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"What started out as an idea for a Tale of Quelmar seems like it will be a full-fledged campaign. Join a group of Commoners as they navigate the back alleys and black markets of Jewelspar trying to make their way in the world, or follow along as they fail miserably. Contact Will to join."

For the Love of Gold was a 3 session campaign in 2018 that loosely spun off of SotS Inc and the character Elza, who developed a fantasy equivalent of debit cards.

It was notable for being Quelmar's FIRST online campaign, and the Roll20 landing page can be found here: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/3057125/tales-of-quelmar-for-love-of-gold

Session 0: Back To Jewelspar (3/22/18)[edit | edit source]

Player(s): Allie, Matthew, Erik, Eric

Synopsis: Productive discussion and introductions from most of the current cast of characters - special thanks to Allie for joining over Discord!

Game 1: For Love Of Gold (DM Will - 3/22/18)[edit | edit source]

Player(s): Matthew, Erik, Eric

Synopsis: Tarkin, Chotest, and Vaan entered the grand city of Jewelspar amidst a festival in honor of the late Queen Hillevi. They met a... unique cast of quirky characters - mostly merchants, bankers, and one extremely interesting traveler who the local blacksmith called “Ewww Entire”. The stranger seemed to be bringing something into the city, but none of the newcomers could have been ready for what they found outside the northern gate...

Developments: Tarkin and Vaan now work for one of Jewelspar’s blacksmiths, Drothgar the Hammer.

Game 2: For Tooth And Claw (DM Will - 4/12/18)[edit | edit source]

Player(s): Allie, Erik

Synopsis: Nora joins the blacksmith’s group at the northern gate of Jewelspar, after a long day of her own spent wandering the big city for the first time. But what has this interesting traveler brought with him to the festival?

Developments: (Unknown)

Game 3: For Risk And Reward (DM Will - 4/19/18)[edit | edit source]

Players(s): TBD

Synopsis: TBD

Developments: TBD

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