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It is a good morning. Every morning is a good morning here in the Alpha Complex. To say otherwise would mean that there are things that are not going right. And that would mean something has gone wrong. And the Computer is never wrong. So it is a good morning. But today is an especially good morning, though you still ingest a handful of certified Wakey-Wakey Happitime pills, and your breakfast still consists of Algea Flakes and ColdFun Food…your dull shiny silver and black work-clothes have now been swapped out now for a state-of-the-art RED jumpsuit. Yesterday was the first time you had ever witnessed treachery firsthand, giving you an opportunity…to report Treason. For reporting treason, you were given the customary reward, a rise in clearance. No longer one of the Infrared mass, you have gained your first rank of color. Your color, of course, is a sign that The Computer trusts you. The Computer's Trust is, perhaps, the most important thing in all of the Alpha Complex. Instead of the mass produced FunFoods, you had an apple for breakfast this morning. A Red Apple, of course. Green Apples are restricted to those with Green clearance. And life has never been better. We start the story here, at the Slime Identification line in Sector 003. If it weren't for your shiny new red jumpsuit, you'd think today as the same as every other day, working the processing line, standing among all the same INFRAREDs you've always know. And yet, there are signs that things have changed. For one thing, the hint of jealousy in your co-workers' eyes is certainly new. And you wonder with each passing vat how long it will take for YOUR FRIEND THE COMPUTER to ask you to now heroically serve it, and all of Alpha Complex.

The Campaign's Intro Sequence

Get Submodule (also referred to as Paranoia XP: Get Submodule or just Get Submodule) was Quelmar's first campaign using the Paranoia RPG game set in Quelmar's CR era.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The original Quelmar Troubleshooters in all their glory

Wave 1: The Legends[edit | edit source]

Evo[edit | edit source]

Gouverneur[edit | edit source]

Hendrix[edit | edit source]

Pixel[edit | edit source]

Spencer[edit | edit source]

Cinnabon[edit | edit source]

Wave 2: The Icons[edit | edit source]

Luc-Y[edit | edit source]

Luc-Y ended the campaign with a robotic arm, and 1 leg.

Amerigo[edit | edit source]

Amanda[edit | edit source]

Amanda ended the campaign with 2 robotic arms and no legs.

The Win-A-Mon[edit | edit source]

Tia[edit | edit source]

Tia ended the campaign as a Torso.

Ezra[edit | edit source]

Campaign Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Secret Society Missions[edit | edit source]

List of Non-Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Many strange creatures were encountered along the way of the troubleshooter's many missions.

Items and Experimental Devices[edit | edit source]

Many strange items and special experimental equipment were given out over the course of the game, a list of which can be found above.

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