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The year 10 PR. The dawn of a new era. Once the dragons were dead, society could finally come up from under their mountains, their caves, their magical barriers, and coexist with no threat of draconic destruction.But many powers claimed to be worthy of leading the new world. The fleets of the Levinkan, the descendents of the Kistons, and even a mysterious man known as Xender Pleth claimed to know how to bring about prosperity.But in the middle of perhaps the realm's greatest war, a handful of nobodies rose to acclaim...

About[edit | edit source]

OathWielders was a 7 player campaign that ran from July 1st 2017 to June 30th 2018, running exactly 1 year.

Team Name[edit | edit source]

Oathwielder was an old world term for "Adventurer" used in the BR era and even earlier. The very traditional kingdom of Troverth used the term to describe the team that entered their kingdom, and the name stuck.

The Team called themselves The OathWielders, while the campaign itself was known simply as OathWielders.

The OathWielders[edit | edit source]

Team Members[edit | edit source]

The OathWielders, hard at work deciphering the problems of the Realm

Click here for a list of OathWielders

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Click here for a list of Player Achievements

Rumors[edit | edit source]

Below is the title of stories and rumors that spread around the realm in 10 and 11 PR.

  • The Giant Slaying Fairy
  • Drake leads against the Nakashiri Hostages
  • Niebelung: Demon De-Summoner
  • The OathWielders' Assault on the Samurai
  • The Satyr, Story of the Traitor-Tamer
  • The Drunks of Balabag
  • The Bravest Ronin, Kel versus Emporer Troverth
  • Terrorist Attack on the MindQuarters
  • The Centaur Who Stopped the Barricade
  • Asar Meets his Match

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Click here for a list of OathWielders NPCs

Sessions[edit | edit source]

A large part of the first two seasons of OathWielders revolved around solving a political mystery after No Man's Kingdom was attacked

Click here for a session breakdown

Season 4: The Curse of Life

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