we we recommend linking the above text to a page called Depths of the Druma/The Story So Far

House Rules[edit | edit source]

This is run on the Alien RPG system from Free League, re-flavored for a more fantasy focused world and sea exploration.

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