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Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck

The Realmtrotter's Guide to Zobeck was a small collection of one-shots set in Zobeck throughout 1250-1251 PR. It was DMed by DM Kevin from February to November 2020. Each self-contained one-shot highlighted one of the seven districts of East Levinkan's capital. Zobeck's steam- and lightning-powered technology at the end of the era opened the door for steampunk elements, including automata, conveyor belts, a giant clock, a train heist, a mad scientist, and an airship

Players and Characters[edit | edit source]

Click here for a list of players and characters.

Seal of Zobeck. Clockwise from top left: Upper Zobeck, College District, Gnomish Ghetto, Market District, Grinding District, Mercantile District, Temple District

Locations Visited[edit | edit source]

Click here for a session breakdown.

  • "Fight at the Museum" in Upper Zobeck. Visited the Zobeck Art Gallery, the Lion's Paw Tavern.
  • "What Lies in Shadows" in the Market District. Visited the Brewtiful Bean cafe, the Lion's Paw, and the Catchford Manor.
  • "Well-Conveyed" in the Grinding District. Visited Able Scraps, a metal recycling plant.
  • "Ride the Rails" beginning in the Mercantile District. Boarded a train to LaCroix in Axel Station that traversed the Baleah Crossing.
  • "The Wereforged Experiment" in the College District. Visited Zobeck University, specifically the Center for Monstrous Sciences in Filchbatter Laboratory and Hollaway Hall.
  • "A Sparklesmas Summoning" in the Gnomish Ghetto. Visited the Doubtice household and Zarachiel Park.
  •  "It's About Time" in the Temple District. Visited the Clocktower of Chronepsis in 1052PR, 1102PR,1250PR, and 1293PR.
  • "The End of Zobeck as We Know It" throughout the city in 1293PR. Visited the Citadel of the Levinkan, Three Fists Square, the skies above Zobeck, and a train intersection in the Mercantile District.
Zobeck's Grinding District filled with factories, steam, and automs.

Related One-Shots[edit | edit source]

These one-shots took place outside of Zobeck proper, but occurred around the same time in both Quelmar and the real world. PCs that appeared in these one shots also appeared in The Realmtrotter's Guide.

Recurring NPCs[edit | edit source]

There are few recurring NPCs for DM flexibility and the rotating cast of players.

Single-Session NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Reese Lackmann, owner and curator of the Zobeck Art Gallery with a dark magic streak (dead)
  • Olra and Baenrae, mother and daughter Shadar-Kai pair caught in trouble with a wight
  • Theodosia Catchford, owner of textile mill and Catchford manor, secretly a wight (dead again)
  • Naimh and Cuchulainn Waywocket, owner of Able Scraps and his employed niece
  • Victor Pendergras, Pendergras Industries inventor and one of its two heads
  • Noah Hewitt, retired Zobeck sheriff
  • Dr. Myra Campbell, assistant professor of runic studies at the La Croix Institute
  • The Stripes Gang - head Rakshasa Vikari (dead), rogue changelings Mish and Tril (dead), dwarf Gendry (imprisoned), goliath Thegia (imprisoned)
  • Dr. Paulette Lagrange, head of the Center for Monstrous Sciences (dead)
  • Simba the Undefeated, paladin of Pelor (scarred, defeated, and dead)
  • Inga Whitlock, artificer of Chronepsis, and her blink dog Parker Jr.

Other References to Campaigns[edit | edit source]

  • The sarcophagus in the Zobeck Art Gallery was originally discovered by Golkont.
  • There was an exhibit titled Ancient Art: Alive!
  • The lycanthropy-Warforged experiment was funded by the Kistonian Institute for Strange Sciences, due to KISS's interests in Warforged.
  • A Chronosphere was used to record the lycanthropy-Warforged experiment.
  • The artificer of Chronepsis adopted and cooked meals for herself, mothering herself in the style of her god.
  • The Cool Chimera Killers used nightvision goggles designed by Dr. Weevix from the Kiston campaign.

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

These one-shots were DM Kevin's introduction to being a dungeon master. "Wild Sheep Chase" (Winghorn Press) and "Pudding Faire" (Doyle, Merwin, Moore) are prewritten modules. "Fight in the Museum" and "Ride the Rails" were modified versions of "Carver's Cave" (Winghorn Press) and "Riding the Rails" (Dungeon magazine, 2007). "What Lies in Shadows" and "Well-Conveyed" were original 5-room dungeons, with the latter exploring less linear maps. "The Wereforged Experiment" is a 5-room dungeon inspired by Kevin finally purchasing the Monster Manual. "A Sparklesmas Summoning" was a much more open-ended evil one-shot, with six possible assassination locations. "It's About Time" was Kevin's practice at puzzle elements, while the finale was a level 8 boss battle.

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