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The Neighbours (Campaign)

The Neighbours campaign marked Quelmar’s first non-dnd campaign, instead using John Harper’s Blades in the Dark. Originally planned as a one shot, the campaign was played over the summer of 2020 via Discord, with a finale streamed on Twitch in April 2021. The campaign followed the titular Neighbours as they fought their way up the underworld of Ahol in 1010 PR.

Season One[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: New Kids On The Block[edit | edit source]

A new family has moved into the neighbourhood, and their welcome party is already causing ripples in the tight knit community. The streets and canals of Ahol are abuzz with talk of war; any and all spare blades are being dragged into the conflict on either side. An invitation from Bazso Baz is not something recommended to ignore, and for a fledgling gang a job is a job after all...

Episode 2: Hot Off The Press[edit | edit source]

In Ahol information can mean the difference between life and death, and if The Neighbours want to get anywhere they’re going to need a steady stream of it. The Bellweather Boots is the area’s most prominent newspaper, with a staff of eyes and ears across the entire city. If they can convince Aldo Farros a business relationship is in his best interest, the gang can get the scoop before the papers hit the streets.

Episode 3: Getting Into The Mother’s Day Spirit[edit | edit source]

Mother’s Day is an important festival in Ahol; a time to honour those we love and those whose spirits we miss. Our Neighbours don’t seem to hold much room in their hearts for sentimentality though, and instead see it as the perfect opportunity for theft. And what could make stealing medical supplies easier than unleashing a horde of Ghost Mums to run amuck in the city?

Episode 4: Class Is In Session[edit | edit source]

Bazso once more extends an invitation to the Neighbours. Their war continues to rage on, and something is tipping the balance in favour of the Red Sashes. It’s up to the expendable Neighbours to find out what and put an end to it. What Bazso failed to mention however was the field trip would take the Neighbours right to the heart of the Red Sashes’ training academy. It will take more than good grades to make it through this school day.

Episode 5: Stop The Presses[edit | edit source]

Who doesn’t love the free press? The Red Sashes certainly do, at least when they can exploit them into exposing their enemies. The Crows certainly do not, especially when damning evidence leaked by their friends reveals their secrets. The Neighbours have to make it a slow news day, or face the consequences of their actions and feel the wrath of those they’ve stepped on along the way.

Episode 6: We Know Ghosts[edit | edit source]

War has come for The Neighbours, and it is not one that can be fought on favourable terms. As enemies close in around them the gang must look outward beyond the city, in the hopes of finding sanctuary in the Old North Port. Luckily, everyone knows that The Neighbours Know Ghosts, so if they say your home is a hub of spirit activity and you have to evacuate to begin the exorcism process, why would you not believe them?

Episode 7: Ghadar Love[edit | edit source]

War continues. A plan is formed. Roric’s spirit is somewhere out there in the city, and that can be a dangerous weapon in the right hands. All that’s needed is highly secretive Spirit Warden technology and highly guarded Crow relics from Roric’s tomb. Breaking into the Bellweather Crematorium shouldn’t be an issue; Orphan probably doesn’t even have a soul to lose in the first place.

Episode 8: One Flew Over The Crows Nest[edit | edit source]

Ghadar in hand, the hunt for Roric’s spirit leads the gang into the heart of enemy territory. An abandoned guard tower may not be as empty as expected, and it’s not only the giant spiders that are living there. It will take some quick thinking (and conveniently kidnapped families) to make it out of this nest with Lyssa’s most prized possession.

Episode 9: Ahol Horror Story[edit | edit source]

Sometimes gangs need a little outside help. And sometimes the only help you can find is locked in a psychiatric institution alongside several demons. Hopefully Dr Kryvanntic is worth some light infernal possession, because when half a city is against you, you gotta make all the friends you can get.

Episode 10: A Murder of Crows[edit | edit source]

The tables are set. The invitations are sent. Tonight takes the gang back to where it all began. Will the site where The Crows first created The Neighbours be the site of their downfall, or will The Crows put an end to what they started? Echos of the past come back to haunt Lyssa, and Roric’s rhetoric could be the final strike to fracture this murder of Crows.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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