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Queljammer is a pulpy sci-fi campaign, adapting the Spelljammer Academy module and the Light of Xyneros campaign. It follows our daring heroes as they journey from the city of Kaladesh, out into the nebulous Astral Sea as they attempt to save their home from certain peril. It started in September 2022, with a planned run of around half a year.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Crew[edit | edit source]

Guests[edit | edit source]

The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Chapter One[edit | edit source]

September - October 2022

Following a tumultuous few months, our cadets somehow made it through training mostly unscathed. With suspicious thefts and attacks, sabotage, and full on assaults on the school, it's clear someone's taken issue with The Institute's work.

Enjoy Chet's graduation party whilst it lasts, for the future of The Institute - perhaps even all of Kaladesh- lies shrouded in uncertainty.

Chapter Two[edit | edit source]

November 2022

Destruction rains down upon the city of Kaladesh as the grounded Institute forces are powerless to stop it. From haughty party guests to calamity refugees in one quick afternoon, our heroes managed to escape the planet aboard the Timberbane. Their enemies however - still lurking in wait - waylayed their exit, demanding their surrender in the name of the High Tarian Empire. The ensuing battle brought new friends and newer enemies, but secured their safety for the time being. If they can make it through the treacherous Raika Belt, perhaps they can find some semblance of safety at the Rock of Bral.

Chapter Three[edit | edit source]

January 2023

The Tarians are hot on the heels of the Timberbane as they make their escape, finding their way to Bral. Unknown allies and adversaries are met as the crew try to build up their forces, however a drunken veteran, a blind seer, an undead pirate, and even an enemy princess won’t be enough to take down an entire empire, especially with the death of Captain Sartell. The path forward points to Doomspace and the promised coalition forming there, assuming our heroes can make it there in one piece.

Chapter Four[edit | edit source]

February - March 2023

The volatile system of Doomspace circles around its dark star as our heroes scrabble to find the aid they desperately need. Instead of finding a fighting force to strike back against the Tarians, there was nothing but a rabble of warring factions and an amoral, egomaniacal merchant. A show of strength and a show of threat were needed to finally make their voices heard as the ultimate fate of their home hangs in the balance. The preparations are set and the fleet is assembling, all that is left is the final journey into the very heart of the empire.

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