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The Quelmar Deities are a pantheon of divine powers that create, patrol, and manipulate the various planes of the Quelmar Universe.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Quelmar, as a project of the gods, is watched over by the council of greater gods who helped create it, as well as a handful of lesser gods who later became attached to the Quelmar project during the Plane Wars or otherwise, followed by nearly countless demi-gods: creatures recognized by the gods for their significant impact on Quelmar and granted divine immortality and spectating capabilities over the realm.

A singular god might go under different names and appearances in different times and places. For example, in Ta-Shedet, the greater gods were often depicted with the heads of animals.

While individuals in Quelmar may find themselves attached to many powerful beings, the following lists encapsulate the most popular and well-known deities in the realm.

While most Gods in Quelmar gift power to their followers through divine magic, some opt instead to form pacts with those that seek them out and become Warlock Patrons.

The Creators: Greater Gods[edit | edit source]

These are the gods that are incredibly powerful, the gods that gods fear. Many of them are the original creators of the Quelmar Realm, while others are realm builders who have ascended the ranks during the Plane Wars. Their worshipers are diverse and everywhere, their power feared or inspiring to the deities of lesser rank. Most deities wish to aspire to this classification, though few, if any, ever have.

Greater Gods (* Denotes Creator of Quelmar)
God Domain(s)
Obad-Hai* Nature
Mielikki* Nature
Gruumsh* Tempest
Garl Glittergold* Trickery
Moradin* Knowledge
Vecna Knowledge
Pelor* Life, Light
Corellon Light
Nerull Death
Bahamut War
Tiamat War

The Tied: Lesser Gods[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete. Perhaps your god needs to be added to it?

Lesser gods would be offended to be called demi-gods, but unlike the creator deities, they often involve themselves with mortals. They are concerned with their worshipers, usually. At the very least, they value their worshipers for their own existence for without them they would lose their power. At most, however, they are sympathetic and may directly involve themselves in the happenstances of the mortal world. Usually, though, this involvement is indirect.

List of Lesser Gods
God Domain(s)
Dysian Life, Curiosity
Torog Death
Raven Queen Death, Life
Asmodeus Knowledge, War
Oghma Knowledge
Isis Knowledge, Life
Sehanine Moonbow Knowledge
Yondalla Nature
Olidammara Trickery
Sharess Trickery
Lolth Trickery
Bane War
Stuckies Trickery
Queen Titania of the Seelie Court Nature
Sardior Knowledge, Trickery
The Law of Probability Mathematics
M'at'akan Sun, Fire, Life
Xarzith-Dian, The Frozen Dawn Life, Death, Knowledge
He Who Knocks Nature, Twilight
Beshaba Trickery

The Granted: Demi-Gods[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete. Perhaps your god needs to be added to it?

Demi-gods are the lowest of the true gods. These are aspiring gods who may have few worshipers but desire greatness. These gods are the most likely to be granting spells to mortals, interfering in their affairs, or even just observing the mortal realms. Often, lesser deities are so new in their divinity that they cannot help but shake their interests in mortality. It may take several centuries of divinity to feel beyond it.

Demi-gods are sometimes created from greater deities, as avatars or extensions of their divine will. Iyachtu, the son of Bane and Pelor's aspect Lathander are two examples of this extension.

Death: Azazel, Silent

Knowledge: Hat, Waukeen, Ioun

Life: Chronepsis, Helm, Kossuth

Light: Lathander, Selûne

Nature: Grumbar, Reesec

Tempest: Istishia, Kragnux, Iakhovas

Trickery: Akadi, Kurtulmak

War: Vanitthu, Odin, Sargonnas

The Servants: Exarchs[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete. Exarchs are quite numerous and hard to keep track of. If one comes up, or is your patron or your god, add it below!

Exarchs are not true gods, but rather servants of any number of greater and lesser deities. These can thought of as "gods with a lowercase g." Usually, the exarchs are immortal on their home plane, but are as mortal on Quelmar as the native inhabitants. For more information on who the exarchs serve, see their pages.

Note: With the exception of Odin (see above), the Nordic-inspired gods of Ysgard are considered exarchs

Death: Iyachtu, Delphi

Knowledge: Ye'Cind, Veneleth

Life: Dionysus, Eve

Light: Apollo, Echemus

Nature: Oran, Aegir


Trickery: Loki, Durzibethinus

War: Tyr, Spinel

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